Echoes Of Loneliness Episode 25 – 26


Part 25 – Distraction Two

Rita is here to tell me that we are going out today. Obviously the little ones are not going out, they are never allowed to go out.

I actually saw someone who looks like Alex at the mall. I can’t wait to get home and chat with him. He’s really amazing. He’s my distraction.

[Few Hours Later]


Was I dreaming or did I really see Lesego at the mall today? She was with some girls and she was also surrounded by the bodyguards. She must be from a very rich family. I mean why else would she be surrounded by the bodyguards?

My friend, Tumelo walked in. I was just chilling in my bedroom, holding on to my phone, waiting for Lesego to text me.

Me: Hey

Tumelo: The last time you held onto your phone like that was when you were in love with that skank you met online. Are you in love?

Me: No

Tumelo: Put your phone down then

Me: Stay out of my business, please

Tumelo: Why do you always believe in finding love on social media? Are you crazy?

Me: Did I tell you that I am in love?

Tumelo: Who is she?

Me: Who is who?

Tumelo: The person you are chatting with

Me: She’s just a girl I met on Facebook, it’s nothing serious. We are just friends

Tumelo: I really don’t want to see you getting hurt again. Leave social media girls alone, they are not good for you and you know that

Me: You are always quick to judge

Tumelo: I am your friend and I care about you. I am not going to let social media girls hurt you again

Me: I’ve heard you

Tumelo: Really?

Me: Yes, no need to remind me about my past relationships

Tumelo: Who is she?

Me: Lesego. I had her on Facebook for almost two years now and I started talking to her today

Tumelo: Why?

Me: I don’t know why

Tumelo: Don’t fall for her

Me: I won’t, just relax

Tumelo: Where is she from?

Me: I don’t know

Tumelo: What exactly do you know about her?

Me: I know that she’s very nice and she makes me laugh

Tumelo: You started talking to her today and you think that she’s nice?

Me: Yes

Tumelo: You are heading to the wrong direction, friend

Me: Am I?

Tumelo: Yes. Look at yourself right now

Me: What?

Tumelo: You are waiting for her to text you, she’s not good for you

Me: Leave me alone

Tumelo: She’s not going to text you

Me: Why do you say that?

Tumelo: Because she’s just like the rest


No, she’s not

Tumelo: You don’t know her

Me: You also don’t know her

Tumelo: Alex, you are…

Lesego sent me a message on Facebook. I smiled and looked at my friend.

Me: She just texted me

Tumelo: What is she saying?

Me: It’s not your business

[Facebook Conversation]

Lesego: Hey Alex

Me: Hi

Lesego: What’s wrong?

Me: You’ve been getting the door forever

Lesego: I am sorry (With a laughing face)

Me: You are so horrible. I’ve been waiting for you for ages

Lesego: I am sorry. I had a lot to do

Me: Like going to the mall?

Lesego: Yes. Hold on. How do you know that I was at the mall?

Me: I think I might have seen you there

Lesego: Me too (With a smiling face)

Me: Wow, you are really beautiful, Lesego

Lesego: Thank you, Alex

Me: Are you in trouble?

Lesego: Trouble?

Me: Yes

Lesego: No, why?

Me: You were surrounded by the bodyguards

Lesego: Well…

Me: Well…???

Lesego: They are not my bodyguards

Me: Really?

Lesego: Yes. I also don’t want to talk about them

Me: Okay then. Are you mad at me?

Lesego: For what?

Me: For asking you so many questions

Lesego: I am not mad at you

Me: Prove it

Lesego: How?

Me: Let’s meet

Lesego: When?

Me: Right now

Lesego: It’s impossible

Me: Why?

Lesego: My sister is not feeling okay

Me: Do you have a sister?

Lesego: Yes, I have a beautiful, little sister. She’s my world

Me: That’s beautiful

Lesego: Do you have a sister?

Me: No, I don’t

Lesego: Brother?

Me: Yes, I have an elder brother

Lesego: Wow, that’s amazing

Me: I know. He’s also my world

Lesego: How old is he?

Me: He’s twenty nine years old

Lesego: And what about you?

Me: I am twenty five years old. How old are you?

Lesego: I am twenty two years old

Me: Mhmm, not bad (With a winking face)

Lesego: What’s that supposed to mean? (With a tongue out face)

Me: Leave it for another day. How old is your sister?

Lesego: Four

Me: That’s nice. What’s wrong with her?

Lesego: Meaning?

Me: You said that she’s not feeling well

Lesego: Oh… Yes, she is

Me: What’s wrong with her?

