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DEVIL’S BRIDE EPISODE 12 – 13 by : 6:20 am On October 26, 2020
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Devil’s Bride👰
🍥(Until I find her)🍥
Episode 12
By Simrah Saeed
🍭 Gerald 🍭
All I wanted this moment was to hold her tight and klzz her telling her how beautiful she looks..
How at peace she is when she sleeps.
I just want to draw her closer to me and whispered lots love quotes in her ears .
I have never felt this way towards any lady before, all I do is f√¢k and go. No string attached.
But with her it’s different, the very day I had s£× with her changed everything and me. The way I feel when she’s close, the way I wish to touch her every seconds is just undefining .
The feeling only gets stronger each time I try to forget it. She’s so special or is it because we were bound to be together?
That wasn’t it, even when I didn’t know she was the one. That very first day I met her, she’s been on my mind.
She’s so innocent to be harmed in this world.
Her beauty is so mesmerizing, she’s pure and innocent.
I’m just glad she was the one meant for me.
How can one person be this beautiful? She’s truly from the underworld.
Her curves is something that will turn any sane man on. I’m not just discovering it but I decided to keep it to myself.
Even right now, I’m trying to restrain myself from climbing on top of her .
I stared at her loving face with a smile.
I’m becoming obsessed with her seriously.
I what’s happening to me? I no longer get angry and when I do, I will try to control it in case any harm will come to her .
She has a quality of different number of people. ..
Despite she grew up in the street, she’s so humble, innocent, pure, fragile and everything good.
That made me love her more. Without the care of any parent, she grew up to be responsible all by herself.
That alone is worth dieing for. She’s very different among her peers.
I’m so excited she’s mine, I closed my eyes but couldn’t sleep. All on my mind was Amaya, she’s the only one that matters right now and to know she’s carrying my baby crowned it all .
I still regret the day I made her went through pains, even when we had s£×, I wasn’t gentle and I feel guilty about it till now, I don’t just know.
Is what I am feeling love or lust?
🌸 Kim 🌸
” What are you trying to say young man?” I asked clearly pissed .
” I’m saying that I just paid for the groceries I brought ” he replied. Is he crazy? How can he say he has paid when there’s nothing like his money on the counter?
” You are mistaking, you haven’t paid me ”
” Look, I separated the money from this very one. If I haven’t paid you then where is it? ” He asked.
” Wait! Did you think you can defraud me? Pay me my money or I call the securities ” I threatened trying to hold him by the collar but he was quick enough to step away
” You are embarrassing me Miss, did you know who I am? I can sue you for this”
” Does that concern me?”
” What’s happening here Jeremy?” A young lady said coming towards us.
Maybe his wife or girlfriend.
” Imagine, she said I haven’t paid her and I did Lina ”
” I think she’s right Jeremy, you gave me the money ” the lady said and I glared at him.
His face flushed in embarrassment as he bowed his head in shame.
” I’m sorry ” he muttered handing me the money. How can a handsome guy be Rude?
” We are really sorry for the embarrassment ma’am ” the lady said politely.
If this Mr grumpy can be so, it wouldn’t have escalated.
” It’s nothing, but just caution your husband, boyfriend or whoever he might be to you ok being rude to people ” I said while she chuckled…
It’s isn’t funny seriously.
🍾 Amaya 🍾
I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.
Its normal, I assured myself.
The pain came again this time in form of a cramp.
I don’t get it, my menses can’t possibly come when I’m pregnant can it?
The pain was intensifying.
I gasped as I felt a blood flow down my leg….
No! This shouldn’t be what I’m thinking….
Episode 13
Amaya 🍾
I gasped as I saw some blood flow down my legs.. what’s happening? My stomach was hurting like a cramp.
My body trembled while my lips went dry.
I stared at my leg, fear engulfed me. I can’t be in my menses cause I’m pregnant, why the flow of blood? I’m getting insane..
” What’s the problem?” Gerald asked coming in….
He followed my gaze and his eyes widened.
” What happened Maya?”
” I don’t know, I don’t know. Please take me to the hospital ” he nodded and picked me up not minding the stain on my body..
Let it not be that I loose my baby please..
” Calm down okay? Nothing is going to happen to our baby” he answered my mind.
I can’t buy that right now until a proper check up is run on me.
If its not menses then it will be one thing I wish never to happen to me… Maybe I should stop being pessimistic..
Nothing will happen to my baby right? The doctors should prove my instinct right else, I will go mad .
I can’t loose my first pregnancy just like that …

🍭 Gerald 🍭
I dropped her in the car and sped off to the hospital. I have to assure her if not, I’m really scared about the blood coming out..
How possible is that?
” Can you drive fast a little? ” She said. If not for the situation right now, I could have laughed at how she looks..

