Devil’s Bride👰
🍥(Until I find her)🍥
Episode 14
By Simrah Saeed
🍾 Amaya 🍾
For the past few months now, my relationship with Gerald hasn’t been the best but I can say we’ve scaled through a lot .
This past few months have thought me how to love, I have grew to love Gerald not because he happened to be the father of my baby but because of the emotions and feelings I have when he’s close and far.
He’s the best thing that has happened to me in a long time now.
He’s been a guardian angel to me and our baby.
My pregnancy is not due yet but it’s very visible.
” Aigo, what are you thinking about?” Kim hit my arm while I smiled
” Nothing just thinking ”
” Aww, I understand that….” She was cut off by the ringing of her phone…
She sighed throwing the phone back on her thigh after silencing the call.
Okay! What’s wrong? She seemed bothered.
” Kim, what’s wrong? Why did you silenced the call?”
She sighed again
” It’s Jeremy, he won’t stop stalking and calling me ”
Have seen the guy once and I can tell he’s deeply in love with her but she wouldn’t give him a chance.
” Aren’t you tired of keeping the poor guy at arm length?” I asked
” What did you mean?” She frowned….
” I mean you should give him a chance baby girl, it’s been good five months now since he’s been asking you out. Can’t you see he loves you? ”
She looked down without saying a word. I don’t know what’s her problem, I agree they met in a wrong way but he’s changed.
” You love him don’t you?” I asked again but she couldn’t say anything.
” Then freaking accept this guy and be happy Kim, you know I will never suggest anything bad for you ”
“Hmm ”
” Think about it Kim ” …..
🌺 Kim’s POV 🌺
” Can you please stop? You are causing a scene Jeremy please ” I begged releasing his grip off me.
I can’t stop him from stalking me and now he’s here at the boutique I came to get some few things holding me tightly and shouting ‘ I love you Kim ‘ .
Its romantic but I find it embarrassing. People even stop just to stare at us. I feel like the ground should open up and swallow me.
” I love you Kim ”
” Jeremy please ”
” Baby” he held my waist ignoring the stares… Geez! What have I gotten myself into?
” Jeremy ” he left me and climbed up on the receptionist desk..
Has he gone crazy? Goodness!
People stared at him then at me while shaking their heads and some find this amusing.
” Attention everyone, listen up please” he shouted.
Before I could say anything, people already gathered. The place we were turned into a cinema immediately.
“I met this lady 5months ago though I was being a dickhead at first but I think her courageous attitude made me fell head over heels for her and ever since, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I’m in love with this lady and I was planning on getting married to her but then, she wouldn’t even consider me ”
” I have decided to use this golden opportunity to ask her this, I don’t care if we dated or not. All I know is that I’m in love with you Kim ”
” Will you please give me a chance into your life and be my beautiful bride?”
The bag in my hand fell, everyone’s gaze was now on me as they all shouted ‘ say yes ‘ ..
Tears welled up my eyes. I remembered the day I told him I was once a hooker. Who will love to be with a slut like me? I thought everyone believes that once a hooker will always be a hooker but he proved me wrong.
He told me he wouldn’t mind ” I love you and that’s what that matters ” that was his answer . I was shocked beyond reasonable doubt
” Say yes and don’t keep the poor guy waiting ” the crowd yelled
I glanced at him as he knelt holding a ring…
” I will be your bride ”
🍾 Amaya 🍾
” I missed you princess ” Gerald said with his hands running through my big stomach.
I released a soft chuckle as he kissed my cheeks..
” You just went for a walk out just an hour ago ” I chuckled
” But I still miss you, even for a minute princess ”
” You are very funny Gerald ”
Instead of an answer.
He grabbed my lips and matched it with his. My eyes widen, my body became weak due to his touch.
I was beyond shock right now, he took me by surprise….
Not that I don’t want this but is it the right time?
” I can right?” He asked still kissing me. I couldn’t say anything.
He spank my butt and I gasp making him have access into my mouth.
His tongue sucked my lips in out
What do I do? I gave in! We went into a searing kiss. A very pleasurable one that I wish not to stop..
I felt my V area clenched as goosebumps broke on my body.
We were both unclad in nothing, his erection was facing my in between ready to penetrate.
His c**k looks so huge that it frightened me. But it has gotten into me right? And I didn’t die.
He went inside me in a slow pace. The feeling was what I have never felt before. It wasn’t painful like the first time but I could feel a pain mixed with pleasure.
My moans filled the room.
He was fully inside me without penetrating.
He began trusting in at a steady rate. The pleasure is what I don’t want it to end..
” Gerald ” I moaned his name..
” Ahh”
” Oh! Gerald, faster, don’t stop ”
Sweat dripped down me due to the moans and my constant shouting in ectacy.
” I know I was a bit rough on our first day Maya but I promise to make today a memorable one” ……
That was intense

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