ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 21 – 22


Part 21 – Giving Up

I went to the liquor room and got hold of a bottle of strong whiskey. This will be my first time drinking alcohol. I’ve seen people drinking alcohol when troubled so I also want to do it. Hopefully my pain will disappear. This loneliness is killing me. Why did my parents die? Do they even know the things I am going through?

Alicia walked in.

Alicia: Who gave you permission to touch the alcohol in this room?

Me: I gave myself permission

Alicia: You didn’t ask me to…

Me: Just shut up, Alicia

Alicia: Or else what?

Me: Or else I’ll make you

Alicia: I am not scared of you

Me: Do you think that I am scared of you?

Alicia: You should be

Me: Why?

Alicia: Because I am older than you

Me: Oh, shut up

Alicia: Leave this room

Me: I am not going anywhere

Alicia: (Yells) GET OUT, I SAID!!!

Me: Don’t yell at me

She pulled me by the clothes and made me very angry. I got up from the chair and beat her up. Out of anger I smashed the bottle of whiskey on her head.

She lost conscious and I must say that she was losing a lot of blood. I thought that I’d feel sorry or get scared but I didn’t. I honestly don’t know what happened to me.

I got another bottle of whiskey and sat down. I started drinking again.

Joshua and Joseph walked in. They were so shocked to see Alicia lying on the floor.

Joseph: Wame, what happened?

Me: Where?

JS: What did you do to her?

Me: Who?

JS: Alicia

Me: Who’s that?

JS: What? Are you out of your mind?

Me: What are you doing here? Do you live here?

JS: This is also my orphanage. My surname is Samuels

Me: Just leave me alone

JS: Joseph, call Rita

Joseph: What will Rita do? Are you crazy, Josh? We must call the doctor

JS: Okay, fine

Joshua called the doctor.

Me: JS, tell your girl to stay away from me

JS: Alicia is not my girl

Me: Well when she wakes up you must tell her to stay away from me

JS: What exactly happened here?

Me: Ask Alicia

JS: But she’s unconscious

Me: I am also unconscious

JS: Talking to you is a waste of time

Me: I feel the same way about you

He carried Alicia out of the room.

Joseph came closer to me. He took away the bottle of whiskey and kissed my forehead.

Me: What’s going on? Why did you do that?

Joseph: What happened to you?

Me: Nothing

Joseph: Did you really want to kill her?

Me: Leave me alone, Joseph

Joseph: Won’t you talk to me?

Me: About what?

Joseph: Everything

Me: You are a monster, what’s there to talk about?

Joseph: I am sorry for slapping you

Me: You can do it again, I really don’t care

Joseph: I slapped you out of anger

Me: No, you slapped me because you are a monster

Joseph: I am not a monster

Me: Then what are you?

He kept quiet.

Me: Please leave

Joseph: No

Me: Then it’s fine, I’ll leave

Joseph: Please don’t leave

Me: Do you even really like me?

Joseph: Yes, I do

Me: No, you don’t

Joseph: I really do

Me: You are lying to me

Joseph: I am not

Me: If you think that you’d slap me and see tears in my eyes then you are wrong. You’ll never see me cry, Joseph

Joseph: I never want to see you cry

Me: Liar

Joseph: I am not lying

Me: Stay away from me, Joseph

Joseph: I…

Rita walked in.

Rita: What happened here? Joshua told me about Alicia

Me: You’ve come at the right time. Clean the blood on the floor

Rita: What? Me?

Me: Yes, you

Rita: Who are you to tell me what to do? Are you crazy?

Me: Who am I? I am the only one you tr…

Rita: Okay fine, I’ll mop the floor

Me: Good

Joseph: Rita, are you hiding something from me?

Rita: No, why?

Joseph: How did you agree to clean the floor so easily?

Rita: (Smiles) Uhm… I… Because… Let it go, honey

Joseph: Okay, mop the floor then. I am going to bed

Me: Didn’t you come here to have something to drink?

Joseph: How can I drink after everything that happened here?

Me: Okay fine. Goodnight

Joseph: Goodnight

He left.

Rita gave me a horrible look and came closer to me.

