Dirty Housewife batch 4

Dirty housewife
💗 Episode Six 💗
I hope I’ve not made a bad choice? I asked myself as I glared her.
“Nancy… You have not taken a bath all day?” I asked again.
“Why the question na! I was tired! ” She responded before turning and going upstairs.
What the hell!
After recovering from the shock, I walked upstairs into our bedroom to see another shock.
Holly Molly. The room looked like a war sight!😭
I almost couldn’t recognize my room.
On the bed were different types of used undies and night wears.
On the floor was a dirty smelly pad.
The room floor was littered around with piece of water proves and shoes.
It was unexplainable. I stared helplessly around and it took all the strength in me not to faint.
She came out of the bathroom wet and most part of her body was still soapy.
“What’s the meaning of this, Nancy? Please tell me what happened here. ” I said, finding myself a good seat.
“It was while I was trying to find our my towel and I scattered everything in the process.
I will arrange it back now ” Nancy said and I watched her dress into her nightgown.
She bent and started picking everything off the ground.
Soon, everywhere was back to normal and I was able to take a walk bath.
When we were due for bed,I walked into the bedroom and locked the door.
Nance was already dozing off on the bed and I glared angrily at her.
Why does she likes sleeping so much!
I sat beside her on the bed and tapped her at the shoulder. “Nancy..wake up. We gat to talk.” I said softly, smiling at her beautiful face.
Nancy stirred and raised her arm and a very annoying smell sprang up.
I twitched my nose in reaction and moved back.
What the hell is this? Nancy’s armpit looked like a rotten bush!
Why is she suddenly changing into pig?
Was she like this before?
I asked myself.
That night I couldn’t sleep beside her. Get breath was bad.
I only picked one of the pillow in bed and walked downstairs and slept in the living room.
💛 Nancy 💛
I woke up the next morning to ease myself only to find out I was alone.
Where could he have gone to?
I looked at the bed and it didn’t seem like he slept there last night.
I eased myself in the toilet and when downstairs and saw him sleeping on a couch.
“Pat?, Honey! Why are you sleeping on a couch?, Is this where you spent your night?” I asked him.
” Yes.”, He snapped, moving away from me. He turned over to the other side and continued sleeping.
I lay on him but he shrugged me off.
“Nancy..I’m tired. It’s just half past six. I need to rest cos I have a lot of work to do at the office today.” He said and slept on.
I stared at his back wondering why he was giving me the cold treatment.
Why did he slept here on the couch and I didn’t noticed through out the night?
Nancy..your love for sleep is becoming too much. I cautioned myself.
I tried holding him again but Pat stood up angrily and picked his pillow.
“If you won’t let me rest, I will leave the couch for you.”, He said and walked up the stairs.
I stared after him.
What happened?
I was worried. What happened? Have I done something wrong??
Only if she knew what happened
Episode Seven 😋
💛 Patrick 💛
Later that day at the office, I had a rethink.
I knew what I did last night was a bit too cruel.
I love Nancy very much and I should help correct her mistakes not pushing her away.
Never knew she could be this dirty.
What do I do? I asked myself thinking deeply.
💛 Nancy 💛
“Oh girl…. Marriage life is showing on your body!” Kachi laughed as she sat down on a couch.
” Na you Sabi. So, when did you get back?”, I asked her.
“Last week. ”
” Last week? Haba! Since last week and it’s now you were coming to visit me! ” I exclaimed.
Kachi hissed. ” See, don’t be annoyed. I had a lot to take care of. So how is our husband na? ” She asked winking her eyes.
I shrugged. ” He’s fine. He has gone to work. ” I replied moodily.
” Are you okay? Is anything the matter?” Kachi asked once she noticed my mood.
I looked at her. “I won’t lie to you. Pat is changing every minute passing. I don’t seem to understand him anymore. ” I replied.
” What? How many months marriage? Ahhh…. No oh.
That’s too early. What really went wrong? ” Kachi asked and I explained last night incidence to her.
Kachi looked thoughtfully for a while before glaring at me.
“You must have done something wrong.
Yes. Try and find out what it is but wait oh, I hope you have changed from your dirtiness? ” Kachi asked and I frowned.
” And what’s that supposed to mean? Stop it… I don’t like it.” I replied, crossed.
” Oh sorry… I’m just saying. But try very hard to know why your husband is giving you attitude. ” Kachi advised.
” What will you like to eat joor?” I asked with my mouth pouted.
” Thank you. I’m not a visitor. When I’m hungry, I’m going to go into the kitchen and get myself something. ” Kachi replied, rolling her eyes.
” Na you Sabi. ” I answered, resting more into the couch.
💛 Kachi 💛
Hmm!!! I quickly covered my nose once I got into my friend’s kitchen!
I almost ran back.
Everywhere looked like some cows came in and had a big fight.
Dirty plates littered around…. Dirty cutleries…. Pots and everywhere was so dusty.
Jesus Christ!
Why won’t Patrick change towards her?
What sort of a woman leaves her home this dirty?
I stood, with my mouth wide opened under my palm.
How on Earth am I gonna take food from this place?
Gross! Never!
I turned and ran out of the kitchen.
*****Two weeks later*******
💛 Patrick 💛
My wife’s dirtiness became unbearable.
I couldn’t take it anymore.
She baths once in two days!
She doesn’t sweep the house! She doesn’t do the dishes.
She leaves the home unclean. And she smells!
I couldn’t even make love to her. I couldn’t sleep comfortably beside her talk less of touching her.
I tried correcting her severally but she only gets worst.
I decided to take a drastic move.
💛 Nancy 💛
I sat on the floor in the living room, scooping rice into my mouth with my hand.
The cutleries were all dirty so I decided to eat with my hand straight from the pot.
The time was 8pm and Pat was yet to be back from work.
Even as I ate,I was worried.
Finally,his car drove into the compound.
Minutes later,I heard the door opening.
I glanced up with a smile and my smile quickly faded.
Beside my husband is a beautiful looking woman.
And they were holding hands.
I stopped eating and stood up with my dirty hand pointing toward the woman. “Who’s this?”
“Yuck…so dirty ” I heard her say.
Patrick looked at me and pulled the woman closer to himself. “She’s Lucy, My new wife.”
He announced and I gasped.
Did I hear right??

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