Devil in red episode 9

Devil In Red – Episode 9
© Goddy Francis
I empty my closet and close the box. I heard the priest’s voice down the living room and he was talking non-stop to mom. I scoff and wipe my wet eyes. I guess it’s time to move on.
I’m going to New York and obviously I’m definitely meeting new friends. I step on the bathroom and shower , I wipe my skin and got dressed. I smiled at my reflection on the mirror , my braids were perfectly tied up in a bun.
I walk downstairs to meet mom , aunt Elna was talking to her when i entered.
” I’ll have to inform Miranda you’re coming.” Aunt Elna smiled and I return the smile.
Mom wasn’t happy and it was obvious. She fake a smile and hug me tightly.
” Just becareful. I’m gonna kill myself if you ever take after Emily’s mistake. New York’s like Lagos.” Mom coo and we laugh.
” College is all yours. Have fun sweetheart , but don’t get laid by a redhead.” Elna tease.
” Nah I’m not getting laid.” I chuckle as mom smiled faintly.
Her eyes swell due to the tears. I sit close to my mom and hug her again. Aunt Elna ,Emily and I were the only person close to her. My dad , well he died after getting married to a British woman. Thank God for money , we would have been suffering till date.
” Elna will drive you to the airport.” Mom says and I nod.
” I’ll go get my bag.” I smile and rushed up. I really need to forget the fact that Emily’s gone but it’s kinda hard.
Last year , we’ve made plans about college. Wearing almost same clothes and of course she planned on storming the parties around college. Mitchel was always on her journal and it’s boring.
Getting laid often and trying all the boys in school. I’m really not comfortable with the trying part but I really wanna storm parties. We both hated the school’s dorm. We planned to stay outside campus and make the best out of it. But where’s she ? Lying cold beneath the earth surface. **** , I hate mitch.
I carried my box and roll it downstairs. Mom’s mood was better than the mood I saw few seconds ago.
” Becareful mom , I won’t be here for you.” I hug her and say to her hair.
” I know , I just want you to be careful.” Mom reply still hugging me.
” Thanks mom , for everything.” She wipe my tears and i wipe hers. Aunt Elna join the hug and we dispatch after several hugs.
I roll my box outside and follow aunt Elna behind. I place my box inside the trunk as we drove out .
” So , what are your plans ? You’re staying in campus right ?” She ask on our way to the airport.
” Nay , I hate it. I’m living off campus.”
” I get it. It’s college have fun and get a good boyfriend.” She says and I chuckle.
” You can always check on us since our house it’s not too far from NYU.”
” Yeah , I will. When are you going back ? To New York ?” I ask.
” After I get your mom settled.”I nod and look out of the car window.
” We’re here.” She halt the car and smile at me. We take a deep breath together and hug.
” Have a nice trip sweetheart.” She kissed my cheek and I got down carrying my luggage. Aunt Elna wave at me and drove out.
” Damn..” I cuss and walk to the airport.
I book my flight and took a seat next to the window. In less than a hour the airplane was out of the ground. The flight was terrible , maybe because I slept all through. I got out of the airplane and roll my box looking around the airport. So many people holding cardboards with different names on them.
I saw my name written on one of them and a white average man was holding the cardboard.
” Miss Gold ?” He asks and I nod.
” I’ll take your bag.” He says and carried my bag leading me out.
He stops in front of a saloon car and keep my luggage in the trunk. He opened the backseat door and I get in stucking my earbuds on.
” Welcome to New York..” he says and I just reply ” Thank you.”
” NYU ?” He ask.
I ignorantly remove my earbuds and nod again.
” You’ll have a good time here.” He announce.
I Chuckle and say ” Thank you.” Before looking out of the window. It was beautiful and really cool.
” Should I drive you to campus ? I know you might need a dorm.”
” Thanks , i really can’t stay in a dorm. I would love to stay outside campus. Where can I get a house not too far from college ?”
” Well , we’ll drive around. Maybe I should stop in a cafe or pub , you might make use of a coffee.” The man says and i smiled.
” Thanks a lot , I truly appreciate. Can I know your name ?”
” I’m Bryce.”
” It’s a pleasure meeting you.” I say to him. He flashed a grin and continued driving. The ride was quite better , he halt in front a bar and we alighted.
” THE SPOT.” I read the large board.
” It’s one of the best pubs around.” Bryce tells me.
He smile and walk into the THE SPOT. Bryce is really cool and I kinda like him. I entered this pub and it was really cool. He’s a company driver and he shouldn’t be out this long.
He leans against the counter and i stand beside him. A cute brown hair guy was standing beside the counter. He looks like the barman or something.
” Hi , how may I help you ?” He asks. His thick British accent was so attractive. I’ve heard about English men , who knew they look really good.
” Damn it gold. Stop flirting and concentrate , you ****in lost your sister to a cute guy too. Who knows if he’s really cute.” My subconscious said.
” I need a cup of coffee..” I reply and he smiles.
” Yeah.. and a place to stay like rent.” Bryce adds.
” Okay. Hold on a minute.” He smile genuinely and left to get me coffee.
He returns with a cup of coffee and stretch it to me. His eyes were blue and truly attractive. He chuckle and grin at me like he knew I was gossiping about him in my head.
