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DEVIL’S BRIDE EPILOGUE by : 6:38 am On October 26, 2020
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Devil’s Bride👰
🍥(Until I find her)🍥
By Simrah Saeed
🌺 Kim’s POV 🌺
” I know you love me so stop thinking about me, I’m here with you baby ” Jeremy said as he placed his head on my thigh.
Of course I do love him but I wasn’t actually thinking about him, I was just ruminating on my past life.
How things changed so fast. I can’t believe I’m married. Yeah! Jeremy and I got married 5months ago
I never believe I will ever get married because I was stuck with the believe that no one will like to marry me after knowing about my past life.
I was a hooker but not for pleasure, hell! No lady out there being a hooker is going for the pleasure. We all know the negative outcome of it but when we are left with no choice, what do we do?
” I wasn’t thinking about you”
” That’s a lie ” he replied tickling me. That’s my weakness and he’s always using it on me..
” S… stop Jeremy” I said in between laugh
” Say you love me first ”
” Je.. Jeremy ”
” Say it ” he pressurised
” I love you Jeremy ” I muttered while he smirked
” Good girl ” he klzzed my patted lips before he released me..
” Uhhm … Jeremy ” I called nervously. I can’t really tell how he’s gonna react to this .
” Yes baby , you want to say something?” He asked .
I bit my lip not knowing how to start it..
” Y…yeah ”
” Okay ”
” I… ..I . I .. I.. am.. ”
” Are you now shy of me? ”
” No.. okay, take a look at this ” I said handing him a paper..
He sat up and shot me a confused stare … My lips curved into a smile as I saw that his expression changed
” Wait! This isn’t fake right? You are not trying to play those your tricks with me right? ” He said staring directly at me while I nodded negatively
” Oh my! I’m gonna be a father, I will be a father. Yes I’m going be a father ” he said . I sighed in relief.
I thought he might not be ready to have any child now as we just got married recently. God blessed me with a fruit of womb quickly and I’m very grateful
He threw me over his shoulder as he danced around the house shouting, ” I am going to be a father ” Gosh! Is he the first?
I’m so excited too but I can’t be dramatising it ..
” Thank you so much Kim, I love you ”
” I love you too Jeremy ”
” You know what? I need to call my sister so we can celebrate this but before then.. ”
” I need you baby ” …..
🍾 Amaya 🍾
Wow! Hell isn’t as bad as I thought. Its so beautiful.
Nothing defers it from Earth just that everyone here has power.
Yeah! It’s been six months since I gave birth to our baby boy Adrian.
He means so much to me.
Adrian is just six months old but he’s done a lot of scary things.
His voice is enough to cause havoc. Gerald said he’s the child of power.
Seriously his is scary!
” You like it here right? ” Gerald asked holding our baby
” Yeah, it’s more like Earth ” I replied. Well, we just needed to come back because of me.
I needed to meet my brothers Gerald’s father told me about. At least I have a family. Even if we are step, it doesn’t matter right?
” I told you, you are gonna love here ” he said.
I can’t lie, I love here. The kind of respect I’m given to is just so much. As If I’m already the queen
” This is my chamber, we will rest a little before we go meet Dad. I think Adrian should be hungry by now ” Gerald said ..
Seriously this place is splashy , everywhere is just admirable.
I took the baby from him and began br£@stfeeding him. My baby looks so handsome.
His tiny hands cupped my face and I smiled at him
” This are your brothers Amaya ” Gerald’s father said.
I stared at the two guys in front of me . No doubt we have similar features, I bet we look like our Dad.
They both stared at me then glanced at themselves. Wait! What if they don’t like me? I never thought of that, all that was on my mind was just to meet them.
They are my family.
” We have a little sister, Noah! I can’t believe this ” one of them said to the other with their gaze still fixed on me …
” Yeah, I’m surprised too but I’m glad uhhm…”
” Amaya ” I cut in
” Amaya, come give your big brothers a hug. You are welcome to our family ” Noah said and the other one nodded. I guess his name is Sean .
” They both engulfed me in a warm embrace ” I never thought I have a family.
I don’t know but I thought maybe I just fell from heaven into the world with no parents and relatives.
I’m very happy about this findings.
” You are our sister and we promise to take care of you and ensure no harm comes to you Amaya ” Sean said and I nodded
” T..thank you for accepting me”
” Good day my princess”
” Live long my princess”
” Afternoon my princess ”
Saviours! Can’t they just walk pass me without greeting? This ought to make me feel happy but I am seriously getting tired.
” We should go back to Earth already Gerald ” I said to him.
” We’ve talked over this princess and we will leave in 2days okay?” He said giving me a soft klzz on my lips.
I already achieved what I came for which is to meet my family and I did.
” Okay ”
” You know I love you Maya?” He asked
” And I love you too Gerald ”
” Thank you for being part of me” I smiled genuinely at him as his hands ran through my body which sends shivers through my spine.
” Don’t you think we should make more babies already?” He grunted while I scoffed
” Are you being serious right now? Adrian is just six months remember?”
” But it’s been long we had s£× right?” I face palmed myself shyly.
” C’mon baby, I am hungry for your body ” he said as he trailed his hand into my thigh.
I’m glad I was blessed with someone like him…
Happily ever after….💃

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