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Emotional fool episode 6

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Emotional fool episode 6 by : 7:34 pm On October 26, 2020
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Episode 6
From that day John would call Mabel, from time to time and she would do the same. There friendship immediately took over, John would come to see her or take her out almost every Saturday, when she is not working. The more they spend time with each other the more they developed feelings for each other.
John had told Mabel that he was a married man but his wife doesn’t love him
“John, I don’t date married men, if you are really into me, then go ahead and divorce your wife, maybe then or only then will I believe you truly love me” Mabel had told him constantly
“I love you so much and I will do anything for you, divorcing my wife will not be a problem cause my wife wants our marriage to end as well, we got married out of convenience and we both regretted our decision” John had told her
On the other hand Nancy was doing everything possible to win back her husband’s attention and love, she decided to seduce him “It has been so long we had s£× and there’s nothing love making doesn’t solve, I will have to get John to make love to me”She had thought
One morning, John woke up around 7:00am, he quickly ran into the bathroom and he dashed out few minutes after , he was running late for work, “Today, I will be having a meeting with our new investors and I need to be prepared before they arrive for the meeting” He thought as he clad into a white shirt.
John appeared to be in a hurry and then Nancy walked into the room with a towel wrapped around her, and walked up to thier wardrobe facing the small black dressing mirror as she danced and sang. It wasn’t a dance, it was more of her moving her body in front of the mirror. But as she kept moving her body, the towel fell off, revealing her banging n@k£d body, John quickly looked away as he pretended as if he saw nothing and the next minutes, he left with out uttering a word to Nancy.
All through the meeting, John couldn’t get his mind of Nancy’s body,
But things didn’t go as Nancy had thought, instead after the meeting, John ended up calling Mabel to see how she was doing. Mabel was so glad to hear from him.
She inquired about his family and children.
“My children will be in school by now”John replied
“And your wife?”Mabel threw in and there was silence for a while
“hmm, she is okay, we barely speak to each other” finally John replied and rolled his eyes, his thoughts went to his wife’s n@k£d body but immediately he comported himself
“Are you sure? I hope you are not deceiving me, my Heart is fragile, please don’t break my heart” Mabel finally said
“I will never hurt you, there’s nothing between me and my wife, we are just like room mates” John said,
when John hanged up, he was surprised to see missed calls from his wife, “What does she want?” He thought as he dropped down his phone to continue with his work, he had no intention of calling her, after all, she had told him that she had no feelings for him and he meant nothing to her.
That evening, John came home late, as usual, he spent his evening with Mabel, he was doing everything possible to be intimate with her but she had insisted he divorce his wife and only then can they be intimate, John had decided to met his Lawyer the next morning to prepare a divorce papers but when he remembered his children, “What if Nancy gains the custody of our children, oh no, I don’t want that, I want the children to remain with me” He thought and finally he forced him self to sleep.
While John was asleep, Nancy who was awake the whole time got hold of his phone, she almost collapsed when she saw romantic text messages that John sent to Mabel
” I knew it, John is seeing another woman” She thought as she copied Mabel’s phone number into her own phone.
“I will call her and warn her to stay away from my husband” She thought.
The next day, John called his lawyer and he instructed him to prepare a divorce agreement between him and his wife and that he wants to gain custody of his children if that will be possible.
Unknowingly to John, Nancy heard his phone conversation with the lawyer that morning, She was shattered but yet she acted cool.
John quickly hanged up immediately he heard her coming.
End of Episode 6
To Be Continued
A Story By Christabel Nwoko

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