” There’s a room upstairs , on top of THE SPOT and it needs another occupant. I hope you’ll like it and also a girl owns it.” He says and I wince.
” Nah , don’t freak out. She’s sweet. Go check it out.” He continues and smiles. His accent was so cool.
” Sure thing , thanks.” I sigh and turn to look at Bryce.
” Thanks Bryce, I’m grateful.”
” You’re always welcome.” He says and I followed him out to get my bag. I wanted to give him some money but he refused.
” Thank you.” I say to him.
” You’re welcome. Have a nice stay in New York.” I nods and watch him drove out. I sigh and turn to look at the blocks of flats. THE SPOT was at the bottom while other houses were at the tippy top. It was beautiful.
I head back to the pub and talk to this British guy about the room.
” Tania , go show her the vacant room. Perkins’s.” He says to a girl and she scoff.
She roll her eyes and follow a back door till we get to an elevator. We got out and she open a door.
” Wow…” I mouthed looking at this well furnished house.
” You can go in and wait for her..” Tania says.
” Who ?”
” Jesus , don’t be dumb. Your new roommate.” She scoffs and walk out.
” Dirty swine.” I cuss and walk into the apartment.
It has a nice set of musical equipment and TV. I survey around the house and the kitchen was fabulous. It has two rooms , one was well arrange and the other was damn , can’t explain that.
” Who broke into my house…” A girl’s voice shouted from the living room.
I race to the living room only to find a brown skin girl standing beside the door. She’s pretty , she wears a black sleeveless crop top and jeans with sneakers. Her curly hair was hanging on her shoulders and she was holding a blue jacket.
” Who are you ?” She asks frowning at me.
” I’m your new roommate..”
” Roommate ? I didn’t ask for one. You don’t just go about and break into people’s houses with your frolicking attitude and claiming roommate. Who the **** are you ?” She yells glancing at me.
**** she’s so mean and rude . I can’t start showing her my own terrible attitude , it’s gonna end bad if we fight .
” I’m sorry , I’m just gonna leave.”
” How dare you ?” She asks taking a step to where I was standing.
” Look I’m just gonna leave .”
” Why ?” She ask and grin. What ?
She laughs and throw her jacket on the couch.
” I’m just ****in with you..” She continue laughing and sat down.
” Did you see your face ? Damn ,So ugly.” She says and smile.
” Come on, i don’t bite. New York’s filled with annoying people. I’m Perkins by the way , Max told me about you.”
” Who’s max ?” I ask.
” The guy who sells at THE SPOT.”. She reply and wink.
” Ooh. You scared me.” I place my hand on my chest and sit too.
” I’m just ****in with you , I’m cool. What’s your name ?”
” Gold.”
” Wow , you’re Golden. I’m Nigerian and you ?”
” South African.”
” You’re beautiful.” She said.
” Thanks , you look better than me.” I say and Chuckle.
” NYU right ?” She ask and I nod.
” Totally welcome. You’re taking the other room.”
” The rent ?” I ask.
” It’s cool , keep it. I don’t need the money.” She says standing up to open the refrigerator.
” Really ?” I ask baffled. Who gives a room to a total stranger without collecting a dime.
” Yeah , it’s okay.” I take a deep breath and smiled.
That’s a bonus.
” Perkins..” A white girl calls slamming the door open.
” Oh my God , a new roommate.” She chirps.
She wears a skirt and her hair was tightly wrapped in a bun. She wears glasses too with boots and nice Tshirt. What’s this , a nerd ?
” Hi, I’m Carol.” She introduce giving me a handshake.
” I’m Gold.” I tell her and she gigles.
” She’s so pretty.” She coo. I blush and roll my eyes. They are both cool and I kinda like Carol.
” Caroline..”
” Perkins , it’s Carol and not Caroline.” She scoffs and i silently Chuckle.
” Don’t care. What are you reading ?” Perkins ask snatching the magazine from Carol.
” Damn , Mitchel again ?” Perkins scoff and threw the magazine aside. Why’s everyone so obsessed with him ?
” He’s really cool.” Carol reply my thought and slump on a couch.
” He’s not.” I reply and huff.
” You know him ?” Carol ask sitting up.
” Everyone knows Mitch. He’s the only masked guy with red hair. **** me..” Perkins hiss and sat down.
” Trust me he’s really cool. I’m his biggest fan.” Carol chirps.
Damn , what’s Emily’s replica doing in New York ? I’m so fed up. I facepalm myself and scoff.
” Go get dressed I’m taking you on a tour. Ignore Caroline’s nerdy attitude.” Perkins said. Carol growl and swat Perkins feet with the magazine.
” You’re annoying. It’s Carol not Caroline.” She correct her again. Perkins scoff and hiss.
” I’ll go get dressed.” I say and walk out.
A dope roommate and a nerdy kinda girl who’s also stuck with Mitch magic. Can’t I just go to a place where I can’t see Mitchel’s stupid fans. Hell no. Thank God Perkins is different from her.
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” ****.. everyone likes Mitchel.” I heard Perkins say.
I growl and shut my door. Why can’t she be different ?
To be continued

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