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Devil in red episode 8

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Devil in red episode 8 by : 8:05 pm On April 11, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 8
© Goddy Francis
” Billy what did you say ?” I ask
” I’m really sorry Mitch , but my boss ain’t available.”
” You gon’ listen to me man , you will go to your boss and tell him I ain’t playing s*** with him. Where the **** is my money ?” I growl.
” I’m sorry , he says we didn’t get to supply them.” Billy says.
I laugh and turn to look at tom who Chuckle. I Chuckle silently and turn to look at Billy who was frowning.
” Where’s your boss ?”
” Miami.” He replies.
” You gon’ give him a message.” I wink at tom as he shot the guy on his upper arm.
He groan and fell on the ground.
” You gon’ tell him that Mitchel says he should ****in pay me my money , or I don’t mind going after him in Miami and **** his ass up. Did you hear me ?” I yell and he nods quickly.
” Good , get the **** out of my side.” He got up and storm out with his bleeding arm.
” Call Jeremy.” Tom nods and walk out.
Mom has been crying since the day Emily died. Aunt Elna , was there to console , it was nice she showed up. I was still sad and angry for her crazy choices. A masked stupid red haired killed her.
I stay in my room and tried to get busy in order to stop thinking. I just wished I could meet this Mitchel , maybe a chit chat would solve everything. I don’t mind beating the hell outta him even if he’s ****in popular.
” I really need to speak with gold…” A woman’s voice yell at the doorway of the living room.
” Can you please calm down…” I heard aunt Elna’s voice.
” Calm down ? Did you see what she did to my daughter ?” The woman yell.
It was then it dawn to me that , it was ayanda’s mom. I shake my head and rush down stairs.
” Is it my fault her sister was a whore ? How’s it my daughter’s fault? She has no right to beat up my daughter because of her sisters wrong steps. It was obvious her sister was a one night…..”
” One night what ?” I ask and push pass Aunt Elna.
” Go on , say it. One night what ? You dare open your mouth and called my sister a one night stand and I don’t mind smacking my hand right on your face.” I yell.
” Gold.. it’s okay…” Aunt Elna persists.
” No it’s not okay. Her whore daughter advised Emily to get rid of her child. What kind of friend is that ? You won’t come to my house and call my sister a one night stand or I don’t mind shoving a dagger into your assess.” I yell.
” What ? Is that a threat or what ? You won’t do that.”
” Dare me. Take this nonsense you called a daughter and teach her some manners or I don’t mind doing it for you.” She scoffs to my speech and turn to look at ayanda who was crying.
” I don’t blame you , I’ll leave.” She says and pull ayanda out.
” Gold , you should never raise your voice on a mother.” Aunt Elna scold closing the door.
” She’s not a mother. She’s evil and wicked.” I say and sits down.
” Look , listen to me , ayanda might have been a bad influence doesn’t mean her mother is responsible for her daughter’s behavior. You should let go. I know it hurts , that connection between you and your twin but it’s not over. NYU should be on your head. You need to make your mom proud.” She says and pat my shoulders.
” Thanks.” I reply wiping my tears.
” I’ll make dinner.” She says and walk out of the living room.
I hate Mitchel and I don’t ****in care who he is. Why is he so cruel ? Deceived her , took her virginity and forced her to get rid of her ****in child. In one way I really don’t blame Mitch but Emily. I tried to talk to her but her Jezebel best friend is always there to talk nonsense into her head.
Next week Monday I’ll be traveling to New York and a new life awaits me. I just hope I don’t get to meet any redhead men , I don’t mind transferring aggressions.
” I just wanna get laid.” I mutter to Jake who’s my friend i guess.
” You own new York , getting laid shouldn’t be difficult. I could bring someone if you want.” He advise.
I Chuckle and brush my hair backwards.
” Yeah I know.” I silently replies.
” And Veronica ?”
” We’re just having fun , messing around with each other. She’s too annoying.” I say and smirk at Jake.
” Annoying ?” Talk of the devil as she walks in.
” Hi Jake.” She push pass him and drop her bag on the couch.
