ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 51 – 52


Part 51 – Bomb Shell


We arrived at the hospital. Hold on, what is aunt Nina doing here? Did she really come with me? Who asked her to come with me? She is going to see Thabang. I have to do something.

Me: Aunt, what are you doing here?

Nina: Huh?

Me: What are you doing here?

Nina: What’s that supposed to mean? I came here with you

Me: You did?

Nina: Have you lost your mind?

Did I really bring her with me?

Me: Oh. Please go back to the car

Nina: No. I want to see my son

Me: What son? Didn’t you tell me that your son is not alive?

Nina: Wame, don’t play games with me. You said that my son brought Warona here

Me: Did I?

Nina: Yes. Let’s go

She led the way. She wasn’t ready to listen to me.

Oh my goodness, Thabang is coming our way. What do I do? He’s not even looking at us and my phone is in the car.

I ran after aunt Nina.

Me: Aunt, please let’s go home. I… We…

Nina: Keep quiet

Before I could even pull her away, she walked straight into Thabang. She was so shocked. What have I done?

Nina: Thabang? You… You are alive?

Me: No, aunt Nina. He’s not your son. He’s…

Nina: Shut up, Wame

I kept quiet. There’s nothing I can do right now.

Thabang: Mother, what are you doing here? Wame, are you mad?

Me: It was a mistake. I am sorry

Nina: Wame, I can’t believe that you did this to me. Why did…

Me: I have to go to my sister

Thabang: She’s at…

Me: I know where she is. The receptionist told me

I immediately walked away from them. I agree that I made a mistake but I am not getting involved. I just can’t.

I found my sister sleeping.

Me: Doctor, what’s wrong with her?

Doctor: She ate something that she’s allergic to and she caught a cold

Me: Allergy? But… Oh my goodness, I am the one who gave her food. I almost killed her. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn’t realize I gave her something that she shouldn’t eat

Doctor: It’s okay. She’s fine now. She vomited everything she ate today. Please give her something to eat when she wakes up. Her stomach is empty

Me: Okay doctor, I will

Doctor: I will prescribe some medicine for her. It’s normal for children to catch a cold, you know. She’ll be fine. You must just get her medicine and give it to her everyday and please don’t feed her the wrong food next time

Me: Yes, doctor

Doctor: I’ll be in my office

Me: Okay. Thank you for everything

Doctor: You are welcome

He walked out.

I sat down and just looked at Waro. She was sleeping so peacefully. I even took pictures of her. I couldn’t help it, she’s very beautiful.

[Ten Minutes Later]

Alex walked in. I don’t know who called him but I am happy that he’s here. I ran to him and hugged him.

Me: Thanks for coming

Alex: It’s okay. What happened?

I told him everything and I was shocked when he just stared at me.

Me: What?

Alex: I wish I could slap you right now. How do you feed a child something you know she doesn’t eat?

Me: It was a mistake

Alex: How do you make such a mistake?

Me: Fine Mr perfect, I deserve that

Alex: I am sorry. In the future don’t be careless with my child or else I’ll bury you alive

Me: Who said that I’ll ever have children with you?

Alex: Me

Me: It’s nice to dream

Alex: One day I’ll remind you of this day

Me: Fine then

Alex: Wame, I saw Thabang and Nina outside. How did all of this happen?

Me: My mistake again

Alex: Meaning?

Me: Aunt Nina told me that I was the one who came here with her

Alex: And what do you say?

Me: I don’t remember anything. I was worried about my sister. I might have told her everything but… Uhh… I am sorry

He just kept quiet.

Me: What?

Alex: I’ve got no words for you

Me: Okay

Alex: Do you even remember that you are the one who texted me to come here?

Me: Did I?

Alex: Wow

Me: Mr perfect, please don’t forget that I am not perfect like you

Alex: I am not perfect but I always remember the things I say or do

Me: Really?

Alex: Yes

Me: So what did you say to me the time you were sleeping?

Alex: Sleeping?

Me: Yes

Alex: Why would I speak while sleeping?

Me: So you don’t know that you sleep talk?

Alex: Me? No, I don’t

Me: You do

Alex: There’s nothing like sleep talking

Me: There is

Alex: No

Me: Yes

Alex: You sound like Keith right now. Please stop it

Me: You are not perfect Alex, just like everyone else

Alex: I never said that I am perfect

Me: You are making noise

Alex: You are making noise, not me

Me: What a monkey. Please leave

Alex: I just got here

Me: I don’t care, just go

Alex: Okay Wame, I am sorry. Please don’t tell me to go

I just kept quiet.

Alex: Please forgive me

Me: Okay, fine

He kissed my cheek.

Alex: I love you

Me: I love you too

Alex: Let’s sit down

Me: Sure. I don’t even get why we had to argue

Alex: Me too but I guess it’s your fault

Me: What?

Alex: (Smiles) I am just pulling your leg

Me: Alex, I have Joseph’s documents. Will you go through them with me?

