Echoes of Loneliness episode 39 – 40

Echoes of loneliness

Part 39 – First Meeting, Real Connection

Me: You really look beautiful

Wame: (Smiles) Thank you

Me: Where on earth did you get that car?

I pointed at her car.

Wame: My aunt bought it for me

She then winked at me. I guess she took Rita’s car.

Me: (Smiles) It’s beautiful

Wame: Thank you. This place looks lovely. It’s so relaxing

Me: It is. Let us go inside. There’s a restaurant inside

Wame: Sure. I am really hungry

Me: Don’t worry, you’ll soon be okay

We went inside.

Me: Please tell me about yourself and your family

Wame: Well, where do I begin?

Me: From your age

Wame: Well, I am twenty two years old and I have a little sister. Her name is Warona and she is four years old. We live with our… (Laughs) our aunt

I know exactly why she’s laughing. We’ve been through this before and Rita is not her aunt but her enemy. If we don’t go through this introduction phase, then Rita and Joseph are definitely going to suspect us. They are obviously going to listen to our conversation when Wame goes back to the orphanage.

Me: What’s your aunt’s name?

Wame: Tari

Wame could not stop laughing. She’ll ruin everything for us.

Me: Lovely name

Wame: I know

I also laughed. What the hell is Tari?

Me: But what is Tari?

Wame: My aunt’s name

Me: But why Tari?

Wame: I don’t know

Me: You know what? Let’s just eat

Wame: Please

Me: I have an idea. Let’s just be free. Talk about everything. I’ll edit the recording, change our words and delete other parts before you go back to the orphanage

Wame: Really? Can you do that?

Me: Definitely

Wame: Promise?

Me: I promise

Wame: Please don’t break your promise

Me: (Smiles) I won’t, don’t worry

Wame: (Smiles) I trust you. So tell me, where’s Keith?

Me: He’s at work. He believes that Joshua was behind Marsha’s accident

Wame: Are you serious?

Me: Yes

Wame: It’s possible. Joshua was not at the orphanage when Keith was there. He was really nowhere to be seen

Me: Well, Jasmine will have to suffer for his mistake

Wame: Jasmine? Who’s Jasmine?

Me: Joshua’s wife

Wame: WIFE???!!!

Me: Don’t you know that he’s got a wife?

Wame: NO!!!

Me: I guess he doesn’t want people to know

Wame: He’s forever in Alicia’s bed, does he really have a wife?

Me: Yes but who’s Alicia?

Wame: Uhm… Some girl at the orphanage. She’s exactly your age. When I was twenty years old, she was twenty three years old and she thought that she could control me but she failed

Me: Wow so you’ve been staying there for two years?



Me: That’s bad

Wame: You can say that again

Me: But everything will be fine soon, don’t worry

Wame: Thanks

Me: You are welcome. So tell me, how did you come up with the name Tari?

Wame: It comes from the name Rita

Me: (Laughs) Oh my goodness, I am so slow

Wame: Oh yes you are

We laughed.

Me: It feels like I’ve known you for so many years

Wame: Right? I also feel that way

Me: We have a great connection

Wame: That’s true. You are my best friend, believe me

Me: (Smiles) Is that a good thing?

Wame: Meaning?

Me: Never mind. Let’s take a walk

Wame: Sure

Me: Did you enjoy your meal?

Wame: Definitely

Me: Perfect. Guess what?

Wame: Uhh… Please just tell me

Me: I cooked

Wame: Really?

Me: Yes

Wame: But how?

Me: I asked the owner of this place for permission to use the kitchen and cook for us. I know him very well so it was easy. Actually I want you to meet him

Wame: Who is he?

Me: Tumelo. He is my best friend

Wame: Oh, well I will meet him later. Let’s just take a walk. I want to spend the day with you

Me: (Smiles) You are so sweet

Wame: (Smiles) I try

We got up and took a walk.

Wame: Please tell me about my parents, Aunt Nina and The Samuels

Me: How about we just enjoy the day and forget about all of our problems today?

Wame: But you told me that you’ll tell me everything face to face

Me: I know but it doesn’t have to be today, please

Wame: Okay then

Me: Plus Keith is the one who knows everything. Keith and Thabang can tell you everything you want to know. They’ve met you when you were still very young and it’s my first time meeting you today

Wame: Okay then, I understand

Me: (Smiles) Sure

Wame: It feels so good to be free again after two years but now I miss my sister. That girl is my life

Me: I understand. I am sure she is also missing you

Wame: (Smiles) So tell me, why don’t you have a girlfriend?

Me: I told you that I am always busy

Wame: But you made time for me today

Me: It’s because you are different

Wame: Really?

