Echoes of Loneliness episode 41 – 42

Echoes of Loneliness

Part 41 – Connection


Truly speaking, Joseph and Rita should wake up. Keith will turn Wame against us, whether Wame remembers him or not. He’s very smart. How else did he get to know that I was the one who attacked his wife? He’s very smart and it looks like he believes in revenge. I know that he was the one who attacked my wife.

Rita and I went to Wame’s bedroom. I want to distract Wame so that Rita can get hold of her bracelet.

We knocked on the door and she let us in.

Wame: What’s up?

Me: We just came to check up on you

Wame: Really?

Rita: Yes, dear

Wame: I don’t get it

Me: How’s you and Alex?

Wame: I updated you about everything yesterday so why are you asking me about Alex again?

Me: Uhm… I…

Rita: Where’s Warona?

Wame: She’ll be right here in a minute. She went to the bathroom. Why?

Rita: I am just asking

Me: Your bracelet is really lovely

Wame: Thanks

Me: You never take it off, why?

Wame: It’s personal

Me: I see

Wame: It’s late, I want to sleep

Rita: But it’s only 21:30, you never sleep early

Wame: I am tired

Warona walked out of the bathroom.

Warona: Sister, why are they here?

Wame: I don’t know. They are both acting strange

Okay, Rita and I should leave before Wame suspect us.

Warona: They should leave, I want to sleep

Rita: But…

Me: Okay, we are leaving. We’ll see you tomorrow, Wame

Wame: Okay, cool

Rita: Are you meeting with Alex tomorrow?

Wame: No

Rita: Why not?

Wame: He’ll be very busy tomorrow

Rita: Okay then. What about Keith?

Wame: Do you want me to meet with Keith?

Rita: Yes

Wame: Why?

Rita: Because he’s Alex’s brother

Wame: So what?

Rita: He’s also not trusted. You know that they are working together

Wame: If you want Keith to suspect me then it’s fine, I’ll meet with him anytime you want

Me: No, that’s not a good idea. We don’t want him to suspect you

Wame: Good

Warona: Sister, who’s Keith and Alex? Are they…

Wame: Keep quiet, Warona

Warona: Sorry

Wame: Get in bed now

Warona: Okay

Me: Rita, let’s go

Rita: But the bracelet

I almost forgot how foolish Rita can be.

Wame: What bracelet?

Me: Uhm… Rita, let’s go

Warona: Does Rita want to steal my sister’s bracelet? Mhmm, she’s a thief

Wame: Warona, I told you to keep quiet

Warona: Sorry, sister but please take care of your bracelet

Rita: No Warona my dear, I don’t want to steal your sister’s bracelet. I just want to know where she got it. It’s beautiful so I also want to have the same one


Don’t call me dear, I don’t like you. Don’t even buy the same bracelet as my sister’s bracelet because you are not like my sister. She’s very nice and you are very bad

Wame: Warona, I told you to keep quiet

Warona: But it’s true, she’s a witch. Everyone…

Wame: WARONA!!!


Rita: But baby…


Me: Let’s go, Rita

Rita: Okay

We left.

Isn’t Warona just four years old? Where did she get such negativity? Wow, she’s a bomb just waiting to explode. Actually she just exploded on Rita and Wame. Where did she get the idea to threaten her sister? Wow, I am still shocked.


I locked the door and looked at Warona. I just started crying. How dare she threaten me?

“TELL HER TO GO, I DON’T LIKE HER. TELL HER TO GO OR ELSE I’LL GO AND YOU WON’T BE MY SISTER ANYMORE!!!” – How can a four year old say this to me? Obviously this place is not good for her. The things she say are so hurtful. How dare she threaten me? Is she even four years old? She’s very bad.

She came closer to me and wiped off her tears.

Warona: Wow sister, I can’t believe that you are crying. I haven’t seen you cry in my life

Me: Lies

Warona: It’s true

Me: Leave me alone. I am not crying

Warona: You are crying

Me: You hurt me, Warona so leave me alone

Warona: Sister, I am sorry

I sat down in bed.

Me: Where did you get so much negativity?

Warona: What’s that?

Me: Never mind. I am sleeping

She wiped off my tears.

Warona: Please forgive me

Me: I will forgive you today then you hurt me again tomorrow, no Warona, leave me alone

Warona: Sister, please

Me: Who taught you all those bad things you said? Kate?

Warona: No

Me: Then who?

Warona: Everyone. They say that Rita is a witch and they don’t like her

Me: Did they also tell you to yell at me and hurt me?

Warona: No

Me: This place is not good for you, I need to do something

Warona: Something like what?

Me: He was right, we should fake it. They should kidnap you

Warona: Sister, what are you saying? Who’s going to kidnap me?

Me: Let’s sleep, I’ll tell you everything tomorrow. You and I are going to the mall tomorrow

Warona: We are not allowed to go out

Me: We?

Warona: The small children

Me: I am going with you to the mall tomorrow, don’t worry

Warona: That Wit… Uhh… Rita will refuse

Me: She already told me that I can take you with me tomorrow

Warona: (Smiles) Wow, really?

Me: Yes

Warona: Thank you

Me: You are welcome

Warona: Did you forgive me?

Me: Yes, I forgave you

Warona: (Smiles) Thank you. I love you

Me: I love you too

Warona: Sister, I really don’t like Rita. Please don’t allow her to come to our room again

Me: Okay, I won’t

Warona: (Smiles) Pinky promise?

