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Echoes of Loneliness episode 9 – 10

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Echoes of Loneliness episode 9 – 10 by : 9:10 am On August 21, 2021
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Echoes of Loneliness

Part 9 – True Colors Two

I saved my sister just in time. I got her out of the swimming pool. She was still okay.

Rita was laughing. She enjoyed what she did. I’ve never met someone cruel like her. She’s just beyond cruel.

Me: It’s not funny

Rita: It is, believe me

Me: You are very crazy

Rita: Is that another insult?

I kept quiet.

She looked at Warona. Warona got scared and ran off to aunt Nina.

Me: Look Rita, I am really sorry about everything

Rita: Will you insult me again?

Me: No, not at all

Rita: Do you promise?

Me: Yes

Rita: I know that you’ll always save your sister. I threw her into the swimming pool knowing that you will rescue her. You are really amazing

Me: What do you want from me?

Rita: What else can I want from you? I want money

Me: But I don’t have any money

Rita: You do, believe me

Me: Where?

Rita: On you

Me: How?

Rita: Don’t be too foolish, I get irritated easily. With you I am going to make money, that’s what I meant

Me: I don’t want to do prostitution

Rita: (Smiles) Wow, she’s so smart. She already knows what’s happening. Mhmm, not bad Wayme

She just called my name in English and put ‘y’ to it, just imagine. She’s so dramatic. What the hell is W-A-Y-M-E?

Me: My name is W-A-M-E not W-A-Y-M-E

Rita: Whatever. Can everybody go back inside, please?

They all left.

Warona did not even want to be around me because of Rita. She went away with aunt Nina.

Believe me when I say that I’ve come to trust aunt Nina even with my sister’s life. I hope that she won’t break my trust one day.

Everyone left, leaving me with Rita. But where’s Rita’s husband? He’s not here, he wasn’t even here when Rita threw my sister into the swimming pool.

Me: Rita, where’s your husband?

Rita: Child, what do you want with my husband?

Me: Nothing, I am just asking

Rita: He’s sleeping

Me: What a fool

Rita: Why are you calling my husband a fool?

Me: Sorry, I didn’t mean to

Rita: I see that you are not ready to listen to me

Me: Rita, please let my sister and I go. I won’t tell the cops about this place


The cops? Does that mean you are even thinking of telling the cops about my orphanage?

Me: No, I am not

Rita: You are lying

Me: I am not

Rita: Let me tell you something, you won’t get any chance to tell the cops about my orphanage. I won’t let you

Me: I said that I won’t say anything but please let my sister and I go

Rita: No, I will not

Me: But why?

Rita: You’ve seen a lot and you know a lot

Me: So what? I won’t say anything

Rita: Didn’t they tell you that this is a place of no return?

Me: Please trust me

Rita: (Laughs) Trust you? How?

Me: What do you mean by how?

Rita: I don’t trust you. Did you even see how my husband looks at you?

Me: Your husband?

She kept quiet.

Me: How does he look at me?

She still kept quiet.

I see, I am a threat. She is worried about her husband. She thinks that I will crack on with her husband. At least now I know her weakness. She knows that my weakness is Warona and today I got to find out that her weakness is Joseph, her husband.

Me: Won’t you say something?

Rita: You are soaking wet, go change your clothes

Me: Do you care?

Rita: I don’t care but if you catch flu, who is going to pay for your medication? Is it you or me?

Me: I don’t know

Rita: You never know anything. Just go inside

Me: Fine, I am going

Rita: And please keep your distance from my husband

Me: Do you think that I am interested in your husband? That ugly man?

Rita: What did you say?

Oh Wame, you talk too much. You’ll get punished or Warona will pay for your big mouth.

Me: I am just kidding with you, your husband is not ugly

Rita: I know, that’s why he’s my husband

Me: You are blinded by love. Your husband is ugly. His ears are very big and his nose is also big. His nose is even disgusting, it looks like number two from the toilet. My goodness, how do you klzz him? I mean his lips looks unhealthy, it’s like he doesn’t smell nice

Rita: (Screams) Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I am going to deal with you

She went back inside the mansion. She is such a drama queen. Did she have to scream at me? Did she also have to walk like she’s modelling? She’s really dramatic.

I went back inside and changed my clothes. I then went to the kitchen.

I found aunt Nina feeding Warona. It looks like she also changed Warona’s clothes. Once again, Warona looks happy. It’s quite clear that Warona loves aunt Nina so much. Truly speaking, I am happy when my sister is happy.

I sat down and looked at aunt Nina.

Me: Aunt, did you eat?

Nina: I’ll eat, don’t worry

Me: If I am not mistaken, you haven’t eaten since yesterday, right?

Nina: I’ll eat, let me feed Waro first

Me: I’ll feed her, don’t worry

Nina: Okay then but did you eat?

