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ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 17 – 18

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ECHOES OF LONELINESS episode 17 – 18 by : 6:10 pm On August 23, 2021
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Part 17 – Life Saver

[A Day Later]

I got a phone call from Ayanda. I am always happy to hear from her. Truly speaking, I’ve been waiting for her call for so long.

I gladly answered the call.

Me: Hey madam UK

Ayanda: (Giggles) How are you?

Me: I am good thanks and you?

Ayanda: I am fine thanks. Guess what?

Me: Tell me

Ayanda: Can you talk now?

Me: Yes, I can

Ayanda: Okay. I told my parents everything and they are willing to help you

Me: (Smiles) Really?

Ayanda: Yes, babe

Me: Thank you so much

Ayanda: You are welcome

Me: So what exactly are they going to do?

Ayanda: They’ll tell the cops everything

Me: Cops?

Ayanda: Yes

Me: That’s not a good idea. The cops are working with these people

Ayanda: Listen to me, my father is a friend with this other police man from UK. He’ll tell him everything

Me: Uhh… Uhm… Can he be trusted?

Ayanda: I think so

Me: I have a bad feeling about him, I don’t know why

Ayanda: You are just worried, that’s all

Me: Do you think so?

Ayanda: Yes

Me: Can I ask you a question?

Ayanda: Sure

Me: What if Joseph knows… uhm… What’s his name?

Ayanda: My father’s friend?

Me: Yes. What’s his name?

Ayanda: Thomas

Me: Yes, what if Joseph knows Thomas?

Ayanda: I don’t think they know one another. What makes you think that they know one another?

Me: I don’t know. I mean these people knows many people. They are connected

Ayanda: Ask Joseph if he knows Thomas

Me: Are you foolish?

Ayanda: Why do you say that?

Me: Do you want me to make him suspect me?

Ayanda: Uhm… Well… You are right, I am sorry

Me: I’ll have to win his trust

Ayanda: How?

Me: Don’t worry

Ayanda: What are you up to, Wame?

Me: Nothing

Ayanda: Are you sure?

Me: Very sure

Ayanda: Okay, fine then

Me: Please ask your father not to tell the cops anything. If he tells the cops everything, I’ll be doomed. Do you know that everything will point back at me?

Ayanda: How?

Me: Ayanda, Joseph told me that he didn’t buy me a phone just so I can destroy him. He told me that he’ll kill me if…

Ayanda: What exactly is going on between the two of you?

Me: Nothing

Ayanda: So why would he buy you a phone?


You are asking me many unimportant questions. Let’s talk about the reason why you called, madam life saver

Ayanda: I’ll ask father to speak to the social workers. They’ll be able to do something, right?

Me: That’s true

Ayanda: So don’t worry, everything is going to be fine

Me: I trust you

Ayanda: Thank you. I sent you some money like days back

Me: Did you?

Ayanda: Yes

Me: Oh, well I am not using my old number so I didn’t notice. Thanks babe but you don’t have to keep on giving me money

Ayanda: Why not?

Me: Rita may be evil but there’s everything we need here and I still have some money saved

Ayanda: Really?

Me: Yes, honey

Ayanda: Okay then, if you say so

Me: Thanks for everything

Ayanda: You are welcome

Me: Guess what?

Ayanda: Please tell me

Me: Waro is growing up. She talks too much nowadays. Sometimes she doesn’t make sense or she’s not clear but you know that I’ve always understood everything she says

Ayanda: (Giggles) Really?

Me: Yes

Ayanda: That’s really sweet

Me: No

Ayanda: No?

Me: Yes, it’s not sweet

Ayanda: Why not? Aren’t you happy that she’s growing up?

Me: No. She started asking about our parents. What do I tell her?

Ayanda: Oh my God. That’s huge

Me: I know hey

Ayanda: I am sorry babe

Me: It’s fine, it’s going to be okay. Look, I have to go. We’ll talk soon

Ayanda: Okay dear. Love you lots

Me: (Smiles) Love you too. Bye

Ayanda: Bye. Please greet Waro for me

Me: Sure

I hung up, deleted received calls and dialled history. I always do this so that I don’t get caught. Ayanda’s number is not even saved, I just know it, I had to know it.

I switched off the phone and hid it. I then left my bedroom.

I actually haven’t seen Rita since yesterday. Joseph never went home. Well he’s got a bedroom and an office around here just like Rita.

As I was chilling outside, Warona came to me. I made her sit on my laps and just looked at her. She smiled at me and klzzed me. God, I really love this girl. We played together and had fun.

Michaela came to us.

Me: Hey babe

Michaela: Hey. You two look happy

Me: Truly speaking, my sister makes me happy

Michaela: You are such an amazing person, Wame

Me: I try hey

Michaela: I love how you love your sister

Me: (Smiles) Thanks

Michaela: You inspire me

Me: But you also love your sister

Michaela: Truly speaking, I am not like you. Sometimes I feel like just telling Rita to take Kate far away from me. I also get tired, Wame

Me: Hey, don’t say that. You are amazing but please don’t ever give up

Michaela: But…

Me: Let’s talk about this later only when it’s just you and me

Michaela: Okay, no problem. Please tell me, have you heard from your friend?

Me: Yes

Michaela: And?

Me: Help is on the way

Michaela: (Smiles) Really?

Me: Yes

Michaela: Wow, I am so happy

Me: Me too

Michaela: Your friend is a life saver

Me: You can say that again

Michaela: I can’t wait to be free

Me: Me too, babe. I really want everyone to be happy

Michaela: Do not worry, one day is one day. Oh damn, I forgot to tell you that Joseph is calling you


Where is he?

Michaela: His bedroom

Me: Oh. Where’s Rita?

Michaela: I don’t know. What happened yesterday?

Me: Life happened

Michaela: Meaning?

