Dirty daughter episode 9

Dirty daughter episode 9
“…your father was just a young brother in church when we met, at first he didn’t like me, he liked another woman in church and I noticed this but your grandfather who was a rich man and a very influential person was a family friend to my parents and they agreed that your father and I must get married, I loved the idea since I already had feelings for your father. Your father on the other hand hated the idea and said he doesn’t want to marry me so he ended up impregnating Kesha’s mother but your grandfather still opposed the marriage, and then something happened and Kesha mom died after giving birth and I discovered I was pregnant…”
“Something happened or grandpa killed her?” I interrupted rolling my eyes as my mom sobbed.
“I don’t know but years later after I had Jaden, we got married and your father said The Lord called him into ministry and that was how Kesha started staying with her grandma and your father became a pastor” my mom sobbed the more and this infuriated me.
“How did you get pregnant in the first place? Like did you seduce dad?” I asked dramatically and did a fake pout.
“Joanne!” Jaden called out.
“Oh shut it Jaden, like they say an apple doesn’t fall far from its tree” I said and hissed.
“Mom, don’t mind Joanne, she is being crazy” Jessica managed to find her voice.
“Well, as for that b*tch I’m going to put her in her place and what does this have to do with me, why does she hate me?” I asked because honestly I was confused and didn’t understand why she chose me to pour all her anger on, I’m not the only child.
“Well I guess it’s because, when I was pregnant with you, I went over to her house and beat her up for something I framed her for and told her my baby girl would be better than her” my mom stuttered and was ashamed.
“That’s stupid” Jaden said confused.
“And it doesn’t give an explanation to my question.” I added.
“Well, I don’t know, she is crazy” my mom shouted and was fed up with the questions we asked.
“Says a woman who killed her mother and married her father, well can someone tell me the definition of CRAZY!!” I yelled and smiled leaving them in the hospital room.
I called Debbie because I felt like talking to her and not Gina, Becky or Tessa! We met at the a restaurant not too far from the hospital.
“This one you are always inviting me to a restaurant and buying me food, I’m scared oo” she teased.
“Debbie, my life is somehow right now, I don’t even know where to start” I dropped my spoon on the table and looked at Debbie who just smiled.
“What’s up?” She asked and in the moment I realised something, Debbie is always there for me when I have any problem, she never criticises me or ostracise me but rather preaches to me and if I tell her to stop, she does and never crosses her boundaries.
“Why are you always here?” I asked peering into her eyes.
“I don’t get you?” She asked.
“When I have a problem you are always there, I have never called you once to come and you tell me no, you are always available and very patient even in my sinful acts, you never criticise me but rather tell me whenever I’m ready to change, you will be here to lead me to Christ” I asked with great interest as she smiled all through.
“As a Christian, we are reflections of the life of Christ, you ask why I’m always here well I’m only trying to show you that even in our sinful and worst acts, Jesus is always here, even when we make mistakes, he is always ready to answer us as far as we call on him, he doesn’t come uninvited and when we don’t need him, he leaves us, he doesn’t force us to serve him but wants us to serve him because we want to serve him, that’s why when you tell me please I’m not in the mood for your sermons, I don’t force it but whenever you are ready for it, I’d be here by God’s grace to give it to you…”
“Debbie, it’s okay please, I want to start going home. Thank you for your sermon. ” I stood up to leave.
“Ain’t you going to tell me what you wanted to tell me again?” She asked standing along with me.
“No, thank you Holy Mary, talk to you later” I attempted to leave.
“Say to hi to Jess for me, I’d visit her in the hospital soon” she said sipping her juice.
“How did you know Jess is in the hospital?” I asked in surprise because I never told her.
“Oh that” she smiled.
“I warned you about what The Lord revealed to me but the devil covered your ears” she smiled again.
I hissed and rolled my eyes.
“One more thing Joanne, The Lord is waiting for you, hurry up because it may be too late” she smiled one more time and it infuriated me, I dashed off and went back to the hospital, Mom stayed behind with Jessica because she would be discharged the day after tomorrow. Jaden and I went home and found Kesha with Dad having dinner on the dinning table. I was furious but just hissed and was attempting to go upstairs when her words stopped me.
“Who knows if this one can give birth too” she walked pass me as I was on the staircase.
“B—h, what the f–k do you want from me?” I faced her as she smiled and started singing gospel songs ignoring me.
“Jesus, my only way…” She trails off.
I just sighed and went to my room, now I wanted to talk to my girls so we could rough up this b—h a little.
I lay on my bed and was watching a movie on my phone when Gina text came into my phone.
“When you coming so we can teach that b—h a lesson she would never forget” I read aloud and laughed because I told them everything that have been happening on our group chat.
“Soon” I replied.
I laid on my bed tiredly before I drift off to sleep after long hours of chatting.

