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ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 60 – 62

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ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 60 – 62 by : 2:53 pm On September 8, 2021
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Part 60 – An Argument That Could Solve Everything

I called aunt Nina and she helped both Alicia and Austin. She took them out of the kitchen.

I took the pieces of broken glasses that had Austin and Alicia’s blood and put them safely inside a plastic envelope. I then went to aunt Nina’s room.

Me: Aunt, please get someone to clean the kitchen. There are broken glasses everywhere. Someone might have been in the kitchen just after I cleaned it. It was still wet so I didn’t really see the broken glasses

She gave me that “I know that you are behind this” look.

Nina: Okay, don’t worry

Me: Thanks. Austin and Alicia, are you okay? I am really sorry, it’s my fault that you got hurt

Alicia: No Wame, it’s not your fault. It’s not like you knew about the broken glasses

Me: Yes, I really didn’t know but I should’ve seen them

Austin: How could you have seen them, sister? It’s fine, we’ll be okay

Me: Should I call the doctor?

Austin: No, we’ll be fine

Alicia: It’s nothing serious, so don’t worry dear

Me: Okay

Nina: Wame dear, the broken glasses did not hurt you, how come?

Me: I was wearing shoes

Nina: Why?

What’s her story now? Can’t she just keep quiet?

Me: Because I never take off my shoes when cleaning. I take them off after cleaning

Nina: That’s weird

Alicia: It’s not weird, aunt. I also do that

I just got saved by Alicia. Thank you, Lord.

Me: I’ll be right back

Nina: Where are you going?

Me: I need to see Alex right away

Nina: What do you have with you? Show me your hands

Me: My hands? They are at the back

Nina: I can see that but why are you hiding them?

Me: I am not hiding them. I just prefer placing them… Uhh… Where they are right now

Nina: What are you hiding?

Me: The envel… Uhh… Nothing. Okay, bye

I walked out.

I went to my room and got hold of my handbag. I got in the car and drove straight to the hospital.

At the hospital I was told that I’ll get the results very soon. I really can’t wait. Hopefully I’ll get the results that I really want.

I quickly called Thabang and asked to see him. Thank God he’s at his place so I went to see him.


I did it

Thabang: Did what?

Me: What I had to do. We’ll get the results very soon

Thabang: What are you talking about?

Me: The blood. Alicia. Austin

Thabang: Oh, that’s amazing. How did you do it?

I told him everything.

Thabang: Broken glasses, Wame? Did you have to do that? Wasn’t there another way?

Me: There was. I just love blood. It makes me happy. It makes me feel like a winner

Thabang: What are you saying? Have you gone mad?

Me: Imagine the cops walking in a room and then find the Samuels’ dead bodies lying on the floor. The bodies are swimming in blood. There’s blood everywhere. The Samuels can’t speak anymore, they can’t control people anymore and they can’t see life anymore. They are dead. Close your eyes and see this beautiful life

Thabang: Wame, get out

Me: Huh?

Thabang: I said get out of my house

Me: But why?

Thabang: You’ve gone crazy. Do you want to be locked up? Do you? Do you think that it’s nice to be in prison? Do you think that it’s nice to be a prisoner? Do you?

Me: No

Thabang: So stop it

Me: Why are you so serious? I was just joking

Thabang: Well, that’s a bad joke

Me: (Giggles) Sorry

Thabang: Are you planning to get rid of them?

Me: No

Thabang: Don’t lie to me

Me: I am not lying

Thabang: I hope so

Me: Did you see Siya’s daughter, Ayanda when you went to UK?

Thabang: Yes, I was there when Siyabonga got arrested. I had to be there

Me: How was Ayanda?

Thabang: She was not okay. She was crying the most

Me: And you still got her father arrested?

Thabang: I had to and I don’t want to talk about this

Me: Ayanda told me on Twitter and I didn’t reply. I really feel guilty

Thabang: Don’t feel guilty, you did nothing wrong

Me: I don’t think so

Thabang: Just forget about everything and don’t reply to Ayanda’s message

Me: She was always there for me. I’ve got so much money now because of her. She used to give me money, you know. She used to support me

Thabang: You now have money because of the Samuels, not because of Ayanda

Me: You know what I mean

Thabang: Just forget about Ayanda

Me: Like the way you forgot about Mpho?

Thabang: Mpho?

Me: That woman loves you yet you can’t see it. There was a time when you told her that you’d pick her up from my home and you didn’t because you went somewhere with your mother. You didn’t even go back for Mpho. Do you know how heartbroken she was? And when you went to UK, you didn’t tell her. You just left without saying goodbye. You didn’t even contact her. She tells me everything, she’s very unhappy and I’ve come to realize that she is unhappy and bothered because she loves you

Thabang: What? Are you serious?

Me: Yes, I am serious

Thabang: Uhm… I didn’t know that. She never said anything to me

Me: Did you expect her to tell you?

Thabang: Uhm… Does she really love me?



Thabang: Did she say that?

Me: She didn’t have to say anything. I am a woman and I know when a woman is in love with someone

Thabang: Wow

Me: You should apologize to her. She’s going to appreciate your apology

Thabang: Okay, no problem

Me: Good

Thabang: (Smiles) Thank you

Me: You are welcome. Let me get going

Thabang: Sure

Me: I’ll see you soon

Thabang: Okay dear

I gave him a hug and left.

