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DEVIL’S BRIDE EPISODE 15 by : 6:37 am On October 26, 2020
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Devil’s Bride👰
🍥(until I find her)🍥
Episode 15
By Simrah Saeed
🍭 Gerald 🍭
I can’t keep the fact that this is the best experience I have ever had in my life.
Being with Amaya brings so much peace and blessings to me.
If not that I found her, I do be dead by now. It was her power that was my back bone through out the day fight.
And to crown it all, she’s the mother of my unborn child. What could be more better than that?
I gave her a last glance and went into the shower. She ought to be tired from our hot make out plus the pregnancy stress.
She looks so beautiful with her protruding belly. She’s the best thing that has happened to me in ages.
I’m very glad she happened to be my bride ..
I f√¢king love her, she’s my light.
Staring at her is what I will wish to do every day.
She’s mine, I mean only mine..
🍾 Amaya 🍾
” Tell me the secret behind this happiness Kim ” I said giving her a suspicious look.
She’s been here for over thirty minutes now and haven’t said a word. All she does is smile,a genuine smile ..
“Kim !” I called frustratedly
” You won’t believe what happened earlier Maya ” she grimaced
” What happened?”
” Guess first ”
” Okay! A very rich family came and bought all your stocks ” I replied while she rolled her eyes.
She knows I s√¢k at guessing yet she’s asking me to guess
” Not that idiot ”
“Okay then what? I’m curious”
” Take a look at this ” she said showing me her index f!ng£r. Oh my God! A ring…
” Saviours! Jeremy proposed?” I asked and she nodded in excitement
” Wow! It’s so beautiful, congratulations girlfriend ”
” Thank you so much Maya, it wouldn’t have come to past if you didn’t advice me on it ”
” That’s why we are sisters Kim, I’m very happy for you. You found Love that’s what I always wished for you baby girl”
” What could I have done without a friend like you by me? ”
” Can I ask for a favour?” She asked
” Sure ”
” Uhhh, I don’t want you to leave me and go back to hell. Can’t you talk to Gerald about it please ”
That! It’s been on my mind but can anything be done? He’s the crown prince of hell and he can’t stay back here on Earth. Is it possible?
I seriously don’t know how the place looks like but I think I prefer here.
Maybe we should just be going and coming back or something.
” I don’t know Kim but I don’t think he will be able to stay here on Earth, he’s the heir to the throne and the king’s eye. He can’t possibly stay here ” I reasoned
” That’s true but can you please have a talk with him about this?”
” Uhmm I will try ”
” Thank you Maya, that means a lot to me ”
” Where are you taking me to Gerald ?” I asked
” Chill princess, we are going for sight seeing ”
” Oh! Okay ”
” I know you are going to like it ”
” Let’s go then ” he held my hand as we walk to the car ..
My waist hurts badly. I think I’m in the month of my delivery but I don’t know the exact date, I find it very hard to bend.
And Gerald has really been helpful. He’s romantically caring, I’ve gotten nothing but lots of love showered on me.
He’s such a loving guy, a dream of every lady and I got him. Aren’t I lucky? I really am. What more could I have asked for?
” Uhhh Gerald ” I called as we entered into the car.
” Yes princess, you wanna say something?” He asked
” Yeah ”
” Speak baby, your amor is listening ” he replied playfully and I hit his arm. He’s so playful but I love him that way.
I seriously can’t believe the Gerald I first met can be this cool, calm and collected. It’s amazing he changed from being the angry bird he used to be which makes me love him more .
I’m falling deeply for him. The chemistry between us is so electrifying .
Each passing day, Gerald gives me a reason to love him.
” Uhhh, I was thinking we should stay back here on Earth ” I said nervously. I know it’s not possible but I’m giving it a try
” I’m a prince remember? And I have subjects to look after ” he said monotonously.
” I know but, your father is still there right?”
” You haven’t been there before princess so why this?”
” Not that I don’t wish to go with you but… I think I love here, what happens to Kim?”
I said and he sighed
” But you know we can’t stay here forever princess ”
” You and I have to return one day but for now to make you happy. We will stay here on Earth till when I will be crowned King ”
Oh my! At least it’s better… His father isn’t dieing any soon ..
” Happy?” He asked..
” Yes! Thank you so much Gerald”
” I will do anything for our love Maya, I love you baby girl ”
” I love you too Gerald”
I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen and it stopped the next moment.
The pain came again more hurting than the first.
I grabbed the seat trying hard not to shout..
I thought it was going to go after sometime but it became persistence.
” Ahhh” I couldn’t bear the pain. I shouted loudly. The car halted and Gerald turned to me..
” Ahh”
” Are you okay Maya?” He asked staring worriedly at me.
” No! My waist hurts so much, the pain is intensifying ” I cried
I looked down on my belly, my water broke…
This is labour! I mean I’m in labour..
” My baby is coming, my baby ” I said
” Ahhh”.
” Sorry Maya, I will take you to the hospital right away ”
” Please do, the pain is crucifying” I fanned myself with my hand but it yield nothing. The pain was only stopping to increase in the next minute.
” Ahhh”
” Owch! Drive fast idiot ” I blurted hitting him hard ..
” Sorry ” he muttered and increased the speed..
” Did you want to get us killed? Slow down and drive fast ”
He stared at me like I just lost my sanity as he tried to hide his last and confusion.
I know what I said might sound funny but it’s not funny to me right now.
🍭 Gerald 🍭
The thunder and lightening increased, the wind blows heavily. I can feel some buildings collapsing, some tables and chairs breaking into pieces.
The nurses were staggering trying hard not to fall due to the wind .
A loud thunder was heard…
My baby has been giving birth to.
The child of power has been giving birth to….
The end…
Actually this is my first story of this type. It’s short but it ended anyways.
At least I tried right?

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Re: DEVIL’S BRIDE EPISODE 15 by Fuxin: 10:24 am On July 2, 2021

You really tried, kudos writer


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