Alex: What documents?

Me: Let me tell you what happened when I went to see him

Alex: Okay

I told him everything.

Alex: I’ll go with you to the orphanage later

Me: To my home not orphanage. The orphanage does not exist anymore. That mansion belongs to me and my family members

Alex: Family members?

Me: The orphans

Alex: That’s good. You should sign the papers before it’s too late

Me: Yes, I will. Please look after my sister, I am going to the doctor’s office for her medicine prescription

Alex: Okay baby

I went to the doctor’s office.

[An Hour Later]

I honestly don’t know where Thabang and aunt Nina disappeared to. I just hope that everything is fine.

Waro is still asleep but I took her back home. Alex came with us, of course.

We went through the papers and I signed them. We also got to spend time together without Waro disturbing us.

Me: Keith and Thabang are going to UK tomorrow, do you know that, Alex?

Alex: No. What are they going to do there?

Me: To get Ayanda’s father arrested. You have to do something. I don’t want Ayanda to suffer

Alex: Ayanda, your friend?

Me: Yes

Alex: Sorry, I am not getting involved

Me: Did her father get rich by doing what Joseph used to do?

Alex: I don’t know anything

Me: But how come?

Alex: Thabang and Keith did not tell me anything and I don’t want to know

Me: But why?

Alex: Because I don’t want to get involved

Me: Okay, no problem. Do you know Adam Jones?

Alex: Yes, he’s Thabang’s father

Me: What?????

Alex: Are you talking about the Samuels’ lawyer?

Me: Yes

Alex: He’s Thabang’s father

Okay, I didn’t see this one coming.

Me: Are you serious?

Alex: Yes

Me: Does he know his son?

Alex: Yes. That man is evil. He’s just like Joseph. He was married to Nina but when Nina refused to support his bad ways, he divorced her. Thabang was just young

Me: (Giggles) And what about you?

Alex: (Giggles) Obviously I was also very young but I was told everything by Keith

Me: Does Thabang know about Adam?

Alex: Yes, very well and he doesn’t care about him at all

Me: It looks like Adam found another woman. He’s got a son

Alex: Really?

Me: Yes. I found his son’s photo lying on the floor. It’s in my wallet, check it

Alex: No babe, I am not interested. I don’t like that man so I don’t want to see his son

Me: Fine then. Do you think that Adam looks like Thabang?

Alex: No. Thabang looks like Nina

Me: I know that so is Adam…

Alex: Babe, please stop talking about Adam. I told you that I don’t like him

Me: I am sorry

I will have to talk to Keith. Alex is only interested in me and nobody else.

I swear to God, Adam’s son looks like someone but it’s definitely not his brother, Thabang. Alex does not even want to check out his photo. He’s not helping me right now so I will visit Keith tomorrow.

Part 52 – Arrested

[Thirty Minutes Later]

My beautiful sister woke up. Tears streamed down my face. I was really feeling guilty. Because of Adam’s son, I almost killed my own sister.

Me: Hey baby

Warona: Hey sister. Why are you crying?

Me: Because I… You scared me

Warona: Why?

Me: You were crying so much. Are you okay now?

Warona: Yes

Me: Were you playing with cold water at creche?

Warona: No, why?

Me: You caught a cold, baby

Warona: I didn’t play with water, sister

Me: Okay

Warona: Sister, I enjoyed the food you gave to me earlier on. It was very delicious but why didn’t you ever prepare that for me?

Me: Because you don’t eat that food. It makes you sick. Please forgive me, I am sorry

Warona: I ate that food, why are you saying that I…

Me: Baby, you shouldn’t eat that food again. You were at the hospital because of me and my carelessness. Sorry

Warona: Sister, I am not angry, don’t cry

She wiped off my tears.

Me: (Smiles) Thank you

Warona: (Smiles) Okay. Where’s my doll?

Me: Which doll?

Warona: You owe me a doll

Me: (Smiles) I’ll buy it tomorrow, I promise

Warona: Pinky promise?

I nodded.

Me: Brother Alex is here

Warona: Where?

Me: He went to Michaela’s room to see brother Tumelo

Warona: Brother Tumelo? Sister Michaela’s room?

Me: Yes. Don’t ask me questions

Warona: What is brother Tumelo doing in sister Michaela’s room?

Me: How am I supposed to know? Please keep quiet, you always want to know a lot

Warona: Sorry. I am hungry

Me: I know. I’ll get you something to eat, just stay here, don’t go anywhere

Warona: Why?

Me: Because you are still weak

Warona: Okay sister

Me: I love you so much

Warona: Me too

Me: You too?

She nodded.

Me: Say it

Warona: (Giggles) I love you too

Me: (Smiles) Really?

Warona: (Smiles) Yes

Me: Okay sweetheart, I’ll be right back

Warona: Okay. Don’t take too long

Me: Okay my darling

I kissed her forehead and went to the kitchen.

