echoes of loneliness episode 4 – 5


Part 4 – Lost

[A Week After The Funeral]

I was speaking to Ayanda just a while ago. She’s doing good and she’s happy. I also told her that I am coping with everything but the truth is I am not.

Yesterday I got another interview call but I told the person who called that I don’t want a job anymore. Truth is I still want a job but I am scared. Joshua really traumatized me. It’s not easy for me to trust people. I really want to trust people but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Today as I was just playing with my sister, some people from the bank came to the house. I let them inside. It was a lady, a man and two cops. They sat down. I honestly don’t know what I’ve done, why are they here with the cops? Or are the cops here to arrest me for assaulting Alicia and taking her shoes? Oh my God, I really did not mean for any of this to happen. I was hurt and angry that’s why I assaulted Alicia and took her shoes. I didn’t mean to cause trouble.

Me: How may I help you?

Lady: We are from the bank. We are bringing bad news

Me: I can see that you are from the bank. Your car says it all. I saw the name of your bank

Man: That’s good. Listen to us, are you the daughter of Mr and Mrs Daniels?

Me: Yes, I am

Man: What’s your name?

Me: Did you tell me yours?

Man: Oh I am sorry. My name is Thabo and the lady next to me is Jenifer

Me: Nice to meet you. My name is Wame

Man: Nice to meet you too. Did you know that your father mortgaged this house?

Me: (Laughs) What are you now saying?

Man: Kare a watseba hore ntatao o…

Me: You can continue speaking English, I know English and I probably know it more than you

Man: Are you always like this?

Lady: Thabo, I’ll speak to her, it’s fine

Man: Okay. Thanks

Lady: Wamo, your father…

Me: WAME!!!

Lady: Oh, I am really sorry. Wame, your father mortgaged this house so that he can get money for you to go to school. We gave him the money and now we heard that he is no more so now the house belongs to the bank unless you give back the money

I kept quiet. These people are crazy. My father can never do this. Was he that broke to a point whereby he had to mortgage the house?

Lady: Wame?

Me: I’ve heard you

Lady: So what do you have to say?

Me: You are lying to me

Lady: I am not lying. I have the evidence

Me: Let me see it

She started showing me some documents. My father really signed them. He mortgaged the house and got R100 000 in return. But where is the money so that I can give it back to the bank?

Lady: Do you understand everything?

Me: Yes, I do

Lady: Do you know where he put the money?

Me: No, I don’t know anything. He was obviously banking with your bank so can’t you check?

Lady: We checked and the money is not there

Me: Why did you have to give him R100 000? It’s a lot of money

Lady: He had a plan to pay back the money

Me: I’ll be right back

Lady: No problem

I got up and went to my parents’ bedroom. Warona came after me. I turned the room upside down, searching for the money but I didn’t find it.

Warona was busy asking me what I am looking for but I didn’t answer her. I went back to the living room and sat down.

Me: I can’t find it

Lady: Well I am sorry, you will have to leave this house. It now belongs to the bank

Me: Are you people that heartless?

Lady: We are not heartless. We know that you just lost your parents but we are just doing our job

Me: Where am I going to go with my sister?

Man: The orphanage

Me: As old as I am? Which orphanage is going to take me?

Man: Relax. I know an orphanage that takes girls only. We will take you there

Me: Can’t you give me only until next week?

Man: No, we can’t

Me: Please, I am begging you

Lady: Wame, we were even going to give you until next month but you are just a child, we don’t think you will be able to pay back the money

Me: How do you know?

Lady: It’s obvious. Please don’t make things difficult for us

Me: You people are evil

I couldn’t help it, I was now crying.

Lady: We’ll be waiting for you outside

Me: And what about my parents’ furniture?

Lady: The house and everything inside belongs to the bank now

Me: And my belongings?

Lady: You can take your belongings

Me: Fine

Lady: Thabo, let’s go

Man: I am right after you

Jenifer went outside with the cops. Thabo looked at me and smiled.

Me: Keng? (What?)

Man: You shouldn’t have spoken to me the way you did. Now you’ve made an enemy out of me

Me: As if I care

Man: You should care

He went outside and I went to pack my bags and my sister’s bags.

Warona kept on asking me where we are going and I just told her that we are going to our new home.

I should tell Ayanda everything, maybe she can help. I really don’t want to go away. I want to stay here with my sister forever. I don’t want to be taken away from my parents’ house. I don’t want to forget about them.

I tried to call Ayanda but I didn’t go through. It looks like her phone is off. What do I do now? Who is going to take me out of this mess? I cried so much and finally left.

Today I feel like I’ve lost everything. Today I also feel responsible for what’s happening. My father mortgaged the house just so I can go to school. It’s my fault. Now father is dead and I don’t know where he put the money. I have mixed emotions right now – I am angry, I am sad, I am irritated and many more. I blame my father for everything and I also blame myself for everything. Life sucks.

Jenifer and Thabo took Warona and I to Samuels Orphanage. This orphanage is very big. Maybe the owner also have a big heart. Hopefully things will be okay. Warona and I will have support from the other children and the owner of the orphanage.

Jenifer stayed in the car. I could tell that she was feeling bad for us.

Thabo took us inside. He introduced me to the lady by the name Rita and she is the owner of the orphanage. She really looks like a good person. She told me to go inside with Warona. Through the window, I saw her talking to Thabo. It looks like they know one another. I didn’t hear what they were saying but they were laughing like good friends. I think I already like Rita Samuels but where are the other orphans?

Part 5 – The Orphanage

Thabo finally left. Rita came inside and sat down next to me. She smiled and held Warona. Warona cried her lungs out. I couldn’t understand what was happening, why is she crying? I took her from Rita.