Lesego: Flu

Me: She’ll be fine, don’t worry

Lesego: Thank you (With a smiling face)

Me: So when am I seeing you?

Lesego: It’s too soon, don’t you think?

Me: No, it’s not. I want to meet up with my beautiful friend

Lesego: Soon

Me: When is soon?

Lesego: I’ll get back to you

Me: Do you promise?

Lesego: Yes, I promise (With a tongue out face)

I couldn’t stop smiling. I like Lesego, she makes me smile.

I looked at Tumelo and winked at him.

Me: Don’t worry about me, Lesego is harmless

Tumelo: But you don’t know her

Me: I have a good feeling about her, just relax. I am not a child anymore. Leave my room, you are disturbing me

Tumelo: Wow. You are already choosing her over me

Me: It’s not like that. Just leave. I’ll be downstairs very soon

Tumelo: Okay, fine

He got up and left the room.

I texted Lesego.

Me: Can I ask you something?

Lesego: Sure. Go ahead

Me: Do you have a boyfriend?

Lesego: No

Me: Are you interested in someone?

Lesego: Why are we talking about this?

Me: I am just curious

Lesego: I have to go, we’ll chat later

Me: Please wait

Lesego: Yes?

Me: Where do you live?

Lesego: Johannesburg

Me: I already know that. Where in Johannesburg?


Chat later dear, I really have to go

Me: Okay, later then

Lesego: Take care

Me: You too (With a winking face)

She sent me a heart and disappeared.

I went downstairs to chill with my friend.

My brother is also here. I am always happy to see him.

Part 26 – The Dream


I lied to Alex and said that my sister is not feeling okay. I feel so bad for lying but he couldn’t stop asking me many questions so I had to do it.

[Hours Later]

It’s time to go to bed. Michaela came to check up on my sister and I. Well, Warona is fast asleep.

Michaela: Wame, can I please ask you a question?

Me: Sure

Michaela: If you were to get out of this place, would you take care of Ayanda?

Me: Take care of Ayanda?

Michaela: Yes

Me: How?

Michaela: Killing her

Warona opened one eye, I could tell that she was listening to us.

Me: We’ll talk tomorrow

Michaela: Why?

Me: My sister is sleeping so I don’t want us to disturb her

Michaela: Ayanda should die with the rest of them

Me: Michaela, please

Michaela: What’s wrong with you? I am not making noise

Me: We’ll talk tomorrow, I promise

Michaela: Okay fine then

Me: Goodnight

Michaela: Goodnight. Please don’t wake up late tomorrow, you and I are going to Thabo’s house

Me: For what?

Michaela: I don’t know. I am just passing the message

Me: Okay fine, I’ll wake up early

Michaela: Sure. Goodnight

She left.

Warona pretended to be asleep. This little girl is a snake.

I switched off the lights and fell asleep.

[The Dream]

Mrs Daniels: You have failed me. You have failed your father. You have failed your own sister

Me: Mother, what have I done?

Mrs Daniels: Wame, you have to wake up and do something

Me: What are you talking about?

Mrs Daniels: Do something

Me: Something like what?

Mrs Daniels: Wame, wake up

Me: Mother, you are speaking in riddles

Mrs Daniels: Wake up

She began walking away but I ran after her.

Me: Mother, please wait

Mrs Daniels: Wake up, child

Me: Don’t leave me alone, please wait for me

Mrs Daniels: You don’t belong here with me. Just wake up and do something

Me: Something about what?

Mrs Daniels: Rita

Me: Rita?

Mrs Daniels: I will see you soon

Me: Please show me the way, don’t leave me. I am very lonely. This loneliness is killing me, mother

Mrs Daniels: You have Warona

Me: She’s just a baby

Mrs Daniels: Not anymore

Me: What do you mean?

Mrs Daniels: There is a way, just open your eyes

Me: I’ve tried everything but I failed

Mrs Daniels: Try harder and open your eyes or else I’ll never rest in peace

Me: What should I do?

Mrs Daniels: Goodbye, Wame

Me: Mother, please wait

Mrs Daniels: Don’t come after me

Me: But I need your help

Mrs Daniels: The power is in your hands, just open your eyes

Me: I don’t understand you

Mrs Daniels: You are smart

Me: Not anymore

Mrs Daniels: You are very smart, just open your eyes

Me: Please stop speaking in riddles

Mrs Daniels: Take care of yourself and your sister

Me: Mother, wait

Mrs Daniels: You have failed us. I will never forgive you

Me: I am sorry, please don’t do this to me

Mrs Daniels: Goodbye

She disappeared.

I woke up.



I was getting ready for bed when I got a message from Lesego.

