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DEVIL’S BRIDE EPISODE 6 by : 6:10 am On October 26, 2020
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Devil’s Bride👰
🍥(Until I find her)🍥
Episode 6
By Simrah Saeed
🍾 Amaya 🍾
After so much pleadings, Kim agreed to accompany me to his house and right now we are in a very big home. Too big to be called a house and too small to be called a mansion. Just normal.
I feel so scared as both Kim and I clutched unto each other walking side by side .
” I’m not going to hurt you both so stop being scared ” he said while glancing at us.
Should we trust him? I wouldn’t be so foolish to have followed him down here if not that I wanted to understand lots of things .
Everything that has happened recently really got me.
I need details and he uhhm Gerald said I must meet his father first .
” We are here ” he said as he let the door opened .
” You can make yourselves comfortable while I go get my dad and tell the maid to bring you something ” he rushed his words running upstairs..
What if I decided to run away?
” Don’t try that please and besides, you can’t leave this house now ” he stopped and said ..
Wait! Did I said that loud? Of course I didn’t, then how did he know what I was thinking?
He can read minds too? .
” Maya aren’t you scared?” Kim asked worriedly which made me chuckle. I ought to be scared but I feel a little secure . I’m just scared but no insecurities..
” I am scared Kim but don’t worry no one can harm us ” I assured
” How sure are you?”she asked and I brought out the necklace earlier. It seems to have a lot of powers in it
” This can get us out of here if anything happens, don’t get scared Kimberly nothing will happen okay?” I said and she nodded
In a few minutes, some maids arrived with different drinks
” Good afternoon ma’ams , we were asked to serve you ” one of them said politely.
Do they treat everyone like a princess or is it just us?”
” Uhh okay, thank you ” I stuttered while they bowed and left …
” Are you going to take it? ” Kim asked. Gosh! She’s such a scary cat. She believes every stranger has evil intentions but I don’t agree to that.
Meeting Finna was just a coincidence that she wasn’t good and talk of her, what happened to her? Where did she go to? What if she comes back to hurt me?
” why not?” I replied while she shook her head
” Why are you so different Maya? ” She asked and I shot her a confused stare
” How am I different ?” I frowned
” You trust too easily, that was what happened with Finna. What if this Gerald guy didn’t arrive at that moment? We both could have been dead and now you are trusting another person?” She said.
” Come off it Kim, if he wants u dead he wouldn’t have saved us in the first place ” I said sensibly while she kept quiet. Good!
” That’s true ” she said faintly and hesitantly too a glass of juice.
After almost an hour, he came back with a man who should be his father he said earlier.
” Good afternoon sir ” we greeted
” Afternoon daughters ” he replied glancing back at Gerald..
” She’s the one right?” He asked pointing at me…..
Wait! H..how did he know? And one what?
” Yes Dad ”
” Okay, sit ” he instructed and we did that…
” U.. uhhm, I will just take a walk around the house ” Kim said standing up.. she’s not going to leave me here is she?
” There’s no problem with you here, you are her close and trusted friend ” the man said ..
This is getting more complicated, how did he know Kim is my friend? I mean she can be my sister too.
” I understand sir but I think I should you a little privacy ” she replied
” It’s okay ”
With that she left for the door without giving me a look …
” Amaya ”
Okay! This is weird. How did he know my name? Oh maybe Gerald told him. He must have heard Kim call me that though he told us his name ..
I bowed in response without saying a thing
” I know this is rare but it’s real, if he have mentioned it to you that you are his bride then he’s right ”
” You will understand this when everything becomes clearer ”
” You never knew your real identity because your mother died while running with you from hell ” he said and my head snapped to him..
Hell? Which hell?
What was my mother doing in hell? This doesn’t give any reasonable explanation of who I am or what made me his son’s bride.
” H..how?” I asked breathlessly
” It’s a long story to cut it short. Your mother was an immortal who was impregnated by the past King Kasarisha that’s your father before it got to our own family ”
” His words were law and he gets everything he wanted including your mother ”
” She was his s£× slave and when she gave birth to you, she couldn’t bear the pain of being raped over again and she decided to come stay on Earth but unfortunately, she died in the process leaving you. And she transferred all her powers to you ”
He said and paused, powers? I have Powers? I am from hell? The under world?
” After your father died, I became the King of hell till now”
” You happened to be your father’s Only daughter and so you were chosen for my son. That’s how it’s done. You are his strength and power ”
Really? Even as he knew my father was evil, he chose me for his son?
” If anything happens to you, it will affect him and drain all his power ”
” This began the very day you both mated which yielded a seed ”
Okay! What’s he saying? Which seed? And when did we mate? I have never met Gerald except the day he almost killed me with his powers and today so what’s he saying?
🍭 Gerald 🍭
I stared at dad and chuckled. Did we mate spiritually? Even if it was I could have known and it even yield a seed?
” Mate? How? ” I asked him
” Son ”
He called and paused
” Remember the day you went to the club?” He asked while I nodded
” Yes Dad ”
” You went intimate with a lady right?” He asked again and I nodded. I can’t deny it since he knows already.
He says I’m more powerful than he is and still, I don’t know of what he’s saying..
I know I had s£× with a strange lady, I bet I broke her hymen . She was a novice. I wonder what will bring such a lady to a club house. Maybe for money.
” She’s the same lady Gerald, the girl you slept with was Amaya ” he said and my eyes widened.
What? I stole a quick glance at her and she looks shocked too ..
She was the same lady I’ve looked for all my life? I could have found her that night if I was with the necklace…
” Dad!”
” Yes son, your baby is growing inside her and the black angels are after her. To get the baby removed. You need to protect her son, if they eventually succeeds, then you will not live too ”
What? Amaya became frightened as she stepped closer to us. She’s pregnant with my baby? But… It’s just three weeks how did the know?
Why did they want me dead?
” I will protect her dad ”
” No need for that because we are here to end you ” I jumped up upon hearing the voice…
The black angels, they are here…
Before we could understand what was happening, they already struck Amaya.
” Ahh! ” She shouted holding her stomach and fell down
Dad used his power to kill them but they have his sword. H…how did they get it?
” My stomach, ouch ” she winced on the floor.
I became furious, the pain in her eyes rised my anger ..
I can’t loose her or my baby….
I stretched my hands with my powers but nothing happened to them….
” Gerald the baby ” dad said …
If anything happens to the baby then I’m dead?
My powers vanished , I can’t do anything to save myself…
” Only you can stop this from happening Amaya ” dad said…
My body weakened and I staggered and fell down. Am I going to die this way?

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