Me: I am sorry, she must be hungry

Rita: I understand. I’ll get Nina to prepare something to eat for her

Me: Who’s Nina?

Rita: The lady who takes care of everyone here

Me: Okay cool

She just phoned Nina and Nina came. Nina greeted me and stood next to Rita. Finally Warona stopped crying.

Rita: Nina, this is Wame and the little one is Warona. They are here to stay with us

Nina: Uhm… Okay

Rita: You don’t look happy, what’s going on?

Nina: It’s nothing, Rita

Rita: I hope so

I don’t know if I am wrong but the way Rita is looking at Nina is not right. It’s like she’s somehow threatening Nina with the eyes.

Me: Is everything okay?

Rita: (Smiles) Yes honey, everything is fine. Nina, please take Warona with you

Nina: Okay

She took Warona away. Warona was not crying, she was so happy. It looks like she likes Nina. Maybe she doesn’t like Rita at all but I don’t blame her, Rita looks fake. Yes, she’s smiling with us but there’s just something odd about her.

Rita: So tell me why you are here

Me: I recently lost my parents. Today I lost the house of my parents to the bank so I had nowhere to go

Rita: How did you lose the house?

Me: My father mortgaged it before he died. He got R100 000 from the bank but I don’t know where he put it so I had to vacate the house with my little sister

Rita: But the bank did not do the right thing. They were supposed to give you time. My husband owns a bank so I know that the bank was supposed to give you time

Me: What is the name of your husband’s bank?

Rita: I don’t know

Me: That’s weird

Rita: (Giggles) Yeah, I know but tell me don’t you have any money hidden somewhere?

Me: No

Rita: Are you sure?

Me: Yeah, I am

I have some money at the bank but I am not going to tell her about it. Why is she suddenly asking me about money? I got that money from Ayanda and insurance company so I won’t tell Rita anything about it. I do not have cash at all, I had to leave all the money Ayanda gave to me on my account. Thank God I am not banking with the bank that took away my parents’ house.

Rita: And the insurance money?

Me: I used all of it

Rita: Really?

Me: Yes

Rita: But why? You could’ve done a lot with it

Me: I wanted a good send off for my parents. They deserved it

Rita: You are smart. I like you

Me: (Smiles) Thank you

Rita: Pleasure. Well this is your new home so you’ll be happy here

Me: Thank you, Rita

Rita: (Smiles) It’s okay

Me: Where’s everyone else?

Rita: They must be at the hall or their bedrooms

Me: Okay, cool

Rita: I’ll show you to your room then I’ll introduce you to everyone

Me: Okay, no problem

She called the man by the name Peter and asked him to take my luggage to the room upstairs. We then went upstairs. This is a very nice orphanage, it’s a mansion. Everyone must be happy here so I think my sister and I will also get used to this place and forget about the past. Life should go on. It looks like I’ll be sleeping alone in this bedroom. There’s only one bed. But where’s my sister going to sleep?

Rita: What do you think?

Me: It’s lovely

Rita: I’m glad you like it

Me: But am I not supposed to share with the other girls?

Rita: No, as you can see, this orphanage is very big so you don’t have to share with anyone

Me: And my sister?

Rita: She’ll sleep with the other children. There’s a huge room for the children who are one year to five years old

Me: I want to sleep with my sister, please

Rita: It’s fine then. I’ll ask someone to get another be…

Me: No, I’ll sleep with her, I’ll share my bed with her

Rita: Are you sure?

Me: Yes, I am

Rita: Okay, it’s not a problem. Let’s go meet the others

Me: Can I trust you?

Rita: Of course you can

I know that I’ve got trust issues but it’s about time I start trusting people again. I should move on.

Me: Thank you

We went to the hall. She introduced me to the others and they were all friendly.

Rita: Michaela, please show Wame around

Michaela: Okay, Rita

Rita: Don’t do what I didn’t ask you to do

Michaela: Yes, I won’t. Let’s go, Wame

Me: (Smiles) Sure

Rita: Michaela, behave

Michaela: You can trust me

Michaela must be trouble that’s why they are asking her to behave.

Rita: Okay, you can go

Me: Sure

Rita: Michaela, bring Wame to my office when you are done with everything

Michaela: Will do

Rita: Sure

Michaela: Let’s go, Wame

Me: Sure

We left the hall. Michaela showed me around.

Me: This is a very lovely place. I’ve never seen an orphanage like this one before

Michaela: You shouldn’t have come here

Me: Why not?

Michaela: Wame, you really shouldn’t have come here

Me: You also don’t like me, right?

Michaela: Also? Who else does not like you?

Me: Nina

Michaela: Nina is a very good person. She’s the only one who can be trusted here. Oh, you can also trust Peter

Me: I don’t understand

Michaela: I wish I can tell you more but I can’t because walls got ears

Me: What are you on about?

Michaela: Do absolutely anything for your sister. You are now lost

Me: Huh? How do you know my sister?

Michaela: Nina already told everyone about your sister and we saw her. I also have a sister and her name is Kate. I’d do anything for her. She’s three years old

Me: Thing is you are speaking in riddles, I don’t understand anything you are saying

Michaela: I have to go. Do you see how the security guard is looking at me? It’s not good for me

Me: And Rita’s office?

Michaela: Just go down the stairs, turn right and you’ll see it. It screams “I AM RITA’S OFFICE”

Me: (Giggles) How?

Michaela: It’s ridiculous just like her

Me: Huh?

Michaela: I’ll see you later

She left me looking like a fool. How does she say so many things and expect me to just forget about them? Why couldn’t she just be clear with me? What a weird girl.

To be continued…

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