Lesego: Hey Alex, are you sleeping?

Me: No. Are you okay?

Lesego: Why are you still awake?

Me: I was busy with some work. Why are you still awake?

Lesego: I just woke up now. I was dreaming about my mom

Me: Really?

Lesego: Yes

Me: So you didn’t dream about me?

Lesego: I will dream about you tomorrow

Me: Brutal

Lesego: Sorry (With a laughing face)

Me: Please tell me about your family?

Lesego: You go first

Me: Okay. Ask me questions and I’ll answer them

Lesego: Okay cool. Is your name really Alex Evans?

Me: Yes

Lesego: Are you really twenty five years old?

Me: Yes, I am

Lesego: How many siblings do you have?

Me: I had three but now it’s two

Lesego: What happened to the other one?

Me: She passed away

Lesego: She?

Me: Yes. I had a sister but she passed away. She was supposed to be twenty two years old just like you

Lesego: I am sorry for your loss

Me: It’s okay

Lesego: So do you have two siblings now?

Me: Correct. My brother and my best friend. I take my best friend as family. He’s really awesome. He’s a real definition of a best friend

Lesego: Really?

Me: Yes

Lesego: So you have your brother and your best friend?

Me: Yes

Lesego: And what happened to your parents?

Me: They also passed away

Lesego: I am so sorry (With a sad face)

Me: It’s really okay

Lesego: Do you miss them?

Me: Please don’t make me cry (With a sad face)

Lesego: I am sorry. I won’t ask you about them again. Of course you miss them, I am really sorry

Me: Stop apologizing

Lesego: My mom taught me well, I should always apologize when I am wrong

Me: You are so sweet (With a smiling face)

Lesego: I try (With a tongue out face)

Me: So are you done asking me questions?

Lesego: No. How old is your brother?

Me: He’s twenty nine years old

Lesego: Wow, that’s amazing. How is it like to have an elder brother?

Me: It’s amazing. My brother is awesome. He is the one who raised me. Actually he’s like a mother and a father to me. He’s my world

Lesego: Are you always this sweet?

Me: I try (With a laughing face)

Lesego: Copy cat (With a laughing face). Tell me, is your brother handsome like you?

Me: He’s handsome but not like me (With a tongue out face)

Lesego: What’s that supposed to mean?

Me: I am a ten and he’s a nine

Lesego: Oh, I see (With a winking face)

Me: You should stop talking about my brother, he’s off the market

Lesego: I didn’t say that I want him (With a laughing face)

Me: Well, I am just warning you (With a laughing face)

Lesego: So is he really taken?

Me: Yes, he’s married

Lesego: MARRIAGE???!!! (With a shocked face)

Me: Yeah, he’s someone’s husband

Lesego: Do you get along with his wife?

Me: Yes, she’s a good person. She’s not like a sister in-law to me, she’s like a real sister

Lesego: That’s amazing. So do you live with them?

Me: As old as I am? Hell no. I stay alone

Lesego: That’s nice, you have your own privacy

Me: True, dear

Lesego: What’s your brother’s name?

Me: I am now getting jealous, why do you keep on asking about my brother? Please ask about me

Lesego: Jealousy makes you nasty (With a laughing face)

I was really getting jealous, I couldn’t help it.

Me: I am going to kidnap you

Lesego: That would be God’s work. I’d be grateful

Me: Huh?

Lesego: Never mind (With a winking face)

Me: Are you always this weird?

Lesego: I try

Me: Wow (With laughing faces)

Lesego: Don’t laugh at me

Me: Will I really see you soon?

Lesego: Yes

Me: And when is that?

Lesego: I’ll let you know

Me: Okay cool. It’s my turn now

Lesego: What turn?

Me: To ask you about your family

Lesego: I am sleepy, dear

Me: You have started

Lesego: Sorry, but I promise to tell you about my family tomorrow

Me: It’s already the next day

Lesego: Well, around 15:00

Me: Do you promise?

Lesego: Yes, dear

Me: Don’t break your promise

Lesego: I won’t. I really enjoy chatting with you, you make me forget about my problems

Me: Do you have problems?

Lesego: Everyone

Me: I don’t

Lesego: You do, believe me

Me: If you say so

Lesego: Goodnight, Alex

Me: Goodnight, Lesego

She sent me a heart and disappeared. I also sent her a heart. She’ll see it when she comes back.

She’s right, I also have a problem. My problem is that I am very heartless and I can’t wait to teach the Samuels a lesson for what they did to my brother and I in the past. I heard that their orphanage is now a mansion. I am not going to spare them, that’s my problem but it’s a good problem.

To be continued…

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