Me: I am not hungry

Nina: Are you sure?

Me: Yes, I am

Nina: Okay then. Let me prepare something to eat for myself


No, I’ll prepare food for you, just sit down

Nina: Can you cook?

Me: Yes, I can

Nina: (Smiles) Really?

Me: Yeah, my mom taught me how to cook when I was still very young. I think that I was thirteen years old

Nina: Wow, that’s amazing. Your mother was a good woman, wasn’t she?

Me: Yeah, she was

Nina: She loves you so much, it’s obvious

Me: (Smiles) loved not loves

Nina: She still loves you wherever she is

Me: Do you think so?

Nina: Yes, I do

Me: Thanks

I started cooking. After cooking, I dished up for aunt Nina.

Nina: Mhmm, very delicious

Me: (Smiles) Thank you

Kate walked in. She is such a happy child.

Me: Warona, are you full?

Warona: Yes

Me: Kate baby, would you like something to eat?

Kate: No, I am fine

Me: Are you sure?

Kate: Yes. I am here to get Waro

Me: Really?

Kate: Yes

Me: Please go with Kate, Warona

Warona: Where?

Kate: We are going to my sister’s room

Warona: Okay

Nina: Bye girls

Warona: Bye mommy

Oh my goodness, did she just call aunt Nina mommy?

Me: Warona, aunt Nina is not your mother but your aunt

Nina: Hey Wame, it’s nothing serious, I mean Waro is just a child

Me: So you don’t mind being called mommy by my sister?

Nina: No, not at all

Me: (Smiles) Thanks

Kate: Waro, let’s go

Warona: Okay

Me: Bye girls

Kate: Bye, sister

Me: (Smiles) You are so sweet

They left.

Nina: They are so beautiful

Me: Very beautiful

Nina: Thanks for the food honey, you can really cook

Me: You are welcome and thanks a lot

Nina: Who served breakfast in the morning?

Me: Those other ladies

Nina: Okay, I am happy that everyone ate

Me: When is Alicia coming?

Nina: I don’t know, why?

Me: I am just curious

Nina: Well I don’t know

Me: Okay, I’ll wash the dishes now

Nina: No, leave them. The people who wash the dishes will wash them

Me: Okay. Please go to bed after eating. You must be very tired

Nina: Yes, mom

Me: (Laughs) Yes, child

I klzzed her cheek and left the kitchen.

As I was passing by Rita’s office, Joseph called me in.

Me: Yes?

Joseph: Am I really ugly?

Me: What are you talking about?

Joseph: My wife told me that you said that I am ugly

Me: Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?

Joseph: Well I was sleeping but now I am awake

Me: And where’s your wife?

Joseph: She left

Me: Where to?

Joseph: She went to our house

Me: I see

Joseph: Yes, I’ll be sleeping here tonight so don’t you want to have fun with me?

Jesus, what is wrong with the Samuels? Who bewitched them?

Me: Have fun with you?

Joseph: Yes

Me: Can I ask you something?

Joseph: Sure

Me: Do you have children?

Joseph: I don’t want to talk about that

Me: Why? What’s going on?

Joseph: Wame, please

Me: What is wrong with everyone? Did you kill your own children?

Joseph: Wame, keep quiet

Me: I am sorry. Listen, I’ll have fun with you but you’ll have to buy me a phone first

Joseph: (Smiles) Will you really have fun with me?

Me: After getting a new phone from you

Joseph: Okay fine, I’ll get you a new phone but it’s just between you and I

Me: No problem

Joseph: I’ll buy it tomorrow

Me: Then we’ll have fun tomorrow

Joseph: (Smiles) Perfect

Get me a phone, the first thing I’ll do is call the cops. I’ll never have fun with you, you are crazy.

Me: (Smiles) Joseph?

Joseph: Yes?

Me: You are really handsome, I was just lying to your wife

Joseph: (Smiles) Thank you

Me: I need another thing from you

Joseph: What is it?

Me: Please always side with me when your wife decides to be mean to me. Do you know that she threw my sister into the swimming pool today?

Joseph: She did?

Me: Yes, she did. I needed you to be there for me but you were sleeping

Joseph: I am sorry, it won’t happen again. I’ll always side with you

Me: Really?

Joseph: Yes, as long as you promise to also satisfy me

Me: (Fake Smile) I promise

Joseph: Team?

Me: Team. Let’s shake hands on that

Joseph: No, I want a hug from you

What is he now saying? Why would I want to hug him? I am feeling very uncomfortable right now but I’ll have to hug him. I think he’s the person I’ll use to take down Rita. When Rita goes down, Joseph and everyone else will also go down. This is a great opportunity, I’ll just have to grab it and never let go. Joseph won’t see what hit him.

