Ebony’s Affection episode 3 – finale

Ebony’s Affection
Episode 3: No Man is Worth Crying For
7am the next morning, Desmond was already in Ebony’s house. He thought he would be able to appease her and reconcile, so he brought a rose flower along.
Unfortunately for him, the first person he was to meet was Mrs. Wealth. Before Dorcas could come out for his rescue, Mrs. Wealth had already used the rose flower to design him.
Coincidentally, Desmond was putting on a white sleeve, so the red rose just somehow blended with his outfit. It was a nice combination.
“Mummy please leave him alone. Embarrassing him like this will not solve this issue jare. I think Desmond deserve to be heard before we can come to any conclusions” Dorcas said.
Ignoring Dorcas’ statement, she faced Desmond and said “This is just the beginning for you. You will regret ever coming in contact with the Wealth’s family. Nonsense” She then hissed and walked away.
Facing Desmond, Dorcas said “Desmond, am sorry for mum. She is just a bit angry. Am sure you know she has every right to be. Unfortunately, Ebony is not even ready to see you. She has been in her room since this incidence yesterday. She has refused to take food, water or even have her bath. This isn’t really good for her, especially cause of her health condition.”
“Dorcas, I understand perfectly well. Am really sorry for the incidence of yesterday. My parents are just as embarrassed and disappointed in me as your mum is. See Dorcas, you know me very well, this couldn’t have been my will. Some things just went wrong and I wish Ebony can give me just a minute to explain things to her. Is she that I love, and deep within her she knows that” Desmond said
“See, I know I have done wrong. But am bent on making it right with her. Please Dorcas, see if you can help me bring her out. Just a minute to explain things to her. Please.” Desmond added.
“Well, she has refused to answer any of us all these while, I wonder why she would this time around. Let me still try to talk to her though. Never can tell. You can have your seat” Dorcas said and walked away.
Leaning in front of Ebony’s locked door, Dorcas calmly said “When I broke up with Henry the other time, you were the one who told me that no man is worth me crying for or making me give up. I am saying those exacts words to you now and I want you to cheer up. It may not be easy babe, but it’s sure worth it.”
“U need to eat and bathe please. I would be waiting for you in the sitting room. I have something to show you” Dorcas added
Dorcas wasn’t sure Ebony heard her, but one thing she knew was, if she did hear, the words would have an effect on her and she would surely come out.
As Ebony stepped into the sitting room, she saw Desmond. Angry and about to leave, Desmond knelt down and held her arms.“Just a minute explanation Ebony. A minute please.”
At this, Dorcas left the sitting room in order for the duo to have the necessary audience.
Ebony’s Affection
Last episodes
Episode 4: You Don’t Deserve Me
With a very calm voice, Ebony said to him “How could you Desmond? After all we have been through together, is this how you would pay me?”
“Bae, calm down, just try to listen to me, please. See, I know I did you wrong in no small way. But I am willing and ready to right that wrong now if only you would allow me. It’s you I love and you know that” Desmond replied
“What right? How do you right such wrong? How dare you even say it’s me you love? Apparently, younever thought of that before taking that little monster of yours in search for gratification. See where your indiscipline and lack of self-control has brought us. I just regret knowing you” Ebony said.
“Bae please, don’t be so harsh on me. Meeting Lilian wasn’t even my idea. It was circumstances that led to that.” Desmond said
“I don’t care how you meant her or what led to it. All I know and care about is that you are wicked. After all we have gone through together, you still had the guts to cheat on me. Don’t even know why we are still having this conversation. You don’t deserve me” Ebony said.
Ebony was about walking out, then Desmond held her arms again and said “Bae, I slept with her because of you.”
Ebony shouted….
Episode 5:You May Kiss the Bride
“What? What nonsense! I don’t understand. Instead of you to still be remorseful for what you have done, you are trying to push the blame on me. You are quite incorrigible.” Ebony replied
“I know that’s no justification but I didn’t have any other choice. I needed to get that money from her to help pay for your surgical operation. Your health condition was getting worse. And Lilian was the only person that was willing to give me such an amount. But she wanted my body in return. Where then did you expect me to have gotten #300,000 from in a week? I was only a Youth Corper then, have you forgotten?
Feeling remorseful, Ebony sighed and calmly said “So this was why you didn’t tell me where you got that money from? Wait, you mean even all those other money you were giving me to take care of myself after the operation, you were collecting it from her too? Mehn, I am disappointed in you. Just go away please”
“Well, I may have disappointed you. I may have embarrassed your family and mine. I may have been wrong to sleep with Lilian. But one thing am sure of was, I wasn’t wrong saving your life.” Desmond said and was about to walk. Then Ebony held his hand back. Wait!
“I never knew all of these was because of me. Am really sorry. But I still think it was too extreme. That was cheating Desmond. It will take time for me to get to trust you again” Ebony softly said.
“Well, every wound would always take time to heal. As long as I trust you, that’s what matters. With time you will trust me in return too.” Desmond replied
This time, both of them were already comfortable with each other and took out some time to laugh still. Seeing them like that, one would never have thought of the degree of what had happened the previous day at the church.
“So what about Lilian, what do we do about her and the little boy?” Ebony asked.
“Well, Lilian thinks money is everything, but unfortunately it’s not. I love my boy, but not her. I never promised to marry her. She only imposed that on me. I meant her yesterday night. I told her my relationship with you must continue, if need be I will take my child from her and give to my mother. After all, my mum likes children a lot. But marrying her, it’s unthinkable. There is no chemistry between us, I only did that because I didn’t want you to die.” Desmond said.
“We must all fight for what we love. Even if it means going the extra mile. I have fought with Lilian, now it’s your mum. I just hope she still considers me worthy” Desmond added.
Just that moment, Mrs. Wealth, Dorcas, Laura and Cynthia who have been watching from afar all these while all came in.
“I think the little birds are beginning to love each other again” Mrs. Wealth said
Ebony was shocked it was coming from her Mum. Desmond who was still not sure it was from Mrs. Wealth said, “Ma, please what did you just say?”
“I knew my daughter was a fighter. She had to fight the depression and get back with you. I only did all of those to trigger her. And meanwhile for you, though I don’t like you so much, and of course you know that. But I like my daughter’s happiness. I cannot afford her to go through what I went through with her dad before he died.” Mrs. Wealth said
“My husband had a lady-friend who was bent on breaking our marriage. We didn’t have much, but the little we had was being squandered on the lady. But I had to fight that, no matter what happened, I was determined that our marriage must continue.” Mrs. Wealth Continued
“Cynthia, please get us that bottle of wine in my room, this calls for a celebration. We can’t afford a dull moment right now.” She added.
Exactly three weeks later, in the same church, by the same pastor, same couple, same congregation, here was Desmond and Ebony once again about to wed.
“If anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in holy matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace” Rev. Father Alfred exact words three weeks ago.
But this time around, there was no Lilian to raise her hands up.
“You may now kiss the bride” the priest said
He wasn’t done with this statement when Desmond pounced on Ebony and kissed her like he had been waiting for it for years. This was a very good sight for all.
And they both lived happily ever after.
Always fight for your relationship, no matter what. Not even infidelity or parental intrusion should stop you from following your heart
The end

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