ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 67 – finale


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Part 67 – Celebration

Everything went well. The wedding was amazing and my aunt was looking very beautiful. Warona and Kate were the flower girls as old as they are. Or are they not old? Oh well, we all had a blessed day.

[Later That Day]

Aunt Nina is going away tomorrow with her husband so tonight we are celebrating. We hosted a wedding after party at this other beautiful hotel. Apparently this is where my parents met and got engaged. The hotel is now renovated and it’s really beautiful and huge.

I know that aunt Nina chose this place to make me happy but truly speaking, I am not happy at all. I have been reminded of my parents and all I wanted to do was enjoy the party.

I went to sit outside just next to the lake. I was really feeling sad. I couldn’t stop thinking about my parents and how happy they could’ve been if they were around.

Ayanda came and sat down next to me.

Ayanda: Hey

Me: Hi

Ayanda: Are you okay?

Me: Yes

Ayanda: You are lying to me

Me: I want to be alone, Aya. Go back inside

Ayanda: Not until you tell me what’s wrong

Me: Nothing is wrong

Ayanda: You are lying to me

Me: I miss them. I shouldn’t be here. I don’t want to be here

Ayanda: Let’s go home then

Me: But the party just started

Ayanda: I know but you don’t want to be here

Me: I will be fine, don’t worry

Ayanda: Are you sure?

Me: Yes, I am sure

Ayanda: I hope so

Warona came running to us.

Me: What are you doing here?

Warona: Sister, I wish that people could get married everyday. I had a nice day

Me: (Smiles) Really?

Warona: Yes, really. I wonder who’s going to get married next if not my sister

Ayanda: Do you want your sister to get married?

Warona: Yes

Me: Warona, shut up

Ayanda: She’s right though

Me: The two of you should just leave me alone

Warona: Sister Ayanda, my sister will get married soon. Don’t worry

Ayanda: Do you think so, honey?

Warona: Yes. I heard something

Me: What did you hear?

Warona: It’s a secret

Me: Keep it to yourself then. I don’t care

Warona: Sister Ayanda, do you have a boyfriend?

Ayanda: No

Warona: Why not? Aren’t you old enough to have a boyfriend?

Me: Warona, keep quiet. Stop troubling Ayanda. What do you know about boyfriends?

Warona: Sister, you and sister Michaela have boyfriends so where’s sister Ayanda’s boyfriend?

Ayanda: I will get a boyfriend soon then I will introduce him to you

Warona: (Smiles) Cool

When she took a step backward, she almost fell in the lake but I quickly got up and saved her.

I lost balance and fell in the lake. My foot got stuck somewhere so I couldn’t get out of the lake.


I have been looking for Wame everywhere and couldn’t find her. Thank God, she’s now calling me.

Me: Hey babe. Where are you? I’ve been looking for you everywhere and you were also not taking my calls. Do you know where Warona is? She was with me for so long but now she disappeared, I…

Caller: Are you sure that you looked for Wame everywhere? What about the lake?

Oh my goodness, this is not Wame’s voice.

Me: Who are you?

Caller: It’s Ayanda. Wame fell in the lake. She was trying to save Warona. Now she is not out and I don’t know what happened to her. I can’t swim at night. I can only swim when it’s not dark

She can’t swim at night? Is it possible? This girl is crazy.

Me: I am coming right away

I ran out of my hotel room. When I got to the lake, Warona was crying and Ayanda was calling out Wame’s name.

I jumped in to save Wame. Her leg was stuck on something that looked like a toolbox. To save her, I had to take the toolbox along.

[Out Of The Lake]

Wame was not opening her eyes and Ayanda had called everyone to the lake.

Warona: Brother, tell her to open her eyes. Did the animals eat her? Is she dead?

Me: No dear, she’s not dead

Nina: Why’s her father’s toolbox here? Why is it tied to her leg?

Me: Her father’s toolbox?

Nina: Yes, that’s her father’s toolbox

Keith: Alex, help your girlfriend. Do mouth to mouth resuscitation. Help her before it’s too late

Me: Okay

I did mouth to mouth resuscitation. Thank God, Wame started coughing.

Warona: My sister is awake, my sister is awake. The kiss helped her right, brother?

Me: (Smiles) It wasn’t a kiss. I didn’t kiss her

Warona: So what were you doing?

Me: I was helping her breathe

Warona: Oh. Sister, are you okay?

Wame: Yes, I am okay my dear. Wipe off those tears

Warona: (Smiles) Okay

Me: Wame, life is too short. I don’t know what might happen tomorrow. Life is unpredictable. I love you so much and I can’t live without you. I will always love you no matter what. Will you marry me?

Warona: Sister Ayanda, I said it and nobody believed me

Wame: Warona, keep quiet. You are always talking. Shut up

Warona: Sorry

Me: (Smiles) What do you say, Wame?

Wame: Couldn’t you at least give me some time to get up? I am soaking wet

Me: I am also soaking wet, babe

Nina: Baby, answer him first

Keith: Yes Wame, answer him

Wame: (Smiles) This is the most romantic day of my life. My hero just saved my life and now he’s asking me to marry him. Of course I will marry you, Alex. I love you

Me: I love you too

We shared a passionate kiss and everyone was happy for us. They couldn’t stop congratulating us.

This is not how I planned to propose to Wame but the current situation forced me to propose. When Wame was not opening her eyes, I realized that life is really short. I had planned to propose to Wame tonight but not in this state – we are both soaking wet.

Wame: Please get that thing off my leg

Nina: It’s your father’s toolbox. Open it

Wame: My father’s toolbox? But why was it in the lake?

Nina: I don’t know. Open it

Me: It’s locked

Tumelo: Let me try to unlock it

Me: Sure, friend

Tumelo unlocked the toolbox after so much struggle. It had a long chain that was tied to Wame’s leg.

We opened the toolbox and it had money and a letter. I read the letter.

Thabang: What does the letter say?

Me: It’s talking about the money that Wame’s father got after mortgaging the house

Wame: How did it get here?

Me: Your father hid it from Joseph and Rita. He knew that one day you’d come here

Wame: Does the letter say that?

Me: Yes

Wame: Thank you. I was really missing my parents so much today but after seeing this toolbox, I feel much better. I really had to be here today. I am so happy

Warona: Sister, let’s go inside so that you can also get married

Me: (Laughs) Waro dear, we are engaged so we can’t get married today

Warona: Why not?

Wame: Because we still have to plan the wedding

Warona: Just like the way mother Nina’s wedding was planned?

Wame: Yes

Warona: And just like the way Kate’s birthday party was planned?

Wame: Yes dear

Warona: Okay, sister. I knew that brother Alex would ask you to marry him. I heard him talking to brother Keith and brother Thabang

Me: Were you not sleeping?

Warona: No

Me: You cheated us. We thought that you were sleeping

Warona: Sorry

Marsha: Warona and pretending to be asleep are very good friends

Wame: You can say that again

Warona: I won’t do it again

Me: Okay dear

We all went inside.


I took a shower with my husband to be and wore clean clothes. When we walked out of our room, we were told that Marsha just gave birth to a baby girl. We were so happy and went to see the baby right away.

Marsha did not give birth at the hospital. She gave birth in her hotel room.

A lot happened here today. I will forever remember this day and this place. I will make a plan to buy this hotel. It is somehow connected to all of us.

Truly speaking, I am now happy. Maybe I am still young for marriage but I believe that God will see me through. Now let us celebrate like there’s no tomorrow.

The End.

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