Me: What?

Rita: How dare you make me mop the floor?

Me: Do you want your husband to suspect us? I had to tell you to mop the floor

Rita: Oh, so you did this for me?

Rita is really a fool. I told her something foolish and she fell for it

Me: Yes, Rita

Rita: Thank you

Me: Pleasure, bitch

Rita: Pardon?

Me: Huh?

Rita: Did you just call me a bitch?

Me: Uhm… Sorry, I thought that I was talking to Alicia

Rita: Oh, okay then. I’ll get the mop and a bucket of water

Me: Sure

Rita: Thanks for everything, Wame

Me: You are welcome

She left.

I also got up and went to my bedroom. Surprisingly I found Joseph in my bedroom. Well Warona is sleeping with Michaela and Kate.

Me: What are you doing here?

Joseph: I came to apologize

Me: Please leave my bedroom

He locked the door and kissed me.

Me: Stay away

Joseph: You are drunk

Me: I am not

Joseph: Don’t say anything, just kiss me

Me: No, leave me alone. You are a monster

Joseph: I am not. I am sorry for everything. I am rea…

I gave him a hot slap and left him speechless.

Part 22 – Giving Up Two


This Wame girl slapped me and it’s like I am not bothered at all. Yes, I am shocked that she slapped me because Rita never and I mean NEVER slapped me. Why am I not teaching her a lesson? Why am I just staring at her like a fool? Joseph, you are getting weak, what is wrong with you? Just teach Wame a lesson.

I pinned her against the wall and strangled her.


She interrupted me.

Wame: I… You are… Hur-hurting me

I let go of her.

Me: You should apologize to me for what you did

Wame: Over… (Coughs) my dead body

Out of anger, I screamed and punched the wall. I am so angry at myself for giving in so easily. Why didn’t I just teach Wame a lesson? Why?

Well, I stormed out of her bedroom.

[The Next Morning]


I heard that a lot happened around here last night. Apparently Wame fought with Alicia and smashed a bottle of alcohol on her head. I really want to see Wame, she did a great job.

Warona and Kate are still sleeping so I quickly went to see Wame. I knocked on the door and she let me in.

Me: Morning

Wame: Hey

Me: You look awful

Wame: I know

Me: What happened?

Wame: I am sick

Me: You are sick?

Wame: That’s what I just said

Me: What happened?

Wame: Alcohol happened

Me: (Laughs) You drank alcohol?

Wame: Yeah, last night and I think I might have slapped Joseph

Me: What? And you are still alive?

Wame: What do you mean?

Me: You slapped Joseph and he let you go?

Wame: I don’t know if I really slapped him, maybe I was dreaming

Me: Why did you even touch alcohol? Didn’t you tell me that you don’t drink alcohol?

Wame: Get me painkillers and stop asking me many questions

Me: Okay, I’ll ask aunt Nina for painkillers

Wame: Fine

I went to aunt Nina’s room.

Me: Morning aunt

Nina: Hey dear, how are you?

Me: I am fine thanks and you?

Nina: I am feeling better now

Me: Well Wame is also sick

Nina: What? What is wrong with her?

Me: Uhm… headache

Nina: Oh so are you here to ask for painkillers?

Me: Yes

Nina: Okay, I’ll get you some

Me: Thank you

She gave me the painkillers.

Nina: What happened last night?

Me: Meaning?

Nina: Warona slept with you and not with Wame

Me: So?

Nina: It has never happened before

Me: It has

Nina: Michaela, what’s going on?

Me: I don’t know what you are talking about

Nina: Michaela?

Me: Sorry, I have to go

Nina: Micha…

I rushed to the door and left.

I got to Wame’s bedroom and gave her the painkillers.

Wame: Thank you

Me: You are welcome

Wame: How’s my sister?

Me: She’s okay, she’s still sleeping

Wame: So late? This is not like her. She always wake up early

Me: Well there’s first time for everything. You also woke up late

Wame: Just shut up

Me: (Laughs) Don’t ever drink alcohol, babe. It’s clearly not for you

Wame: You can say that again. Why do people even drink alcohol? I mean it’s bad

Me: (Laughs) For you

Wame: You keep on laughing, leave me alone

Me: I am sorry

Wame: I need to tell you something

Me: What is it?

