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Echoes of Loneliness episode 58 – 59

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Echoes of Loneliness episode 58 – 59 by : 4:00 am On September 8, 2021
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Part 58 – Verdict

[The Next Day]

The monsters got ten years imprisonment. I was happy and angry at the same time. I mean ten years is nothing.

Alex and I left court and went to Alex’s place. This really calls for a celebration. Warona is not here so it should be fun to just spend the day with my boyfriend.

Me: Alex, we need to talk

Alex: About what?

Me: Austin

Alex: Babe, please. Can’t we just enjoy ourselves?

Me: He’s Alicia’s brother. I am going to prove it

Alex: What makes you say such?

I told him everything.

Alex: (Laughs) No, you have lost it

Me: Have I?

Alex: Yes

Me: You never want to help others. What kind of a person are you?

Alex: I always help people

Me: That’s not true

Alex: It is

Me: So why don’t you believe that Austin is Alicia’s brother?

Alex: I… I don’t know

Me: Could you have done the same thing to your sister? Are you…


Me: Why are you yelling at me?


Oh, I see. This is actually not about Alicia.

Me: I am sorry

He spoke calmly.

Alex: No, I am sorry

Me: You should speak to someone, babe

Alex: No, I am fine

Why does he keep on saying that he’s fine? Why can’t he just accept that he’s not okay?

Me: You are not

Alex: I am. Please let’s forget about everything

Me: Okay

Alex: Thanks

Alex is very troubled so I don’t think that our relationship will last. Maybe we shouldn’t even be together at all. I mean I got in bed with his father. This is not good for our relationship.

He came closer and tried to klzz me but I pushed him away.

Alex: What’s wrong?

Me: Do you really love me?

Alex: Where’s that coming from?

Me: Alex, I got in bed with your father, are you sure that you still want to be with me?

Alex: Yes, I am sure

Me: I really love you and I regret everything but if you feel like we can’t be together because of what happened then you should speak up before it’s too late


Babe, I really want to be with you. Don’t worry about me. You are the one I love. You and I had a connection the first time we started chatting on Facebook. Tell me, how can I just forget about everything? I love you and I mean it

Me: (Smiles) Okay

Alex: Forget about Joseph

Me: Sure

He klzzed me.

How do I even tell him about my conversation with Rita the other day? I was really tired of pretending that’s why I told Rita everything.

Alex: Wame?

Me: Mhmm?

Alex: What’s wrong?

Me: I went to see Rita yesterday and I told her everything. I even told her that I always hated her

Alex: What? But why?

Me: Because I wanted to do it. I was tired of pretending and I was really upset that they hurt you. Those people are monsters, babe

Alex: Wow, you are brave. Tell me everything, please

Me: Sure

I told him everything.

Alex: (Laughs) Did you really tell her that you’ll pray for her death?

Me: Yes, I did. I am sorry. I know that she’s your mother, I was just angry. I really don’t like the things she and your father did to you, Keith, Jane and everyone else

Alex: Don’t apologize. You did good but you have to be careful now. They might do anything to you

Me: I haven’t said anything to your father or Joshua

Alex: Please stop calling Joseph my father

But he’s your father.

Me: I am sorry. Have you heard from your brother?

Alex: Yes, he calls me everyday

Me: It’s nice to be you. I haven’t heard anything from those three

Alex: You know the reason

Me: Yeah, I do

Alex: They arrested your friend’s father

Me: I know

Alex: Who told you?

Me: Ayanda. She told me on Twitter and I didn’t reply. I didn’t know what to say because I am guilty

Alex: Sorry babe, you’ll be fine

Me: When are they coming back?

Alex: In few days

Me: I can’t wait to see them

Alex: Me too. I am not used to being away from Keith for a long time

Me: (Smiles) Are you serious?

Alex: Yes

Me: (Giggles) That’s cute. I love the way you love your brother

Alex: (Smiles) And I love the way you love your sister

Me: We are the best, aren’t we?

Alex: Yes, we are

We shared a hug then ended up in bed together.

[Few Days Later]

Now that Warona is finally okay, she’s getting too loud by the day. I love her so much but she is just never quiet.

Thabang, Marsha and Keith arrived in SA yesterday and Alex told them that he told me everything about the Samuels and that I went to see Rita and showed her my true colors. Surprisingly they were not mad at me.

