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DEVIL’S BRIDE EPISODE 10 by : 6:17 am On October 26, 2020
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Devil’s Bride👰
🍥(Until I find her)🍥
Episode 10
By Simrah Saeed
🍭 Gerald 🍭
I roughly pushed her off me landing her on the floor. The lust in my eyes was replaced by anger. The ground began shaking, the bed stand fell and broke into pieces .
How dare she come into my house as an enemy in disguise?
” You think I won’t find out who you are Zanna? What where you thinking when you came? Which power did you have to destroy me?”
I asked pinning her to the wall with just my hand .
” You can’t kill me Gerald ” she muttered dryly..
“Really? ” I chuckled with fire
” What makes you think so? ” I began turning her neck with fury while she was still there on the wall struggling .
” If I can’t get you then I will kill you Gerald” she fired a sharp knife from nowhere but it couldn’t penetrate into me .
Her eyes bulging out of it’s sockets, she screamed …
” Don’t kill me please Gerald ” she pleased , this time around I laughed in a mocking tone
” You want my baby dead and you don’t want to die?”
” As the crown prince of hell, I command you to perish with fire and disappeare into the great fire of hell” Isaid and in a swift, she was burning in flame.
” Owch ! Ahh” she winced as she burn down then disappeared. …
I smiled in satisfaction. Exactly what I wanted. I won’t rest until they are all dead .
None of them will ever have the chance of hurting Maya and my baby.
” Hey handsome ” Kim said flirtatiously while I chuckled. She’s always like this whenever Amaya is around just to piss her off.
” Kim ” she called sternly and we both laugh..
” Calm down okay, he’s only yours ”
” How are you doing Kim?” I asked
” Well I’m very well fine, I guess you came to pick your woman already ” she groaned.
I know she must have missed her.
” Yeah ”
” But it isn’t fair Gerald, she’s just spent not more than an hour here ”
Really? It’s bee almost four hours since I dropped off Amaya here.
” Seriously? I narrowed my eyes …
” Anyways, she will come around some other times but for now, we have somewhere to go ”
” Ai , I understand ”
” Okay then, let’s get going ”
” See you soon Kimmaya ” Maya said and I narrowed my eyes at her. Kimmaya ! What’s Kimmaya? Oh! The combination of their names. How crazy !
🌼 Amelia’s POV 🌺
Zanna didn’t come back alive and so I guess it’s time I go by myself.
A simple task to get Gerald and his baby out of the way , they can’t.
That baby isn’t going to do us any good if they eventually gives birth to him. His birth will come with a force that will destroy us. He will be more powerful than Kasarisha.
I can’t let him be given birth to. No! It can’t happen..
” I already backed out mother and I advice you do same. Gerald isn’t just anyone to be killed, he can kill you with just a scream ” Kiran said ..
” Trust me son, I can kill him. He have to die before you can become the next king ”
” Mother ”
” Don’t bother son, the victory will be ours at last ” I assured him.
” I never want the position of a king. You are pushing me into all this mother ”
” It’s for the betterment of you and your sister Kiran ”
” If you say so mother but be careful ”
” Of course I will, believe me ” I replied and disappeared.
(Written by Simrah Saeed)
🍾 Amaya 🍾
” You like it here?” Gerald asked. This place is too beautiful to be liked
” I love it, it’s beautiful and quiet”
” I’m glad you like it ”
” Yeah ”
There were lots of dishes on the table, why did he buy this much when he knows we can’t finish half of it? Although it looks so yummy .
” What will you like to eat? I will serve you princess ” he said while I smiled. He won’t seize from calling me that.
” Uhhmm, paratha, french fries, potatoes and gravy ” I said clapping my hands together. All this foods I called are just of different league. There aren’t supposed to be eaten together but it won’t result to any sickness right?
He stared at me amusingly while I frowned, did I ask for much?
” Oh..okay ” he stood up and served me my desired meals .
Without waiting for him to speak, I dragged the plates in my front and began munching it .
I don’t get why but I have high taste in food now, I feel like eating each passing minute.
What’s amazing me most is that I will wake up in the morning, instead of feeling agile and strong. I will feel like I need more sleep, tired and weak.
Or is it because if the pregnancy?
” Hmm ” Gerald muttered with his hand supporting his jaw while he stared at me without touching his food and a smile plastered on his face .
What’s amusing him? The way I eat?
I bent my head in embarrassment.
” I think I have told you not to be embarrassed by how you eat right? I’m comfortable with it, in fact I love it so eat ” he said while I smiled
” Thank you ”
” My pleasure princess ”
” You aren’t eating ”
” That’s because I want you to feed me ” he said and I rolled my eyes.
” Silly ” he chuckled and began eating.
” How was your stay with Kim?” He asked
” Well. It was fine, I have missed her so much. We did catch up on some things ” I grimaced
” Things like? You told her how handsome I look when I’m dripping wet in just a towel right? ” He said and I almost choked on my food.
” You are creepy Gerald ”
” What! Haven’t you seen me n@k£d before?” He pushed further.
Seriously this is turning me red .
” Gerald! ” I called sternly as he burst out laughing. Don’t he have some shame?
” Yes princess ”
” Eat and stop saying silly things ”
” You wish princess ”
We ate in a comfortable silence.
My heart almost jumped out my heart when a strong wind three us out of our seats.
The food began scattering and the table fell down. What’s happening?
Fear gripped me immediately…
“Come here Amaya, quick ” Gerald said holding me tightly to himself…
” They are here ”

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