Echoes Of Loneliness Episode 27 – 28


Part 27 – The Power


I still don’t understand what my mom was trying to say to me. She was speaking in riddles.

Could Alex be the person who will help us out of this place? Oh No, I am wrong, I don’t even know Alex, he also doesn’t know me so why would he want to help us? I should stop dreaming.

Michaela and I went to Thabo’s house because Rita told us to. We obviously did not go alone, we went with the guards but they stayed in the car outside.

If Rita told us to come here to make money for her, she should forget it because I am never going to sleep with men to make money for her.

I swear to God that someone is going to get hurt today and Joseph will side with me. I stole Joseph’s gun.

Before knocking on the door, I looked at Michaela.

Me: Why are we here?

Michaela: I don’t know

Me: Can you hear male voices in the house?

Michaela: Yes

Me: So what does that tell you?

Michaela: We are here to make money for that witch

Me: Do you want to?

Michaela: No

Me: All these men in the house will want to sleep with us

Michaela: You are right

Me: Do you want them to sleep with you?

Michaela: No but I don’t have a choice

Me: Today you do. Do you want to sleep with them or not?

Michaela: No, I don’t

Me: You won’t then

Michaela: What do you mean?

Me: Let’s knock

Michaela: Wame, what are you up to?

Me: Nothing. Just knock on the door, I got you, girl

Michaela: Wame?

Me: Keep quiet and knock

Michaela: Okay

She knocked on the door.

Thabo let us in. He greeted us with a big smile.

Thabo: I am glad the two of you made it

Me: Why are we here?

Thabo: Business

Michaela: Where’s your wife?

Thabo: Out of the country

Michaela: Is that why you are bitching around?

Thabo: Hey, watch your mouth

Me: Thabo, today is not your lucky day

Thabo: Meaning?

Me: Nothing

Thabo: Follow me

Me: Sure

We followed him to the living room. There were four men there. He introduced them as Keith, Lindo, Gerald and Zweli. Thabo was the fifth man.

Does Rita want us to sleep with five men at the same time? Obviously she’s expecting a lot of money out of this but she won’t get it – NOT TODAY!!!

We greeted and sat down.

Thabo: Ladies, these are my friends. They are hungry

Michaela: Why don’t you feed them?

Thabo: Do I have a cake?

Michaela: Bake it


started laughing. I love this girl because she always has something to say.

Thabo: It’s not funny. Don’t you dare irritate me

Me: May I please use the bathroom?

Thabo: Sure

Michaela: I’ll join you

We went to the bathroom.

Me: This is going to be a fun day

Michaela: Truly speaking, I am scared

Me: Don’t show them that you are scared. There’s nothing to be scared of

Michaela: What do you mean? Didn’t you see how big those men are? If we do something wrong, we are dead

Me: Muscles don’t scare me when I have the power

Michaela: Power?

Me: Yes

Michaela: What power?

I showed her the gun. Her jaws literally dropped.

Me: What? Close your mouth

Michaela: Where did you get that?

Me: Joseph’s safe

Michaela: But how?

Me: Does it matter?

Michaela: Wame, you and I are going to be in trouble

Me: How so?

Michaela: Thabo got lot of guns as well

Me: Not with him

Michaela: Yes, but…

Me: Just have faith in me

Michaela: Are you also going to hurt Thabo?

Me: No

Michaela: Why not?

Me: The person who took away my virginity will be the last one to die only after suffering

Michaela: When?

Me: Very soon but not today

Michaela: In the future?

Me: You can say that

Michaela: (Smiles) Wow, I feel much better now

Me: (Winks) Let’s go

Michaela: Hold on, won’t Joseph make us pay?

Me: He won’t be able to do that

Michaela: Why not?

Me: Because I have him wrapped around my little finger

Michaela: Do you?

Me: Yes, I do

Michaela: What’s going on here?

Me: I will have to save everyone so that my mom can forgive me

Michaela: Huh?

Me: Close your mouth. Let’s go

Michaela: But you are not clear enough when speaking to me

Me: Come

I led the way.

We sat down next to Thabo. He had cocaine with him.

Thabo: Do you want some?

I looked at it and kept quiet. I really want some.

Thabo: (Laughs) Of course you do

Me: No, I don’t

Michaela: I also don’t

Thabo: Liars

Michaela: We are not lying

Me: Yes, we are not lying

I closed my eyes and thought only about my sister. Warona must give me strength today.

Thabo: Wame, open your eyes. I know you want this powder

Me: I don’t, just leave me alone

Thabo: You are missing out. Michaela, here you go

I opened my eyes and looked at Michaela. I then shook my head.

Tears streamed down her face. This is real torture. Seeing tears in Michaela’s eyes made me hate Rita even more.

