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ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 55 by : 7:05 pm On September 5, 2021
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Episode 55

Shock Revelation Two
I really did not mean to upset Wame. But why would she think that Alex is cheating on her with a man?
Oh my goodness what if she’s right? I mean Alex is not a child anymore. Maybe I don’t know the real Alex anymore.
I ran after Wame.
Me: Wame honey please wait
Wame: Do you want to laugh more? Please leave me alone
Me: I am sorry. I thought that you were just joking
She stopped walking and looked at me.
Wame: Joke? Why would I joke?
Me: I am sorry
Wame: Fine
Me: Please talk to Alex. Don’t just assume things
Wame: Okay I will talk to him
Me: That’s good. I will be in the kitchen. Warona will need to eat when she wakes up
Wame: Okay but please wait
Me: Yes?
Wame: Do you know Adam’s son?
Me: Thabang?
Wame: Of course not. I am talking about Austin
Me: Adam is still single. He doesn’t have a wife but he once paid a lot of money to get a child from this orphanage
Wame: A boy?
Me: Let’s go to my room I’ll tell you everything
Wame: Okay
We went back to my room.
Me: Wame this place used to belong to girls and boys but after my father poisoned the Samuels boys were taken to another orphanage a good orphanage that is. So when more girls came to this place with a brother or brothers the Samuels would just sell their brothers like groceries. Adam’s son was one of them well he’s not Adam’s son
Wame: What was his name?
Me: I don’t know. Only his sister would know

Wame: Do you know the sister?
Me: No dear I don’t
Wame: Austin is eight years old and he looks like someone I know. I just don’t… ALICIA!!!
Me: Huh?
Wame: I’ll be right back. I have a photo of Adam’s son. I think he looks like Alicia. I met that boy today I am not only talking about a photo
Me: Really?
Wame: Yes I’ll bring the photo. I kept it safe
Me: Okay I’ll be right here
She left.


Minutes Later]
Wame is still not back. I hope she didn’t forget about the photo and went straight to bed. That girl loves sleeping just like her little sister.
I went to her room. I found her searching for something. Hold on is she searching for the photo? But I thought that she said that she kept it safe.
Me: Wame?
Wame: Aunt I can’t find it
Me: Where did you put it and where did you get it?
Wame: It was in my wallet. It fell from Adam’s pocket and I picked it up
Me: So where is it?
Wame: I really don’t know. It was in my wallet
Me: Sorry dear. I really should be in the kitchen right now. Show me the photo once you find it
Wame: Okay no problem
I left her room.

I really don’t know how I lost Austin’s photo. It was in my wallet. Maybe Warona took it she likes playing with my wallet and phone.
Oh my goodness Joseph’s boyfriend just walked in.
Alex: Hey babe
Me: You can’t have it all Alex
Alex: What are you talking about?
Me: Just go away
Alex: Are you mad at me?
Me: No I am disgusted
Alex: Why? Won’t you even give me a hug?
Me: No just go away
Alex: What happened? I am sorry for what I did
Me: Did you do it just to see if he’s still into you?
Alex: Who?
Me: Your boyfriend
Alex: B-o-y-f-r-i-e-n-d???
Me: Yes. B-o-y-f-r-i-e-n-d!!!
Alex: Do I have a boyfriend?
Me: Mhmm
Alex: (Laughs) Babe you are funny
Me: Laugh enjoy yourself
Alex: Look. Waro is sleeping. Let’s go outside
Me: I am not going anywhere with you
Alex: What is wrong with you and what are you looking for?
Me: Does it matter?
Alex: Please come outside. I’ll be waiting for you
He left.

I followed him. I should just listen to him. Aunt Nina said that I should not assume things I should talk to Alex.
We went to the garden.
Me: Speak up then
Alex: Who is my boyfriend?
Me: Joseph who else?
He laughed at me. I’ve never seen Alex laughing this much. He laughed until tears came out of his eyes.
Alex: What??? Boyfriend???
Me: Why are you laughing?
Alex: Because you are very funny. Babe

who else?
He laughed at me. I’ve never seen Alex laughing this much. He laughed until tears came out of his eyes.
Alex: What??? Boyfriend???
Me: Why are you laughing?
Alex: Because you are very funny. Babe you should become a comedian. Your jokes are really funny
Me: It’s not a joke
Alex: What makes you think that Joseph is my boyfriend? I am straight. I love pu… I love B@@bs
Me: So why did Joseph just let you go?
Alex: I don’t know
Me: Alex today you will tell me the truth. Let’s sit down and please stop laughing


