Echoes of Loneliness episode 45 – 46

Echoes of Loneliness

Part 45 – Amends

[Two Weeks Later]


I haven’t talked to Alex but I have been getting some help from the therapists that comes here everyday to help all the orphans. Truly speaking, I want to give Alex some time to think about everything clearly. If ever he wants to be with me, he should be with me knowing the truth about me. I don’t want to hide anything from him.

Therapy helped me see life from a different perspective. I don’t have anything against being in a relationship anymore. I think I am healing. But I want Alex to think clearly about everything that’s why I haven’t been calling him. I also asked him not to call me until he’s sure of what he wants. I’ve come to realize that I have very strong feelings for him but I will not force him to be with me.

I don’t have anything against aunt Nina anymore and we spoke about everything. She told me that she kept the truth away from me because she didn’t want me to be reminded of my mother everyday. She doesn’t look like my mother, they were not identical twins so I wish she could have told me the truth from the beginning. Maybe I was never going to do the other things I did knowing that I’ve got my mother’s sister around. But it’s okay now, everything will definitely be better because we are all getting help from the therapists.

[Few Hours Later]

I was in the kitchen when Alicia walked in. Truly speaking, we’ve been getting along. Maybe she can be trusted.

Alicia: Hey Wame

Me: Hey Alicia

Alicia: Where’s Waro?

Me: With Marsha

Alicia: Who’s Marsha?

Me: It’s a long story. Do you need something?

Alicia: No. What are you doing?

Me: I am cooking for everyone today

Alicia: (Smiles) You will need a helping hand. May I?

Me: (Smiles) Sure

Alicia: Uhh… Thanks

She couldn’t stop looking at me.

Me: Alicia, just say whatever you want to say

Alicia: Wame, it’s nothing

Me: You are lying to me

Alicia: I am not

I just stood still and looked at her.

Alicia: Okay, I’ll tell you

Me: I am all ears

Alicia: I know that I’ve wronged you before but I am sorry. I really don’t like the Samuels at all. I had to always side with them because…

Tears streamed down her face.

Me: Alicia, what is it?

Alicia: They sold my brother two days after I came to this place. I was told that this orphanage is not for males so they sold him. He’s eight years old now and he shares a birthday with Waro. Every time aunt Nina mentioned Waro’s birthday I got angry. I am not a bad person. I wore an irritating face just to try and forget about my brother. I had to listen to the Samuels because they told me that if I don’t they will make sure that they kill my little brother. I am really sorry for everything


my goodness, this is big.

Me: How old was your brother when he was taken away from you?

Alicia: A week old

Me: A week???

Alicia: Yes

Me: So that means you came to this place when you were just seventeen years old, right?

Alicia: Yes. Twenty five minus eight is seventeen so you are right

Me: Wow, I am really sorry

Alicia: I got to open up to that other female therapist, she’s very nice

Me: Who?

Alicia: Mpho

Me: Yeah, she’s very nice. She’s the person I’ve been talking to for two weeks and I also opened up. She’s a great person to talk to

Alicia: That’s true

Me: What’s your brother’s name?

Alicia: Delano

Me: We will find him

Alicia: We won’t. I don’t know the people who took him away

Me: We will still find him, I promise

I gave her hug.

Me: I am also sorry for everything I did to you

Alicia: It’s okay. I have forgiven you. I was even the one who always provoked you so you shouldn’t apologize

Me: No dear, I have to apologize and please accept my apology

Alicia: Apology accepted

I broke off the hug and wiped off her tears.

Me: I think that you should also apologize to Mumsy. I know that you told her to be a bad person. You should really apologize to her

Alicia: I did and she’s actually outside the kitchen

Me: Oh, really?

Alicia: Yes

Me: Tell her to come in

Alicia: Sure

She told Mumsy to come in.

Mumsy also apologized to me for everything wrong she did but the truth is I don’t know if Waro will ever like her. Waro does not like Alicia and Mumsy at all. Well, all in good time.

I got a call from Marsha.

Me: Hey Marsha, how are you?

Marsha: Hey baby, I am good and you?

Me: I am getting there. I will talk to you later, I am cooking

Marsha: Okay. No problem dear. I’ll be waiting for your call but let me quickly tell you something

Me: What is it?

