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ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 53 – 54

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ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 53 – 54 by : 5:02 pm On September 5, 2021
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Part 53 – Suspicions


I waited for Keith and Thabang to leave SA so that I can teach Joseph a lesson. I know that Wame will not be happy but I had to do this so I will make her understand.

I came to see Joseph. Already there was someone who works at this place who had a knife for me. I planned everything so well and I didn’t run away after stabbing Joseph. I injured him but I made sure that I don’t kill him. He will get me out of this place and I am sure of this.

Wame came to see me.

Me: Hey babe

Wame: Why did you do it?

Me: I had to

Wame: Didn’t you think about me at all?

Me: I did

Wame: No, you didn’t

Me: Babe, I am sorry but I had to do it

Wame: Why?

Me: Because he killed my sister, he killed my parents and he slept with you

Wame: I thought you said that you’d move on

Me: Yes, I said that

Wame: So?

Me: It’s not easy so please give me time

Wame: Time, babe? You are not even trying to move on

Me: Please don’t lecture me. Have you forgotten about your parents?

She kept quiet.

Me: I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you

Wame: I haven’t forgotten about my parents, Alex but I am not arrested now, am I?

Me: No

Wame: The Samuels are already paying for their sins and you know that so why should you get your hands dirty? Look at where you are right now

Me: I’ll be out before you know it, don’t worry

Wame: It’s not easy

Me: It is. Joseph will get me out of this place

Wame: Joseph?

Me: Yes

Wame: Stop dreaming

Me: I am not dreaming

Wame: You are, babe

Me: Just relax, I got this and please don’t tell Keith anything about me being arrested

Wame: Why not? He’s your brother

Me: I am begging you, don’t tell him anything. There’s a lot going on

Wame: Okay but what if Marsha tells him?

Me: Marsha can’t live without Keith. She can’t be in SA when Keith is in UK

Wame: Are you trying to tell me that Marsha left with Keith?

Me: Yep

Wame: Oh, I didn’t know. I haven’t talked to her for some time


I can tell

Wame: I am really worried about you, babe

Me: I know but I need you to go to the hospital to see Joseph

Wame: Why?

Me: Because he must keep on believing that you are on his side

Wame: Okay, no problem

Me: How’s Warona?

Wame: She’s still weak

Me: Please greet her for me

Wame: Sure

Me: I am sorry that you had to come here and leave your sister alone

Wame: She’s not alone. She’s with Thabang’s mother

Me: Is she still not talking to you?

Wame: Yes

Me: I don’t blame her. She trusted you. She didn’t think that you’d hide something so big from her especially after everything that she did for you. That woman tolerated the Samuels all because of you

Wame: Me?

Me: Yes. Thabang told me everything they spoke about. Do you remember the time they disappeared from the hospital?

Wame: Yes

Me: They talked about everything

Wame: How do you know?

Me: I was talking to Thabang today in the morning and he told me everything

Wame: I also want to know everything

Me: Nina ended up at the orphanage because of you

Wame: Me?

Me: Yes

Wame: I don’t get it

Me: I will tell you everything once I leave this place, don’t worry

Wame: Do you promise?

Me: Yes

Wame: Will you also tell me about your parents?

Me: My parents?

Wame: Yes. I still don’t know how they died

Me: Okay, I’ll tell you everything

Wame: Do you promise?

Me: Yes, I promise

Wame: Please don’t break your promise

Me: You can trust me, I won’t break my promise

Wame: (Smiles) Okay. I have to go now

Me: To the hospital, right?

Wame: Right

Me: (Smiles) Thank you

Wame: You’ve helped me before so this is my time to help you. I love you, Alex and I mean it

Me: (Smiles) I can feel your love. I love you too, babe

Wame: Bye

Me: Bye. I’ll see you soon

Wame: I hope so

She left.


What is going on between Joseph and Alex? Joseph told me that Keith and Alex are good people now Alex stabbed Joseph and he believes that Joseph will get him out of this place? How possible is that?

I honestly feel like I am still in the dark when it comes to everything. I wasn’t told everything. Is Alex bis£×ual? Is he into Joseph? Oh my goodness, I think that Alex is cheating on me with Joseph but then why did he stab him? Is it even because of his parents, or his sister or me? No, I think that there’s more.

I really don’t get how one can stab someone then expect them to set them free. What is going on here?

Alex told me that I shouldn’t tell Keith about what happened, maybe it’s because Keith does not know that Alex is madly in love with the enemy. I am being provoked, like really.

[Few Minutes Later]

I arrived at the hospital and I was shown Joseph’s ward. I sat down next to him.

