Devil in red episode 63 – finale

Devil In Red – Episode 63
© Goddy Francis
I pace around the hospital like a mad person. Gold’s been admitted and the nurses aren’t saying anything.
” Mitchel…” The doctor who treated her earlier greeted me.
” Is she okay ?”
” We should talk in my office. Come on.” I sigh deeply and followed him.
He open a office and walks in , I entered and shut the door behind me.
” Please take a seat .”
” Thanks..” I tell him and sit down.
” How’s she ?”
” She’s fine but really hurt.” That’s the whole point. Being hurt again because of me is terrible. The mom’s gonna hate me , more more and more.
” Will she be better ?” He nods slightly and pick up a pen.
” I kinda have a question about you two.”
” Go on.”
” How well is your sex life ?” He ask and I almost laugh to nothing.
” I’m sorry , come again.”
” Mitchel it’s important just answer.” I sigh and glance at his room tapping my fingers on his desk.
” It’s perfect.” I say at last.
” And unprotected sex ? Have you ever given her contraceptives ?”
” No , why will I do that. Unprotected sex just twice . Why are you asking all this damn questions , it’s boring.”
” Yeah , life’s boring itself.” He sighs and raised his brows at me. He’s been annoying and getting on my nerves.
What the **** is wrong with him.
” So what are you saying ? Was she pregnant ?”
” Pregnant ?” He ask furrowing his brows at me. I sigh in frustration.
” She’s not pregnant. Infact she wasn’t pregnant. I guess earlier before she had gun shots implications and it resulted to infertility. So how on Earth is she supposed to be pregnant ?”
” So ? I mean she missed her flow for two months.”
” Yeah , it happens.”
” So what’s gonna happen to her ?” I ask.
” She’ll be fine. Awake by now I guess. She’ll be going through treatments in order to be properly treated.”
” So after you said treatments , will this put an end to her condition ?”
” Maybe..”
” Maybe..” I growl hitting my hand on the desk.
” Look I’m sorry , just saying. She’ll be fine.”
” You don’t joke with me.” I take a deep breath and lean against his chair.
” Mitchel, she’ll be fine , you worry too much. It’s minor actually not that serious , so you should go and see her.”
” When am I supposed to take her home ?”
” When we are done with the treatments…”
” Done ? When ?”
” It’s a once treatment. And the rest might go with few injections or maybe drugs.” I sigh and Facepalm myself.
” And you should avoid intimacy with her , for now. I don’t know if it’s gonna be hard for you.” The doctor said and I nod. Hard indeed.
” Thanks , doc.” I stand up from his chair and walk out of his office.
I peek my head inside her ward and stare at her. She looks lonely and depressed about something. I walk inside and sit close to her. She turn to look at me and hold my hand at once.
” I thought you left..” she says .
” I can’t leave you , not for anything.” She smiles faintly and sniffles.
” You’re okay ?”
” I don’t think so. A doctor came in and did a lot of things inside my body. She said she’s trying to make clean my system.” She turn to look at me with teary eyes.
I chuckle and clean her eyes.
” It’s okay , you’ll be fine now .”
” Will I still give birth ?” I smile and nod.
” Yeah. Just breathe and Imagine you really didn’t pass through all of this.” She Chuckles and nod.
” Why did I miss my flow ?”
” Doctor says it because of the infertility issues, that you weren’t pregnant.” She sighs and swallow nothing.
” Why did i bleed ?”
” Same reasons. He calls it bad blood.”
” Thanks for everything.”
” I’m sorry for putting you into this mess. You deserve more than this.” She sighs deeply and smiles.
” Thank you.” Her grip on my hand loosen as she close her eyes.
I rub my hand on her forehead , her temperature is a bit normal too.
” You’ll be fine. By tomorrow we’ll be out of here.” I kissed her hand and she smiles with her eyes still closed.
It’s been two weeks since I got discharged and I’m back in New York. Mom’s not talking to me ever since I came back and it’s weird , I actually thought she has returned back home.
