Devil’s Bride👰
🍥 (Until I find her)🍥
Episode 1
By Simrah Saeed
🍾 Amaya 🍾
” You look so stunning in this Maya ” Kim my roommate said
” I don’t want to do this Kim ” I said drawing down the skimpy dress that barely reach my knee.
” You don’t have a choice or did you? Our rent has expired and we need to feed. Did you remember we haven’t eaten since yesterday? Just this one night will change your life forever ” she said and I sighed.
That’s true, I don’t have any option. She’s been in this for a long time now and she never for once complained feeding me and paying our rents.
” It’s okay, I just hope I won’t regret this ”
” You won’t Maya, trust me ”
” Just wear a smile and straight to business when you get the ” she said while I nodded
” I’m sorry you have to do this Maya, I don’t have enough money to take care of us anymore and my clients are not in the city at the moment”
” I understand Kim, thank you for everything ”
” You are welcome baby girl, go already. I already informed madam Ruby about your coming ”
I am Amaya. Yes just Amaya with no surname, I don’t know my parents. I think I just find myself in this world. I grew up to fend for myself. I remember when I used to beg for food and a roof to lay my head until I met Kim.
She’s really helped me a lot in this life. She fed me, clothed me and all. Maybe I can pay her back with this….
I entered into the club house nervously, I have never done this before.
” Hey beautiful,1000bucks for the night” a guy said
” No thanks ”
” 2000bucks ” another guy said again and I furrowed my eye brows..
God! Where do I find madam Ruby?
” Good evening ma’am, you must be Amaya ”
” A bartender said ” I nodded
” Madama Ruby is waiting for you please this way ”
Thank goodness! I followed him and we entered into a small room where a woman was seated with some ladies practically dressed like I was.
” Good evening ”
” Evening Amaya right?” She asked
” Y..yes ”
” Okay, you will meet the client in room..”
” But madam run we were here before her” one of the ladies spat
” I’m sorry girls, she’s a special lady for tonight. So Amaya, you will meet the client in room 6 ” she said while I nodded
” The rooms are by the left ”
” T..thank you ma ” I said and dashed out
Okay, calm down Maya. I checked the number again to make sure I wasn’t in a wrong place before knocking ..
I heard a faint come in and I anxiously turned the door knob….
The guy grabbed me immediately I entered throwing me in the bed. He roughly pulled up my gown and his hands went straight to unhook my bra before caressing my b**bs ..
Not even a word did he say to me as he tore my pants away.
His erection stands straight between my c**t before he began penetrating into me without caring how I feel.
The pain was so unbecoming but I couldn’t do anything. I need the money..
Next morning….
I woke up feeling weak and sore. Wait? What happened?
Oh! How can I possibly forget I slept with an unknown man yesterday.
And where is he? I look around the room and found a note and a huge amount of money by the bedstand ..
‘ That’s two hundred thousand, it’s all yours ‘ was written on it..
I shrieked as I glanced at the money.
That’s a huge amount of money just for a night ..
I hastily stood up to the bathroom, freshen up and wore back my clothes and to my surprise. There were new pants available….
” Oh my God Amaya, thank you so much for coming around. You are the only girl I have made so much money from in just a night ” madam Ruby said excited while I gave her a confused look.
” What did you mean?”
” Your client yesterday paid me four hundred thousand. I have never gotten such a huge amount of money before ” she said and my eyes widened..
How can he pay such amount of money?
” B..but how? Why ?” I asked monotonously
” Well, it’s clearly stated that he was your first. That’s why. Anyways, this is three hundred thousand. That’s your own share of money and for my service, I take the hundred thousand. Thats how its done ”
But he already gave me money. How can I make five hundred thousand in just a night just because I was a virgin? God!
🍭 Gerald 🍭
” You have to find her son, her spirit flocks around you ” Dad said while I sighed …..
” I have searched for her everywhere, I couldn’t find her dad ” I said .. I’m getting tired.
How do I find an unknown bride? A girl I have never met before?
” You carelessly left your necklace yesterday, how will you find her without the necklace Gerald? It’s the only thing that will make her present known to you ” he said ..
That was when I remembered I didn’t go with my necklace to the club yesterday..
That lady of yesterday… well, that should be later…
Well, I am Gerald Horace, the only son of king of hell and the heir to the throne.
I’m very dangerous and powerful which makes people fear me… There’s more to me than it is but it should be saved for another day …
” There are many ladies around that I can pick, why her?”
” Because she’s the only one that can save you. As the heir to the throne many wants you dead and you know I don’t have the power to save you ”
Okay yes, he said this repeatedly…
“You are powerful than I am Gerald but still you can’t fight them ”
” I can see her spirit around you, you’ve met her but you didn’t recognize her ”
” I still don’t understand Dad, what’s her role in this?”
” She bonded with you. Only if you find her, then, will have the power to rule the black angels after me and become more powerful “

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