Emotional fool episode 4

Episode 4
Poor John works all day, and has to deal with his ungrateful wife and so many other things but he always tried to make sure that his wife felt loved and cared for but Nancy was always ungrateful and unappreciative towards him
but still John never stopped loving her and her daughter Catherine.
Still no one suspected that Catherine was not her biological daughter, he loved Catherine, the same way he loved his two biological sons.
Each day, all Nancy think of, was to institute a divorce against him,
She developed a disrespectful behaviour towards her husband. she talks to him, carelessly and rudely, even in the presence of thier children and in public. When John first observed it, he felt extremely bad but he ignored her.
One weekend, he decided to addressed it “My love why are you always rude to me like I don’t matter to you, what have i ever done wrong to deserve your rude behavior?” John said calmly but Nancy promised to do even worse.
“You tricked me into becoming your wife, I was only pregnant, you took advantage of my problems and you forced me into this marriage, this is not the kind of life, I want for myself, you are not My Husband and you will never be” Nancy said at once
John picked his jaw, he wondered what had came over his wife.
“After two children, it’s now you realized that I forced you into marrying me, hear your self speak, I never knew you were pretending to be a good person, I never knew you deserved the way your ex treated you, you are very foolish” John said angrily
“You don’t have to understand me. I’m just tired of this marriage that’s all, I will make your life miserable, if you don’t end this marriage, John I don’t love you, I never loved you and I know you don’t love me either, you married me out of pity and I don’t want to be pitied any more” Nancy told him
Nancy could see it in John’s eyes, that he had no clue of what she was talking about, all this years, he had thought, Nancy was happy with him. But how could he get Nancy, it was not like thier marriage was forced, he proposed to her and she accepted. Neither did he force himself on her while she was pregnant and they made love for the first time, two years after she delivered Catherine.
Even though, thier sex life has always been on and off. You know, the type were they could stop making love for six months or more However, the moment they met – instead of being strangers, John immediately took up on himself to console Nancy and cover her shame and she willingly accepted his help.
He had thought forever after with Nancy would be an easy road. If only he knew better, he wouldn’t have gotten married to Nancy. The feeling of missing out on a lot of things that life offered had always got him so mad every time his parents brought up the issue of marriage but when he met Nancy few years ago, one look at her at the bar, he fell helplessly in love with her.
“Nancy, You are scaring me, what do you mean by everything you just said, tell me you are joking.” John said as he smiled faintly but Nancy fell into a deep thoughts
“I don’t know, how am I going to break it to John that I can’t do this anymore?” She thought
John was a good man and a good father. Every word that came out of Nancy’s mouth was against her, she thought of how much John had helped her and how much he loves his daughter, she burst into tears, suddenly her voice became cold, John felt frightened to listen to what Nancy had to say “John, I appreciate you for everything you have done for me and I know that you deserve all my love and respects but the issue is that I don’t feel anything for you, I don’t Love you, I am sorry we got married, i feel trapped in this marriage, I don’t love you like a woman should love a man, the feelings I have for you is that of a good friend, you deserve better …I AM SORRY, I don’t love you, I hope you understand” Nancy said in tears. John had never felt pain like he felt that day, in his entire life, He was broken within and he felt terrible, He quietly walked out on her, he was shattered beyond words
If only he could turn back the hands of time, he wouldn’t offer to be Nancy’s friend or step in to cover her shame. He was an amazing father to Catherine and a good husband to Nancy but all he got in return was an ungrateful wife. Everything felt unfair to him that he wept bitterly like a child.
Catherine clearly heard thier conversation and she heard the part where her mother bluntly said that he had no feelings for her father, She wondered why and walked to her father, immediately John heard her coming, he wiped his tears and pretended as if he was not crying
“Dad, stop crying, I heard what mom said, she is so mean and I don’t like her anymore, she always pick a fight with you and it’s wrong” Catherine said as John was amazed at her intelligence.
Catherine was just 8 years but she was sensitive like an adult.
John just kept silent for a while and finally, he said “Your mom doesn’t mean what she said, she’s just having a bad day, my child you misunderstood the whole thing, you are still a child and its not everything you will understand, when you grow up you will understand better, never disrespect your mother or stop loving her for any reason, because she is your mother” John said calmly and lovingly he changed the topic “Go and call your brothers let’s go out for some ice cream” he added
And Catherine left excitedly.
That same day, John took his children out to get some ice cream at a fast food outlet nearby and he met a beautiful Lady, She works in the fast food as an attendant, The young Lady was extremely beautiful and has a beautiful smile, She was polite and she quickly warmed up to the children, John liked her immediately he saw how nice she handled his children, after John paid the bill, John politely requested for her name
“Mabel” The beautiful Lady said calmly .
End Of Episode 4
To Be Continued
A Story By Christabel Nwoko

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