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Echoes of loneliness episode 15 – 16

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Echoes of loneliness episode 15 – 16 by : 11:48 am On August 22, 2021
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Echoes of loneliness

Part 15 – Playing With Fire

Rita really looks happy. She did her nails and hair. She looks beautiful, no lie.

Me: Why are you here?

Rita: How are you, sweetheart?

Me: I am fine

Rita: Really? Even after what happened?

Me: Yes

Rita: Wow, someone is growing up. Meet Joshua and Alicia

Me: I already know them

Rita: I see. Well Alicia, this is Wame

Alicia: I know her

Me: Yes, she knows me. She knows how I can beat her up

Truly speaking, I don’t like Alicia.

Rita: When did you beat her up?

Me: It doesn’t matter

JS: We meet again, beautiful

Me: Yes, JS

JS: I am happy that you still remember me

I will always remember my enemies more than my loved ones.

Me: (Smiles) Sure

Alicia: Don’t do that, Wame

Me: Don’t do what?

Alicia: Don’t smile at JS, he’s mine

Michaela and I started laughing.

Alicia: What’s funny?

Me: You

Alicia: How?

Me: Get lost. Get out of my bedroom, I don’t like you

Alicia: Your bedroom? How’s this room yours?

Me: Well it’s mine, so shut up

Alicia: Rita, is she telling the truth?

Rita: Yes

Alicia: How can you give her this room when you refused to give it to me?

Rita: Do not ask me stupid questions

Alicia: I am sharing with the others but this stupid girl is not sharing with anyone, how is that?

Rita: She shares this room with her sister

Alicia: Come on. You know what I mean, Rita

Michaela: Alicia, you will never have this room, just shut up

Alicia: I am so angry

Rita: Joshua, please do something. Your dog is starting to irritate me

JS: Alicia, stop what you are doing or else I’ll deal with you

Alicia: But babe…


Alicia: I am sorry

JS: And keep it in mind. I am not your babe. Rita, may I please speak to Wame alone?

Rita: Of course but please don’t even think of touching her

JS: Why?

Rita: We’ll talk later. Just don’t do anything that will hurt her

What is Rita up to now?

JS: Fine then

Rita: Michaela and Alicia, let’s go

They left me with Joshua.

Joshua closed the door and came closer to me.

Me: What is it?

JS: I am really happy to see you

Me: Are you?

JS: Yes

Me: But why?

JS: I like you. I like you a lot

Me: And what about Alicia?

JS: She’s just like everyone else. I don’t like her


Is this your way of asking for s£× from me?

JS: No

Me: So what’s going on with you?

JS: I want to be the one to break your virginity

Me: You are too late

JS: What do you mean?

Me: Thabo already broke my virginity and I don’t want to go into details

JS: Damn. I am very unlucky

Me: Yes, you can say that

JS: You are very beautiful

Me: Thank you. Can I ask you a question?

JS: Sure

Me: Who’s next?

JS: Meaning?

Me: You took Alicia away for so many days so who’s next?

JS: I took Alicia because I needed her to be my receptionist at work

Me: Is that all?

JS: I don’t want to talk about it

Me: Fine then

JS: So when can I taste you?

Me: It’s up to Rita. Isn’t it?

JS: Yes, it is. I’ll ask her

Me: Sure

JS: Won’t you give me problems like the other time?

Me: No

JS: Wow, that’s amazing

Me: (Smiles) I know

JS: I was asked not to touch you but can I please klzz you?

Me: Sure

We shared a very passionate klzz. Joshua could not believe it. He probably thought that he was dreaming.

JS: Wow, your lips are so soft

Me: Thank you. You are also not bad

JS: Did you enjoy the klzz?

Me: A lot

JS: You’ve grown up hey

Me: That’s true

JS: I like the new you

Me: Me too

JS: You must always be like this

Me: Definitely

JS: I think that you and I are going to be great friends

Me: I also think so. And please forgive me for everything

JS: Let’s just forget about the past

Me: I’d love that

JS: I am also sorry for everything

Me: I forgive you

JS: Really?

Me: Yes

JS: So are we good?

Me: Yes, we are

JS: Thank you

Me: Pleasure. Let’s shake on that

JS: No

Me: No?

JS: Yes, I want a hug from you

Me: A hug is what you’ll get then

JS: (Smiles) Sure

We shared a hug and he left.

I locked the door and called Joseph’s number again. Finally I got hold of him.

Joseph: Hey honey

Me: Who’s your honey?

Joseph: What’s wrong with you?

Me: Joseph, you left without saying anything to me and you haven’t been contacting me

Joseph: I am really sorry. Everything happened so fast

Me: I see that you don’t care about me

Joseph: I do, believe me

Me: Because of you, I am no longer a virgin

Joseph: What? Are you serious?