Me: Joseph, please wake up. You have to wake up because I am so hurt. I heard that Alex stabbed you. Don’t worry, I am going to stay away from him. He’s a very bad man. I am really sorry, you met Alex because of me. Please forgive me


opened his eyes and shook his head. I am honestly tired of pretending like this. I don’t like this man, so why should I be here?

Me: What?

He removed the oxygen mask.

Joseph: You are not at fault. This is my fault

Me: How?

Joseph: I hurt them

Me: Them?

Joseph: Alex and Keith

Me: But you are now paying for your sins so they should give you a break

Joseph: Let it go. Where’s Alex?

Me: Where he should be. He’s arrested and I am not going to bail him out

Joseph: You don’t have to bail him out. I didn’t press charges so they should just let him go

Me: But why? Are you crazy?

Joseph: I need to speak to a cop, please

Me: Your hands are tied so you can’t go anywhere. I’ll get the cop. There’s three cops outside your ward

Joseph: Okay

I called one cop inside.

Joseph: Sir, please let Alex Evans go. I will not press charges at all and he shouldn’t be arrested because I didn’t press charges

Oh my goodness, this is really happening. What Alex said will happen is now happening. This means that Joseph and Alex are really lovers.

Cop: Are you really just going to let Alex go?

Joseph: Yes

Cop: But why?

Joseph: It’s not your business. Tell them to let him go

Wow, I can’t believe this. I am happy that Alex will be free but I am not happy that I am in the dark.

Cop: Okay, sir

Joseph: Thank you

Cop: You are welcome. I will leave now

Joseph: Okay

He left.

Me: Joseph, what’s happening between you and Alex?

Joseph: Nothing, why?

Me: He stabbed you but you want him to just walk away. Why?

Joseph: Because he is a good person. You have to believe me. Keith and Alex are good people. I don’t want to trouble them

Me: You are lying to me

Joseph: If I don’t let Alex go then Keith will not let me go. He wouldn’t even mind killing me. He told me that it’s not over until he says so

Me: Is that all?

Joseph: Yes

Me: Okay. I am leaving now. Please get well soon

Joseph: Thank you

I got up and left.

I need to get the answers but no one is willing to help me. I should talk to aunt Nina but how? She doesn’t want to talk to me. I will find a way to talk to her and this time she will respond.

I just hope that Alex is not Joseph’s “boyfriend”.

Part 54 – Shock Revelation

I bumped into Adam outside. He was with his son.

Me: Hello sir

Adam: Hey, how are you?

Me: I am fine thanks. Who is he?

Adam: Who?

Me: This young man

Adam: He is my son. His name is Austin

Me: (Smiles) Hey Austin, how are you?

Austin: I am fine, madam and how are you?

Me: (Laughs) Madam? No, you can just call me Wame

Austin: Okay, sister Wame

Me: You are so handsome

Austin: (Smiles) Thank you

Me: How old are you?

Austin: I am eight years old

Me: Mhmm, that’s nice. Adam, your son is really amazing

Adam: (Smiles) Thank you

Me: I have to go now. You can go in

Adam: Okay

Me: Bye Austin

Austin: Bye, sister

I left.

I am shocked that Adam’s son has manners. That’s one thing that Adam managed to do good. He taught him well.

I arrived at home. Aunt Nina is sleeping next to Warona and I really want to talk to her.

I went to the kitchen and got hold of a knife. I then sat down next to aunt Nina and woke her up.

Nina: What? Do you want to kill me?

Me: Why would I kill you? I want to take my own life. You don’t love me anymore so why should I stay alive?

She got up and held my hand. She then led the way to her bedroom.

Me: Let go of me. You are hurting me


Me: Yes


Me: NO!!!


Me: But you don’t love me anymore



She knelt down before me and spoke softly.

Nina: Please dear, don’t do that. What do you want from me? I’ll give you anything you want

Me: Really?

Nina: Yes

Me: Anything?

Nina: Anything

Me: I want your attention again

Nina: Okay, I am sorry. Please give me the knife

I gave her the knife.

Me: Get up, please

Nina: Okay

She got up. I actually just realized that she really loves me.

Me: I want to know everything. I know that I hurt you by not telling you about your son but what could I have done? I was asked to keep quiet

Nina: Let it go

Me: Please forgive me

Nina: I forgive you, Wame

Me: Really?

Nina: Yes

Me: Thank you. Please tell me about you and my mother

Nina: Let’s sit down

Me: Sure

We sat down.