[Few Minutes Later]

I found Alex with Waro and Mpho in my room.

Me: Mpho, have you heard from Thabang?

Mpho: No, I haven’t

Me: I hope that everything is fine. Don’t worry, Alex will take you home

Alex: No, you are wrong. I am not going to do such a thing

Alex is something else.

Me: Why not?

Alex: Because I have work to do

He’s lying to me.

Me: Okay babe. I’ll take her home

Mpho: No need Wame, I will just call a taxi

Me: No, I will not allow you to do that. I’ll take you home

Mpho: Are you sure?

Me: Yes

Mpho: Okay, thank you

Me: (Smiles) You are welcome. Let me feed my sister then we’ll go

Mpho: (Smiles) Sure

Alex: I’ll stay with Warona

Didn’t he say that he’s got work to do? Wow.

Me: Okay babe, no problem

Warona: Babe? Why are you calling him babe?

Me: Sorry, I made a mistake

Warona: (Giggles) Babe

Me: What’s funny?

Warona: You are funny

Me: Am I?

Warona: Yes. I heard the witch calling Joseph babe so why are you calling brother Alex babe? Why?

Me: Just shut up, madam big mouth

Warona: I…

Me: Shut up

This girl is naughty.

Me: I brought you something to eat. Please sit straight

Warona: Okay

I fed her then gave her medication.

I drove Mpho to her place then went back home. I’ve tried calling Thabang to no avail. I am so worried.

[Few Hours Later]

Aunt Nina came back home and it’s late at night. She refused to talk to me and went straight to her room. I think that she was crying.

Warona is sleeping with Kate in the room that used to belong to Rita.

I wonder why Michaela is not sleeping with her sister today. Probably she’s still with Tumelo. She was the one who begged me to let Warona sleep with Kate.

Well, I got the room to myself and Alex. Alex never went home and he never had work to do. He just didn’t want to take Mpho home.

I can’t help it tonight, I am definitely getting lucky. Warona is not around to disturb us. Alex and I will have fun the whole night.

[Three Days Later]

I can’t believe that Keith and Thabang went to UK without saying goodbye to me. They didn’t even say goodbye to Alex. They just called us today and told us that they are already in UK. Truly speaking, I don’t want Ayanda’s father to go down because Ayanda will be hurt.

The last time I saw Thabang was when he met his mother for the first time after so many years. I still don’t know what happened between the two of them. Aunt Nina is still not talking to me.

I never even got a chance to go see Keith regarding Adam’s son but at least I gave the papers back to Adam. Joseph’s wealth is now mine and he’ll never get it back.

Warona is still weak but she’ll be fine. She’s always taking her medication. I’ve stopped her from going to creche until she gets well.

Alex is always around and I appreciate him for that. He really cares about me and Warona. He’d definitely make a great father. He’s so good with Warona. Today I haven’t seen him or heard from him. His phone is off and he’s not at work or his house. I really don’t know what’s happening. I looked for him and I couldn’t find him. I am so worried.

I went back home and found Warona playing with aunt Nina. You wouldn’t tell that she’s sick. She’s still the happiest.

The moment I walked in the room, aunt Nina walked out. She didn’t even say anything to me. I greeted her and she didn’t respond.

Warona: Sister, why are you worried?

Me: I am not worried

Warona: You are

She really knows me. She’s so caring.

Me: I looked for him everywhere and I couldn’t find him

Warona: Who?

Why am I telling her? I am such a fool.

Me: Did you eat?

Warona: Yes, mother Nina gave me something to eat when you went out

Me: Did you take your medication after eating?

Warona: Mother Nina gave me everything, sister. Where were you?

Me: The mall

Warona: Did you get me a doll?

Me: Yes, I did

Warona: Where is it?

Me: Where’s what?

Warona: My doll

Me: I’ll buy it tomorrow

Warona: But you just said that you bought it

Me: Did I? Uhm… Sorry. I’ll buy it tomorrow

Warona: You’ve been saying that since…

Me: Just keep quiet. I will buy it tomorrow. I’ll even take you with me to pick the one you want

Warona: Promise?

Me: Yes, I promise

My phone started ringing. I immediately answered it.

Me: Hello?

Caller: Hello. May I please speak to Wame Daniels?

Me: Speaking

Caller: Oh, well I am calling from prison. I just want to let you know that Joseph was rushed to the hospital. He was stabbed. I know that you are the person who is always visiting him so I thought that I should call you. You are his daughter, right?

What? Joseph was stabbed? But how? And why is the warden calling me? Why should I care?

Caller: Are you there, Wame?

Me: Yes, yes, I am sorry. Who stabbed him?

Caller: A man by the name Alex Evans. He was arrested. He didn’t get away

Alex? But how did he stab Joseph? Oh my God, what did he do? Don’t I have a lot to deal with already? Why did he have to get himself arrested so easily? Keith is so far away. Oh my goodness.

To be continued…

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