Me: Yes

Wame: Is that all?

Me: Yes

I am actually lying.

Wame: Are you sure that you are not in love with me? I know that I am a catch

Me: Well, I…

Wame: (Laughs) I am just kidding. Let it go

Oh thank you, God. You just saved me. I mean I am in love with Wame. Why else would I give her all of my attention if I wasn’t in love with her? I don’t have female friends and I don’t want female friends.

Once I give a female my attention, it means that I want her to be mine. Even Tumelo, Thabang and Keith are aware of this.

Tumelo was so worried when I first told him about Wame. Well, I didn’t really tell him about Wame, he saw how glued I was to my phone and he immediately understood everything. He was worried because he knows that I don’t befriend females at all so obviously he knew that I am into Wame and he thought that it is still too soon.


You are something else

Wame: (Smiles) I know. Alex, today I am very happy

Me: First meeting, real connection. Well, I am also very happy

Wame: Do you believe in love?

Me: Yes, I do

Wame: That’s nice

Me: Do you?

Wame: Yes, I do

Me: Even after everything that happened to you?

Wame: Yes

Me: Really?

Wame: Yes but I don’t want a boyfriend or a husband

Me: But why not?

Wame: Because I am dirty

Me: Pardon?

Wame: Uhm… Uhh… I mean… Never mind. I don’t want to talk about it

Me: So don’t you ever want to get married?

Wame: No

She just broke my heart but I’ll have to change her mind as time goes by.

Me: Okay, fine then

Wame: The day you get married, give me the first invitation

I will never get married if it’s not getting married to you.

Me: I never want to get married

Wame: But why?

Me: Because… Uhh… I want to be exactly like you

Wame: (Laughs) You do?

Me: Yes

Wame: You are crazy

Me: I know. We are a great team, aren’t we?

Wame: Sure

Me: Give me your hand

Wame: Why?

I held her hand.

Me: I want to hold your hand like this forever

She hugged me.

Wame: You are so sweet. Thank you for everything

I broke off the hug and looked into her eyes.

Me: I will never turn my back on you, I promise you that I will give you back your happiness. I swear on my sister’s grave and on my brother’s life

Tears streamed down her face.

Wame: Thank you so much. You are truly the best

Hold on. Wame told me that she do not cry anymore. Are these tears that I am seeing? How is she crying after so many months? She really told me that she can’t cry anymore, not because she doesn’t get hurt but because she doesn’t have tears anymore.

So it’s a good thing for her to be crying, right? I mean it’s not normal for a person not to cry for a year and some months. This is really good. Hopefully she’s healing.

Part 40 – Secret Meeting

[Few Hours Later]


I was at home (my house) when Joshua called me. He just told me that Jasmine was attacked and she’s hospitalized. I hope that everything will be fine.

I can’t go to the hospital because I am very busy with work, that’s why I decided not to go back to the orphanage today.

Rita walked in. I hope she’s not here to irritate me again. There’s really a lot going on right now.

Me: What do you want?

Rita: Wame came back with the recording device

Me: Let’s listen to the conversation then

Rita: Sure

We listened to Alex and Wame’s conversation.

Me: They really get along

Rita: But did she have to call me Tari? What is that?

Me: Is that all you care about?

Rita: No but that’s not a lovely name

Me: Is Rita a lovely name? Just shut up

Rita: (Cries) Joseph, why do you always do this to me?

Me: Don’t start with your tears. We should finish listening to those two’s conversation. I have a lot of work to do so please stop it

Rita: Do you still love me?

Me: Rita, don’t

Rita: Answer me

Me: Stop it or leave my house

Rita: This is also my house

Me: Rita, please keep quiet. I am not in the mood to argue with you

Rita: Fine

Me: Where’s Wame?

Rita: Back at the orphanage

Me: When is she meeting with Alex again?

Rita: I don’t know. She’ll let us know

Me: Wipe those tears, I don’t want to see them

Rita: You are a very bad man

Me: Well, you are married to this bad man so get used to your life and shut up

She stormed out of my office crying like a little baby. She’ll be fine. She’s really full of drama. This is not the time for me to run after her.


For the first time in forever, I shed tears. I guess it’s a good thing. It’s what everyone wanted, right? Well, I was beginning to think that I am abnormal. At least now I know that I am okay. I don’t know how Alex’s words managed to make me cry, it was like a miracle.

Today was really a great day. Alex and I get along so well, it’s amazing.

Before I left, I met Tumelo. He’s really a nice guy. He’s a good friend to Alex. He reminds me of Ayanda.

Even after everything that happened between me and Ayanda, I still have love for Ayanda, it’s really crazy.