He wiped off his tears and sat down. I could tell that he was still laughing. What a monkey.
Me: What’s going on? Tell me everything
Alex: Joseph and Rita killed my parents and sister
Me: Go on
Alex: What else do you want to know?
Me: How did they kill your parents?
Alex: Their love for money killed my parents and sister. Jane was fourteen years old when she committed suicide. Rita was controlling her. She made Jane sleep with men at a very young age. Keith and I were still young there was nothing much to do. Rita and Joseph loved us so much but money drove them crazy and they didn’t realize that they were slowly killing us especially Jane. One morning when Keith and I went to Jane’s room to tell her that we are taking her out we found her lying on the floor. She took an overdose of pills. She was already dead. We think that she took an overdose of pills at night. We couldn’t do anything. We hated ourselves. We blamed ourselves for her death. Rita and Joseph couldn’t cope with Jane’s death so they became more cruel. I guess they wanted to heal their wounds but the truth is they are to blame for everything. They are the ones behind everything wrong that happened. I hate them so much Wame. I really hate them and I will not rest until I’ve seen them suffering. One day Keith Thabang and I decided to leave SA. It was after your accident. By then Rita was not forcing Jane to do bad things because Jane was just eight years old. Rita did not let us take Jane with us so there was nothing we can do. Thabang and Keith stole Joseph’s money and we went to Australia. We had a lot of money to survive. Thabang and Keith had stolen three million from Joseph. After five years things got out of hand. We were in Australia when Thabang got a call from Nina. Nina told Thabang that Jane started sleeping with men to make more money for the Samuels. Jane was just thirteen years old by then so we got very angry and came back to SA. We tried so much to stop the Samuels from what they were doing to Jane but they didn’t listen. At fourteen years old Jane took away her life Wame. She couldn’t take it anymore. She was still so young. When Keith and Thabang were eighteen years old they stole money from Adam and Joseph. They stole One billion. Thabang faked his death because he was tired of his mother. He felt like his mother was too weak. Just after Thabang’s fake funeral we left SA. Thabang went back to Australia and I went to USA with Keith. Thabang and Keith were old enough to start a business. A month after we arrived in USA Keith and I changed our surnames to Evans. We didn’t want the surname Samuels at all. We just wanted revenge
He kept quiet. Tears streamed down his face.
Me: Alex I am so sorry but I don’t think that I understand. who is Jane?
Alex: My sister
Me: And Rita and Joseph? Are they your parents?
Alex: Yes
Me: Biological mother and father?
Alex: Yes
Me: But you said that they killed your parents
Alex: Yes Wame my own parents killed my own parents. I don’t know if I am making sense but the truth is money changed them
Me: Is Joseph your father?
Alex: Yes
Me: Is Joseph Keith’s father?
Alex: Yes
Me: Is Rita your mother?
Alex: Yes Wame
Me: Is Rita Keith’s mother?
Alex: Yeah
Me: Are you serious?
Alex: Very serious
Oh my goodness. This revelation is shocking. I didn’t see this one coming. This meal is very difficult to digest.
I sat on Alex’s laps and wiped off his tears.
Me: It’s going to be okay. Please don’t cry. I don’t want to see you cry it breaks my heart
Alex: (Smiles) Thank you Wame. Do you now understand why it’s not easy to forget about the past? Joseph slept with you and it’s not easy for me to forget because he is my father
Me: I understand babe. I really do. Maybe you should speak to someone. You will be able to heal
Alex: Therapist?
Me: Yes
Alex: No I don’t want to talk to anyone. I’ll be fine
Me: Please forgive me for everything
Alex: It’s not your fault. When you slept with Joseph you didn’t know that I existed by then
Me: That’s true but I am still sorry. I can imagine how you feel
Alex: (Smiles) Thank you
Me: Do you really love me?
Alex: Yes Wame. I do. The more I love you the more I hate Joseph
I just hugged him. Truly speaking I feel sorry for him. I got in bed with his enemy and his enemy is also his father. How messed up is this?

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ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 67 – finale / Echoes of Loneliness episode 65 – 66 / ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 63 – 64 / ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 60 – 62 / Echoes of Loneliness episode 58 – 59 /

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