Part 10 – All Gone Wrong

[The Next Day]

Joseph got me a phone like he said he would. Thank God, Rita arrived before Joseph could “have fun” with me. I got the phone and he got nothing in return.

I was outside with Michaela when I saw Joseph leaving in a hurry.

Me: Michaela, look. That’s Joseph

Michaela: Who died? Why is he rushing like that?

Me: I wish I knew

Michaela: Let’s go ask Rita

Me: As if she’ll tell us

Michaela: Let’s just try

Me: No, it’s fine, I’ll call him

Michaela: Call who?

Me: Joseph

Michaela: With which phone?

Me: That fool bought me a phone

Michaela: Rita?

Me: Joseph

Michaela: But how?

Me: Do you want the truth?

Michaela: Sure

Me: Okay, listen

I started telling her everything.

Michaela: (Laughs) Wow, you are so clever

Me: Do not tell anyone about the phone, please

Michaela: I won’t, I promise

Me: Let’s go inside, I want to make a call

Michaela: Sure

We went inside and bumped into Rita by the stairs.

Rita: Where are the two of you coming from?

Me: Outside

Rita: I’ve been looking for you everywhere

Me: You didn’t look for us everywhere

Michaela: That’s why you didn’t find us

Rita: Just keep quiet

Me: Why were you looking for us?

Rita: Joseph is going to be out of the country very soon so I need all of you to help me with everything I need

Michaela: Out of the country? Where is he going?

Me: Yes, where is he going?

Rita: USA

Me: For what?

Rita: It’s not your business

Me: So why did you tell us if it’s not our business?

Michaela: Exactly

Rita: Because you will have to help me with everything

Me: What is everything?

Rita: Everything is everything

Me: (Whispers) She’s so foolish

Michaela: (Whispers) You can say that again

Rita: Are the two of you saying something?

Me: No

Michaela: No

Rita: Will you help me or not?

Michaela: Do we have a choice?

Rita: No, you don’t

Michaela: Then we are going to help you

Me: Yeah, we will

Rita: Good. I am now going to my office. Michaela, you have a client in two hours time. Got that?

Michaela: Yes

Rita: Good. I don’t want to be looking for you in two hours time. The client should not wait for you, you should wait for the client in room R250

She walked away.

Me: Why did you agree to such?

Michaela: I don’t have a choice. I’d also do anything for Kate

Me: I understand so what’s room R250?

Michaela: Oh, before the client arrives, Rita always puts the price the client should pay on the door so if she tells me to go to room R250 it means that the client is going to pay R250 in return. If she asks me to go to room R300 then the client is going to pay R300. The prices goes up and up all the time, it just depends on the clients

Me: I see so how many rounds do you give them?

Michaela: It depends on the money

Me: Do they use protection?

Michaela: Yes, they do plus there’s a pill we get from Rita all the time after sleeping with the clients

Me: What’s the pill for?

Michaela: Prevention of pregnancy and diseases

Me: Is there a pill you take to prevent diseases? Is there something like that?

Michaela: Yeah. It’s an illegal pill. I don’t know where Rita gets it but she’s also selling it and out of selling it, she gets a lot of money

Me: Why does she love money so much?

Michaela: She says that money makes her powerful

Me: One day she is going to be broke

Michaela: Let’s go to your bedroom

Me: Sure

We went to my bedroom. Kate and Warona were playing in my bedroom so we asked them to go play outside.

I closed the door and sat down. Michaela sat down next to me.

Michaela: I guess you don’t have to call Joseph then

Me: Yeah but I’ll call the cops

Michaela: Sure

Me: Should I do it?

Michaela: Yes, please do so

Me: Fine

I called the cops.

Michaela: Loudspeaker please

Me: Sure

Finally someone answered the call. I said everything but I didn’t say my name.

Michaela: (Smiles) You did good

Me: Thank you

Michaela: Now switch off that phone

Me: Cool

I switched off the phone and hid it.

We went to everyone else.

Michaela: The clients will soon be here so I am leaving

Me: Where are you going? There’s still 45 minutes left

Michaela: I need to go take a shower

Me: Again?

Michaela: Yeah, the client is coming so I need to be fresh

Me: I see. Go then

Michaela: I’ll see you later

Me: No problem. Good luck

Michaela: Thanks, I need it

She left.

[One Hour Later]

Rita called all of us outside except for Michaela. She was fuming.

Rita: Who tried to ruin my life?

Nina: What happened, Rita?


We all kept quiet.


The security guards went inside and Rita started searching us one by one.

This is bad, everything is wrong now.

So Rita is also eating with the cops? How bad is this? What’s going to happen to us?

And the phone? What if they’ll find it? This is really bad. I am worried.

To be continued…

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