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Emotional fool episode 7

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Emotional fool episode 7 by : 7:35 pm On October 26, 2020
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Episode 7
That Day, When John left for work, Nancy burst into tears as she remembered all the time, she pushed him away
“John is not only having an affair but he wants divorce, It’s all my fault, I took his love for granted, please Lord I know I have been a fool, you gave me another chance to love, when you brought John into my life, I was at the verge of committing suicide that night because of how Jude humiliated me but you sent John to my life, he stepped in and everything became perfect again, he loves my daughter and he takes good care of us, I don’t know what came over me, please Lord, I don’t want to lose him, please give me another chance to correct my mistake, I know that I dated a married man and now I will have to face Karma” She said as tears fell uncontrollably from her eyes. Catherine and the twins were at school and all through that day, Nancy was in a deep thought, she was devastated and wondered how she was going to win back the love of her husband.
She decided to text Mabel to stay away from John, her husband as she was typing the message, her thought went to the text message she received from Jude’s wife many years ago and how she quickly told Jude about it.
“Definitely Mabel will tell my husband about the text and it will cause more rift between us, I’m reaping what I sowed long time ago, I dated Jude a married man and now Mabel is dating my own husband, the worst is that i pushed John into her arms, Lord, please forgive me, I’m so sorry” She thought as she sobs
Nancy became a shadow of herself, she was always depressed and she constantly had a dream where John handed the divorce papers to her to sign, she will wake up in fear and she would burst into tears. “How can I get John to be passionate with me again?, he is so distant towards me” She thought as she sobs.
She decided to apologize to Her husband for everything she had done wrong, hoping against hope that apologizing to John, would make John to find some solace and in turn take his mind off divorcing her.
Nancy’s thoughts run wild as she thought about how she behaved rudely towards John and how broken he might have been when she confessed that she was not in love with him, She felt defeated because she knew a simple apology will never fix things with her husband.
But she was determined to take a step towards reconciliation that will signal to her husband that she was willing to admit her own faults. “I must Apologize for everything I have done and said wrong and for all the ways in which i humiliated him” She thought.
One evening, John came back on time, he was with the divorce papers, he had signed and he had decided that after dinner, he would hand over the papers for Nancy to sign as well.
After Dinner, Fortunately for Nancy, that was the same evening, she decided to apologize openly to her husband in the presence of thier children, Nancy knelt down before him as tears rolled down from her eyes “I’m sorry for everything I have done wrong, please forgive me, you are my pillar and strength, please forgive me” Nancy said
“You are apologizing for what exactly?, for your rude and disrespectful behavior or for not appreciating my love?” John entered sharply as thier children stared at them
“Yes for everything, please forgive me” Nancy replied still in tears.
John was pleasantly impressed by Nancy’s maturity, He appreciated her for making the first step and he decided not to give her the divorce papers yet.
“Even if she doesn’t love me, we can still be husband and wife for the sake of our children” He thought as he walked out on Nancy without uttering a word. She cried bitterly as John left.
“I know a simple apology will not fix our marriage” She thought
But unknown to Nancy, that single first move of apology, had set the tone for thier future interactions.
That apology exercise opened up a communication channel between the two of them by letting John know that Nancy was also a human. All through that night, John was in deep thoughts as he wondered why he was quick to fall in love with Mabel. “I would have tried to win My wife’s heart instead of giving up on our marriage, I need to forgive my wife and let go of all pain” He thought
From that day Nancy and John started talking again, but John was still seeing Mabel. When Nancy found out that John was still in contact with Mabel, she felt devastated but she consoled herself, “At least he talks to me now and that’s overwhelmingly important, I won’t allow my emotions to get the best of me, my aim is to win back my husband and repair our damaged relationship” She thought.
Each day, she tried hard to re-establish a connection between her and her husband.
She played her cards right, little by little they reconnected and a new bond was created, Nancy began to develop feelings for John and the thought of finally being in Love with her husband got her excited.
Gradually Nancy and John became friends again, with time things evolve on their own and thier relationship moved forward naturally. Thier relationship Picked up , but it was still 100% casual.
End Of Episode 7
To Be Continued
A Story By Christabel Nwoko

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