Well, I gave Rita the edited recording. She and Joseph will definitely hear everything they want to hear. They really won’t know what hit them.

[An Hour Later]

I decided to tell Michaela everything she wanted to know but I didn’t tell her the real plan between me and the lads. I also didn’t tell her that I knew Alex even before I was asked to get closer to him. Michaela only knows the things that Rita and Joseph asked me to do and she doesn’t understand why I am helping them.

Michaela: Why are you helping them?

Me: Micky, sometimes I am very secretive and I think it’s for the best

Michaela: Why?

Me: Let it go

Michaela: I thought you hate them

Me: I do

Michaela: So why are you helping them?

Me: Please trust me

Michaela: Wame, what is going on? Please tell me everything

Me: Why?

Michaela: I want to help you

Me: For how long have you been staying here? More than two years, right?

Michaela: Yes

Me: Well I’ve been staying here for two years

Michaela: What’s your point?

Me: My point is that you’ve been here long before me but you couldn’t help everyone out of this place so what makes you think that you’ll be able to help me?

Michaela: Wow, that hurts

Me: It’s tough love, please leave my bedroom. I need to take a nap

Michaela: You are…

Me: I really love you. You and I are good friends but sometimes don’t expect me to tell you everything. I don’t want to tell you everything then lose you like the way I lost Ayanda

Michaela: Oh, I see

Me: Yep

Michaela: But I am not like Ayanda

Me: I know but people change

Michaela: You still love her, don’t you?

I kept quiet.

Michaela: Answer me

Me: Is it a crime?

Michaela: No

Me: Yes, I still love her. I really do. Now go ahead and call me a fool

Michaela: You are not a fool, Wame. I understand exactly how you feel

Me: You do?

Michaela: Yes, I do

Me: I hope so

Michaela: I really understand and I am sorry for troubling you

Me: (Smiles) It’s okay

Michaela: (Smiles) You won’t lose me, I promise

Me: Don’t say that. We don’t know what might happen in the future

Michaela: But I know what I am talking about

Me: Okay then, Micky. Please leave. I need to take a nap before Warona wakes up

Michaela: (Smiles) Sure

She hugged me and left.

I am not helping Rita and Joseph because I love helping them, I am only helping them because I know that they are digging their own graves. What’s the best way to say goodbye to your enemies? – HELP THEM DIG UP THEIR OWN GRAVES.

I laughed and joined Warona in bed.

[Two Weeks Later]

Rita’s car belongs to me now. Joseph told me that I can take it since I love it. Rita was not happy but she just had to agree.

I was approaching Joseph’s bedroom when I heard him talking to Rita and Joshua about me, Alex and Keith so I didn’t go in. I stood outside the door and listened to their conversation.

Joseph: Wame and Alex are pretty close right now and Wame met Keith yesterday. Keith likes her so what are you saying to us, Joshua?

JS: Joseph, I am telling you the truth. Keith knows Wame. Yes, Wame forgot Keith because you said she lost her memory after the fire but Keith definitely knows Wame and I can’t trust Wame anymore. Keith will turn Wame against us

Rita: How can Keith turn Wame against us if Wame did not tell him about us?

JS: Before we know it, Keith will find out everything on his own. He’s not stupid

Joseph: Yes, he’s not stupid but he still doesn’t know anything about Wame’s aunt

Rita: And I don’t think he’ll even suspect that Wame stays with us

JS: Okay fine. Let me ask the two of you a question. What’s going to happen once Keith and Alex request to meet Wame’s precious aunt, Tari?

Joseph: We’ll give them Tari

JS: Who?

Joseph: A stranger. It doesn’t have to be Rita

Rita: Exactly, Josh. Alex and Keith have not seen my pictures so just relax. Plus I am not Wame’s aunt nor is my name Tari. I hate that girl, she took my car

Joseph: RITA!!!

Rita: Sorry

JS: Alex is smart but Keith is the smartest, believe me. He’ll figure out everything very soon and it’s going to be over. Just hide another recording device on Wame’s favorite bracelet. There’s a bracelet that she loves so much, she never takes it off. Hide the recording device and don’t tell her about it

Joseph: Rita and I trust Wame

JS: I know but sometimes you have to be one step ahead and be very careful

Joseph: Okay, we’ll do as you say

JS: Thank you

Rita: I’ll have to get hold of Wame’s bracelet but I don’t know how

JS: Just make a plan

Rita: Yes, I will

Wow, I can’t believe what I just heard. Joshua is becoming a problem and I don’t like it. I have to talk to Alex.

Thank God, I heard everything I needed to hear. I am going to be one step ahead. I’ll make sure that The Samuels fail in everything they do.

To be continued…

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