ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 47 – 48


Part 47 – A Relationship

[An Hour Later]


Finally Warona is sleeping. This girl is abusing me. She knows how to get what she wants.

Now that Warona is sleeping, it is so quiet in the room. It’s really awkward and I am not used to this. Who is going to break the ice?

Thank God, Marsha called me. I didn’t waste time, I answered the phone right away.

Me: Hey, how are you?

Marsha: I am fine. How’s Alex?

Me: Do you have his phone number?

Marsha: Yes

Me: You are welcome to call him and ask him

Marsha: Have you kissed?

Me: Pardon?

Marsha: Have you kissed?

Me: No

Marsha: Why are you so slow? Get the man, you are at his place, aren’t you?

Me: I can’t believe that you did this to me

Marsha: Sorry but I had to. Alex is miserable without you

How can Alex be miserable without me when he doesn’t really know me? He knows what’s happening in my life but he doesn’t know me.

Me: Doesn’t really know me

Marsha: Who?

Me: You know

Marsha: (Giggles) Is he with you right now?

Me: Yes

Marsha: No wonder you are speaking like that. Now kiss his cheek and smile

Me: What?

Marsha: Just do it

Me: For what?

Marsha: Do you want to know how I ended up in a relationship with Keith? I was the one who approached him and told him that I really like him. We became friends then after two weeks I told him that I am in love with him. When…

Me: People are not the same. What are you trying to do?

Marsha: But at least you know that Alex loves you and you also love him

Me: No, I don’t

Marsha: Yes, you do

I kept quiet.

Marsha: Just kiss him

Me: Goodnight, Marsha

Marsha: Wait, please

Me: I really don’t like what you are doing. You are so poisonous

Marsha: (Laughs) I know. Thing is you and Alex make a great couple

Me: Okay, I’ll give Alex the phone

Marsha: Why? I want to speak to you not Alex

I quickly gave the phone to Alex and went to the bathroom.

Marsha should be ashamed of herself. How can she tell me to kiss Alex just like that? Is she crazy?

Uhm… Am I really slow?

[Fifteen Minutes Later]

I walked out of the bathroom. It looks like Alex is no longer on the phone with Marsha. Immediately when I sat down next to him, he kissed me. My blood was literally boiling. My breathing was on another level. I just couldn’t push him away. I was really feeling him.


why is he suddenly kissing me? What did Marsha say to him? Is he kissing me because Marsha told him to kiss me? If this is the truth, then I can’t be doing this. He’s not a man at all, he’s a baby. Why did he have to wait to be told to kiss me?

I broke off the kiss and got up.

Me: Did she tell you to kiss me?

Alex: Who?

Me: Marsha, who else?

Alex: I didn’t speak to Marsha. You gave me the phone and went to the bathroom. Marsha had already hung up

Me: What?

Alex: Yes. I didn’t get the chance to speak to her

Me: Oh, I am sorry. I thought that she told you to kiss me

Alex: Why would she tell me to do that?

Me: Thing is she told me to kiss you and I refused

Alex: I see. Well, I don’t need Marsha to tell me to kiss you. I don’t need anyone to tell me to kiss you. I am not a child, you know

Me: I am sorry

Alex: Please sit down

Me: Let’s sleep, I am tired

Alex: Okay then. Please sleep next to me

Me: I thought that we already spoke about this

Alex: I won’t touch you, believe me

Me: You better not touch me

Alex: Sure

Well his bed is really huge so he moved Warona to the other side. I was now in the middle and Alex was all over me. I didn’t push him away at all because I was really enjoying what he was doing to me (Just kisses, nothing more).

Alex: I love you

Me: I love you too

He stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes.

Alex: What did you say?

Me: I love you too

Alex: Do you really do?

Me: Why are you acting like you are surprised? You know that I love you and I’ve said it before

Alex: Are you talking about the time when you also told me that we should just be friends? That broke my heart

Me: Why didn’t you say?

Alex: It doesn’t matter anymore. Do you really love me?

Me: Yes, I do but you are not getting sex from me today

Alex: (Laughs) I didn’t say that I want sex

Me: (Smiles) Good

Alex: I am really sorry for everything

Me: Just forget about the past, will you?

Alex: (Smiles) Okay

Me: Please switch off the lights or else Waro will wake up

Alex: On it

He switched off the lights and came back to bed. We continued where we left off.

