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ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 49 – 50

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ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 49 – 50 by : 10:50 am On September 3, 2021
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Part 49 – In Control Two

[An Hour Later]

I called Adam Jones and he told me that he’ll come to the orphanage tomorrow. I am happy that he didn’t call me to his house. I really don’t trust Joseph’s friends or lawyers or even family members.

I attended my therapy session just like I always do. Waro is still at creche. I hope she stays there until tomorrow. That girl is something else. She can never be quiet.

Before my counselling session, I called some people to come and take down the board that’s written “The Samuels Orphanage”. Truly speaking, I don’t want any orphans to come here anymore. Joseph might be out of jail one day and he’ll definitely seek revenge.

Not only the board was taken down, everything we didn’t like was destroyed, including the prices that Rita used to leave on the doors when men came here to be “serviced”.

I also made sure that not more than five orphans share a bedroom like before. This orphanage is very big but Rita used to make more than twenty people share a room, it was crazy but Wame is here to change everything. There are so many rooms here so there will be five people in each room. But I will still share my bedroom with only Warona. I also gave Michaela and Kate their own bedroom and also gave a bedroom to Alicia and Mumsy.

I am loving the change already. This place looks amazing and everyone looks happy. For a change, we are really happy and not faking it.

I was approaching the garden when I saw uncle Peter and aunt Nina holding hands. They couldn’t even stop laughing. I wonder what’s happening between the two of them. Are they in a relationship? Wonders shall never end. I didn’t want to disturb them so I turned back.

I was SHOCKED to find Michaela and Tumelo klzzing in Michaela’s bedroom. I really did not see this one coming. Alex’s friend and Michaela? How? When? Am I dreaming?

I cleared my throat and just looked at them. They stopped klzzing and also looked at me.

Me: (Smiles) What’s going on between the two of you?


Don’t you ever knock?

Me: (Giggles) Sorry

Michaela: Do you need something?

Me: I just wanted to come and check up on you but it’s quite clear that you are okay

Michaela: (Smiles) Yes, I am fine

Me: I’ll go then but please don’t make babies. There’s already a lot of us around here

Michaela: Your mouth is so big just like your sister’s mouth. Get lost

I just laughed and walked out.

[The Next Day]

Adam Jones came to see me. We sat in Rita’s office. Well, it’s now my office. I am now in charge.

Adam: So how are you?

Me: I am fine thanks and you?

Adam: I am okay thanks. I have all the documents with me

Me: Sure

Adam: Let’s go through them

Me: Uhm… I will go through them on my own then tomorrow you can come here to get them

Adam: Okay then, no problem

Me: Hold on sir, what’s this?

I saw the documents of my parents’ house. They must be here by mistake.

Adam: Uhh, well look. You do know that the Samuels own a bank, right?

Me: Yes

Adam: Mr Daniels once mortgaged his house so these papers belong to him

Me: Am I also getting the bank?

Adam: Everything

Me: Okay then, no problem

Adam: Please get back to me by tomorrow. We really need your signature before it’s too late

Me: Okay, no problem

Adam: I have to go now. Please give me those documents

Me: Which documents?

Adam: Mr Daniels’ house documents

Me: No, I can’t. He was my father so his house is now mine

Adam: But that’s not part of the plan

Me: I am sorry then, I also can’t help you. I am not going to sign anything. Joseph and Rita will lose everything because of you. How’s that?

Adam: Okay fine, you can keep them

Me: Good

Adam: I have to go now

Me: I’ll walk you out

Adam: Okay

I walked him out. He got in the car and left.

I am so happy that the bank will also belong to me. I will get my parents’ house back. The nicest thing is that I even have the documents. I must also make sure that I get all the orphans’ parents’ houses. Apparently all the orphans are here because they lost their parents’ houses to Joseph’s bank. I will do everything in my power to get them their rights. Their parents’ houses do not belong to the bank but to them. I just pray that Joseph never sold their parents’ houses. I know that he didn’t sell my parents’ house that’s why the documents are here.

I went back to “my” office only to find a piece of paper lying on the floor. It must have fallen from Adam’s pocket.

I picked it up and realized that it was a photo. It’s a wallet photo, it’s so small.

I think this is his child’s photo. He’s so cute but he looks like someone I know, I just don’t know who.

Now this photo makes me ask questions like “Who is the real Adam Jones?” and “Why is he so loyal to The Samuels?”.

The monkey walked in and gave me a fright. Warona though, why is she so loud? And why is she here?


50 – Blurt Out


I went to pick up Mpho at the orphanage because her car is not with her today. Mpho is a good friend of mine and she’s the best therapist.

When I arrived at the orphanage, I didn’t see “The Samuels Orphanage” board. Wame must have asked people to take it down.

Mpho was still busy so I thought that I should go see Wame. Some girl told me that she’s in Rita’s office so I looked for Rita’s office until I found it.

I found Wame feeding Warona.

Me: Hey ladies

Wame: Thabang, why are you here? Aunt Nina will see you. She’s…

Me: Hey, calm down. She won’t see me

Wame: And how do you know?

Me: Don’t worry

Wame: Close the door then

Me: Sure

I closed the door.

Me: Hey Waro

Warona: Hello

Me: Are you okay?

