ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 19 – 20


Part 19 – Blinded By Trust


I’ve been thinking about everything that happened and I’ve made a decision. Wame is the only person I should trust. She’s like my puppet. She believes that if she crosses me, I am going to sell Warona so yes, Wame should be trusted. I believe that she’ll do everything I ask her to do.

I went to Joseph’s bedroom to check if he’s okay. He was busy with the laptop. I sat down next to him.

Me: Hey honey

Joseph: What do you want?

Me: What happened to you?

Joseph: What do you mean?

Me: Why are you acting so strange?

Joseph: Where have you been?

Me: Our house

Joseph: What were you doing there?

Me: Clearing my head

Joseph: Who were you with?

Me: I was alone

Joseph: Oh, really?

Me: Yes

Joseph: Get me something to drink

Me: Now?

Joseph: Yes

Me: Water?

Joseph: Whiskey

Me: Okay but may I say something?

Joseph: Sure

Me: I missed you so much

Joseph: Okay

Me: I mean it

Joseph: Get me some whiskey

Me: Okay

I got him what he wanted.

Joseph: Thanks

Me: You are welcome

Joseph: Leave

Me: No

Joseph: No?

Me: Babe, you know that I love you. Why are you doing this to me?

Joseph: Rita, please keep quiet. I am busy with important work

I kissed his cheek.

Me: I am sorry. Can we please start afresh?

Joseph: Rita, please leave

I got undressed.

Me: Babe, look at me

Joseph: I am busy

Me: Just once

Joseph: No

Me: (Whispers) I am wearing the beautiful lingerie you bought for me

Joseph: So?

Me: It’s your favorite so look at me

Joseph: Just leave me alone

What is wrong with him? I am half naked but he doesn’t even want to look at me. I am wearing the sexy lingerie he bought for me months back but he still doesn’t want to look at me. What is really wrong with him?

Me: Babe?

Joseph: Rita, leave

Me: Won’t you look at me?

Joseph: I said get out

Me: Please

He got up and left the room.

Tears streamed down my face as I got dressed again. I then went to Wame’s bedroom.


I was combing my sister’s hair when Rita walked in. I was with her like few minutes ago so why is she here?

Me: Hi

Rita: Hey

Me: What’s going on?

Rita: Nothing

Me: But you are crying

Rita: Please be the one to serve my husband dinner tonight

I am definitely going to serve your husband dinner tonight but not the one you are talking about.

Me: Why?

Rita: He’s still mad at me

Me: Oh, okay then I’ll serve him tonight

Rita: Thanks

Me: Why is he mad at you?

Rita: I don’t know

Me: Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine

Rita: Thank you

Me: Wipe off your tears

She wiped off her tears and smiled.

Rita: Thank you, Wame

Me: You are welcome

Warona: She’s a witch

Rita: Who, baby?

Warona: You

Rita: Why are you calling me a witch?

Warona: (Screams) Witch, witch, witch!!!

Me: Warona, keep quiet

She left in a hurry.

Me: Please forgive her, she’s just a child

Rita: It’s okay

But Waro is right, Rita is a witch.

Me: Do you need something else?

Rita: Yes

Me: What is it?

Rita: Serve my husband dinner and be with him in his room until he fall asleep

I will definitely do that.

Me: What are you saying, Rita? How is that possible?

Rita: Wame, please

Me: What’s going to happen there? Like what am I going to talk about with your husband?

Rita: Anything

Me: You are putting me in a very awkward position, Rita

Rita: I know and I am sorry

Me: I am going to give him something to eat then he’ll ask me to leave his room, what am I going to say after that?

Rita: I know that you are smart. You’ll start a conversation right away

Me: But your husband is not in a good mood, he’s going to chase me away

Rita: Wame, I trust you so don’t worry. Everything is going to be fine

Me: Do you think so?

Rita: Yes

Me: Okay fine then, I’ll do as you say

Rita: (Smiles) Thank you

Me: But I need something in return

Rita: What is it?

Me: Don’t allow Thabo to take me away for the whole week. I don’t want to sleep with him ever again

Rita: Who told you that he’s…

Me: Everyone knows and you didn’t even tell me

Rita: Okay fine then. You won’t leave with Thabo

Me: Do you promise?