Alex: Goodnight honey, I am not going to lie to you, I am really turned on so I better stop torturing myself

Me: (Giggles) I am also turned on so goodnight

Alex: I can tell that you are turned on. It’s raining down here

Me: (Laughs) Yes, it’s raining. All thanks to you

He just laughed and kissed me.

Me: Alex, what does this mean? Are we now… Uhm… You know?

Alex: (Giggles) Yes, we are now an item if that’s what you are asking. You are now my woman

Me: (Smiles) I love that

Alex: And I love you

Me: I love you too

We finally fell asleep.

Am I really his girlfriend? Wow, it sounds great. No, it doesn’t only sound great, it feels great.


Hours Later]

Warona woke me up because she wanted to use the toilet. When we got back from the bathroom, she slept next to Alex. I felt like literally strangling her. But she was so sleepy, she didn’t see what was happening around her. She didn’t even realize that the time she woke up Alex’s hands were wrapped all over me. Well, it is good.

I checked the time and it was just 02:15. Now that Warona woke me up, I can’t sleep anymore. Alex is sleeping so peacefully and I am not. It’s not fair. I will wake him up.

I sat down next to Alex and shook him.

Me: Alex, please wake up

Alex: Keith, please go away

Me: Hey, I am not Keith

Alex: Go away, Keith. Let me sleep

I switched on the lamp next to him.

Me: Alex, please wake up

Alex: Keith, I respect you because you are… You are my brother, go… Go away

Is this how he sleeps? Waking him up is not easy at all. He’s too much.

Me: I am not Keith

Alex: Okay Thabang, go away

Wow. He’s really irritating me right now.

Me: Alex, I am bleeding. You have to help me

Alex: Marsha, get your husband to help you. I am not your husband

Hold on. It looks like Alex enjoys speaking when he’s asleep. How about I ask him about me? Let me check if he really loves me.

Me: Alex, how do you really feel about Wame?

Alex: I love her

Me: Do you love her enough to make her your wife one day?

Alex: Mhmm

Me: Answer me

Alex: Yes but I have to deal with Joseph first

Me: Why?

Alex: Let me sleep, Keith

Me: Wait. Do you love Warona?

Alex: Yes. She’s really adorable

Wow, he’s so sweet.

Me: Sleep. Please dream about me

Alex: I will dream about Wame

Me: (Smiles) Okay. I love you

Alex: Okay, sister in-law

One minute I am Keith then the next minute I am Marsha. I feel sorry for Alex. I will do this to him all the time just to know what’s on his mind.

I am really happy that he said he loves me. I hope and pray that he’ll love me forever.

I kissed his forehead and moved Warona to the other side. I then switched off the lamp and slept next to Alex. I will wake up early and put Warona next to Alex just so Warona does not ask foolish questions.

Part 48 – In Control


Today I woke up early before my sister. She will have to buy me a big doll because I woke up early before her.

Oh, my sister is sleeping in the middle. But she told me that I will sleep in the middle because I am young so why is she sleeping in the middle and why is she holding onto brother Alex so tightly? Was she scared at night?

Kate and I used to wake the other children by screaming. I will also scream so that my sister and brother Alex can wake up.

I jumped on the bed and started screaming. My sister woke up and looked at me. Brother Alex also woke up.

Wame: Evil child

Me: (Laughs) Good morning, sister. Good morning, brother

Alex: Good morning

Me: Sister, good morning

Wame: Why did you do what you just did?

Me: Sorry. Were you scared?

Wame: Scared of what?

Me: I don’t know. You were holding brother Alex like…

Wame: Shut up, you naughty girl

Me: Why were you sleeping in the middle? Are you a baby?

Wame: I told you to shut up

Me: Sister, are you wearing brother Alex’s shirt?

Wame: No, this is my shirt

Me: That’s not the truth. That’s brother…

Wame: Shut up, leave me alone

She got up and went to the bathroom.

Me: Brother, why is she angry?

Alex: She’s not angry at all, she’s just tired

Me: Why is she wearing your shirt?

Alex: Because she didn’t bring her night dress

Me: Oh, okay

Alex: Are you hungry?

Me: Yes

Alex: I will quickly brush my teeth and prepare breakfast

Me: Okay

Why is he going to the same bathroom where my sister is?

Me: Brother, wait. You can’t go there

Alex: But why?

