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Diary of a broke Playboy episode 13

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Diary of a broke Playboy episode 13 by : 2:59 pm On July 17, 2020
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Diary of a broke Playboy episode 13
“wait let me urinate, I’ll be back” i said and rushed into the toilet . I was really drunk as I pissed around everywhere except the toilet seater. I staggered back to the room and found Her already asleep on the bed. I hissed and fell beside her.
I woke up on the floor the next morning and found Shape sleeping peacefully on the bed.
So y’all needed to see the full fledged laughter Fiesta James threw for me when i told him about my ordeal with Shape.
“Just imagine girl wey you for leave with me, you come waste all that opportunity”
“Comot here, why you no carry am enter your room”
“Guy i too drunk that night, i fit piss on her come think say na sperm”
“The action wey i miss no pain me reach, the one wey pain me pass be say na for ground i sleep, see as everywhere dy pain me”
School happened, friends reunited, everybody looking fresh and all. New students in the faculty, I didn’t notice the guys, i just saw the girls, all looking set for harvest. And like a farmer, i had my harvester ready for them. I needed to catch them young before their eyes opened. Apart from failing maths courses, the next easiest thing in school was spotting out the freshers. In their mind, they be feeling sophisticated and dressing up to cover up their naivety but like a mark on the forehead, it was boldly unscripted on them “JAMBITO!”
A lot of them did catch my interest, i had decided to reduce hand in my banging activities because while other people looked fresh after the holidays, my mirror portrayed me as 2 years older than my age. I wasn’t surprised tho, i had been extremely busy during the holidays winks…
So i decided i was only going to choose one at the moment.
Some of My guys don already begin dy form seniors, addressing the new comers who would stare at them, taking down everything they were told, some freshers would even mistake some of them as lecturers, for them to be addressing them, even those who got clear effs in their mathematics would be asking the new ones, girls especially, to call on them should they need any help, no, we don’t roll like that, we just let our things flow like lasagna.
So i saw this one, everything about her was everything i liked in a girl. Her beauty gave me chills, she wasn’t so thick but she was curvy. She looked like a model but not as thin as they are. I observed her for sometime and noticed she was always alone sort of. Hmmm, that was unusual given her assets.
We just got through our valuation class and i decided i was going to search for the girl. I managed to ditch Eva and was soon patrolling our faculty in search of this girl. I didn’t have to search for long, i soon saw her, the complexion of her skin shimmering under the sun. Just looking at her gave me the morale to walk up to her and talk to her.
I adjusted my face cap and swaggered towards her. She was strolling leisurely so catching up wasn’t hard.
I got to know her, Jennifer was her name, she just got admitted into Estate management, that made things easier for me. She was much open shaa and after everything, i got her number, easily too and that surprised me. We were still talking when i heard someone shout my name. I looked in the direction of the voice and shape was dragging her curvy body towards us.
“I have been looking for you” she said as she got to where we stood. I held Jennifer by her hand to avoid her slipping away.
“What for?”
“Ermm, you know that place i wanted you to show me that day?” she said scratching her ear.
“Which place kwa?”
“That place naa”
“The place no get name?”
“Just come first, please”
“Must it be now” i told her nodding towards Jennifer who was busy with her phone. She got the hint but rolled her eyes.
“Yes, now”
I was tempted to walk her away but hey, this is shape, my shape and so i had to dismiss Jennifer on the promise that we would meet again.
“Shape come, next time you see me with a girl, just act like you no see me or like you don forget my name, no just call me” i said as we waited for a bus.
“Which girl? ” she asked with a voice that had sarcasm all over it.
” Any girl at all”
“Is it because of this one that looks like ogbanje?”
I raised my hand to knock her head but ended up putting it round her waist.
Keeping up with Jennifer was very easy as she was always around. I loved showing her around to everyone as she is damn fine. Each time she smiled, i am always tempted to klzz her very pink lips but i just reserved that one for the d-day when everything will happen. I waited patiently for that day because I didn’t want to appear desperate.
My love for girls have done a lot to me gan, i went back to my year one handouts, reading them thoroughly and ignoring the current ones i’m supposed to study, all because I wanted to prove a point to her, she comes to my house once in a while and i teach her some of the courses they were offering. Things went on and on and the day came that she decided she was going to sleep over. The day i have been waiting for. On a Saturday, i made the suggestion to her in form of a joke and she took it up, said she would love to, since we were so close now and bla bla bla.
She came by 6pm. We were watching a movie in my room, me, James and shape. Shape’s sister wasn’t around again, she was visiting her boyfriend for the weekend, that girl shaa, she can play away match and that thing come dy vex us, the guys in her lodge, something she should be giving to us, her neighbors, she would go and be giving it out to a guy in his own house, anyway that one still dy.