Today was Sunday and the JHD would be in church today at least I’ll see Joseph, that’s the only motivation I have to go to church.
I sluggishly got up from bed since mom wasn’t around, no one rang the bell for morning devotion, I strolled out of my room and it seems Kesha wasn’t around. Thank Goodness that b—h isn’t around. I went to the kitchen and told Kira to fix me breakfast.
“But ma, your dad said George should take us to church right now” Kira said with fear because she is scared of me.
“Do I look like someone ready for church?” I asked pointing to my pyjamas that I wore and rolled my eyes after. Jaden then came downstairs dressed in suit.
“Wow, is it time for prom?” I teased and he chuckled.
“Ain’t you ready for church? I’m off JoJo” he laughed and buttoned his suit.
“How do I look?” He asked with smiles.
“Like someone a truck just ran over” I rolled my eyes sipping the juice.
“Well if you keep rolling your eyes, they might fall off soon” he scoffed and I sticked my tongue out and he did the same while Kira laughed lowly.
“I’m off, George would come pick you when you are ready!” Jaden dashed off with the speed of lightening. I guess he wants to impress Debbie, when will he get it into his thick skull that Debbie don’t care about him and may never will? Let me mind my business.
I had breakfast and proceeded to picking out an outfit to wear to church, George then came to pick Kira and I because I delayed Kira, I mean who would lock the house or wash the dishes I used, me? Definitely not!
We got to church very late, we met my father conducting his prayer, the one he normally conducts after preaching. After the prayer, the JHD was invited to come on the altar.
“Good morning my esteemed members of COSM, we the JHD are here to invite you to our crusade coming up very soon…” Kesha blabbed on. I didn’t pay attention to her words because I didn’t want to spoil my mood. But Ketchup i mean Kesha dropped a bomb at the end.
“…I’m Kesha H. Quay and would love you to come for the crusade” she ended as whispers turned into murmurs among the members of the church. Kesha just told everyone that she is a Quay now my father’s dirty secret was out, I was happy on one side but not so joyous because I could see the pain and shame in my father’s eyes but why do I care? He deserves it even worse but Kesha didn’t stop there.
“Oh please reduce your whispers, I have something important to say” she went on with her blabbing mouth. My dad was restless, he stood up wanting to stop her but Ketchup wouldn’t just stop talking.
I smile curve on my face but I wasn’t happy deep down.
“You guys wonder why MAMA isn’t here today, well I’m going to tell you guys why” she said pointing at the church projector as pictures of me in the club drinking and partying appeared on the screen and the congregation shouted in disgust, I was ashamed and weak then Jessica’s pictures appeared next with her in the club and even her lying on the hospital bed, then doctors report sprang up on the projector and I flinched. It was Jessica doctor’s report saying she can’t give birth anymore due to a damaged womb.
“MAMA is at the hospital taking care of her 15 year old daughter who did abortion and lost her womb” Kesha added and a loud roar was heard from the members. Why is no one stopping her? Why? My dad was a hundred percent ashamed. I’m sure he is wishing the earth could just swallow him up because the shame was just too much.
“Oh I almost forgot my amazing beautiful brother” she clicked her fingers and Jaden party pictures appeared on screen too, even the ones of him smoking and taking cocaine.
“My work is done here!” Kesha exclaimed and dropped the mic and cat walked out of the building, my leg was weak, it was as if it was rooted to the ground. The church congregation kept on murmuring and didn’t stop as my dad assistant and other church workers shook their head in shame. I couldn’t help it but ran out of the church, I entered the car and watched as members took their bag and left for home, the press arrived minutes later and collected the clip of what happened from the church technical unit.
My father entered his car and zoomed off, Jaden and Kira joined me in the car and George took us home. I watched the world through the window, it was obvious our lives was over, very over! Ketchup ruined our lives. We drove in silence and when we got home, dad car was parked in the compound and it was obvious mom was back in the house with Jessica, I’m sure the press harassed them in the hospital.
We got down and I met my mom crying in the sitting room while my dad paced to and fro on seeing us, he turned and stopped.
“You see what your carelessness and stupidity caused?” He asked with anger and pain coursing through his veins.
“What the f–k are you talking about? My sperm didn’t bear that mistake” I talked back and a slap landed on my face as he pounced on me beating me vehemently, my mom dragged me off him and was crying and knelt down to beg my dad.
“Don’t beg this crazy old man!” I cried- yelled and touched my face as I could feel pain all over me.
“I hate you so f—–g much!” I ran upstairs and Jaden ran after me but i locked my door so he wouldn’t come in. I sobbed for hours as the pain my father inflicted on me was much and the sore he bore in my heart would never heal. I laid there for hours till a knock came on my door.
“Go away” I sobbed.
“Let me in please” I heard Jessica’s voice. I wiped my tears and opened the door.
“Joanne…” I cut her short and hugged her tightly sobbing on her shoulders.
“Oh my God Joanne, dad broke you” she scoffed and wiped my tears.
“I’m sorry, I know I should be the one comforting you” I pouted and cleaned my nose.
“No problem, I’ve made peace with myself” she smiled and patted my back.
“Stop crying, you look ugly when you cry” Jessica teased and I laughed. We had a soul to soul conversation before she left.
“And Joanne I love you” she smiled.
“You do?” I flinched.
“What? Did I say something?” She teased scratching her head dramatically and I smiled.
“I love you too Jess” I went back to laying down but this time I wasn’t crying, I was chatting with my girls, we planned on meeting in a club. I changed into another outfit after taking a long bath. I went downstairs and met my mom and dad sitting on the couch discussing. I didn’t mind them but just passed them.
“Where do you think you are going to young lady?” My dad asked looking at me.
“I’m going out obviously” I rolled my eyes.
“Joanne, please darling it’s late, don’t go anywhere” my mom said with a cracked voice, she must have been crying. What the f–k I’m saying, she has been crying.
“I would be back later” I hissed and left but I could still hear my father shouting for me not to go but I paid deaf ears and stepped out. I got to the club and met my girls on table 4 as they were smoking and drinking, I joined them and we were chatting then a camera flashed on my face.
“Click! Click!” Came the camera. What the f–k? I saw Kesha behind the camera.
“Hello sister”
“How dare you?” I grabbed her and yanked her hair pushing her to the floor. We got in a real fight with bottles flying in the air. I punched her face and mistakenly stuck a broken bottle into her neck and blood gushed out. I was scared, very scared, what if she is dead? I feared for her life as she laid lifeless on the floor and Gina who was the bravest among us went close to her to check for pulse, by this time there was already commotion in the club.
“I can’t feel any pulse” Gina alerted and fear replaced the blood in my veins…

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