Devil in Red prologue

A story by Goddy Francis
Have you ever had a huge crush on a celebrity ?
Not just any kind of celebrity , but a masked redhead celebrity.
If yes , then you must be Emily Lange.
Mitchel Cooper , is a rumoured cute new Yorker , who’s no different from a celebrity. For one reason or the other he’s always the topic on every blog , magazine and newspapers.
He’s cute , maybe , because no one have been able to prove what he looks like. He wears a mask when he’s out and no one knows why. He’s famous , yeah and some people claims he’s rich too, but yet no one can prove what he looks like , except his family and of course his rumoured Russian model girlfriend.
Emily is a weirdo twinny to gold, they are both ordinary twin and not identical. Gold hates redhaireds ,while Emily finds them really attractive especially Mitchel Cooper.
Mitchel Cooper is visiting Africa for the first time for a tour and a commercial shoot. Unfortunately Emily heard about it and she’s willing to be his mistress for the night.
Something went wrong and the Lange’s hate the Cooper’s because of a grave mistake made by Mitchel and Emily. Gold , who is a Thugress hates the Cooper’s more because of their conflict. She vow never to date a red haired man because of Emily’s grave mistake. Well , not just because of Emily’s grave mistake.
Gold is traveling to New York for college. Her life’s taking a new turn after meeting with new friends and Jason styles , an average redhead New Yorker who seems to be her opposite.
The question is , what is that mistake ?
Will Gold hold on to her vow even if Jason styles who’s also a redhead is involved ?
How to grow your business while you stay at home
What about Mitchel Cooper , the masked redhead ?
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