Me: At my creche, girls and boys do not share the same toilets. My teacher said that the only people who must share the bathroom or toilets is the people who are married or a girl and a girl. You are a… Uhh, what did Kate say to me? Uhh… Yes, yes, you are a man and my sister is a woman so you can’t go in. Wait for her to come out or go to another bathroom

Alex: Okay, I will go to another bathroom

Me: (Smiles) I will join my sister then

Alex: Okay dear

[Few Hours Later]


I didn’t even get a good morning kiss from Alex because of Warona. She’s now at the orphanage with everyone else and I came to visit Joseph in jail.

Me: Hey, how are you doing?

Joseph: I am fine. How are you?

Me: I am okay

Joseph: The court denied us bail

Music to my ears.

Me: I am really sorry to hear that

Joseph: The orphanage is going to be taken away from us

Me: What? Are you serious?

Joseph: Yes. We have lost

Who is “we”? I hope I am not included.

Me: What can I do?

Joseph: I need you to do me a favor

Me: Anything for you. What is it?

Joseph: I need you to go see my lawyer. I have signed everything. Everything belongs to you now

Me: What is “everything”?

Joseph: My house, my businesses, all the cars, the orphanage, my money. Everything, Wame

Me: But why?

Joseph: Because you are the only person I trust. I don’t want to lose everything that’s why I decided to give you all. You just need to go see my lawyer and sign the papers

Me: And what about Rita and Joshua?

Joseph: Rita’s things are mine so by everything I am talking about what used to belong to Rita and me

Me: Okay then

Joseph: Joshua signed everything over to his wife

Me: Wife? Does he really have a wife?

Joseph: Yes

I already know, you fool.

Me: Wow, that’s something I never knew

Joseph: So will you go see my lawyer?

Me: Yes, I will

Joseph: Thabo was arrested today. Those fools told the cops everything. They told the cops that Thabo was the one who took them to The Samuels orphanage. So he was arrested today but his wife is okay

Me: Which fools are you talking about?

Joseph: The orphans

Me: I didn’t say anything to the cops

Joseph: I am not talking about you

Me: Did you really kill my parents?

Joseph: No, I didn’t

Me: I believe you

I am lying to him.

Joseph: (Smiles) Thank you for believing me

Me: (Smiles) You are welcome

Joseph: How are the boys?

Me: Which boys?

Joseph: Keith and Alex

Me: They are okay

Joseph: Do you get along?

Me: I really like Alex but not Keith. Keith always want to turn me against you

Once again, I am fooling Joseph.

Joseph: I understand but believe me, those two are good people

Me: Good? Really?

Joseph: Yes. Look, I have to go. Please don’t forget to go meet with my lawyer

Me: But I don’t know your lawyer

Joseph: Go to my office. You’ll find a file on the table. It contains important documents and it has my lawyer’s business card. The card has contact details, his address and his name

Me: Okay but which office?

Joseph: At the orphanage

Me: Sure

Joseph: His name is Adam Jones. You will call him. He’s expecting your call. Like I said, I already signed everything, I just need you to sign

Me: Sure

Joseph: I expect you to sign everything over to me once I leave this place

In your dreams, Joseph.

Me: (Smiles) Sure. So we won’t lose the orphanage anymore, right?

Joseph: It’s all up to you

Me: Meaning?

Joseph: Your signature will mean everything. Believe me

Me: Don’t worry, I got your back

Joseph: (Smiles) Thank you. Oh, I forgot to tell you something. Jake was also arrested today

It looks like Keith and Thabang are taking them down one by one. They told Alex to let them handle everything.

Me: Jake? Rita’s cop friend?

Joseph: Yep. I am so happy. I mean he wanted my wife

Joseph is such a fool. Jake never wanted his wife. I just lied.

Me: (Smiles) You should be happy

Joseph: I have to go. Thanks for coming

Me: Sure

Joseph: Bye

Me: Bye

He got up and left. I did the same.

I can’t believe that he still trusts me. I came here to get everything from him and before I could even tell him why I am here, he made things easier for me by bringing up the topic. I mean I didn’t know where to begin so he really helped me. I couldn’t be any happier. Things are really looking good.

Sorry Joseph, I am going to take everything away from you forever. I am doing this not only for me but for all the orphans. We are going to live the life we always wanted. I am going to turn that place into a loving home and it’s not going to be called an orphanage anymore. No one is going to sleep with men for money. We are all going to live a normal, happy life.

To be continued.

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