I told both Thabang and Keith about Austin and I was happy when they listened to me. The day I brought Austin to my home, I took pictures of him and the girls before I drove him back to his fake father so yesterday I got to show the pictures to Keith and Thabang. They told me that I should get Austin and Alicia’s blood. Truly speaking, I don’t know where to begin.


still haven’t replied to Ayanda’s message and I still don’t know what to say to her. I just hope that she’ll be fine.

Michaela and Tumelo are now boyfriend and girlfriend and I wasn’t shocked when they told us. I saw it coming, they’ve been very close. I am really happy for Michaela, she also deserves to be treated like a queen. Tumelo is a great guy and I know that he’ll give Michaela only the best.

Today I went to Joseph’s bank and looked for some important documents. I still don’t know where Joseph kept the house documents of the other orphans’ parents. Truly speaking, I think that all the orphans should now go their separate ways so that It doesn’t get easier for the Samuels to find us once they get released. I will give everyone money and I also want them to find jobs and make a living. I couldn’t find the documents but I found the keys that belongs to my parents’ house. They were in Joseph’s office all along.

Warona is at creche right now but later today I want to go with her to our parents’ house. I really missed that place.

Last night I had a dream about my parents again but this time they were happy. Now that everything is fine, I hope that I won’t be dreaming about my dead parents anymore. Dreaming about them really makes me miserable. I get so lonely every time I think about them. I wish that they were alive to see their naughty daughter, Warona.

Now that the Samuels are out of the way, I just want to be a good girlfriend to Alex and a great sister to that monkey called Warona.

Part 59 – Progress

[Few Hours Later]

I took Waro with me to our parents’ house. My goodness, it was so clean. I expected it to be very dirty. I think Joseph was planning to sell it. It was even renovated. It’s bigger than before and it’s really beautiful. It now has two floors. It’s really better than before. Joseph was really planning to sell my parents’ house. Thank God he couldn’t.

Me: Do you love this house, babe?

Warona: Me?

Me: Do you see the third person here?

Warona: (Giggles) Alex is your babe, not me

Oh Lord, what’s this now?

Me: Really?

Warona: Yes. He’s going to marry you, right?

Me: Yes

Warona: I told everyone at creche

Me: WHAT???

Warona: Yes. What’s wrong?

Me: You must learn to keep quiet

Warona: Why?

Me: Because you always talk too much

Warona: Sorry

Me: Do you love this house?

Warona: Yeah. Whose house is it?

Me: Our parents’ house

Warona: Really?

Me: Yes

Warona: It’s beautiful

Me: Yes, it’s very beautiful

Warona: Are we going to stay here?

Me: Not now

Warona: But when?

Me: Very soon

Warona: Are we going to live with everyone from the orphanage?

Me: No, dear. Don’t call that place the orphanage anymore

Warona: Why?

Me: It’s our home

Warona: Mhmm

Me: Should we go back to our home?

Warona: No, let’s call brother Alex to come here

Me: He’s at work. He’s very busy

Warona: Let’s go to him

Me: No, we can’t. I told you that he’s very busy

Warona: Let’s go to Austin’s house

Me: He’s at school

Warona: Let’s call him

Me: He’s at school

Warona: No, he’s not

Me: Says who?

Warona: Sister, call Austin

Me: I’ll call him later

Warona: NO!!!

Me: Don’t yell at me, I am your sister

She got so angry. She got naughty. She screamed and threw things all over the place. This girl is something else.


Warona: NO. NO. NO!!!



I looked at her and spoke calmly.

Me: Okay


Me: Do you listen to me? Do you ever listen to me?

She started crying.


Me: And stop screaming. You are making noise

She went to the room upstairs and locked herself inside.

I called Adam. Thank God he didn’t take time to answer.

Adam: Hello

Me: Hey Adam, how are you?

Adam: I am okay thanks and you?

Me: I am not okay. Is Adam there with you?

Adam: Adam?

Me: Austin

Adam: Yes. I just picked him up from school, why?

Me: May I please talk to him?

Adam: Is something wrong?

