Devil in red episode 7

Devil In Red – Episode 7
© Goddy Francis
I sit close to the window in a cafe staring at this weird people smiling and laughing at each other.
” Couples..” I mutters.
I pick up my phone and switch it on. It took time to reset and the first thing that got my attention was a voice message from emily and two missed calls from Emily and thirty missed calls from mom.
” This is serious.” I called Mom and her raspy voice almost threw me off guard.
” Mom , are you okay ?” I ask. Her voice was croak and occupied by tears.
” You need to come to Central hospital right away. Emily isn’t okay.” I jump up at once and race out of the cafe.
” I’m coming.” I shouted and hang up.
What happened to Emily. My attention divert to her voice message. I place my earphones inside my phone and listen to the message.
I hail a cab and rushed in. I went dumb when I listen to her message and the pain in her voice. The cab halt in front of the hospital. I jump down and called my mom for the direction to Emily’s ward.
I rushed in and saw my mom crying. A nurse covered Emily’s body with a white sheet and i barely could understand what’s going on.
” What happened ?” I ask no one in particular.
My mom fell on the floor and fainted.
” Somebody help ” I shouted.
The nurses around gathered around my mom and carried her to god knows where. I look at Emily who was covered with white sheet. I’m not a kid and I wasn’t ready to believe any of this.
” Nurse , what happened ?” I ask the suppose nurse who covered Emily with a sheet.
” Your sister is dead….” It sounds funny but I couldn’t believe it even if it was obvious.
” She had an abortion and it wasn’t successful. Your mother rushed her in here few minutes ago and she didn’t make it.” The nurse continues and left the ward.
A set of people entered the ward and carried her body out . Emily’s dead . She did an abortion. She was pregnant for a mask redhead celebrity. I couldn’t picture everything , i was sad and crying.
I race out of the hospital and down to ayanda’s. She cause almost everything. If not 100% , she cause 30% of it . She advised Emily to get rid of it. I hated Mitch and hated ayanda more. Stupid bad friend who talk to her about it.
” Ayanda..” I call her name as i entered their living room.
There she was , sitting on top of a boy’s lap flirting. Dirty idiot.
” Get out..” I said dragging the boy up.
” I don’t get it , what’s up with you ?” He inquire.
” Gold what’s happening ?” Ayanda ask.
” Get out…” I flared staring at her suppose **** mate.
He scoff and refused to move since i wasn’t sounding normal.
I dug out a pocket knife from my jean and slice it down at the guys bare chest.
” ****…” He shouted looking down at his bleeding chest.
” Oh my God , Gold please…” Ayanda plea almost on her knee.
Before I could say ” out ” the guy already ran out. I turn to look at ayanda who was already sweating.
” Gold please…” She pleads again.
” Ayanda why ?”
” I did nothing. She said I should take her to a place to help her get rid of it.” She cried. It was nice to know she’s not denying it.
” You ****in killed her.” I yell. She frowns at me. She isn’t aware Emily’s gonna die , I get it.
” I’m sorry…” She managed to say.
I rushed to her and drag her out of her hiding place. She pleads but it all fell on deaf ears. I cut down her entire hair and made sure she looks bald.
I took a rope which I successfully bought on my way to her house. I tied her hand against her feet , thank God her mom wasn’t around , I don’t mind beating the hell out of her mom for not giving her proper training.
” Gold please I’m sorry…” I so hate to hear her voice. I seal her mouth with a seal tape to avoid further screaming. I made several cuts on her face and body till she starts to bleed.
I rush to her backyard and carried an amount of gas and poured it all over. I hate her since the very day I saw her in highschool. Emily’s crazy best friend with seven million boyfriends and a pit v*****. I took out a whip and slam it against her bleeding skin.
The thought of the pale girl covered with a white sheet in a hospital bed flashed in my head. The anger in me grew wild and I slam the whip on her skin harder. I stop beating the hell out of her and storm out of her house .
I couldn’t go home straight , I stop at a pub and stayed there thinking about Emily’s terrible mistake . I missed her , that pain of loosing someone so dear to you. We might not be the best twin when it comes to relationship but she was so dear to me.