Marsha: Warona does not want to come back. She didn’t even spend the day with me but with Alex. She doesn’t want to come back today. She says that you should also come to spend the night here so that she can see you. It’s bad, she’s crying. She wants you and Alex at the same time

Me: Where?

Marsha: Here

Me: Marsha, where’s “here”?

Marsha: Alex’s house

Me: But I brought Warona to your house not to Alex’s house. How did she get there?

Marsha: I brought her to Alex’s house because she wanted to see Alex

Warona can’t do this to me. What is wrong with her?

Me: Are you serious?

Marsha: Yes, dear

Me: Please tell her to stop crying. I’ll be there at 21:00


What? 21:00? But it’s only 17:00 right now

Me: I am cooking for everyone, I already told you that. There’s a lot of us here so I don’t know when I’ll be done

Marsha: Okay then. Please speak to her

Me: Give her the phone

Marsha: Give me a minute, I’ll get her

I can actually hear Warona crying. She is so loud, I can hear her over the phone.

Marsha gave her the phone.

Warona: Hello

Me: Why are you crying?

Warona: Sister, please come

Me: I will come. Don’t cry

Warona: It’s nice here. I am not crying anymore

Me: I can hear that you are not crying anymore. I will come get you

Warona: No, I want to sleep here with my brother

Me: Your brother?

Warona: Brother Alex. He’s really nice

Me: Okay bye. I’ll come there

Warona: Will you sleep here?

Me: Yes

Warona: Please bring clothes

Me: Sure

Warona: And my…

Me: I will bring everything. Don’t worry

Warona: Okay. Bye bye

Me: Bye baby. I love you

Warona: I love you too

Me: Please give the phone to sister Marsha

Warona: Okay

She gave the phone to Marsha.

Marsha: By the time you get here I’ll be gone. I’ll see you tomorrow

Me: You’ll be gone?

Marsha: Yes. I have a home and a husband, remember?

Me: Wow Marsha. So are you telling me that I’ll spend the night with Alex and Warona?

Marsha: Yes, in the same bed

Me: What???

Marsha: Bye sweetheart

She hung up.

I can’t believe that this is really happening. How am I going to spend the night with Alex when we haven’t talked for two weeks? It’s really going to be awkward because there’s so much tension between the two of us and I’ve also fallen in love with him. Warona is abusing me, it’s not fair.

Part 46 – Planned

[Hours Later]


I was watching animation movie with Warona when someone rang the door bell. Warona made me watch animation movies the whole day and I had nothing to say. She wasn’t taking no for an answer so I had to watch movies with her. But I really enjoyed spending the day with her. She’s such a happy child who just knows how to get what she wants. She’s so adorable.

But why is she still here at this time of the night? It’s now 21:05 and Marsha did not come back for her. What’s going to happen once Wame finds out that she’s here? I mean Wame and I haven’t talked for two weeks and I know how protective she is over her sister. She’s going to kill me, all thanks to my sister in-law, Marsha.

Marsha did not even give me a chance to say something, she just left Warona here and told me that she’ll come back for her later. Warona was supposed to be with her not with me. I am really dead.

Warona: Brother, there’s someone at the door

Me: Huh?

Warona: What are you thinking about? There’s someone at the door

Oh yes, there’s someone at the door. It must be Marsha. Thank God, she’s here.

I went to get the door.

When I opened the door, I was shocked to see Wame. Oh my goodness, how is she here and how did she drive past my gate?

Me: Uhh hey

Wame: Hey, how are you?

Me: I am fine thanks and you?

Wame: I am fine thanks. Where’s my sister?

Me: She’s in my room. How did you know that she’s with me?

Wame: Won’t you let me in?

Me: Oh. I am so sorry. Please come in

Wame: Thank you

She came inside.

Me: How did you get in? Wasn’t the gate closed?

Wame: I have the gate remote

Me: You are kidding, right?

Wame: No, I am not

Me: Where did you get it?

Wame: From your brother

Me: When?

Wame: He was at the orphanage around 19:00

Me: Oh, but why?

Wame: I wanted to tell him about Alicia’s brother

Me: Alicia’s brother? You never told me that she has a brother

Wame: I never knew. She only told me today

Me: What did she tell you about her brother?

Wame: Keith will tell you everything

Me: Okay then

Wame: I am sorry she was crying. She just enjoys using her tears to get what she wants

Me: Who?

