Emotional fool episode 3

Episode 3
Jude had not called her ever since September ended, that afternoon when Nancy returned from the hospital, she called him on the phone “Hello Jude, I want to see you” Nancy said calmly
“What for? “Jude asked
“it’s important please” Nancy pleaded
That evening they met at thier usual bar and Nancy told Jude what had happened. And that was when the final shocking revelation of him presented itself before Nancy.
In all Nancy’s entire life as a lady, he hadn’t seen a sane man act the manner that Jude had acted that day.
“Are you that foolish?” he said sharply and flung Nancy like a piece of rag from the chair where they both sat on. “Is this how desperate you are? You think you can hook me with a pregnancy?, you can’t trap me down with a pregnancy, You must be mad! You must be very stupid! Yes, you are very stupid! I’m a happily married man and I have no plans to end my marriage with my beautiful wife because of a foolish lady like you, I don’t feel anything for you except pity,..”
Nancy could not believe her ears. Jude left Nancy at the bar that evening after he had warned her sternly not to call him ever again.
That evening, Nancy made a new friend, A well built handsome stranger, he was at the bar and he saw how Jude humiliated her, but immediately Jude left and Nancy broke down in tears, The handsome stranger walked up to Nancy and offered her a new handkerchief to dry her tears.
“I don’t know what transpired between you and that man but he had no right to treat you the way he did, he is a stupid man ” The stranger said calmly, he took her outside the bar for fresh air, Nancy was just staring at the handsome young man, who appeared to be concerned about her, “Stop crying, it’s okay, you can tell me anything you want, my name is John” The Stranger said calmly.
After listening to Nancy’s story, the nice stranger, just looked at Nancy with pity and said something that she will never forget in a hurry.
“I don’t know what is wrong with you young girls nowadays, Always do your investigations before you fall in love with any man. Dating a married man is like falling in love with a rental house thinking that one day your landlord will hand it over to you for free, you would have broken up with him, when you found out that he was a married man”.
As John spoke that night outside the bar, Nancy kept sniffling and crying dejectedly beside him imagining the bleak future that awaited her. She suddenly hated herself and wanted to commit suicide. She kept crying. She was too depressed and angry with herself that all she wanted to do when she gets home that evening was to end her life but the nice stranger was an angel, He consoled her, drove her home and offered to be her new friend. “I’m here for you, here is my number, call me if you need anything, don’t cry anymore, all will be well.” John told her
From that very day, John and Nancy became friends, he was a true friend as he stood by her, he began to act as an angel in Nancy’s life. Few months later, John proposed to her and he met Nancy’s parents. Nancy’s parents liked him immediately. No one will doubt that John was not responsible for Nancy’s pregnancy.
He also took Nancy to his parents and they showered Nancy with love and they accepted her immediately into thier family as thier daughter in-law, in no time John and Nancy got married in grand style and in few months, Nancy delivered a baby girl who they named Catherine, no one ever knew that John isn’t the biological father of Catherine because of how much he loved the little girl.
Years passed and Nancy had identical twins, two boys for her husband. John cherished his wife and children and everyday he worked very hard to ensure they had the best life they deserved. But Nancy was not in love with him, no matter how hard she tried to fall in love with John her husband, she couldn’t bring herself to love him but on the other hand, John love her so much and he could do anything for her happiness.
Nancy felt John was not her type of man, marrying John was the only option she had few years ago to cover up her shameful pregnancy. As time goes on, Nancy’s behavior towards her husband changed, she began to show him that she really don’t care about him at all, she was always ungrateful and disrespectful, whenever John calls her from work to say “my love,get ready am taking you out for dinner” she will reply “am too tired”.
End Of Episode 3
To Be Continued
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