Me: Yes, I am serious

Joseph: Who… uhm… who broke…

Me: Thabo

Joseph: Did Rita tell him to?

Me: Yes

Joseph: I am sorry

Me: When are you coming back?

Joseph: Don’t worry, I’ll soon be there

Me: You made a promise to me, Joseph. You told me that you’ll always be there for me no matter what

Joseph: And you also made a promise to me. I scratch your back, you scratch mine

Me: I know

Joseph: If you stick with me, I will always stick with you and that’s a promise

Me: I’ve heard you

Joseph: I will deal with Rita when I come back, don’t worry

Me: I trust you

Joseph: Stay away from Joshua, do you hear me?

Me: Why?

Joseph: I don’t want to end up killing my own brother because of you

You will, believe me. If Joshua does not kill you then you will kill him.


(Giggles) Don’t worry, I will stay away from him

Joseph: Do you promise?

Me: Yes, I do

Joseph: If you break your promise, I am going to kill you

Me: Sure

Joseph: I mean it, Wame

Me: It’s fine, I heard you

Joseph: Look, I’ll call you later. I have to go now

Me: Sure

Joseph: Take care of yourself and make sure that Rita knows nothing about your phone

Me: Don’t worry

Joseph: Bye

Me: Bye

I hung up.

Somebody knocked on the door so I hid the phone and opened the door.

Michaela walked in.

Me: Oh, it’s you. I thought it’s someone else

Michaela: Yes, it’s me

She closed the door.

Me: What’s going on?

Michaela: Have you heard from Ayanda?

Me: No. She’s probably still talking to her father about everything

Michaela: She’s our last hope

Me: Blood will be shed

Michaela: What do you mean?

Me: (Smiles) Nothing

Michaela: Joseph is really something else

Me: What did he do?

Michaela: He’s not taking Rita’s calls. Rita might punish us. She’s so angry right now

Me: But she was happy a while ago

Michaela: Yes I know. I was passing by her office when I heard her crying. She was telling Joshua that Joseph is not taking her calls

Me: Why is Joseph not taking Rita’s calls?

Michaela: I don’t know. I should be asking you that question

Me: How am I supposed to know?

Michaela: Have you heard from him?

Me: Keep quiet. You talk too much

Rita is still going to cry. I am the way I am because of her.

Michaela: But I am just asking

Me: No, I haven’t heard from him

Michaela: Don’t play with fire

Me: Relax. I didn’t do anything wrong

Michaela: You know what? Let’s hide some sausage rolls in your bedroom

… in case Rita punishes us for her husband’s mistake

Me: (Laughs) You love food, don’t you?

Michaela: That’s true

Me: Go get the sausage rolls then

Michaela: Really?

Me: Yes

Michaela: How many?

Me: I don’t know. It’s up to you

Michaela: Okay then. I’ll be right back

Me: Okay dear

She rushed out of my bedroom and Waro walked in. She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

Me: Baby, what’s going on?

Warona: Where’s mom and dad?

I just looked at her. Her question just cut my heart into pieces but I couldn’t even cry. What is she now asking me?

Part 16 – The Return

I ignored her and walked to the bathroom. She came after me.

Warona: Wame?

Me: Are you hungry?

Warona: No

Me: Do you want to play with me?

Warona: No

Me: So what do you want?

Warona: Mom and dad

Me: Just keep quiet

Warona: I want mom and dad

What has gotten into her?

Me: I am your mom and dad

Warona: No

Me: Yes

Warona: No

Me: Then who am I?

Warona: Wame

Me: What am I to you?

Warona: Sister

Me: No, I am your mother and dad

Warona: No

Me: Yes

Warona: (Screams) NOOOO!!!

She left. She was crying.

Okay, this girl is slowly growing up, she even knows how to scream at me.

[Two Days Later]

Joseph is back and I am really happy. Well he just arrived like fifteen minutes ago and Rita is not around. She doesn’t know that her husband is back.

Joseph is resting in the room downstairs. He texted and asked me to go see him.

I went to his room and knocked. He let me in and gave me a tight hug.

Me: (Smiles) Hey

Joseph: (Smiles) Hey, how are you?

Me: I am fine thanks, and you?

Joseph: I am great. I am so happy to see you

Me: Me too

Joseph: Sit down with me

Me: Is that a good idea?

Joseph: Meaning?

Me: What if Rita comes back?

Joseph: Where’s she?

Me: She went out

Joseph: Relax. She won’t come back now

Me: How do you know?

Joseph: She’s probably busy

I sat down with him. If Rita could walk in, she’ll kill me.

