Diary of a broke Playboy episode 8

Diary of a broke Playboy episode 8
On Thursday morning, she left for the market with Sandra to buy foodstuffs for the remaining days we had.
She was barely gone for 15 minutes when i heard a knock on my door. James was sleeping in his room and i was about to catch some sleep too. I had only my boxers on. I managed to drag myself to the door, opened it and standing there was Cynthia. She was wearing this red skimpy gown that had an open roof on the chest. Her breast were just there staring at me like it was a challenge.
“Hey” she said and gave me a hug. Every part of her body hit me.
“Cynthia wassup” i asked feeling all confused on what to do. I didn’t know whether to let her in or dismiss her before Chinaza gets back from the market.
“I’m cool” she said looking at me in a way that made me feel like i was naked. We stared at each other as my mind wandered in many directions.
“Won’t you let me in?” she asked.
“Wait” i said and zoomed past her, walked to the gate, took a peek outside and Locked it. We both went inside and she sat on the bed. I stood facing her, hands akimbo.
“Why are you looking at me like that, am I disturbing you or something?” she asked.
“No, not that” i said and sat beside her on the bed.
“The last time we met, what we did, i hope you understand it was just a one time fling” i asked her.
“Yes, did I make it look like i wanted you to marry me?” she asked
“No its not like that, just that the Last time you came, you forgot something and my Girl happened to see it, she wasn’t so thrilled about it ”
” What was that? ” she asked
” Babe for real?, you left here naked under, you weren’t putting on any pant” i said all surprised she could forget something like that.
“Oh, its true, so where is it?” she asked
“Hmmm, i don’t know, i think i burned it”
“Why, to appease your girl? ”
“Its none of your business” i said
“Okay o” she said and shifted back on the bed.
“so why are you here? ” i asked after a long silence.
“To see you” she said caressing my bareback.
“Good, you have seen me, you have to leave before my girl gets back” i told her gently dropping her hands from my back
“why so fast? ” she smuggled closer to me and tried digging her hand into my shorts, i jumped from the bed..
” Cynthia please stop, not today”, i said walking away from the bed. She stared at me for long. Got up from the bed, said goodbye and headed for the door.
“Cynthia wait ” i called her
“Why” she turned to me
“i hope you understand that i’m not pushing you away or anything, just that my girl… ” i stopped not knowing how to complete it.
” Yes i understand ” she said and advanced towards me, put her arms around my neck and kissed my lips. I lost the little defense i had. I placed my left hand on her waist and the right one on her neck and we kissed like we were doing it for the last time. Girls were my curse.
We had no time to waste since naza could be back any minute,
I lifted her and dropped her on the bed, luckily her gown was short. I pulled it up and pulled down her pant. I climbed her and went straight for her nipples which were hard already. I gently bit on them and she moaned.
“Please, try not to scream” i whispered to her.
“okay baby” she moaned it more than she said it.
I rubbed the tip of my d1ck on her clit severally and she got up and held me by the neck, pulled me down with her and started kissing me allover my face and neck. I slowly inserted my d1ck into her pus5y and she started breathing hard, she hugged me to herself while i increased the speed of my thrusts. We went on for about 15 minutes.
“i’m about to come” she whispered to me as she suppressed her excitement. I planted my lips on hers to prevent her from making noise. I pulled out and She squirted all over the bed. I then went in again and within 2 minutes, mine came, I shot it inside her, french kissed her and wiped the tip of my d1ck on her clit.
We got up and wore our clothes. Although most guys don’t do it but i made sure i helped her put on her clothes, her pants especially. I walked her out to the gate. I decided to take a peep through the hole. I looked and saw Chinaza and Sandra approaching from the road.
“They are back” i said with tension all over me.
“Just go in and lock your room, don’t worry about what i will tell them” she said, kissed me on the cheek, opened the gate and went outside. I watched as she met with them, they talked for sometime before she left. I ran back inside, locked the door and fell on my bed.
Chinaza knocked on the door. The knock was so heavy that i went to open the door with my heart in my mouth.
As i opened the door, she walked in and hugged me to my utmost surprise.
“Were you sleeping?” she asked
“Yes, why do you ask? ”
” nothing, just that your course mate came and didn’t see anybody”
“Oh, she should come next time ” i said.
” Okay o. Lemme change and cook, i know you are hungry” she said and sat on the bed to pull off her shoes.
“Yea, i am really hungry” i said. She looked at me and started feeling the bed with her hands.
“Baby why is this bed wet”? She asked
“i don’t know, maybe its my sweat ” i said trying to look indifferent and failing.
” this is no sweat, its sticky like sperm” she said rubbing her fingers together.
“Sperm? ” i asked
” Yes, but come chinecherem, how did you know your course mate that came was a girl when you were supposed to be asleep and why is her perfume smelling all over this room?
I stared at her she she was developing horns.
“What do you mean her perfume is smelling all over this room?”
“She said no one answered her but still, this very room reeks of her very own perfume and tell me why this bed is all wet” she was gradually raising her voice.
“Fine i won’t lie to you, the bed being wet was because i jerked off while you were gone and splashed the sperm all over the bed” i guess that was better than telling her i bonked a girl within 30 minutes that she left the house.
“And about the perfume, maybe she wore it heavily and the smell filtered into this room” i continued with my lies.
“So you are saying that girl was never in this room, eh chinecherem?”
“I swear to you, do you think i will do something like that not with what happened between us few days ago”
“Hmm, okay o, please get this mattress to the sun and get new sheets because i won’t be sleeping on this bed like this” she said and got up from the bed. Feeling satisfied that i was able to lie myself out this time around, i flipped the sheets from the bed and something landed on the ground. It was small and sounded metallic, we both looked at the ground and lying there, besides my wardrobes was Cynthia’s ear ring.
Chinaza picked it first and put it to her nose. I just stood rooted to the point. I was just so sure i have lost naza. Like something hit her, she ran to the waste bag in the room and to my utter shock and dismay pulled out the g-string pant and put it to her nose. When i realised what she had done, i knew the game was up.
“so she was the owner of the pant, she came here today and you, chinecherem had the guts to f*ck her behind me” she said in an emotionless voice. I went on my knees before her.
“naza i’m sorry, i really am, it was the devil, baby forgive me” i said
“No problem, it happens, i guess my heart has chosen to love you and no matter how bad you hurt me, i just can’t do anything about it” she said and went outside to cook dinner.

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