Rita: Yes

Me: Don’t break your promise

Rita: I won’t

Me: Thank you

Rita: You are welcome. I am leaving now

Me: Okay

She got up and left.

Does she really trust me? Is she that foolish? No, I have to find out what exactly Rita is up to. I really don’t trust her.

Michaela walked in.

Michaela: Wame, have you heard from Ayanda?

Me: No

Michaela: Do you think that her father is going to help us?

Me: Yes, I think so. He’s going to involve the social workers

Michaela: That’s awesome but I am now impatient

Me: Me too but we must wait for Ayanda to get back to us

Michaela: Sure

Me: How are you now?

Michaela: I am feeling better

Me: Do you always take drugs when you are not okay?

Michaela: Uhm… sometimes

Me: But why?

Michaela: They make me feel better

Me: You are foolish. Don’t ever take drugs again. Cocaine, babe? It’s going to kill you

Michaela: Can we please talk about something else?

Me: I have to go check up on aunt Nina, she said something about being sick

Michaela: Oh yeah, she’s not feeling well at all

Me: Let’s go to her room

Michaela: Sure

We left.

We bumped into Joseph by the stairs and he slipped a piece of paper in my pocket.

Part 20 – Back To Square One

[Hours Later]

It’s finally dinner time and all the orphans are eating at the hall (Our dinning room). I ate before everyone else and went to Rita’s office where I found her eating. I sat down.

Me: It’s time now

Rita: Where’s your sister?

Me: Eating

Rita: Won’t she look for you when she’s done?

Me: Michaela is going to look after her, don’t worry

Rita: Great then. Did you dish up for my husband?

Me: Yes

Rita: You may go

Me: I am so nervous

I am actually lying, I am not nervous at all but I am happy.

Rita: Don’t be nervous, you’ll be fine

Me: I can’t help it

Rita: And I understand

Me: Okay, I am leaving now

Rita: All the best

Me: Thanks

Rita: Don’t spill the beans

Me: I won’t

Rita: I trust you, puppet

Me: What did you call me?

Rita: Uhm… I… I mean you are beautiful just like a puppy

She’s lying to me, she is calling me a puppet. Does she really think that I am a puppet? Is that why she trusts me? Well, this puppet is going to destroy her.

I faked my smile.

Me: Thanks

Rita: (Smiles) Sure. You may go now

Me: Okay

I got up and first went to my bedroom to wear a dress. I then remembered that Joseph had given me something earlier on.

I checked my pockets and found a piece of paper. I then put my jeans away and sat down.

I unfolded the piece of paper and I was immediately confused. It’s written “tipots” in big letters. “What language is this? Doesn’t Joseph know how to write? Could it be that he’s an illiterate?”, I asked myself as I got up and walked out of the room.

I went to the kitchen to get Joseph’s food then went to his bedroom. I was still holding on to that piece of paper.

I knocked on the door. He only opened after approximately five minutes. What a fool.

Me: Hey, may I please come in?

Joseph: Sure

I went in.

Me: What took you so long to open the door?

Joseph: I was in the bathroom, I didn’t hear you only until I got out. I am sorry

Me: (Smiles) It’s okay. I brought you something to eat. Close the door

Joseph: Okay

He closed the door and locked it.

Me: Sit down

He sat down and started eating.

Joseph: Did you cook?

Me: No

Joseph: When are you going to cook for me?

Me: Soon

Joseph: Where’s Rita?

Me: Her office. She’s eating

Joseph: You mean she started eating before me?

Me: Yes. She didn’t look bothered at all

Joseph: She’s starting to disrespect me

Me: I don’t understand

Joseph: You won’t understand

Me: Make me understand

Joseph: Rita knows that I must eat dinner before her. She was even supposed to serve me. Doesn’t she care about me anymore?

Me: It’s quite obvious

Joseph: Well thank you for caring. Thanks alot

Me: (Smiles) You are welcome. Guess what?

Joseph: Jake is here

Me: No

Joseph: Then what is it? Please tell me

Me: Rita gave me permission to be here

Joseph: How?

Me: She asked me to keep an eye on you. She said that I should get close to you

Joseph: (Smiles) I love that. She’s making things easier for us

Me: That’s true

Joseph: So why did she ask you to keep an eye on me?

Me: She believes that you are cheating on her

Joseph: Is that so?