Wame: Warona

Me: When was she crying?

Wame: At 17:00 when Marsha called me

Me: No. Warona never cried today

Wame: But I heard her crying over the phone

Me: She wasn’t crying. I remember I was on the phone when she was playing with Marsha. They were both faking tears. Marsha as old as she is, was teaching Warona how loud she should be when crying. I didn’t hear everything because I was on the phone. I even went outside because they were making noise but I am very sure that Warona never cried today. You have to believe me. If she was crying then it was all fake

Wame: Oh, that’s weird

Me: Do you want to see her?

Wame: Yes, please

Me: Sure. Please follow me

Wame: Sure

We went to my room.

Warona was so happy to see her sister. She didn’t want to let go of her.

Warona: Thank you, sister

Wame: You are welcome. Did you eat?

Warona: Yes, brother Alex gave me food to eat

Wame: Thanks Alex. It’s quite clear that my sister loves you

Me: (Smiles) You are welcome. I love her more. She’s really adorable

They sat down.

Warona: Sister, watch a movie with us

Wame: Okay but why were you crying?

Warona: When was I crying?

Wame: What’s that supposed to mean?

Warona: I never cried today

Me: I told you, Wame

Wame: Warona, don’t make me look like a fool. You were crying over the phone

Warona: When?

Wame: When sister Marsha called me

Warona: Oh. That time? She asked me to cry, I wasn’t really crying

Wame: But why?

Warona: So that you can come here

Wame: I don’t get it

Warona: Sister, please let’s watch the movie. Don’t make noise

Wame: Did Alex know about what you did?

Warona: No. He was outside

Wame: Wow. You are evil, Warona Daniels. You are very evil

Warona: Sister, please don’t make noise. Just watch the movie with us

I can see what’s happening here. Marsha was behind everything. Probably Keith also knows something. They are trying to get Wame and I close and they used a child. I am so disappointed in them.

Wame: Warona, let’s leave

Warona: No. We are sleeping here. Sister Marsha told me that we should sleep here tonight

Wame: And you listened to her?

Warona: Yes

Wame: Why?

Warona: She’s older than me and she’s very nice

Wame: I give up

Wame got up.

Me: Are you leaving?

Wame: No, I am going to get the bag

Warona: Did you bring everything?

Wame: Yes

Warona: (Smiles) Okay

Me: I’ll come with you, Wame

Wame: Cool

We walked out.

Me: I am sorry for what Marsha did

Wame: It’s not your fault, let it go

Me: How was your day?

Wame: It was okay, and yours?

Me: It was really nice

Wame: I missed you so much

Me: Me too

Wame: So have you thought about everything?

Me: Yes

Wame: Are you still in love with me?

Me: Yes

Wame: I am also in love with you but I think we should just be friends for now

Me: That’s not a problem

Wame: I am sorry for sleeping with Joseph. I was trying so hard to get out of that place. I wanted to wrap Joseph around my little finger and it actually worked

Me: I know

Wame: Tomorrow I am going to ask him to sign everything over to me

Me: Everything?

Wame: His wealth

Me: (Smiles) That’s a brilliant idea. I never thought about it

Wame: The Samuels still trust me and they’ll regret it one day when they’ve got nothing. I am going to take everything away from them

Me: That’s good. You have my support

Wame: Did they really kill my parents?

Me: I don’t know but Keith will find out. He actually believes that they indeed killed your parents

Wame: I will teach them a lifetime lesson

Me: All the best

Wame: You know Thabang is not like my cousin at all. He’s like a brother to me. He told me that I should take him as a brother who would do anything for me and Warona. I still do feel lonely because I don’t have parents but it’s not like before. The echoes of my loneliness are not too loud like before. You are the reason why I met Thabang. You are the best. Thank you so much

Me: (Smiles) You are welcome

Wame: I have my bag. Let’s go back inside

Me: Are we going to sleep in the same bed?

Wame: What do you have in mind?

Me: I don’t know

Wame: Me too

Me: Let’s just do what they want

Wame: You, me and Warona in the same bed?

Me: Yeah

Wame: Fine but please keep your distance

Me: Don’t worry, Warona will be in the middle

Wame: Sure

We went back inside.

I hate Joseph so much. Why did he have to sleep with the woman I love? I will teach him a lesson and I mean it.

To be continued…

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