Me: Warona wants to talk to him. She went crazy on me. She’s uncontrolable. I can’t deal with her. I will end up hitting her. Please give Austin the phone. I am begging you

Adam: Okay. No problem

Me: Thank you

He gave Austin the phone.

Austin: Hey sister Wame

Me: Hey dear. How are you?

Austin: I am fine thanks and you?

Me: I am not fine. Waro is driving me crazy

Austin: What happened?

Me: She wants to speak to you

Austin: Okay, no problem

Me: Please hold on, I still need to beg her to open the door

Austin: Okay

I went upstairs and knocked on the door.

Me: Warona honey, please open the door. I am sorry. Austin wants to talk to you

Warona: You are lying to me

It looks like she’s now calm.

Me: I am not lying. I am sorry

Warona: Please call brother Alex or Austin

Me: I told you that Alex is busy but don’t worry, I called Austin. Open the door so that you can talk to him

Warona: Are you lying to me?

Me: No, I am not. Don’t you trust me?

Warona: I do

Me: Then open the door

Warona: Okay

She opened the door. I wiped off her tears and gave her the phone.

I then went downstairs to clean up the mess she created.

[Thirty Minutes Later]

She came downstairs with my phone. She probably finished my airtime.

Warona: Thank you, sister

Me: Sure. Let’s go back to our home

Warona: Yes, let’s go. Mr Jones is taking Austin there

Me: Really?

Warona: Yes, really

I was really mad at Warona but I guess something good came out of the phone call. I will get Austin’s blood today and it should be easy.

Me: Okay, let’s go

Warona: I am sorry

Me: For what?

Warona: For being a bad girl

Me: You are so mean. You told me that you don’t like me anymore

Warona: I was kidding

Me: Really?

Warona: Yes. I love you

Me: Let’s go

Warona: Sister, I am sorry

Me: It’s okay

Warona: Do you forgive me?

Me: Yes

Warona: Let’s go. I can’t wait to see Austin

Me: Please tell me something. Why don’t you call Austin brother?

Warona: Because he’s my friend

Me: But Alex was also my friend but you wanted me to call him brother

Warona: Yes, he’s not a child but Austin is a child

Me: I see that you always have answers for everything, bad girl

Warona: Please let’s go

Me: Fine

Warona: Did you really forgive me?

Me: Yes but next time I will punish you if you misbehave

Warona: Okay

Me: I want you to always be a good girl

Warona: Okay, I will always be a good girl

Me: Do you promise?

Warona: Yes, I do

Me: Say it

Warona: I promise

Me: Okay, don’t break your promise

Warona: Okay

Me: Let’s go

Warona: Okay

We left.

[Few Minutes Later]

When we arrived at our home, Austin was already there. He was with aunt Nina.

Did Adam really leave Austin with his ex wife? This is weird.

Warona was so happy to see Austin. She even forgot that she was crying and disrespectful like few minutes ago.

Me: Aunt, did he come inside?

Nina: Who?

Me: Austin and Waro, please go outside. Kate must be very lonely. Go and play with her

Austin: Okay

They left.

Nina: Who came inside?

Me: Did Adam come inside? Did the two of you meet?

Nina: No, we didn’t meet. He left Austin with Michaela then Michaela brought Austin to me to say hi

Me: Oh, I see. I am going to the kitchen. I need a glass of water

Nina: Okay, no problem

Me: Get ready with the first aid kit

Nina: First aid? But why?

Me: Be in the kitchen soon

Nina: What’s going on?

I left.

When I got to the kitchen I mopped the floor. After mopping the floor, I broke a glass of water and called both Alicia and Austin. I made sure that the broken glasses are scattered everywhere in the kitchen.

Both Alicia and Austin walked in. They even came in together, talking like they’ve known one another for years.

Me: Oh my goodness, Alicia and Austin, take off your shoes. I just cleaned and the floor is still wet

Alicia: I am so sorry

Me: It’s okay

Austin: Sorry, sister Wame

Me: It’s okay dear

They took off their shoes and walked towards me. After approximately five seconds they both started screaming and I saw what I wanted to see – BLOOD.

I feel so bad for doing this to them but I had to.

To be continued…

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ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 67 – finale / Echoes of Loneliness episode 65 – 66 / ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 63 – 64 / ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 60 – 62 / Echoes of Loneliness episode 56 – 57 /

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