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DEVIL’S BRIDE EPISODE 2 – 3 by : 6:03 am On October 26, 2020
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Devil’s Bride👰
🍥(Until I find her)🍥
Episode 2
Written by Simrah Saeed
🍾 Amaya 🍾
” Guess what Kimberly ” I said excitedly. I’m excited because of the money, I just don’t want to spoil my mood with what happened before I got the money. It will only break me
” What’s the good news girl, how was it? ” She asked curiously
” I don’t want to think about it, the thing now is that we are rich ”
” Rich, like rich?” She asked laughing, I know the hustle doesn’t pay much but God has used the means to bless me.
” Yes, you won’t believe how much I was given ”
” It’s not more than a hundred thousand is it?”
” That’s a small amount of money compared to what I was given. I’m talking about a five hundred freaking thousand ” her face dropped immediately..
” Ho..how? Is that even possible?” She asked narrowing her eyes at me
” Well, it is ” I brought out the money and handed it to her while she stared at it with mouth agape..
I couldn’t believe it was either…..
” Goodness! This is real, but how?” you had s£× with five men?”
” Of course not ” I rolled my eyes
” Then how?”
” According to madam Ruby, she said that was because he was my first ” I shrugged trying hard not to show how hurt I am..
It’s so heartbreaking to have given my pride to a stranger, a man I will not even recognize again ….
Kim took my hand into hers and stared guiltily at me. It wasn’t her fault, I made the decision myself….
” I am sorry Maya, I didn’t mean to push you into this ”
” Stop feeling guilty Kim, you are not to be blamed because I took the decision okay” I said and she nodded.
” So what did you intend on doing with the money?” She asked
” Me or we?” I snapped..
” I’m sorry, what do we do with the money?” She corrected
I don’t want her to feel any less, without her, I’d be dead by now…
” What did you think?” She asked
” Maybe we should invest it in a business, I don’t want you to go back being a hooker rather do I want to repeat that experience ” I suggested
” Yeah, a business, like which business?”
” A grocery store will do, we will make it big and fancy ” I said dreamingly..
” Then that it should be ” we both engulfed each other in a warm embrace
🍭 Gerald 🍭
I came down from the car putting a call across to someone, I think I lost the direction.
You don’t expect me to know every place on earth…..
And now he isn’t picking, don’t he knows I have an important assignment at hand?
I need him to take me where I can get some stuffs and he isn’t picking up nor coming. Things like this gets me angry. I hate to be angry because it might harm people around me.
I kept pacing about with the whole venom in me. I dislike it when someone keeps me waiting…
I was still pacing about when a lady bumped into me….
” I’m. Sorry s…”
” Did your senses went on vacation? ” Snapped with fury. The echoing sound of my voice threw her to the floor.
My eyes were blazing with anger, she wasn’t the one that caused it but she’s the nearest person around me .
” Are you insane?”
She tried standing up but fell so hard back on the floor …
My head snapped to her stomach and she held it tight on the floor there.
” Ouch! I…I am sorry please” she winced. I couldn’t control my anger at that moment as she turned on the floor clutching her stomach….
This is how my anger looks like….
” P … please ” I think her tears touched my heart. My face soften and my anger subscided making her free…
I entered into my car and drove off…. If that stupid guy can’t come then I need to find my bride… The mystery lady …
How did she look like? God!
I dipped my hand into my pocket to bring out the necklace dad gave me…
f√¢k! I left it at home again
Episode 3
🍾 Amaya 🍾
Ouch! I winced helping myself up. What the hell just happened? Who is he? Is he some magicians?
God! I thought I was going to die the way he controlled my stomach to ache…
And it’s stopped immediately his anger subscided…
” What happened Maya ?” Kim asked as she approaches me
” Uhh, I can’t tell. I’m confused too, let’s just go already ” I ushered
” Yeah, how did you see the place? It’s okay for us to buy right? ” She asked referring to the big shop we want to buy for our grocery store
” It’s okay and big enough ”
” Alright then, I have already informed the supplier here in Nueva city. He will bring them in 2days ”
” Okay, thanks Kim ” I said..