Nina: Our family members wanted your mother to get married to the man of their choice. She was already in love with your father so she refused. Our parents always wanted to force us to get close to the men of their choice. They only wanted rich men for us. Your mother always stood up for herself so everyone in the family hated her. They believed that she was disrespectful but she wasn’t. She just knew how to say no to things she didn’t want. One day she got married to your father without telling anyone. She didn’t tell anyone because she knew that they didn’t want your father. They disowned her and kicked her out of their lives. When you came into the picture, everyone’s behavior towards your mother got worse. They didn’t want anything to do with you or your mother so your mother moved on. She was really happy with your father. Your father loved her so much and he wasn’t rich but he took good care of his family. I was never allowed to go see you or your mother but I made sure that I meet with your mother in secret. I was the first one who got married to… uhm… Adam Jones. I couldn’t say no to the family. I’ve always never had a voice but your mother always knew what to say. Truly speaking, I didn’t love Adam, I never loved him and I still don’t love him. I was a friend of Rita and we got along so well but her love for money ruined our friendship. Believe me, Rita and Joseph had a proper orphanage, they did everything according to the law and they were already wealthy but one day my father gave them an idea. He told them to make more money by making the orphans sleep with men and selling drugs. Joseph was the first one to like the idea. Rita did not want but Joseph told her that if she doesn’t want, their marriage will be over. Rita will never be able to live without Joseph so she did everything Joseph wanted. Joseph made her the owner of the orphanage because he wanted to take care of the bank himself. The orphanage became a dirty place and more money was made. The Samuels started having many businesses all over the world. Adam was and he is still Joseph’s friend and a lawyer. I asked him to tell Joseph to stop doing what he was doing but he got angry. I didn’t support his bad ways so he ended up divorcing me. I already had a baby with him. I never wanted to have children with Adam but he raped me every night and when I told my family, they told me that Adam is my husband and he’s not forcing himself on me, but he’s taking what belongs to him. I was so shattered and just had to accept my life. Thabang came into the picture. I thought that I would never love him but I did, he was and he is still the best thing that came out of rape. When Adam divorced me, my family disowned me as well and Rita started treating me like trash. My parents always wanted things to go their way so they never forgot about your mother and what she did to them. They vowed to make her life a living hell so they asked the Samuels to do whatever it takes to break the Daniels family. I knew that I had to come stay here so that I can take care of you as soon as you come here. I begged Rita to let me stay here and surprisingly she let me. The Samuels always wanted to get you to this place and they were the ones who burnt down your first home. You almost died but thank God I saved you in time. I had to save you. I then asked your parents to tell you that they were the ones who saved you from that fire. I just didn’t want you to know me by then

Me: Wow. So are you telling me that everything was started by my grandparents?

Nina: Yes

Me: But why?

Nina: They always wanted to be in control and they loved money so much. They died without meeting you and they never cared

Me: Good riddance but where’s the rest of the family?

Nina: When mother and father died, the family was divided. I don’t know where everyone is and I really don’t care because they never supported me and my twin sister

Me: I really don’t get how some people can be so cruel

Nina: Me too but it’s all in the past now

Me: It is, aunt but now the Samuels are so evil. They are used to being cruel. What’s going to happen once they get released?

Nina: Their court case is still going on. Let’s hope that they’ll be found guilty

Me: Yes, you are right

Nina: My son is alive and I am so happy. I will do anything it takes to help all of you

Me: Thank you for everything. You are a true aunt. You came to this place just for me. Thank you so much

Nina: (Smiles) Now that Waro is in the picture, I came to this place because of the two of you. I had to do this for my sister. I was never blessed with a husband who stood by me through thick and thin so I couldn’t save my sister on my own despite trying so hard. Taking care of you and Warona is the only thing I can do right now

Me: (Smiles) Thank you so much

Nina: (Smiles) You are welcome

Me: Please tell me about Alex, Keith and the Samuels

Nina: Baby, it’s not my place to tell you. Ask Keith or Alex

Me: Okay, I understand. I will ask Alex but he was arrested today after stabbing Joseph

Nina: What? Are you serious?

Me: Yes but he’ll be out soon. He’s probably out by now. Joseph asked them to let him go

Nina: Really?

Me: Yes. I need to tell you something

Nina: What is it?

Me: Alex and I are now in a relationship

Nina: (Smiles) I know. It is quite clear. Alex never believed in befriending females

Me: (Giggles) Really?

Nina: Yes, dear

Me: I actually think that I am not the only one in his life

Nina: What? He’s cheating already?

Me: I think so

Nina: Do you know the girl he’s cheating with?

Me: It’s not a girl

Nina: Meaning?

Me: It’s not a girl

Nina: Okay, do you know the woman he’s cheating with?

Me: It’s not a woman

Nina: Huh? What are you really saying?

I looked away.

Nina: What? Please talk to me

Me: It’s not a girl and it’s not a woman

Nina: I don’t understand

Me: It’s a man

She started laughing at me.

I got angry and left her room. How can she laugh at me when I am serious?

To be continued…

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