Me: I am really nervous. Rita is dangerous

Joseph: I will always protect you, don’t worry

Me: How do I trust you?

Joseph: I bought you a phone so that should show you that I really care about you

Me: (Smiles) True

Joseph: Wame?

Me: Yes?

Joseph: I bought you a phone not for you to take me down

Me: What do you mean?

Joseph: If you think of calling the cops or anyone else for help, I will kill you

Me: So do you realize that I need help?

Joseph: With what? Taking me down?

Me: No. Let it go

Joseph: I am serious. Don’t think that I bought you a phone because I am foolish

Me: Yes, Joseph. I’ve heard you

Joseph: You shouldn’t be scared of Rita, you should be scared of me

Me: Are you threatening me?

Joseph: No, I am just asking you not to make me angry

Me: Fine

Joseph: I mean it

Me: Yes

Joseph: And listen, you’ll always side with me not with Rita

Me: Of course, I am with you

Joseph: Do you promise?

Me: Yes, I do

Joseph: Please don’t betray me. I don’t want to end up hurting you

Me: Sure

Joseph: Come closer, I don’t bite

Me: Thing is Rita might walk in. She’ll sell my sister if she could see that you and I are now close.

Joseph: She won’t. I am here for you

I went closer.

He looked into my eyes and klzzed me. I didn’t push him away because this is what I want.

I want to turn Joseph against Rita and Joshua. I also want to turn Joshua against Rita and Joseph.

The good girl is gone. I am not going to be a good girl anymore, I mean already I lost my virginity by force. I will play this game until I win. Even if it means sleeping with the two brothers, I’ll do it. I have to win this battle at any cost.

I broke off the klzz and hugged him.

Me: Thank you for everything

Joseph: Why are you thanking me?

Me: You are really good to me

Joseph: I have your back

Me: But I can’t be here for too long. Rita might come back anytime soon

Joseph: Okay fine, I understand

Me: Why didn’t you tell her that you are back and why haven’t you been taking her calls?

Joseph: I don’t want to talk about Rita, please

Me: Why? Did you fight?

Joseph: Wame, please

Me: Is it because of the police man that likes her?

Joseph: What?

Me: Yes, don’t you know?

Joseph: Know what? What’s going on?

I kept quiet and stood up from the bed.

Joseph: Wame, I am talking to you

Me: Look, I have to go

He also got up and grabbed my hand.

Joseph: What did you say?

Me: I.. Uhh… Look, I have a big mouth and…

Joseph: Didn’t you just promise to always side with me?

Me: Yes I did but I don’t want to create a rift between you and your wife

Joseph: Just speak. Which police man likes my wife?

Me: I don’t know his name

Joseph: Is it Jake?

Me: I don’t know his name but he’s your wife’s friend

Joseph: Then it’s definitely Jake

Me: Well Rita also likes him

Joseph: How do you know?

Me: She smiles all the time I speak about him and I… uhm…

Joseph: What’s going on?

Me: I saw them klzzing

Joseph: Where?

Me: In Rita’s office

Joseph: Do you mean that?

Me: Why would I lie? You’ve been away for so long. A lot happened

Joseph: I am going to kill Jake

Me: No. Please don’t. I don’t want you to kill anyone. I am here for you so let Rita do whatever she wants to do

Joseph: I should let her cheat on me? Is that what you are saying?

Me: Don’t you have me? I really like you

I klzzed his chest.

Me: You smell so nice. I really like you, Joseph. Do you remember that you were the one who saved me from Joshua?

Joseph: Yes

Me: I liked you since from that day

Joseph: Really?

Me: Yes

Joseph: (Smiles) So why didn’t you tell me?

Me: Where could I have seen you? I didn’t know you back then but I know you now and I am telling you

He hugged me.

Joseph: I like you too, I really do

Me: Let me leave now

Joseph: Okay

As I was about to walk out of the room, Rita walked in.

Me: Hey, Rita

Rita: What are you doing here?

Me: I came to ask your husband if he needs something

Rita: I am his wife, I know what he needs so get out

Me: Sure

I didn’t go.

Joseph: You should also get out, Rita. Don’t even come close

Rita: But honey, why? I missed you

She went closer to Joseph. When she attempted to hug him, Joseph pushed her away.


Rita: (Cries) Honey, what happened to you?

Joseph: Wame, please bring me a cup of strong coffee

Me: Yes, sir



Rita: Baby?

Joseph: DON’T ‘BABY’ ME. GO!!!

He pushed her. I must say that he was really angry and it’s because of the lie I told him. Mhmm, well done Wame, you did great.

Rita walked out. She was crying. I really enjoyed what just happened.

She enjoys making others cry so I don’t feel sorry for her right now. She is still going to cry and I MEAN IT.

To be continued…

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