I whispered.

Me: Mick, don’t do it. Just close your eyes and think about Kate. She loves you so much. Wipe off your tears and be strong. You are stronger than you think. Don’t take cocaine. Kate won’t be happy

She wiped off her tears and closed her eyes.

Thabo: Michaela?

Michaela: I don’t want it

Gerald: But you are still going to feed us, babe

Michaela: How sure are you?

Gerald: I am very sure

Michaela opened her eyes and laughed.

Gerald: What’s funny?

Michaela: You are funny

Gerald: How am I funny?

Me: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

Keith: And what’s that supposed to mean?

Michaela: Don’t you know English, Keith or whatever you call yourself?

Thabo: Excuse me. What is wrong with you Michaela and Wame?

Me: Nothing is wrong but we are just being honest with your stupid friends


grabbed my hand with force.





He let go of my hand and stood up. I must say that he was fuming.



Lindo: My friend, are you just going to allow her to speak to you like that?

Thabo: Stay out of this, Lindo

Zweli: Teach these girls a lesson. Or should I do it for you?

Zweli got up and grabbed Michaela. I also got up and went closer to Thabo.

I spoke calmly.

Me: Tell your friend to leave my friend alone or else there’ll be bloodshed

Thabo: Zweli, let go of her. I’ll get you Alicia. She’s from the same orphanage. She’s a real puppet

Zweli: We paid for two girls

Thabo: You will get two girls. You will get Alicia and her friend, Mumsy. They can never say no to anyone

Zweli: Okay fine

He let go of Michaela.

Thabo: Wame, Rita will deal with you. Get out of my house

Me: (Smiles) With pleasure

Michaela and I left.

I can’t believe that I didn’t even have to use a gun. My big mouth helped me out of the situation today. Was this the power my mom was talking about? My big mouth???

Well it’s true that Mumsy and Alicia will agree to everything Thabo or other men say they should do. They are foolish and they are always horny. Mumsy is new at the orphanage but she already slept with “almost” every client. She’s been with us for five months now but she’s already like Alicia. I am not saying that I am perfect but sometimes you need to choose your friends wisely. With a friend like Alicia in life, you are slowly digging your own grave.


I hope what I just heard about Wame and Michaela is not true. I should tell my husband everything.

I found him in his office. I sat down and told him everything.

Me: Are you going to say something?

Joseph: Thabo is lying

Me: What if he’s not lying?

Joseph: Are you sleeping with Thabo?

Me: What?

Joseph: Answer the question

Me: I am not

Joseph: Okay fine, Thabo is lying. If you question me it means that you are sleeping with him

I kept quiet.

Joseph: Don’t you have anything to say?

Me: Okay, he’s lying

Joseph: Send Alicia and Mumsy. Don’t ever send Wame to Thabo’s house again

Me: Why?

Joseph: Why?

Me: Okay, I am sorry. I won’t do it again

Joseph: Do you promise?

I kept quiet.

Joseph: Rita?

Me: Yes?

Joseph: Do you promise?

Me: Yes, I do

Joseph: Don’t break your promise

Me: I won’t

Joseph: I don’t want to tell you what’s going to happen to you if you break your promise

Me: Okay. I have to go now. I need to send Alicia and Mumsy to Thabo’s house right away

Joseph: Good

I kissed his cheek and left.

I guess my husband is siding with Wame because Wame managed to win his trust. He doesn’t know that Wame is my spy. He doesn’t know that Wame tells me everything about him. Well done, Wame.

Part 28 – The Power Two


Michaela and I arrived at the orphanage. I want to show Michaela that if we believe, we can leave this place. I want to show her how foolish Rita can be. I want to show her that Joseph is now my puppet without even knowing.

Me: Come with me

Michaela: Where to?

Me: Rita’s office

Michaela: Why?

Me: Obviously Thabo told her everything

Michaela: She’s going to kill us

Me: Rita is foolish. Her foolishness makes her weak so relax

Michaela: Rita is not foolish, Wame

Me: Okay fine, she’s not always foolish but today she’s foolish. Let’s go to her office and you’ll understand everything

Michaela: Okay, Wame. I really trust you but I don’t understand why you still care about Ayanda

Me: What are you on about?

Michaela: Last night I told you that when you get the chance you should make her pay just like everyone else but you kept on ignoring me

Me: Warona was listening to us

Michaela: No, she was sleeping

Me: Believe me, she was listening to us. I saw her opening one eye

Michaela: Really?

Me: Yes

Michaela: Oh, sorry

Me: It’s fine and I don’t want to talk about Ayanda. Let’s just go to Rita’s office

Michaela: Sure

I took a glass bottle in the kitchen.

Michaela: And then?

Me: And then what?