” Where’s the doctor?”
” Excuse me sir ?” The nurse said. I feel like killing her here just now…
” I asked where is the doctor and you are asking me to excuse you?” I snapped and he flinched
” Calm down Gerald, this isn’t why we are here ”
” Where the hell is the doctor?”I yelled angrily
” Ger…”
” Mr Gerald, I received your message. Please follow me ” the doctor said politely while I glared at the nurse.
” So what’s the problem with your wife Mr Gerald?”
” I can’t tell, she’s pregnant and she’s bleeding from her pr!v@te area ”
” O.. okay, we will run some tests on her ”
” Okay”
He took Maya to the lab for the test as i sat there with my heart pounding.
The baby means a lot to me that I will never wish to loose for anything, he’s going to come out a special child and that’s why there are many obstacles surrounding his birth into the world…
” Gerald ” Maya called. I stretched out my hand to her helping her to sit.
” How are you feeling?”
” I’m not fine Gerald,I don’t want to loose my baby” she said bursting into tears.
” Of course you won’t loose our baby, nothing will happen to him”
” I pray so ”
“Don’t worry princess ” I replied giving her a comforting hug
Few hours on…..
” Well Sir, there’s nothing wrong with your wife nor the baby ” he said and my face brightened up.
” Really?”
” Yes sir ”
” Then what about the blood?” Maya asked..
” It’s called spotting, it happens in a rare case and its normal for Pregnant women ” he said as we stared confusedly at him.
” What’s spotting?” I asked
” It’s a vaglnal bleeding during pregnancy, it’s usually light. Pink and brown in colour but she had a heavy spotting, that in red colour. Its absolutely no problem sir ”
I sighed in relief knowing that my baby is fine. I almost got an attack seriously.
” Thank you doctor ”
” My pleasure sir and Mrs Gerald, you shouldn’t be afraid and don’t suffer yourself wearing a tampon, it’s not necessary. A lace pant will do ”
” Okay, thank you ” we replied as I helped her up
I could have let changed, now she’s a little stained..
I picked her up towards the car.
It’s not this very moment that I abandon her of course.
” Thank you Gerald ” she said shyly…
” Princess!” I groaned giving her a soft klzz on her cheek . She won’t stop thanking me
🌺 Kim’s POV 🌺
I feel famished, all I want to do is to get home and eat. It’s been a while since I last saw Maya and I’m planning on seeing her soon.
Although I believe she’s pretty fine. I locked up the store running down to my car.
I wish Maya will come working with me as we planned. This is actually her money and I’m the one gaining from it . It makes me feel guilty.
But at least, what I led her to brought her towards achieving her destiny. I’d feel bad and proud about it.
She’s gone through hell in life and its time to enjoy at least. I’m very happy for her anyways.
Okay! Wait! What’s this guy doing here? And leaning on my car to crown it all.
” What the hell are you doing on my car?” I snapped the keys in my hand. What’s his name again! Jeremy, right.
” Calm down precious, this isn’t how to welcome your visitor” he replied with a smile tugging on his face.
” The last time I checked, you aren’t a friend so why the visit?and my name is Kim not precious ” I corrected. I don’t know why, but I don’t trust that easily. People aren’t so good this days. They might want you dead.
” I just wish to call you that ” he shrugged
” And I don’t want it, don’t you get it?”
” Okay precious I get it ” he replied which made me sighed
” If that’s all about your visit,can you please excuse me so I can get into the car? I’m famished please”
” I will excuse you precious but can I have your number?” Ai! Why will he ask for my number?
” I don’t give out my number to jerks like you, leave please ” I replied. He doesn’t seem pained with what I said as he grinned annoyingly.
” Well, this is my card. Feel free to call me and see you tomorrow”
He dropped the card on my car and left in style. Crazy!
🍾 Amaya 🍾
Wow! I can’t believe I’m three months on now. Though my pregnancy isn’t showing yet.
“How did you do that yesterday?”I asked Gerald who was lying next to me.
I don’t know how he magically stood in the air yesterday. If not for the fact I know him, it’s scary.
” You can say it’s magic ”
” With your powers, you do magic too?” I asked an he burst out laughing at me. What’s so funny now.
” Does that matter? You believe in magic right?” He asked and I nodded
” Then, I will teach you how to use magic princess ” ….

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