Me: Her husband does not want anything to do with her

Michaela: But why?

Me: Why are you asking me? I don’t know anything

Michaela: Really?

Me: Yes

Michaela: If you say so then

Me: Do you doubt me?

Michaela: I didn’t say that

Me: Okay. Let me go to Joseph. Please take care of my sister

Michaela: Okay dear

I klzzed Warona and went to Joseph’s bedroom.

Truly speaking, I trust Ayanda. I believe that help is on the way. The Samuels will go down very soon and I am so excited.

Part 18 – Pain And Pleasure

When I got to Joseph’s room I sat down next to him. He got up and locked the door.

“Why is he locking the door?”, I asked myself. I was feeling very scared now. Does he want to sleep with me? What’s the rush and why here?

He opened this other huge, beautiful box and got hold of a gun. He then sat down next to me and smiled.

Me: Uhm… What’s going on, Joseph?

Joseph: Do you see this gun?

Me: Yes

Joseph: Do you want to die?

Me: No

Joseph: Then stop what you are doing

Me: I don’t understand

Joseph: Really?

Me: Yes

Joseph: Do you see a fool when looking at me?

Me: No

Joseph: Then stop what you are doing

What is he on about? I am honestly lost.

Me: Joseph, I am really lost

Joseph: (Giggles) You look so beautiful

Me: You are so weird, Joseph

Joseph: (Smiles) I know

He got up and put away the gun. He then came closer and klzzed me.

Me: Joseph, please stop it

Joseph: Why?

Me: Rit…

Joseph: Don’t talk about her

Me: She’s going to kill me

Joseph: For what?

Me: For this. Us. Everything

Joseph: Just relax

Me: I…

He started undressing me. Truly speaking, I wanted him so bad. I let him do whatever he wanted to do but with protection. It was painful but I guess it won’t be painful for the third time, this is just my second time doing this so I’ll get used to it. I love how gentle he was with me, so it was really amazing. Pain and pleasure, you may say.

After making love, we just cuddled in bed. I wasn’t thinking about Rita anymore. She can really go to hell.

Joseph: I enjoyed every moment of it

Me: You did?

Joseph: Yes

Me: Me too but it was also painful

Joseph: You’ll get used to it

Me: (Smiles) Sure

I got dressed.

Joseph: Are you going somewhere?

Me: Yes. I’ve been here for so long. People will start suspecting you and I

Joseph: Do you care?

Me: Yes, Joseph

Joseph: But why?

Me: Come on, Joseph. Don’t do this

Joseph: Okay fine then. You may leave but come to me before going to bed tonight

Me: I’ll try

Joseph: Please

Me: Okay fine, I’ll come

Joseph: (Smiles) Thank you

Me: Sure. I am leaving now

Joseph: Okay. Come give me a klzz

I went closer to him and klzzed him.

Me: Bye

Joseph: (Smiles) Bye and stop what you are doing

Me: What have I done?

Joseph: Just stop it or you’ll pay a heavy price

He got up and went to the bathroom. He is so weird. What have I done?

Well, I left.

I found Michaela taking cocaine in my bedroom. Is this girl crazy?

Me: Michaela, what are you doing?

Michaela: Uhm… I… You are back?

Me: Obviously

I locked the door.

Michaela: I am sorry, Wame

Me: Give that to me

Michaela: (Cries) Wame, please

Me: What is wrong with you and why are you doing this in my bedroom?

Michaela: I am sorry

Me: What happened to you?

Michaela: I told you that sometimes I can’t be around Kate. I really want Rita to take her away. I want Rita to sell her

Me: How can you say that? Are you losing your mind?

Michaela: No, I am not

Me: Then how can you say that?

Michaela: Wame, I am tired

Me: But why?

Michaela: I am not enjoying life because of her

Me: Come here

I gave her a hug and took the cocaine away from her.

Me: It’s going to be okay. I am here for you and Kate

Michaela: Thank you, Wame

Me: It’s okay. Don’t ever give up on Kate, please

Michaela: I’ll try

Me: Thank you. I need to take a bath now

Michaela: Okay

Me: Where’s Wame?

Michaela: With Kate and aunt Nina

Me: Okay then. I’ll be right back

Michaela: Sure

I went to the bathroom.

[An Hour Later]

Rita finally came back and called me to her office. I sat down and just looked at her.

Me: What do you want?

Rita: Hey Wame

Me: Hi

Rita: You are the only one I trust that’s why I called you here

Me: Trust?

Rita: Yes

Me: What are you talking about?

Rita: I don’t trust my husband anymore. Did you hear how he spoke to me yesterday? Something is definitely wrong

Me: So what do you want from me?

Rita: I want you to keep an eye on my husband. Be the spy I need

Me: Uhm… Okay but why?

Rita: I think that he’s cheating on me

Me: What?

Rita: Yes. He went to another country for few days and when he came back he was so different. He found another where there

No Rita, that woman is right here in South Africa. And I am that woman.

Me: (Laughs) Really?

Rita: And why are you laughing?

Me: Sorry, I didn’t mean to

Rita: Will you help me or not?

Me: I will help you

Rita: (Smiles) I knew that I can trust you

You trust the devil, Rita.

Me: (Smiles) Sure

Rita: Get very close to my husband and always inform me of everything

Me: Like?

Rita: Every little thing

Me: Okay, consider it done

Rita: I am not asking you to sleep with my husband

Me: I won’t sleep with him, you can trust me

Rita: I already trust you

How can she trust me after what she did to me? What makes her think that I am happy enough to even help her? I am going to break her trust. I actually already broke it and I don’t care at all.

Me: Should I go now?

Rita: Yes

Me: Sure

I got up and left.

Oh Rita, you trust the wrong person and you are going to regret it.

To be continued…

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