Wame: Ayanda won’t be helping us anymore

Me: Why not?

Wame: Her father is Joseph’s friend

Me: Say what?

Wame: Yeah, it’s true

Me: How come?

Wame: I also don’t know because Ayanda’s whole family is from KZN and Joseph always lived here. I really don’t know what’s happening. I don’t know anything and I am done trying to help everyone

Me: Does Ayanda know that his father is also a monster?

Wame: I don’t know

Me: Then find out

Wame: How?

Me: Call her

Wame: I don’t have a phone anymore

Me: What happened to it?

Wame: Joseph took it

Me: Oh, is that why you slapped him?

Wame: Yeah, you can say that. But did I really slap him? What if I was dreaming?

Me: (Laughs) You are such a fool

Wame: Thank you

Me: It’s not a compliment

Wame: I’ll throw you out of the window

Me: (Giggles) Sorry

Wame: Can I ask you something?

Me: Sure

Wame: Are you okay?

Me: Yes, why?

Wame: I just told you that no one is going to help us

Me: I am fine, what can I do? There’s nothing I can do to change what’s happening so yes, I am fine

Wame: Yeah, there’s also nothing I can do to change what’s happening so I am done

Me: And I understand. You really tried so thank you

Wame: (Smiles) You are welcome

Me: Let’s go have breakfast with everyone

Wame: I’ll be right behind you, I need to speak to Joseph then bath my sister

Me: But your sister is sleeping

Wame: Yeah I’ll bath her when she wakes up

Me: Okay then. Go to Joseph’s room and ask him if you slapped him or not

Wame: Yeah

Me: Don’t you really remember what happened?

Wame: I am not sure

Me: (Laughs) Alcohol is not for you, Wame

Wame: I’ve heard you, Michaela. Stop laughing at me

Me: Sorry. Okay, I am leaving now

Wame: Sure

Me: Oh, wait. Congratulations for smashing a bottle on Alicia’s head

Wame: (Smiles) Thanks

Me: (Smiles) You really did great

Wame: (Smiles) I know but thank you, babe

Me: Bye. I am really starving

Wame: As always

I just laughed and left.


I remember fighting with Alicia, I wasn’t drunk by then so yes, I remember smashing a bottle of alcohol on Alicia’s head but I don’t remember slapping Joseph. No, I remember slapping him but I was dreaming. He also strangled me. Oh Lord, am I even making sense? Well Joseph is the only person who can tell me what really happened last night.

I went to his bedroom and let myself in. I mean the door is not locked.

He was still in bed. I joined him under the blanket. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at me.

Me: (Smiles) Morning

Joseph: What do you want?

Me: What happened last night?

Joseph: Are you asking me?

Me: Yes

Joseph: You slapped me

Me: So it wasn’t a dream?

Joseph: What? You slapped me now you are here pretending like it was a dream?

Me: Oh so it wasn’t a dream? I really slapped you and you strangled me. Okay, we are equal

He kept quiet.

Me: We are not even equal because you first slapped me

Joseph: I am sorry

Me: I am also sorry

Joseph: Let’s forget about everything that happened

Me: No problem. Now go to the bathroom and brush your teeth, your breath is bad

Joseph: (Smiles) Okay then

He got up and went to the bathroom.

I may have ran out of plans to get out of this place and help everyone but I know that I should definitely create a rift between Joseph and Rita. Joshua is next.

Well, Joseph came out of the bathroom and joined me in bed.

Me: Are we okay now?

Joseph: Yes, we are

Me: My head is literally spinning, I am never going to drink alcohol again

Joseph: Yes, alcohol is not for you

Me: Can I ask you something?

Joseph: Sure

Me: Why did you let me go just like that?

Joseph: What are you talking about?

Me: I slapped you, right?

Joseph: Right

Me: So how come you didn’t teach me a lesson? Why did you let me go?

He kept quiet and started scratching his lower lip with his index finger. What a weird man he is.

To be continued…

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