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Ebony’s affection episode 1 -2

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Ebony’s affection episode 1 -2 by : 9:50 am On September 1, 2020
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Ebonys’ Affection Written by Evans Uhunoma
EPISODE 1: Marriage Breaker
“If anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in holy matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace”
These were the exact words of Rev. Father Alfred in St. Anthony’s Catholic Church where Ebony and Desmond’s supposed wedding was to be held.
There was a moment of silence is the hall. If a needle were to fall to the ground, one could literally hear it sounds.
Everyone was looking their sides, backs, and even up probably expecting someone to raise up his or her hand. “I wonder what someone would be doing in the ceiling, so why should one look up there if not that they are just enemy of progress.” Ebony probably said within herself with the look on her face.
Just that moment Desmond stared deeply into her eyes and gently said “Ebony, I have told you everything will be alright. Just be calm”
After Desmond’s last statement, the next thing they heard was an uproar. People were murmuring among themselves and staring at a particular direction.
As Ebony looked to that direction, there was a lady raising up her hands. She was tall, fair, and beautiful. She was holding a young boy of about three also. And as she walked through the aisle to the podium where we were, all eyes were on her. And she became the center of attraction for that moment. No longer Ebony or Desmond.
“Young lady, what’s the just cause you have that should stop Ebony from wedding Desmond?” Rev. Father Alfred asked her.
At this point, Ebony was already breathing so heavily that her heart almost stopped. The young lady had not spoken anything yet, but tears had already flooded Ebony’s eyes, removing parts of the Mary Kay that took her over three hours to make earlier on.
“My name is Lilian, this my child and Desmond is the father of this child. He promised to marry me when we had this child but has ever since refused to”. The Young lady said.
As expected, the whole congregation exclaimed with a mixture of different remarks. “Ah”, “Ye”, “Mogbe” etc. “All men are the same, they never change at all” One of the well-wisherssaid aloud.
In shock, gradually Ebony was going down and Desmond quickly held her up. “Baby, you know this is not true. She is a scam. I will explain everything to you. I can’t cheat on you. She is lying. She just wants to stop our amalgamation.”
The other lady Lilian started crying also and then shouted “No, Desmond is the one lying, we have been dating for 4 years now. He is the cheat and scam. Not I” At this, the little boy joined in crying due to the whole uproar.
Meanwhile, the words of Desmond and Lilian only went through Ebony’s ear and came through the other. She could not comprehend what both were saying. She didn’t know who to believe. And thus her only wish that moment was that the ground be opened,and she be swallowed up in it. But if wishes were to be horses, even beggars would ride.
Ebony’s Affection
Episode 2: Mrs. Wealth
“Ebony, it’s okay. Stop crying. God knows why he allows things like this to just happen to us. What if something worse would have happened in the future” Helen, Ebony’s best friend said. She was the chief bride’s maid to Ebony.
They are now back at home and Ebony who has been crying since they left the church has refused to stop.
Soon after Ebony’s mum Mrs. Wealth, had to join the crying galore to probably give it a rhythmic blend. The only difference was, hers came with lots of complaints and regrets.
With tears in Mrs. Wealth’s eyes focusing on Helen and her three other daughters who were there also she said “Worse? Helen, did you just said something worse in the future? What could have been this bad? What could have been this embarrassing? What could have been this terrible? You are saying worse!”
With, this everyone had to tighten the countenance of their faces the more as when mum’s trouble comes. You just have to look for a hiding place.
“Ebony will never listen to me. I told her oh, over and again that there was something fishy about this Desmond of a boy. My instincts will never lie to me. But she said no oh. She must marry him. It’s him I love. Now see where her love has brought me to.” Mrs. Wealth continued.
“Now tell me, how will I face my Catholic Women Organization (CWO) people? What will I tell them? The degree of this kind of disgrace that Ebonyhas brought to this family has never happened in St. Anthony before. And you are saying worse.” She continued angrily
Facing Ebony who could no longer talk as she had lost her voice while crying, Mrs. Wealth said “Tell me, if your father were to still be alive, would you have brought this embarrassment to the family? Ehm? Answer me now. And here Helen is saying worse. The worst has happened oh. All of you should be aware. Because if Ebony had listened to me as normal daughters listen to their mother, none of these would have happened” As she was done saying this, she broke down again and started crying. This time around, wailing as she left them for her room.
This was not a good sight for Dorcas, Laura, and Cynthia, Ebony’s younger sisters. The last time they saw their mum in a state like this was when they lost their dad. Mr. Wealth had died of an ailment due to lack of finance to treat himself properly. Although, the family’s name is Wealth,it was only just an irony to pacify their current situation. Financially, they were average people.
Ebony was 16 then when the dad died. Being the first daughter, she has always tried her best in setting good standards for her younger sisters to follow. That was the reason she didn’t want to go into a relationship on time. She wanted to take her time in choosing the right person that would help her set these good standards for her younger siblings. But with this incidence, it seems she has been doing the wrong thing all this while. She was no good example at all.

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Ebony’s Affection episode 3 – finale /

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