She had knocked on my door, from inside i could smell her scent, i left shape where we were entangled and went to the door. I hugged her and led her inside. After a very funny introduction session where James tried to over hug her and got pushed away by me, we settled down on the bed and continued the movie. We smooched in silence as we watched the film. Soon she wanted to take her bath. I heated water for her and she went into the bathroom.
“See eh James, just take Shape and enter your room, you can carry the T. V as well, i just no need una disturbance” i said and they laughed, Shape eyed me and hissed.
“Babe see eh, you gats to understand me naa, just this night”.
I pleaded and begged and was able to convince Shape, all i needed was for her to leave, James was sure to follow. They left shaa.
Jennifer came out of the bathroom with only my towel tied around her. It was just enough to cover her upper body and revealed her fair, bulky and tempting laps.
“Are you still going to change into your clothes?” I asked her
“Urrm, maybe, why do you ask?
“Nothing, its just that i thought you looked perfect in that towel”.
She smiled and called me naughty. I pulled her to me and she sat on my laps.
“Are you a virgin? ” i whispered into her ears.
” Why don’t you try and find out” she said in a voice that would make you feel like you were inside her already.
I dropped her on the bed and klzzed her lips, slowly, my mouth walked their way down to her B@@bs and then to her nlpp!es, i klzzed and bit at it while she m0@ned and grabbed my head in a way that i liked.
“Will i find milk inside it? ” i asked her and she laughed. I continued and soon i parted her legs.
Giving heads to girls wasn’t my specialty but Jennifer was extraordinarily pretty and i thought she deserved it, she looked clean too.
I flicked her kitty with my tongue and she m0@ned like she just saw the pearly gates.
I caught her clit in between my lips and that was more than she could take, she jiggled and kicked, i had just managed to dodge my head in time
“Are you alright?”
“Yes, just continue ”
” Ok o.
In no time, we we on the bed, me on her, with her legs wrapped round me and choking my waist line. She was terrific and i was afraid i would cum before her. I pulled myself from her and went in from the back. She was almost shouting, luckily, my home theater was banging louder than us.
We went on and on and on and switched back to the missionary style. I needed enough closure and Romance. We klzzed multiple times as the bed shook from our engagement. And then she came, she was shaking violently with her eyes closed, she was so violent that the hot liquid soon sizzled out of my own dikk. Midway, i pulled out, i didn’t want everything in her, so if it was 1 million sperms that were going for her ovaries, let it be five hundred thousand. She was still shaking and violently too even as i was already out. I began feeling myself too much, i thought i must have over performed, now she should be impressed. Trouble started when after some seconds she was still on her wriggling bout.
“Jenny i’m through ”
No reply, just shaking
” Jennifer i’m out already, get up and wipe yourself ”
No reply, continuous shaking, my dikk went flaccid immediately.
” Babe, i don finish naa”
Still nothing, i took a closer look, some whitish substance was coming out of her mouth, it looked foamy. The sweat that rushed out of my body could bath a new baby and leave some for washing its diapers.
“Jesus, babe stop rough play naa” i said and shook her violently, the shaking had stopped but her mouth was still foaming. I madly got up and picked my phone, searched for James number on the contact, i was clumsy due to frustration, my whole body shook as i made failed attempts to locate James contact.
“Fukk what am i even doing” i snapped and rushed for the door, pulling up my boxers, i came back and wrapped her with my sheets before rushing into James room. I didn’t care if he was on top of shape or below her, i just ran in blindly and met James on the bed and Shape on the chair watching a movie, James wasn’t smiling but fukk that.
“Bros abeg follow me” i said to James totally ignoring Shape.
“Wetin happen?”
“No dy ask me question, just come” i snapped and stamped my feet
“Neche what’s wrong?” shape asked me
“No worry, we dy come, just dy here” i said to her and dragged James to my room. We came in and met her lying motionless on the bed.
“Guy wetin happen”
“I no know oo, we were just doing it o when she started shaking and the next thing she begin comot spit for her mouth” i said with a Shaky voice. James went closer and observed her.
“Guy u give am any drug before the action? ”
” I no give am anything naa”
“You sure?”
“Guy i sure die, even water, i no give am”
“Hmm, what could this be?” he asked, he appeared calm which was more than i could say for myself. I put my two hands on my head as hot tears ran down my face.
“James i don kill person, James girl don die for my house “. I was almost shouting.
” Guy shut up naa, you go soon wake everybody then e go red for you”
“E don already red for me naa, which other red red pass this one”
“Just chill, we go give her 2 hours and if she no wake, then we go know wetin to do am”
“Nothing wey we go fit do again naa, She don die already, na prison sure pass for me now o, my mama, my papa, wetin i wan tell them now, say i come school come kill girl for my room”.
I was ranting, the reality just hit me. My life don scatter.
“Let’s clean up her face first, then when she doesn’t wake, we will know whether to dump her somewhere ”
” Where do we dump her? ” i asked
” Dump who?”
A female voice asked, we turned to look at the door and Shape stood there.

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