Mitchel Cooper bulls***. I went home that evening and saw mom lying on her couch , she was crying really bad. Aunt Elna was sitting next to mom including every other members and neighbors.
I walk passed them and head to my mom. So Emily’s really gone. It was so hard to believe and too heavy to take in.
He is so young and perfect.
He smells wealth and really good looking. He is accompanied by his convoy as he walk into the strip club. Cardi b “Money” was blaring through the large speakers.
The dance floor was occupied by different people as he made his way through to the vip quarters.
” Get me a girl.” He said to tom as he sits down.
Tionna walk into the vip quarters dressed in a sparkly tight dress that was revealing. Her perfect curves and large hips were visibly seen within the fabric. She was a real definition of a Russian goddess. She was glowing and her perfect nude make over was glowing.
A smug grin curled up at the corner of her lips. She smirks and sits close to Mitchel who was smoking a pipe. She crossed her legs and snatched the pipe from Mitchel.
” Long time Cooper.” She teases.
” What do you want ?” He ask looking at her.
” I want you boyfriend. I missed you ” she whispers tugging her fingers in his hair.
” Tionna you’re getting married ” he states.
” You miss me , don’t you ?” She whispers and puff the smoke from the pipe behind Mitchel’s ear.
He smirks and she grins , yeah right he likes it. He look up at his guard who was lost in checking the Russian goddess who was already wrapped around Mitchel. He look away and stand place his hands behind his back.
” I know you miss my body..” she whispers and kissed his neck.
” Is that why you left ? To date my father.” She Chuckles on his hair and look up at him. With his perfect eyes staring at her.
” Stop acting like you missed me. We were only playing a game of sex. You don’t love me , Cooper’s don’t love.” She says as he Chuckles to her quite remorseful remark.
She was still on his laps grinding back and forth to the music. Nicki Minaj’s ” Hard White ” was now blaring from the speaker.
” Let’s use my car.” She says and smirks at him.
It sounds ridiculous to him , maybe because she was about getting married to a man called his father. Well likely not his father cause they barely get along. She smirks to this defeated Mitchel smiling down at her cleaveages that was expose.
She stands up and hold his arm pulling him up.
” Tom , I’m busy .” He says still clinging to tionna’s hand.
” Don’t bother to come looking for him , he will be fine.” She said to tom who later avert his look to his boss.
Mitchel nods as Tionna pulled him out of the vip hall. She took him to a bedroom located at the top of the strip club. It was also a nice achievement because , Mitchel owns the strip club.
[ Uncensored 💋💋💋 🔞🔞]
She slam the door close as she aggressively kisses him removing the black jacket he was wearing. He kisses her savouring her lip with his tongue. He caress her back and moved down to her bottom. He unzips her dress and she quickly step out of as it fell to the floor.
” I hate this..” she said throwing away the mask on Mitchel’s face.
She kissed him touching the bulge in his trousers gently pushing him to the large bed. She hover over him and kissed his chest down to his stomach taking his belt off.
Tionna moved down taking off his trousers as she quickly unclad herself. She held tight to his length whipping her mouth in and out of it. He moans her name and she smirks. She always knows his soft spot and she likes it.
Mitchel brought out a pack of condom from his jacket as Tionna quickly snatch it from him and she quickly slide it in . She lean on him and kissed him as she stare at his eyes that was already prepared for her.
He held her hips and bent over thrusting in and out of her as she move her hips back and forth on top of him. He sits up and kiss her holding tight to her waist as he quickly spin her around hovering on top of her. They exchange kisses and she moan on his mouth tugging her manicured fingers on his hair.
His eyes was filled with lust , and some what love and desperation. He collapsed on her chest as they both tried to hold back their breath.
Tionna’s phone rang as she stretched to get it. Mitchel got up and lay beside her.
” Your father’s calling.” She mutters picking up her phone.
” He’s not my father…” He groans and turn his back against her.
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He might not have regretted what he did maybe because, she was likely his ex sex mate and a mistress to his father. His heart his filled with fury , he’s bothered about the girl he got pregnant.
That wasn’t likely him , he hates women.
To be continued

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