Devil’s Bride👰
🍥(Until I find her)🍥
Episode 7
By Simrah Saeed
🍾 Amaya 🍾
” Only you can end this Amaya ” Gerald’s father said to me while I stared at him blankly holding my stomach which is hurting so bad
I glanced at Gerald then at his father to those black angels who held grins on their faces..
What do I do? I agree I have some powers but how is it used? The both of them couldn’t do anything is it me that will be able to send them away?
Looking at Gerald on the floor then my tummy. I can’t loose my baby even if it came in an unwanted way..
I stared at my palm while Gerald growled.
” Do something Amaya, use your powers please. I don’t want to loose you or my baby ” he muttered
Okay! I just have to give it a try.
I stretched out my palm to them and yes! It worked, they began staggering and groaning
I used my other hand and this time around they all fell down and disappeared as the necklace fell on my stomach giving me a crucifying pain in some seconds and then disappeared.
Gerald stood up helping me too. The pain I was feeling disappeared. I became strong again and my baby, is he fine?
” I’m sorry you are going through this because of me Amaya ” he said apologetically
” U..uhm it’s nothing, I’m glad we are fine now and I guess the baby too ”
” Yes the baby is fine and Amaya ” his father called and paused .
” Sit ” he ordered while I sat beside Gerald with him holding me protectively
” Now that the black angels have found you. They will not relent till they get the baby out of you by all means ”
” From now on, you will have to live with us. Wear the necklace all the time and I believe the baby in you has the royal power and won’t be harmed that easily ”
” Now that you have discovered your powers, you have to use it. Many attacks are going to come your way although we will protect you. I won’t let what happened today happen again that’s a promise ”
He said as if waiting for my answer. What do I have to say? I exhaled deeply
I have to stay with them because my life is at risk? Why do they have to choose me as his bride?
It’s really complicated and confusing……
“For your safety Amaya you will stay with us. No objection please ”
” Hmm, o..okay ”
” What the hell are you saying Maya? I don’t seem to get anything from what you just said ” Kim said half yelling .
It’s hard but do I have a choice?
” Hmm Kim that’s it ”
” It’s really confusing but what do I know?”
” I’m sorry Kim but I just have to stay here for the main time ”
” I understand, wasn’t it a miracle? The same guy you had sex with is the same Gerald in there. Wow and to crown it all, you are pregnant ”
” I’m going to be a Godmother ” her mood changed from being sour to a happy one. What a girl
” Stop being creepy here Kim ” I chuckled
” I believe there is a lot of gists for me Maya and I’m gonna miss you ”
” Aww, will miss you to doll, it’s just for sometimes when everything is over I will come back home ” I said assuring her which made her scoffed
” I’m not a kid that you will brainwash Maya, you are his bride he said so how are you going to come back? I know you will definitely fall for a handsome guy like him ” she said amusingly
” Stop being predicting snow Kim ”
” But that’s the truth anyways, I wish you luck baby girl ”
🌸 In hell 🌸
” No! This can’t be happening, how can you say that daughter of an evil man is more powerful than you are? ” Amelia yelled
” It’s not so mother she’s the daughter of a king and she ought to be powerful than we are ” Kiran said breathing heavily with some if his crew
” what are you saying Kiran, she’s not powerful than you are now ”
” But she almost killed us mother ”
” That’s bullshit, Cuhry,Sheznam ”
” Yes mother ”
” We are going to Earth to destroy Gerald with no mercy. I will kill him and take everything from him
🍭 Gerald 🍭
” You have to do everything possible son, since you both are bonded together. It will be hard to get you killed. Protect Amaya and I will protect you two in a way or the other”
” I will Dad ” I replied.
Yeah! He have a kingdom to rule and can’t continue to stay with us.
I can’t believe my bride is my baby mama, the very lady I slept with.
What does that mean? She can’t be a hooker because I can boldly say I took her virginity.
What was she doing at the club that night? Or was it for the money? Saviours! I’m glad I found her and the most joyful thing is that I will be a father.
” Hey! ” I said to her while she glanced nervously at me
” Hi ”
” How are you feeling?” I asked as she shook her head shyly. Is she like this? It amuses me of how timid she is. Ladies like her will jump on a guy like me but I bet she’s isolating herself .
” I.. I am fine ”
” Okay! What will you love to eat? I will inform the maids immediately ” I asked and her face brightened up.
She’s a foodie.. We really need to learn about each other and I won’t force things with her but slowly.
Everything that happened sounds like a mistery .
She smiled and thought for awhile
” okay, I need veggies, meat and sauce ” she said clapping which I chuckled.
She’s turned all cheerful because of food
” Okay, it will be ready in half an hour” I said leaving the room .
Minutes later….
I stared at her as she eats like she’s not eaten for a long time.
Has she forgotten I’m here with her?
I watched in amusement as she dipped her hand in the sauce .
I just couldn’t eat, she looks so cute with the way she eats even if it looks funny.
Her eyes met with mine and she looked down in embarrassment. ..
” Sorry ” she muttered
” It’s nothing to be embarrassed about Maya, feel free and eat the way you want” I said to her while she nodded but began eating with caution.
Such a timid lady..
I took my spoon joining her to eat also. If I should continue staring at her, I will never want to stop.
” We should take a walk around the house when you are done eating ”
” Okay ”
” You are not eating ” she spoke.
It’s been almost a week since she began living with me and all we do is just greet, eat together. That’s all.
Maybe we should get to know about us at least ..
” I think I’m filled up ” I replied standing up.
” You can meet me outside when you are done ”
🍾 Amaya 🍾
I have been feeling nauseant lately and weak too.
Maybe it’s as a result of idleness. Gerald and I don’t normally interact with each other
” You are here ” he said upon sighting me. He was seated by the pool side and I sat beside him .
” You are okay right?”
” Yeah ”
” Good! Uhhmm, I want us to get to know each other ” he stuttered.
I mean, there’s a lot we have to learn about us for now.
I can’t tell where all this is heading to .
” Okay ”
” Let’s do it this way, we will answer ten questions today ”
” Start it then ”
” What where you doing at the clubhouse that night?” He asked and my face fell. I didn’t see this coming. What should I tell him?
” You can skip it if it’s a sensitive question”
” No! I was desperate for money, I wanted to feed and no one to help so it was the only solution I had to get the money ” I said blatantly.
There’s no way I’m gonna lie to him about that.
” Oh! I’m sorry about that ”
” It’s nothing, so my turn. How did you find me?”
” Well, with the help of the necklace though I suffered for long before I could locate you ”
We kept on asking ourselves and I must say, he’s a cool person and not the one I met that day with fury …
Zanna’s POV
” Yes you ” I snapped my hands at one of the maids
” Yes ma’am ”
” Take this juice to ma’am Amaya ” I instructed
” Yes ma’am ” she said as I handed her a glass of juice
” Wait”
” Make sure she drinks everything, I mean everything or else I will behead you ” I threatened which sends fears to her .
” Y..yes ma’am ” she bowed and left while I laughed within me.
You might be wondering who I am. Well, I’m Zanna, the head maid of Gerald’s house.
Amelia sent me here to kill Amaya and that’s exactly what I will do. Don’t ask me how I got here, it’s not important and yes! The drink is poisoned.
It’s a powerful poison that will kill her and the useless baby in her stomach immediately it get into her. Let’s see who will save her. Gerald is not home
Just so you know, I am not just killing her but also make Gerald mine….

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