Michaela: What are you doing with that bottle?

Me: I am going to smash it on Rita’s head

Michaela: What? Are you crazy?

Me: I just want to make myself happy

Michaela: Wame, do you have a death wish?

Me: Not at all. Let’s go

Michaela: You are really crazy

Me: Thank you

Michaela: It’s not a compliment

Me: Well, I take it as a compliment

I left the kitchen and Michaela followed me as scared as she was.

I immediately opened the door of Rita’s office and attacked her. When she fell down and started bleeding, I screamed “HELP!!!”.

Everyone came running. I guess I was loud enough to get everyone running.

Oh so this Joshua dog is also here? I really hate this man.

JS: Wame, you again?

Me: What do you mean by that?

Joseph: What happened here?

Me: (Cries) I swear to God I didn’t know that it’s Rita. I thought it was someone else

Joseph: Who?

Me: (Whispers) Jake. I’ll tell you everything later

JS: Wame, you are crazy

Me: I made a mistake. I am sorry

JS: I will call the doctor right away

Me: Thank you

Joseph: Everyone, go back to wherever you came from. Everything is fine

Everyone left except for Michaela, Joshua and Joseph of course.

Me: Joseph, I am really sorry

Joseph: It’s okay. Go to your bedroom

Michaela: Let’s go, Wame

Me: Okay

Michaela held my hand and led the way.

When I got to my room, I wiped off my tears and laughed.

Me: Do you think that I am misusing the power?

Michaela: What power?

Me: My power

Michaela: What power are you talking about?

Me: Listen, it’s not like I don’t trust you or anything but I won’t tell you everything because I don’t want you to end up in trouble

Michaela: I still don’t understand

Me: And you don’t have to understand anything, babe. Just be happy. Didnt you enjoy seeing Rita’s blood on the floor?

Michaela: (Smiles) I did

Me: This is the best day of my life, believe me

Michaela: (Smiles) Me too

Me: Help is on the way. I don’t know where it’ll come from but my mom gave me hope

Michaela: Your mom? Where did you see her and how?

Me: Dream

Michaela: Really?

Me: Yes

Michaela: What exactly was she saying?

Me: She said a lot of things, she wasn’t clear enough but she definitely said that I have the power

Michaela: (Smiles) Wow, I wish I could also see my mom in my dreams

Me: Please go check if Rita is awake

Michaela: Sure

She left.

I have to return Joseph’s gun before he notices that it’s gone. He’ll kill me, well that’s if he can really kill me.

No, let me lock the door and chat with Alex. I don’t really know Alex but there’s something about him that I like. And I am not talking about the looks. There’s more to the looks. He’s also my good distraction.

[Facebook Conversation]

Me: Heeeeey Alex

Alex: Mhmm, someone is in a good mood

Me: I am. Are you always online?

Alex: No, my data is always on so that’s why I get to reply to my messages anytime

Me: Okay then. How are you? I really missed you

Alex: Really? (With a winking face)

Me: Yeah, really

Alex: Well, I also missed you. I’ve been thinking about you

Me: So cute. Still don’t want to tell me your brother’s name?

Alex: Oh my God, here we go again

Me: What’s wrong? I should know my brother in-law’s name, don’t you think?

Alex: Brother in-law? (In love emoji)

Oh flip, did I really type that? I didn’t even think when typing that message. This is so embarrassing.

Me: I am sorry

Alex: Why are you sorry?

Me: That came out wrong

Alex: It came out of your mouth then you typed it so no, it didn’t come out wrong

Me: Do you say something out loud before typing it?

Alex: Yes

Me: You are weird (With a laughing face)

Alex: I know (With a winking face)

Me: Brother’s name?

Alex: Keith

Me: Whaaaat? (With a shocked face)

Alex: What’s going on?

Me: Please send his picture

Alex: Why?


I am freaking out because one of Thabo’s friends is Keith and… Oh my God, this can’t be happening.

Alex: What is wrong with you? Are you okay?

Me: Please send the picture

Alex: Okay fine, just give me a minute

Me: Sure

He sent five pictures. Thank God it’s not Thabo’s friend.

Alex: Are you happy now?

Me: I am sorry. I thought you were talking about someone else

Alex: You are the weirdest girl I’ve ever met

Me: Is that a bad thing?

Alex: What’s your story?

Me: Let’s video chat around 12:00?

Alex: I am at work but I’ll make time

Me: Thank you so much

Alex: You are welcome. I think you are hiding a lot of things from me. We really need to talk

Joseph started banging on my door. He couldn’t stop saying “WAME, COME OUT NOW!!!”.

Oh Lord, what now? Did I lose my power so soon?

I quickly turned off my data and switched off my phone. Sorry, Alex.

To be continued…

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