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Echoes of Loneliness episode 13 – 14

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Echoes of Loneliness episode 13 – 14 by : 5:19 pm On August 21, 2021
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Echoes of Loneliness

Part 13 – Pain Two

I can’t believe that I am about to lose my virginity to this cow. He looks very happy, I guess I’ve lost.

Thabo: Remember me?

Me: Yes, I do

Thabo: That’s good. Are you happy to see me?

Me: Why are you doing this?

Thabo: What am I doing?

Me: It’s nice, isn’t it?

Thabo: What are you talking about?

Me: I know that you are making me pay for the way I spoke to you on that day, please don’t. Just lie to Rita and say that you slept with me, it doesn’t really have to happen

Thabo: (Laughs) Are you listening to yourself?

Me: Yes, I am

Thabo: You are crazy

Me: Don’t you have a wife?

Thabo: How’s that your business?

Me: I guess you do, so why are you doing this? Does she even know that you are here?

Thabo: Do you want me to tell Rita that you are not doing what you came here to do?

Me: No

Thabo: Then keep quiet

I took steps backwards.

Me: Thabo, please

Thabo: Fine then, I’ll call Rita

He opened the door, I quickly ran to him and grabbed his hand.

Me: Please don’t tell Rita anything, I am begging you

Thabo: Mhmm, amazing. Are you really holding my hand?

I quickly let go of it.

Me: I am sorry

Thabo: (Smiles) Don’t apologize, I like it

He closed the door and locked it.

He started klzzing my neck, I swear to God I wasn’t up for it. I just couldn’t do it.

Tears streamed down my face, I felt like killing myself right away.

Me: Thabo, please don’t do this

Thabo: Just keep quiet. Stop crying

Me: I really don’t want to do this

Thabo: You don’t have to do anything, I’ll do everything, you are still a newbie in this game so I’ll show you how it’s done

Me: I don’t want to lose my virginity, please

Thabo: I have something for you

I pushed him away and looked at him. My heart was really in pieces, I felt so much pain.

Me: What is it?

Thabo: Something that will help you

Me: What is it, Thabo?

Thabo: Powder

Me: What kind of powder?

He took out a small plastic from his pocket and it had cocaine.

Thabo: It will take away your pain, do you want some?


No, I don’t

Thabo: Fine then but today I will still break your virginity

I kept quiet.

Thabo: You are really wasting my time, come here

He grabbed me with full force and undressed me. He then threw me in bed and also got undressed. I couldn’t stop crying, call me a baby but I don’t care, this is really rape.

Me: Thabo, please don’t do this

Thabo: Just keep quiet

Me: I’ll do whatever you say but not this, please

Thabo: I said keep quiet

He got on top of me. I was fighting him, I couldn’t just give in.

He got angry and injected me. From there I don’t know what happened because I remember I slowly fell unconscious.


This girl is really trouble. I’ve never struggled to sleep with a girl before but she had to make me struggle, she was fighting me, can you imagine?

Well I gave her a strong drug through injection and she slowly fell unconscious. When she finally regains consciousness, she’ll not be a virgin anymore.

I did what I had to do, I broke her virginity. It wasn’t really great because she was like a dead person but it’s fine, next time I will enjoy everything. I’ll make sure that I get her hooked to cocaine. With that injection, I already made her blood taste some strong drug so she’ll soon ask me for cocaine. She’ll beg me and she’ll do as I tell her.

I phoned Rita to the room when I was done with Wame. She didn’t waste time, she came by. I unlocked the door for her, she came inside and sat down next to Wame.

Me: It’s done

Rita: Did you use protection?

Me: Yes

Rita: So what happened to her?

Me: I injected her

Rita: So she didn’t see everything that happened to her?

Me: Yes, she didn’t

Rita: Get dressed then. I’ll get Nina to come here so that she can bath Wame. She’s bleeding, you really broke her hymen. Great job, Thabo

Me: (Smiles) Thank you

I got dressed and gave Rita the money.

Rita: Thanks a lot

Me: Can I ask you for a favor?

Rita: Sure. Anything

Me: Can I also have her for next week? Don’t give her to anyone until I get her again next week

Rita: Okay, no problem but you will have to pay more

Me: I am willing to pay R1500

Rita: (Smiles) Really?

Me: Yes. I mean after breaking her virginity I’ll be the one to sleep with her again so money is not a problem

Rita: But you booked Alicia for next week

Me: So what?

Rita: You mean that you are willing to pay for two people?

