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Emotional fool episode 8

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Emotional fool episode 8 by : 7:37 pm On October 26, 2020
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Episode 8
Nancy Doesn’t flirt with John, She stopped seducing him, she doesn’t hassle him or nag him. She gave him some time and space.
All Nancy was seeking was to make a clear distinction in thier relationship. She allowed him to run free for a while. She rein in some wife reflexes and acted more like a friend than a wife, She was doing all these to avoid throwing John into a state of confusion.
As the relationship between John and Nancy was improving, John’s relationship with Mabel gradually began to have problems
As Nancy continued to play it cool with John, Mabel began to smother him. Mabel began to nag him and pester him, she calls him often and generally Mabel won’t give him a space.
“Three months ago, you told me that you will soon get divorce from your wife but up till now, you refuse to hand over the divorce papers to your wife and you kept making excuses” Mabel would always say, John would always tell her to relax but she will hang on and nag,
The more she try to hang on, the more John tries to wiggle himself out. The more she push the same topic, the more he pulls. Mabel refused to let him be. She always ask him too many questions, she keep tabs on him, act jealous whenever his wife’s calls, and she even trash-talk his wife. One day, Out of frustration John snapped at her “Mabel, for Christ’s sake, stop acting like my wife, Nancy is not clingy like you are, she gives me space but you are giving me nothing but headache, all your eagerness to have me to yourself would end up driving me farther and farther away from you, I want peace please” He told her
Mabel was so desperate, John had not divorced his wife yet as he said he would.
John could sniff Mabel’s desperation from a mile away and that desperation is beginning to make her look bad and gradually, it began to drive John away from her so fast and that made Mabel’s head spin.
John hated it when Mabel will call him at work and start crying, begging him not to break her heart and when they met up, she would make dramatic gestures, like getting on her knees “I love you so much, please don’t break my heart, I’m ready to do anything you want, I’m ready to be intimate with you, please don’t break my heart, you promised me eternal love, you have build up my hopes and dreams.” Mabel would say
On the other hand, Nancy was able to get close again with John but she was still unable to rekindle a possible romance and that worries her extremely but still she doesn’t let her emotions to overwhelm her or get the best of her. Unlike Mabel who dramatically declares she loves John, Nancy allowed her head to lead her, instead of her heart , she had told herself, many times, “I want to get my husband back!“, then she thought about a logical approach that will bring him back,
It was not easy for her but she was determined to win Back John’s Love. She was tempted so many times to call Mabel on the phone and warn her to stay away from her husband but she would somehow comport herself. “Now I understand how Jude’s wife felt when I dated Jude, her husband” She thought
No matter how she was feeling and how she was dying on the inside, each time Mabel calls her husband, she won’t let John see it on her face that she was mad. John can’t tell what she was thinking. She kept things mysterious and on many nights John wondered what was on her mind, how she was feeling, if She knew he was seeing another woman and whether or not she was thinking about him.
One night, John laid on the bed beside his wife and he was consumed by thoughts
“Does Nancy think about me?”“I wonder if she fantasizes about s£× with me, I wonder if she has fallen in love with me now, does she know that I’m seeing Mabel?” he thought
All those wild thoughts pushed him to make the first move towards a possible reconciliation with his wife Nancy. He was curious and he was longing for Nancy, and when he lovingly woke up Nancy that night, he asked her “Do you have feelings for me now?”.
Nancy was so shocked but excited, she held her husband’s hands and said
“l was a big fool for taking your love for granted, my husband I love you now and forever” Nancy klzzed him and they made hot and passionate love that night. Indeed, slow and steady wins the race.
John finally broke up with Mabel and focused all his time and love on his wife and children. But Mabel was so in love with him that breaking up with her meant nothing.
One Saturday Morning, Mabel called John severally and he reluctantly picked up and she threatened to kill herself, if John would not return to her, She sent pictures of a bottle containing poison to his phone and threatened to consume the poison, if he fails to visit her in one hour.
End Of Episode 8
To Be Continued
A Story By Christabel Nwoko

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