🍥(Until I find her)🍥
By Simrah Saeed
🌺 Finna 🌺
I ran around the house looking for Amaya, if I get to lay my hands on her. All his power will vanish.
I’m very glad she doesn’t know she have powers ..
” Amaya ” I shouted coming to the sitting room when I bumped into Kim
” Why are you shouting her name? Is she indebted to you? Why can’t you go and let us be ?” She said while I fumed..
I don’t have enough time and she’s getting in my way .
I held her neck and struck her unconscious. She needs to be this way till I’m done. She fell on the floor and I proceed to get Amaya.
Gerald is here! He’s few feets away …
” Finna what’s wrong I heard you calling my name ” she said coming out of the kitchen
” Oh yeah, I am here to get my mission accomplished. I wouldn’t have harmed you if you aren’t connected with the person I want dead ”
She gave me a confused look
” what are you saying?” She frowned
” You don’t need to know ”
I stretched my hands and began strucking her in the neck.
” Ah,. P… please..don.. don’t…k.kill me ” she said holding her neck while I increased the pace of it..
Ah! She isn’t dieing anytime soon . I dropped my hand angrily and she fell on the floor
I rushed to her and brought my hand to her stomach…
When he intestine gets twisted,she will die instantly..
In making the attempt, a light came from her body and I fell on the floor. Was it her stomach or her abdomen?
I was covered in a burning flame .
No! I began shouting and disappeared….
🍭 Gerald 🍭
My face fell on a lady lying on the floor. Is she the one? What happened to her? I quickly brought the necklace and wore it for her if she’s the one, the necklace will turn golden and it did.
She’s the one ! What happened to her? With the power of the necklace I wore for her, she became conscious again…..
Wait! I’m not mistaking! She’s the same lady I almost killed the other time.. goodness!
” P… please don’t kill me please ” she pleaded and shifted away from me ..
How do I explain this to her?
” I am not going to kill you okay, you are safe now ” I said and moved closer to her as she hesitantly let me touch her in fear.
Was anyone here? I need to find out who wanted killing her …
That person have to die first before killing me. She’s my power and they want her dead .
I almost killed her myself and now I understood why my face soften upon seeing her tears …
” My.. my Kim! ” She said and ran inside. Who’s Kim?
I followed her in immediately, I need to protect her from them.
She stopped as we saw another lady lying on the floor ..
” Kim, Kim wake up please ” she said in tears ….
” You can wake her up with your powers since the person who made her unconscious isn’t here” I said and her head snapped to me.
She doesn’t know how powerful she is ..
” W…what power?” She stuttered..
I think Dad has a lot of explanation to do. I don’t understand this either ….
“We will get to that later but for now, you can use your necklace ” I said referring to the one I wore for her .
Yeah! It’s hers from this moment
” How..?”
” I wore it for you ” I interrupted.
” Just touch her with it ”
I said and she stared at me then back at the Kim lady.
She remove it with a shaky hand and touched the lady with it.
It did work! She woke up..
” Maya ” she called. Her name is Maya I guess
” Thank goodness Kim, I thought I lost you ”
” What happened ? Did she hurt you? I told you the girl is strange but you didn’t believe me ” Kim said to her ..
What girl?
” Did you know her? ” I blurted
” We just met her days back claiming she’s Finna ”
Finna? The name rang in my ears ….
I just hope she’s not the one else I will smash her …..
“I’m sorry for the other day, I was only angry and I never knew you were the one I have searched for all my life ” I said
” What did you mean?” She asked frowning at me.. I know it sounds awkward too but Dad can explain better
” You are.. uhm my erhm bride ”
” What?”
🍾 Amaya 🍾
My head is spinning right now. The same guy that almost killed me with some magic powers is in my house and was he the one that saved me?
Everything is complicated..
Finna wants me dead? Why? What did she mean by I am connected with the person she wants dead?
I almost used my hand to kill myself and now, a random guy just came saying I’m his bride? How?
I stared at him then at the necklace too. Everything is confusing me, I don’t understand a bit of what’s happening lately ….
What happened to Finna? Why didn’t I find her when I woke up? Was it the necklace that woke me up too?
What could have happened if he didn’t walk in? How did he find me? Why am I his mistery bride?
I face palmed myself while muttering some words
” I think I have lots of explanation and questions to answer ”
He spoke my mind
” You really do ”
” But before I can do that, you will have to meet my father ” ……
💮 In hell 💮
Finna landed in front of her mother and brother burnt and bruised .
” What happened to you ?” Amelia asked
” Mother! I found her, his other half ” she said wincing in pain
” Then what happened? Did you kill her? ”
” I couldn’t kill her mother, I was about to kill her when I was covered in a flame. A fuetus is growing inside her and Gerald is responsible ” she said and her mother gasped .
They are grounded. They can’t do any harm to Gerald anymore, not when the fuetus continue to grow
” What do we do ?” Kiran asked staring at their mother…
” Only one thing can be done ”
” What mother and this time around, I will go myself with some of my crew. We will kill Gerald ” Kiran said boastfully.
” It’s a difficult task ”
” Mention it mother ”
” The fuetus must be removed

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