” We are one baby girl, I’m famished”
” You will have to prepare today’s meal, it’s been awhile since I ate a food prepared by you ”
” But I’m tired ”
” I don’t know about that Kimberly, you are preparing lunch. That’s period ” I said running off while she grumbled..
How can a lady hates cooking goodness!
” That’s not fair Maya ”
” I know it’s black, did you think I will follow you to your hubby house? ”
” We will have lots of maids ”
” Then keep dreaming ”
” This is our new apartment Maya, we can’t continue to live in one room apartment so I bought this one with my remaining money ” Kim said and I stared at her…
” You bought? Meaning no more paying off rent?”
” Yes no more paying off rent. I thought since you sacrificed your money for us, why won’t I do same?” So, your room is opposite mine ”
” This is wow! Thank you so much Kim, at least this is just the best idea ever ”
” It’s nothing, AK grocery store here we are. We will grow it to be among the top best ”
” Yes baby girl, we need to pump champagne for achieving this two things”
I played ‘ Like You ‘ by Tatiana ..
I so much love the song.. It gives me courage and strength to stand up for myself…
🎵 You gotta get up
🎵You gotta get up and make a move.
🎵 Cause the world will never see you until you do..
🎵 no, there don’t really care what you are going through
🎵 So you gotta show them baby
🎵 You gotta show them the real you
🎵 You gotta give them what you’ve got
🎵don’t let them see what you are not
🎵 Cause you are strong
🎵 You are wise
🎵 You are worth beyond the thousand reasons why
🎵 And you can’t be perfect baby
🎵Cause nobody’s perfect darling
🎵 But no, no, no, there’s nobody in the world, like you …
The Arc of fire 🔥….
In Hell……
” What should we do to kill him, he needs to be dead. Gerald mustn’t reincarnate. I’m scared he might find the girl since he’s on Earth with the King ” Amelia said which left the rest of them thinking.
” That’s true, what do we do? ” Kiran asked. He hates Gerald with passion. He wants to be the sole heir to the throne.
He can do anything to get him killed.
” Finna get up ” Amelia commanded..
Since all her efforts to become the Queen doesn’t work out, nothing is stopping her son Kiran from becoming the next king
” You will go to earth, look for Gerald and kill him. Don’t come back without the assessment ” she instructed and Finna bowed in respect.
” Yes mother ” she replied and disappeared..
” Let’s see how he will escape this”
” I must become the king, no one can stop me ”
” Leave that to me son, I trust your sister to do her job ” Amelia said
🍭 Gerald 🍭
I walked aimlessly and tiredly. God! No sign of her. I am becoming frustrated but I won’t give up, she’s my life as it is right now…
I wish I will just see her…
After resting for a while, I stood up again to continue my search…
I feel her scent that she’s still far from me, it’s just faint scent ….
I seriously need to rest and continue tomorrow ..
Why can’t I just find her? Is she not in this part of the world?
And how is she bonded to me in the first place?
It’s really complicated and Dad won’t tell me till I find her….
I stopped in my spot when the necklace brought out light.
Yes! She’s here!
I can feel her presence….
Dad said I should take any direction the necklace brought out light from..
My left ……
I took to my heels to nowhere as her scent became very strong…
I will stop exactly where she is…….
But as I was running, her scent began fading, the light on the necklace disappeared…..
God! Don’t tell me I ran in vain……
She has left!
I need to check here everyday, I might find her….
Thank goodness! There was a nearest billboard written ” AK Grocery Store ” ..
Noted !
I will never give up on finding her .
🍾 Amaya 🍾
” Kim, look at that lady. She’s unconscious ”
” What do we have with that? Can’t you see people are passing her by?”
” C’mon Kim, let’s help her ”
” Are you kidding me? You want us to help a stranger?”
” Yes, I think she needs help, we should take her home please ”
” That’s not happening Maya ” she said dragging me
” Kim please, we will let her go once she’s awake, remember you said it’s good to help people especially strangers. Please”
” Okay fine ”
” Thank you baby girl ” ..
Luckily for us, there was a nearest cab available and we took her in …
She looks so beautiful and paled? What happened to her? Why was she lying on the road ? Not that she got into an accident. ..
I just pray she wakes up soon …

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