Me: Definitely

Rita: Okay then, it’s not a problem. Joshua is bringing Alicia today so she’ll definitely be available by next week

Me: Great. I’ll have Alicia on Monday then from there I’ll leave this place with Wame. I’ll then bring her back on Friday

Rita: Hold on. So you will come here on Monday and sleep with Alicia then leave with Wame until Friday?

Me: Yes, that’s what I am saying

Rita: Wame is fresh meat so if you want her for five days you’ll have to pay more


How much?

Rita: R3000

Me: And what if she’ll refuse to do what I tell her to do?

Rita: Then you’ll have to make her do it but do not beat her up. She’s my golden ticket you know

Me: Don’t worry, I won’t hurt her

Rita: That’s good then

Me: Do we have a deal?

Rita: Yes we do

Me: (Smiles) Thank you so much

Rita: You are welcome

Me: It’s really nice doing business with you

Rita: When you are happy, I am happy

Me: I’ll have to go now, my wife is waiting for me

Rita: (Smiles) Sure

I got up and left.


Rita called me to Room R1000 where Wame lost her virginity. I found Wame lying in bed like a dead person. My heart was really broken. I can’t believe that this really happened.

Me: I am here

Rita: Clean her

Me: Okay

Rita: Take this pill. Give it to her when she regains consciousness

Me: Okay

Rita: (Smiles) I am really happy so you can tell everyone to eat

Me: Sure

Rita: What’s wrong?

Me: Nothing

Rita: Are you sure?

Me: It’s not like you care, Rita

Rita: (Smiles) Yeah, you are right. I really don’t care

Me: Leave please, I’ll clean Wame

Rita: Okay. I’ll ask the security guard to carry her to her bedroom when you are done

Me: No need, I’ll do everything on my own

Rita: Wow. No problem. It looks like Wame is also your favorite

Me: It also doesn’t matter

Rita: Tell me, where’s Warona?

Me: She’s sleeping

Rita: Okay then. I am leaving

She got up and left.

Tears streamed down my face as I bathed Wame.

God, are you even there? Can you see what’s happening? Do you really exist? For how long will I pray with no answer? For how long will this go on?

God, you are really wicked. You are just like Rita. I am so mad at you.

What’s going to happen to this girl when she finally regains consciousness? God, you are really wicked.

Part 14 – Silence

[Few Hours Later]

I have been looking after Wame in my bedroom. Michaela, Kate and Warona are here with me. Warona could not stop asking me to wake up her sister.

Finally Wame regained consciousness. She looked so lost.

Warona: Hello, sister

Wame: Hey, baby

Warona: Food?

Wame: (Smiles) Yes

Me: Wame, are you hungry?

Wame: Yes, I am

Michaela: I’ll get you something to eat

Wame: Thank you

Michaela left with the kids.

Me: Do you remember what happened?

Wame: Yes

Me: Do you want to talk about it?

Wame: No

Me: Why?

Wame: I don’t want to talk about it, just let it go

Me: Aren’t you going to cry?

Wame: For what?

Me: Wame, please. This silence is going to slowly kill you

Wame: I am fine, let it go

Me: But…

Wame: If you don’t let it go, I will leave your bedroom

Me: Okay, don’t go. I am sorry

She kept quiet. Why can’t she just talk about what happened? Why can’t she at least cry? Her silence is not good at all

Me: Baby, how are you doing?

Wame: I already told you that I am fine

Me: Are you sure?

Wame: Yes

Me: You can talk to me about anything

Wame: Well there’s nothing I want to talk about

Me: Are you sure?

Wame: Yes

Me: Okay

Michaela came back with the kids.

Wame: Thanks

Michaela: You are welcome

Wame: Where’s Rita?

Michaela: She went out

Wame: I see

She started eating.

Me: Are you enjoying the food?

Wame: Yes, I am

Me: Okay

Wame: Won’t Rita kill me for eating?

Me: What do you mean?

Wame: Didn’t she say that we are all not going to eat until tomorrow?

Me: She changed her mind

Wame: Why?

Me: Because she’s happy again

Wame: What makes her happy? Did she get hold of Joseph?

Me: No. She’s happy because of what you did

Wame: I see

Kate: What did you do, Waro’s sister?

Michaela: Kate, keep quiet

Kate: No, I want to know

Me: She cleaned Rita’s office

Kate: Oh, but why?

Me: Because Rita is useless

Kate: (Giggles) Okay

Michaela: Girls, go and play with other children

Warona: Okay

Kate: Okay. Bye bye

Me: Bye darlings

They klzzed Wame and left.

Wame: Michaela, where’s the phone?

Michaela: I have it with me

Wame: Thanks for the food, now give me the phone

Michaela: Okay, no problem

Me: Who are you calling?