Me: Yes

Joseph: So tell me something, whose side are you on?

Me: Isn’t it obvious?

Joseph: Answer the question, Wame

Me: Your side

Joseph: Promise?

Me: I promise

Joseph: Don’t betray me

Me: I won’t

He looked at me in a very different way. He even made me feel uncomfortable.

Me: Why are you looking at me like that?

Joseph: Did you just say that you won’t betray me?

Me: Yes

Joseph: I don’t believe you

Me: Why not?

Joseph: You probably started betraying me

Me: How?

Joseph: I don’t know. You tell me

Me: What are you trying to say, Joseph?

Joseph: Nothing. Just fix your ways

Me: I don’t understand

Joseph: Do not betray me, that’s what I am saying

Me: I won’t betray you

He pushed the plate of food aside and came closer to me.

Joseph: Siyabonga

Me: Siyabonga?

Joseph: Yes

Me: No, you should say “Ngiyabonga” because there’s only one of you

Joseph: Sorry, I am not a Zulu speaker

Me: But you just thanked me in Zulu

Joseph: (Laughs) You are so slow

Me: Am I?

He kissed my cheek.

Joseph: Yes

Me: I am really lost

Joseph: Siyabonga is someone’s name

Me: Oh, sorry. Okay, who’s Siyabonga?

Joseph: My friend, my very good friend. Someone who can never betray me no matter what

Me: You are really speaking in riddles

Joseph: Where’s that piece of paper I gave to you?

Me: Here

Joseph: Read what’s written there

Me: tipots

Joseph: Do you understand?

Me: Not at all

Joseph: Why not?

Me: What language is this?

Joseph: English

Me: (Laughs) You’ve lost it

Joseph: Read it starting from “s”

Me: Backwards?

Joseph: Mhmm

Me: S-t-o-p-i-t. Stop it?

Joseph: Mhmm

Me: (Laughs) Oh yeah, I am so slow

Joseph: Of course you are

Me: So what exactly do you want me to stop?

Joseph: Siyabonga will never betray me

Me: There we go again. Can’t you be clear? You are saying so many things at the same time

Joseph: Am I?

Me: Duh!

Joseph: Don’t ever speak to me like that

Me: Sorry

Joseph: Let’s sit down

Me: Sure

We both sat down.

Joseph: I like you so much but I will never allow you to betray me. You can’t betray me and get away so stop it before it’s too late

Me: Did I really betray you?

Joseph: Yes and I am very angry

Me: How did I betray you?

Joseph: Do I really have to remind you?

Me: Yes

Joseph: I am not a fool

Me: I know

Joseph: Are you sure?

Me: Yes

He grabbed my hand with force. It was really hurting.

Joseph: Wame Daniels, STOP IT!!!

Me: Ouch, you are hurting me

He started shouting at me. I was really lost.


I also yelled at him.


He gave me a hot slap that left me speechless.

I spoke calmly.

Me: Did you just slap me?


Me: Fine

I went to get the phone. I can’t believe that he slapped me.

I gave him the phone. He was really fuming.

Me: What have I done?


Me: How do you know her?

He had a glass of water and sat down. He then spoke calmly.

Joseph: Does it matter?

Me: Yes, it does

Joseph: Why did you do it?

Me: Do you think that I am happy here? No, I am not

Joseph: And I don’t care

Me: Obviously

Joseph: Why did you do it?

Me: How do you know Ayanda? Is she one of your side chicks?

Joseph: No

Me: Then how do you know her?

Joseph: Does it really matter?

Me: Yes, Joseph

Joseph: Don’t you know your own friend’s father?

Me: I don’t follow

Joseph: What you two have is not a real friendship

Me: Are you Ayanda’s father?

Joseph: No

Me: Fine then, I’ll call Ayanda and ask her everything I want to know

Joseph: You will not do that

Me: Why not? Who are you and who’s Ayanda?

Joseph: Ayanda is Siyabonga’s daughter

Me: Huh?

He smashed the glass on the wall and got up. He came to my face and started yelling again.


Me: But…


I slowly walked away. I didn’t have the strength anymore. I didn’t have the energy to even ask questions. I was just like a living corpse.

We are back to square one and I am done trying to help everyone. I AM DONE!!!

To be continued…

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