Warona: Let me eat first

Me: (Smiles) Okay

Wame: She came back from creche because she was missing me. May I please ask you a question?

Me: Sure

Wame: Isn’t it scary how attached Warona is to me?

Me: No. There’s nothing wrong with that

Wame: But she leaves the creche all the time when she’s missing me. This is not good. What’s going to happen once she’s at tertiary? Will she skip classes because of me?

Me: Come on. She’s doing all of this because she’s still young. She won’t do this in tertiary

Wame: Okay, what if I die one day? What’s…

Me: WAME!!!

Wame: What?


Wame: I am sorry, I am just worried. Don’t yell at me

I looked at Warona. She was paying attention to what she was eating. I don’t think she even heard everything. Well, it’s good that she didn’t hear anything.

Wame: I am sorry

I kept quiet.

Wame: Come on, I apologized

Me: It’s fine

Wame: I have some documents that I need to sign. Please go through them with me

Me: What documents?

Wame: I got them from Joseph’s lawyer. Joseph wants me to have his wealth. He’s afraid he might lose everything because of jail

Me: And you agreed to help him? Are you crazy?

Wame: Don’t you get it? I agreed to help him because I will never give him back everything. He’ll have nothing all because of me

Me: Oh, I didn’t think about that. That’s a good move but please be careful

Wame: I will be careful. Thank you, brother

Me: (Smiles) You are welcome. Oh, I forgot to tell you something. Thabo was arrested yesterday

Wame: I know. Joseph told me

Me: Siyabonga is next

Wame: Who’s that?

Me: Ayanda’s father

Wame: What? No

Me: You will not stop me

Wame: Who told you about Siyabonga?

Me: I know everything. Keith and I are going to UK tomorrow

Wame: Thabang, please don’t do that. You can’t do that to Ayanda

Me: Stay out of this

Wame: No. Ayanda is a good person

Me: I know

Wame: So don’t send her father to jail. Siya did nothing wrong

Me: Are you sure? Siya is Joseph’s best friend and he also got rich by… You know

Wame: You are lying to me

Warona: Sister, why are you so rude to brother Thabang?

Wame: I am not rude

Warona: You are. Please put me down. I am done eating

Wame: Okay. Should I take you back to creche?

Warona: Sister, I am not feeling well

Wame: What? What’s wrong with you?

Warona: My head is aching

Wame: I’ll take you to the hospital. Don’t worry

Me: Do they feed them at creche?

Wame: Yes, they do

Me: So why was she eating just a while ago? Are you sure that they are feeding them?

Wame: Yes, I am sure. I always keep an eye on them. I’ve been doing this for so long even the time Rita and Joseph were still around

Me: Okay. Let’s take her to the hospital

Wame: Yes. Please let’s do that. I hope everything will be fine. She’s just a child. Nothing should happen to her. Is she going to be okay? She was fine when she got here, she was even loud as always. She’ll be okay, right? She…

Me: Wame, please calm down. Everything will be fine


Warona started vomiting all the food that she ate. She’s really not okay.

Me: Wame, go get everything that will be needed at the hospital. I am taking Warona to the hospital right away. Come with your car, okay?

Wame: Okay. Go

Me: Please tell Mpho that I will come for her later

Wame: Mpho?

Me: Yes. I am leaving with Waro and please don’t worry about the hospital bill

Wame: Okay. Waro, I love you

Warona: I love you too, sister

Me: Come honey, let’s go

Warona started crying. It looks like she’s in so much pain. I left with her right away.


I really don’t know what’s wrong with my sister and I can’t stop worrying.

I went to call aunt Nina. I told her everything about Warona’s condition.

Nina: So where’s she? Come

Me: He took her to the hospital so I need her documents from you. You’ve always kept them safe, right?

Nina: Documents?

Me: Yes. Her birth certificate and all the other things that will be needed at the hospital

Nina: Yes honey but who took her to the hospital?

Me: Who else? Your son did. Please, let’s go. Stop asking me many questions

Nina: My son?


Nina: Okay, calm down. Let’s go inside

Me: Okay

We rushed inside.

I went to tell Mpho that Thabang rushed to the hospital and that he’ll come back for her later. I didn’t even know that Mpho and Thabang are friends.

Aunt Nina and I rushed to the hospital. On our way there, I texted Alex and told him everything.


Wame said that my son took Warona to the hospital. Who is my son? My son passed on a long time ago and I saw his corpse. Who was Wame talking about? She said such a big thing and left me over thinking.

Me: Wame, who is my son?

Wame: Aunt, how can you not know your son? Were you not the one who gave birth to him? Please don’t bother me, I am not in the mood

Me: I know that you are not okay baby but don’t you think that you left me over thinking?

She just kept quiet. Tears were all over her face so I let her be.

Hopefully I’ll see my “son” at the hospital. Wame is not thinking straight right now so I am not going to irritate her by asking many questions. I’ll just see my “son” at the hospital since he’s the one who took Warona there.

I am not going to lie though, Wame left a whole in my heart by talking about my son. I mean my son is not with me anymore. He left me a long time ago. Wame did not say the right thing at all.

To be continued…

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ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 67 – finale / Echoes of Loneliness episode 65 – 66 / ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 63 – 64 / ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 60 – 62 / Echoes of Loneliness episode 58 – 59 /

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