” I missed you , but why will you gossip about me and call me annoying ?” She asks and roll her eyes .
” You know that’s the truth. It would be nice if you stop acting like my girlfriend. Let’s know our space.”
” You don’t have to remind me Jason , I don’t care.” She klzzed my cheek and proceed to walk to my room.
” We’re making out tonight , I brought condoms no excuses.” She says and walk out .
” Happy getting laid.” Jake mocks and smirks. I scoff at him and he gently tap my back before walking out of my living room.
Why do I have to get stuck with her ? She’s so annoying and selfish.
” I want you to donate 20 million dollars to the orphanage and get all their available needs checked. I’m really not in a good mood this past few days.” I say to Tom.
Tom is almost like my older brother even if he works under me. He nods and walk out. I fake a smile and sits down.
” Mitchel…” A familiar voice calls.
I turn to look at my doorway and it was Tionna. What does she wants now ?
” What do you want ?” I ask without sparing her a look.
She chuckles and sit right next to me caressing my hair.
” It’s so weird you are not smoking today.” She says softly and I chuckle.
” Tionna what ?”
” I missed you.”
” You’re getting married.”
” And that’s not an excuse.” She spits.
” Of course it’s not an excuse. Jeez you’re getting married to Andrew , my useless father.” She rolls her eyes at me and remove her shoes.
” You know all that but you still have your way with me. I want you more than anything. It’s just too weird I’m addicted to you.” She whispers sitting on my laps.
She rock her hips back and forth and Chuckle to nothing in particular.
” Just get up.” I say softly.
She smirks and klzzed me. She bit my lips and gently place my hand on her waist.
” Seriously..” Allison’s voice startled us and Tionna didn’t even bother to stand up.
” Mitch , what are you doing ?” Allison asks and I just kept quiet.
” Tionna , get out.” Allison yell.
” I won’t take take orders from you. Dude , go get yourself a boyfriend.” Tionna replies still sitting on my lap.
Allison swell her eyes and drag Tionna out of my legs and pushed her out.
” Dirty slut.” Allison yell throwing her shoes at her. I take a deep breath and turn to look at Allison who was standing at the doorway with crossed arms shooting daggers at me.
” It’s not what you think..” I manage to say.
” Yeah.. f****** your father’s soon to be bride. The fact that you’ve something with her doesn’t mean you have to continue. I know you’re inhuman but it would be nice if you cultivate a little dignity. Idiot..” she says and walk out .
” Seriously…” I scoff and sigh. What did I do wrong ?
Well, since Emily left mom hasn’t been really cool. She’s always thinking. Every single day she curse Mitchel for everything. I hate him more. And you know what I discovered on the net , that people with red hair are naturally disgusting , proud and selfish. It’s in their DNA.
I just hope I get to see Mitchel because I hate him. I cried my eyes out that day , I watched her body leveled beneath the ground. My mom wail loudly but aunt Elna hold her tight consoling her. I walk out on them and let the priest continue with his prayers on Emily’s lifeless soul.
What a world.
” Gold , I’m sorry..” Ayanda’s voice was the last thing I wished to hear.
” You still have the guts to show your face here ?” I yell pointing my f!ng£rs at her.
” You planned with Mitchel bulls*** to kill her. You were envious of her. If I were you , I won’t be standing in my face. Get out.” I yell with tears in my eyes.
” It’s not what you think.” She plea.
” Yeah true. She’s really crazy , why would she even lay with him ?” I bit my thumb and slapped ayanda.
” You ****in advised her to **** that b******.” I yell.
” Gold…” Sympathizers ran into the scene but i quickly walk out.
A new life awaits me in New York. I really don’t care what it holds but I promise to make it count. I just hope I don’t see more people with red hair , I don’t mind freaking out and going wild.
How to grow your business while you stay at home
I pull out my box and starts to empty my closet. Emily might have made a stupid mistake  but she will always be my twin. And I just hope whatever place she’s right now , I hope she finds peace.
And I hope i don’t fall in love either. And not with a redhead. They s√¢k !
To be continued

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