Me: (Smiles) Pinky promise

We shared a hug and went to sleep.

The next day we woke up, kept ourselves hygienic clean, ate breakfast then went to the mall.


got a text message from Alex. It reads “Hey beautiful. There’s a change of plan and it’s actually huge. Please make sure that you are at the orphanage at 17:00 so that you can get to see The Samuels going to jail. For you to get out of that place quickly we involved the cops and don’t worry, this time they are genuine. From tomorrow, you are going to have a great life and everyone is going to be free.”

I am so happy. I guess working with connected people is great. The Samuels are not the only connected ones.

Part 42 – Is It All A Dream?

I should enjoy the day with my little sister. At 17:00 today, The Samuels are going down and from tomorrow life will be great. I hope that everything will go according to plan.

I made sure that I take my sister to the nicest places so that she can enjoy herself. I took her to the restaurant to have something to eat, I then took her to the movies to watch animation movie, after both watching a movie we went to the children’s playhouse where she had fun like never before, she even got her face painted, all I did was to take pictures and videos of her, she was really looking happy. After the children’s playhouse, we went to the Zoo. She enjoyed checking out the animals and she wasn’t even scared of them.

For the whole day, people were asking me if Warona is my child because she looks like me. They told me that we are really beautiful. They made me miss my parents, really.

Warona: Sister, do I really look like you?

Me: Just a little

Warona: Oh, that’s nice

Me: I am kidding, you look like a monkey

Warona: Which monkey?

Me: The one over there

Warona: (Laughs) No, that monkey looks like Rita

I just laughed. This girl is really naughty.

Me: We’ve seen all the animals now, let’s leave

Warona: Sister, please buy me an ice cream

Me: I’ll get you ice cream and cotton candy

Warona: What’s cotton candy?

Me: The one I bought for you at the children’s playhouse. Do you remember?

Warona: No, I don’t remember. You bought me many things

Me: Candy floss, it was pink, remember? It looked like your hair

Warona: (Giggled) Oh, yes, I remember it. I really enjoyed it. What is it called?

Me: Cotton candy or candy floss

Warona: We never had it at the orphanage. The children don’t even know it

Me: It’s because of Rita, I understand why you all don’t know it

Warona: Let’s go

Me: What else do you want?

Warona: I want you to carry me, I am tired of walking

Me: Is that all?

Warona: Yes, sister

Me: Okay, come

Warona: Sister, can you please buy me those balloons?

Me: But you have balloons with you

Warona: I want more

Me: Okay

Truly speaking, I am going to get her anything she wants. She doesn’t get to be this happy at the orphanage.

Rita gave me money so I might as well use it.

Warona: Sister, who is going to kidnap me?

Me: No one, I was just scaring you

Warona: Why?

Me: Because you were mean to me

Warona: Oh, okay

Me: You look very happy today

Warona: (Smiles) I am happy, sister

Me: (Smiles) Me too

Warona: I love you

Me: I love you too

Warona: Are you going to buy me clothes?

Me: Clothes? Do you want clothes?

Warona: Yes and please buy for Kate

Me: Okay, it’s now 16:20 and we should go back to the orphanage. We’ll buy clothes tomorrow

Warona: But why?

Me: We need to be at the orphanage at 17:00, honey

Warona: Okay

Me: But you enjoyed your day, right?

Warona: Yes, sister. Thank you

Me: (Smiles) You are welcome

Warona: Are we going to do this everyday?

Me: Every week

Warona: (Smiles) Wow

Me: Aren’t you hungry?

Warona: I am

Me: I’ll get you something to eat

Warona: You should also eat

Me: Definitely

We got everything and left.

Warona: Sister, your car is beautiful

Me: Thank you

Warona: Where did you get money to buy it?

Me: From… Uhh… Alex

Warona: Brother Alex gave you money to buy a car?

Me: Yes, honey. Brother Alex gave me money

I lied to her because I didn’t want to mention Rita’s name and make her angry. She doesn’t like Rita so I shouldn’t tell her that I got the car from Rita.

Warona: But why?

Me: Because he’s nice

Warona: Oh, okay

Me: Yes, honey

Warona: But why am I not sitting with you there?

Me: Children must sit at the back, honey

Warona: Oh, okay then

Me: Yes, sweetheart

We arrived at the orphanage at 16:53.

Truly speaking, I had the best day ever. I love my sister so much. She gives me life. She’s my everything.

I obviously got something for Kate. She’s my friend’s little sister and she’s also my little sister’s friend. She was so happy that I got her something.

Warona told her about her day and I also told Michaela about my day.

Kate: Sister Wame, may I please join you next time?

Me: (Smiles) Definitely. Michaela, you are also welcome

Michaela: (Smiles) Thanks but will Rita allow us?

Me: She’s going down today. One minute to go

Michaela: Meaning?

Me: It’s now 16:59 so at 17:00…

Aunt Nina stormed in.

Me: What do you want?

Nina: Who called the cops on The Samuels?

Me: (Smiles) What? Are the cops here?

Nina: Probably fifty of them. It’s so packed outside

It’s 17:00 so I am not surprised.

Me: Are they in the yard?

Nina: Yes. They have Joseph, Rita and Joshua

Michaela: (Smiles) Wame, we have to see everything

Me: Sure, let’s go

We ran outside.

Is this really happening or am I dreaming? I hope that I am not dreaming. But what if I am dreaming? Then what? What if I was dreaming all along?

To be continued…

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