Devil’s Bride👰
🍥(Until I find her)🍥
Episode 8
By Simrah Saeed
🍾 Amaya 🍾
” Good afternoon ma’am ” one of the maids greeted . I just came in so it’s hard to know that names
” Yeah afternoon ”
” I brought you a drink ma’am ” she said dropping it on bed stand. I have been on bed since Gerald left. Nothing to do, just idle.
” Thank you ” I said to her as she stared at me for awhile before leaving for the door. What’s her problem? It sounded like she wanted telling me something but decided against it .
This maid is such a genius, she brought my favourite juice flavour.
With all the excitement in me, I gulped down everything.
I need more but I can’t go to the kitchen right now, I will get that later but for now, I feel so tired .
I began walking to the bed but stopped when I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. Oh my goodness. My stomach hurts began hurting.
” Ah! ” I shouted counting my steps so I don’t fall but the pain increase in a wallowing speed .
What’s happening to me? I fell on the floor removing my veil from my head tying it around my waist to stop the pain but it wasn’t .
I couldn’t bear it anymore, maybe the necklace could have helped but it’s out if reach….
Gerald should come home already. Was the drink poisoned? No, it can’t be. No one can hate me and will want me dead. I just came in here or was that why the maid was staring at me? Was it what she wanted telling me?
”” I winced and blacked out
🍭 Gerald 🍭
” Maya look what I got..” the bag fell from my hand as I saw her lying lifelessly on the floor.
I ran to her immediately. What happened to her?
” Amaya ” I called but she didn’t answer.
I took a good look at her to know what is wrong.
She was poisoned in my house? Who the hell did that?
I placed my hand on her stomach doing some enchantment….
” By the power vested in me as the prince of hell, I here by bring you back to life ” I muttered and she began coughing.
How can that person be under my roof and poisoned her? For what? Why?
I need to find out who did that, I’m glad I came back quickly. Amaya could have been dead.
” What happened? Why am I on the floor ?” She asked
” Uhhmm, I think someone poisoned you Maya. You just have to be careful, everyone is our enemy. We don’t know those are that want us dead okay?”
” O.. okay but poisoned? ” She asked glancing at the empty glass on the night stand. Does it have anything to do with it?
” The maid, it was immediately I took the drink that I began feeling a stomach ache and then I ..I ..I can’t remember anything again ”
I picked up the glass and my eyes darkened. I can see through it, it’s Irene my trusted maid, I saw her handing the glass to Amaya. How can she? What will she gain from killing Amaya. Did she wants me dead too?
Killing her means one thing, she wants me dead. I was getting angry, my face turned red and the glass in my hand shattered into pieces.
” Gerald! Calm down ” Amaya said coming towards me.
” Don’t ” I warned, she might be endangering herself if she comes close to me right now.
I opened the door in full force heading downstairs, she’s dead if I get to find her …..
💮 Zanna’s POV 🌺
” It’s done?” I asked her who was shivering in fear. That’s the least of my problems as it is.
” Y…yes ”
” You saw her taking it? ”
” Y.yes ma’am ”
” Good, now let me warn you Irene. If you get caught by chance, don’t dare mention my name or else. I will kill your family ” I threatened and she became frightened.
” P.. please don’t hurt them ”
” Then be ready to face the judgement alone, don’t mention my name understood?” I said and she nodded.
” You can go ”
She left immediatetly and I began laughing. Amelia asked me to kill Amaya but I must achieve my own goals too by getting Gerald to myself. I must become the next Queen of hell, nothing is stopping me….
I have dreamt about Gerald being my husband and I know he’s perfect for me.
I can’t wait to see him on top of me asking me to open my legs wide so he can penetrate . I can’t wait to control the whole hell and do anything I wish to .
” Zanna , you haven’t accomplished your mission ” I jumped up as I heard the voice. Amelia.
” I am doing it Amelia ”
” And she’s not still dead? Look at her, she’s very well alive ” she said pointing to the wall and I saw her in her room lying on her stomach with eyes opened. What? She didn’t die?
” I..I thought she died, the poison supposed to have killed her ”
” Yes but was saved by Gerald ”
” I . I am sorry Amelia, I will try my best to…”
” Your best isn’t enough, do something and kill her soon Zanna ” with that she disappeared.
That means I am in danger, what if Gerald finds out I was the one?
🍭 Gerald 🍭
” Answer the damn question Irene, why did you want me dead? ” I asked with fury choking her
” I… I am sorry sir ” she stuttered holding her neck .
” You don’t want to tell me why right? Or were you sent?”
” N…no sir please spare my life ” she pleaded.
” You can plead on your own life and you want another dead? Are you sane? ”
I can’t let her live, she might try any other silly attempt. She doesn’t deserve to live .
I began choking her by the neck with full force. Only my anger is enough to perish her..
I choked her to death….
In her next world, she shouldn’t make attempt to touch what’s mine …
That’s why it’s not good to trust so easily. I trusted her but look, she’s my enemy. An enemy to Amaya is simply my doom.
Was she sent by the black angels? I’m sure they still want my baby dead, why can’t they just let me be?
Now that Amaya is here, I will be strong enough to kill them. I will kill them and send them to hell fire but Amaya needs to be strong.
She’s too fragile, that’s why they are getting to her. She can’t even use her powers.
Maybe I should teach her how to protect herself when I’m not around…
I don’t want her dead, not when I’m beginning to like her. She’s my other half anyways and I can’t let any harm befall her again…

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