Wame: I need to search for someone on social media

Me: Who?

Wame: I’ll be in my room if you need me

She got up and left with the phone.

Me: Michaela, please go after her

Michaela: Okay, I am going

Michaela left.


The last time I checked, Ayanda was not on social media anymore because of something bad she experienced online but it’s fine, I’ll search for her on social media to see if she’s not back again.

Michaela came after me. She closed the door and locked it. She then sat down next to me.

Me: When is Rita coming back?

Michaela: I don’t know

Me: Where exactly did she go?

Michaela: She went to the salon

Me: I see

Michaela: Who are you looking for on social media?

Me: Ayanda

Michaela: Who’s Ayanda?

Me: A friend of mine

Michaela: Do you think she can help us?

Me: Definitely

Michaela: Do it quick then

Me: Sure

I found Ayanda on Facebook and Instagram.

Michaela: Found her?

Me: Yes and it looks like she left me messages. She also left me her new number

Michaela: (Smiles) Wow, that’s amazing, right?

Me: Right. Let me quickly text her. I need to tell her everything

Michaela: Sure

I texted Aya and told her everything, from detail to detail. I also left her my new number.

Me: It’s done. I told her not to call because it’s not safe

Michaela: How about you call her now since Rita is not around?

Me: Okay, cool

My phone immediately started ringing. Wow, it’s Aya’s new number. Aya is calling me.

Me: It’s her

Michaela: Then answer the phone

Me: Cool

I answered the phone.

Me: Hey you

Ayanda: Wame, is that really you?

Me: Yes

Ayanda: I just read your message. Did you mean what you said?

Me: Yes

Ayanda: My goodness. I’ll have to do something

Me: I trust you

Ayanda: Did you really lose your virginity today?

Me: Yes, I did but I don’t want to talk about it

Ayanda: Why, Wame? Don’t do this to yourself

Me: Ayanda, I can’t talk for too long, Rita is probably on her way back to the orphanage

Ayanda: Okay. Tell me, how’s Warona?

Me: Warona is okay. She found herself a friend and a new mommy

Ayanda: Mommy?

Me: Yeah, her name is Nina. She’s a very good person, just like you

Ayanda: Please greet her for me, I am talking about Waro

Me: I will

Ayanda: I am sorry for everything. It’s all my fault

Me: What? Your fault? What do you mean?

Ayanda: I haven’t been on social media for so long. I lost my old phone then had to buy a new phone and a new sim card. I am really sorry

Me: I don’t blame you for anything. I also got a new phone and a new number

Ayanda: I really miss you

Me: I miss you too

Ayanda: I will do something to help you. I will have to tell my father everything. I can’t help you on my own

Me: I understand, babe

Ayanda: I am really sorry for everything

Me: It’s okay

Ayanda: You can talk to me about your feelings. How do you feel right now?

Me: I don’t know

Ayanda: Wame, you just lost your virginity by force so obviously you are very hurt

Me: I don’t want to talk about it

Ayanda: Why, babe?

Me: I’ve got nothing to say

Ayanda: You have a lot to say, Wame

Me: No, I don’t. Michaela wants to say hi to you

Ayanda: Who’s that?

Me: My friend

Ayanda: Why are you changing the subject?

Me: Michaela wants to speak to you

Ayanda: Fine, put me on loudspeaker

I gave Michaela the phone.

Me: Speak to Ayanda

Michaela: Okay. Hey Ayanda

Ayanda: Hey Michaela, how are you?

Michaela: I am okay thanks, and how are you?

Ayanda: I am also okay. I am sorry for what you people are going through

Michaela: It’s not your fault, don’t apologize

Ayanda: Did Wame talk to you about what happened?

Michaela: No, she doesn’t want to talk about what happened

Ayanda: Please tell her that silence is going to kill her. She must talk or at least cry

Michaela: You are right, Ayanda

Ayanda: Did she at least cry?

Michaela: She only cried before everything happened

Ayanda: So she didn’t cry after everything?

Michaela: No

Ayanda: Please talk to her. She’s been through a lot hey

Michaela: I will try, don’t worry

Ayanda: Thank you. Let me talk to her now

Michaela: Okay, you can. She’s sitting right next to me

Somebody knocked on the door.

Me: Michaela, hang up. There’s someone at the door

Michaela: Bye Ayanda, we have to go now

Ayanda: Okay cool. Please take care

Me: Bye Aya, thanks for everything

We hung up and hid the phone.

We went to the door and unlocked it. When we opened the door, Rita walked inside with Joshua and Alicia.

To be continued…

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