When I arrived at my home, I found aunt Nina and Adam yelling at one another. It was really bad. They were so loud and they attracted attention.

When did Adam come here and why is he arguing with my aunt? I really missed out.

Part 62 – Payback Time

Joseph knows everything now and he wasn’t mad at me. He was a little bit disappointed but he wasn’t angry like Rita. Probably he was just pretending. Maybe he’s planning to destroy me but I have his sons to protect me so I am not troubled. If he dares to come near me or my loved ones, I will kill him and take a bath with his blood.

I don’t know if I did the right thing but today I paid a prisoner to rape Thabo. He’s really strong and most of the prisoners are scared of him. I lost my virginity to Thabo so this is payback time. By the end of today, he’ll be feeling like the way I felt the day he raped me. This might be very wrong but honestly speaking, I feel so great.

Joshua can’t do anything to me because he is now weak. He doesn’t have wings to fly just like Joseph. They’ve been arrested for two years now and they are already literally dead.

I really hate the Samuels so much. Thank God the day Adam confessed to his wrong doings he also mentioned how the Samuels killed my parents and the other orphans’ parents. The day the Samuels get released from prison will be the day they go back to prison forever. With the help of Keith, Thabang and Alex, I have enough proof to send them back to prison.

I sold all the cars that belongs/belonged to the Samuels except for four cars. The first one belongs to me (the one I took away from Rita a long time ago), the second one belongs to Michaela, the third one belongs to Alicia and the fourth one belongs to Mumsy. Life is really good.

I don’t know if Waro started school early or late but when I applied for her at school this year, they accepted the application. Warona is now in Grade one and she’s very happy. She’ll finish school at the age of seventeen. I just hope and pray that she won’t fail at school.

Kate is turning seven years very soon and she’s also in Grade one. It means that she’ll finish school at the age of eighteen. She’s in the same class with Warona.

Today Alex went to pick them up at school. I swear to God, these two will get an award of being neat. They always look good. I love them so much.

Warona: Hey sister

Me: Hey honey

Kate: Hey sister Wame

Me: Hey dear

Kate: Where’s my sister?

Me: She’s at work

Warona: And why are you home?

Me: Because I had to wait for the two of you. Where’s Alex?

Kate: In the car. He’ll be here soon

Me: Okay. Go to your room and take off your school uniform

They don’t want to sleep in separate rooms so we let them share one bedroom.

Kate: Okay sister

Warona: Sister, do you know that Austin is a good boy? He was playing football today at school and he scored for his team

Me: (Smiles) That’s nice. He’s really a good boy

Kate: Sister Wame, Warona is Austin’s girlfriend

Me: Kate, don’t be naughty

Kate: Sorry sister

Me: I am going to prepare something to eat for the two of you. Go to your room and change your clothes

Warona: Okay

They left.

I went to the kitchen and quickly prepared something to eat for them.

Alex walked in and gave me a warm hug. I am always happy go see him.

Me: Hey you

Alex: How are you?

Me: I am fine thanks and you?

Alex: I am good. How was your day?

Me: It was okay and yours?

Alex: It was also okay. Did you go to work today?

Me: Yes I did. I came back early because of the girls. Tomorrow is Michaela’s turn to come early

Alex: Okay. You and Michaela are doing a great job taking care of the girls

Me: (Smiles) Thank you

We shared a klzz.

Alex: I love you

Me: I love you too. Do you know that aunt Nina’s wedding is on the same day as Kate’s birthday?

Alex: Really?

Me: Yes. I really don’t know what should be done. We celebrated Warona’s birthday so it won’t be fair if we don’t celebrate Kate’s birthday

Alex: I have an idea. We can celebrate Kate’s birthday two days before the wedding. She will be happy

Me: (Smiles) I didn’t think of that. I will talk to her later. She’s a good child, she will understand. She’s not stubborn like Waro

Alex: That’s true

Me: Thank you so much

Alex: You are welcome. We should actually get a room so that you can thank me properly

Me: (Laughs) You are so naughty. Come to my workplace tomorrow and I’ll thank you properly

Alex: Mhmm. At work? Where?

Me: My office

Alex: (Smiles) You are the naughty one. I will definitely come

Me: (Smiles) Don’t be late. Be there at 11:00 or 12:00

Alex: Sure

My phone started ringing.

Me: I have to get this

Alex: Okay. I will check up on the girls

Me: Please do. They’ve been gone forever. They are probably doing something wrong wherever they are

He klzzed my cheek and walked out of the kitchen.

I answered my phone.

Me: Hello

Caller: It’s me

Me: Is your name “me”?

Caller: Don’t be rude to me. It’s me and I did your job. Thabo is now my wife

Me: Oh, it’s you. Wow, so soon? Did you really… Uhm… You know?

Caller: Yes, I did so I want the rest of my money

Me: I’ll be there right away

Caller: Sure. Don’t keep me waiting

Me: Okay. Bye

He hung up.

I don’t know this prisoner’s name but he really did a good thing for me. He didn’t even take forever. I am so happy. Revenge is sweeter. Thabo got a taste of his own medicine.

To be continued…

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ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 67 – finale / Echoes of Loneliness episode 65 – 66 / ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 63 – 64 / Echoes of Loneliness episode 58 – 59 / Echoes of Loneliness episode 56 – 57 /

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