Perkins insist we go out as usual , since it’s been long. I sit opposite my dresser and admired my dress. I look good.
I always feel slight pain around my abdomen after that crazy incident. The doctor confirmed that I’m better , and I also check in another hospital , says I’m fine now.
I get on my shoes and carried my bag and walk out of my room. I really haven’t settled properly in THE SPOT. I start the car and drive to THE SPOT. I rang the doorbell and carol open up. She squeal and hug me tightly before letting me in
” You guys are late.” I scolded dropping my bag on the couch.
” All thanks to Perkins. I’m ready , she’s still busy trying to fit in her new hair.” I laugh at Carol and walk to Perkins’ room.
” You look good already…” She giggle and quickly brush her hair.
” Thanks , kitty.”
” Where are we even going ?”
” I don’t know. Maybe go to a club or hang out anywhere cool. I just miss you guys.” She swivel her chair and smile at me.
” Okay , giddy up.” I tell her and she nods.
She put on her sneakers and it fit perfectly to her black pants.
” I’m ready.” She pick up her bag and we walk outside.
We sit in a cafè and ordered for snacks.
” So what’s the hint with you and you Jake ?” I ask perkins.
” Jake’s cool.”
” I really like him, he’s more than a good friend to Mitchel and he’s totally cool.” Perkins blush
” Yeah. He makes me feel special , I guess that’s what boyfriends do.” We laugh at Perkins speech.
” What’s up with your mom and Mitchel ?” Carol ask biting her burger.
” I don’t know. We’re seeing her tomorrow , she needs to accept Mitchel and move on. I can’t have a boyfriend my mom doesn’t like , I mean it’s crazy.”
” Okay. We just need a riot.” Perkins says and I laugh.
” She’s just bothered and she cares about you , that’s just it. Every normal mom will act that way. My mom’s worse , you know this typical Nigerian drama queen.” I almost choke on my drink to what Perkins said.
” It’s great you know what I’m talking about.”
” Yeah..” I nod and wipe the spill on my shirt with my napkin and continued eating.
” I also wanted to say something. I’m shooting a movie and I’m playing the leadrole.”
” It’s a lie..” Carol and I said unison.
” I’m not lying. I can’t even believe it myself. I talk to a movie director and he’s interested in my story.”
” Perkins , you don’t write scripts do you ?” Carol ask.
” Yeah , true. But I know a scriptwriter and he also liked the story , so ?” She smiles and look at us.
” What story ?” I ask.
” Your story. I titled it DEVIL IN RED. So we’re acting a movie about almost everything that happened between you and Mitchel but with a little spices.”
” Please tell me you’re joking..” she shake her head sideways and I just end up laughing.
” I’m sorry , who’s playing the character Gold and Mitchel ?”
” First we change the name . I can’t use your name , you’re my friend. That’s my new project I’m working on , I’m hitting the spotlight.”
” This is funny.” I said laughing.
” I didn’t expect that.”
” You have to. I talked to Allison though , I’m giving her a role. Baby girl’s now a billionaire. She took over her father’s wealth and she’s throwing a party for friends and family.”
” Wow..”
” Yeah , Mitchel told me about it.” I smile and we laugh like something was funny.
The following day , Mitchel and I drove to my aunt’s. He halt outside the house and smile at me. I take a deep breath and remove my seatbelt.
” I’m nervous.” I say looking at the door.
” She won’t kill you.”
” You should stay here , I’ll talk to her.” He Chuckles and nods.
” I’m waiting , my princess.”
” That isn’t funny.” I get out of the car and ring the doorbell. The door opens and it revealed aunt Elna.
” Come here..” she pulls me to herself and hug me.
” I see Mitchel.” She whispers and I just nod.
” Come in.” She take my hand and we walk in.
” Your mom’s getting ready to go back. You should go talk to her.”
” Thanks , aunt.” I sigh and find my way to her room.
I knock and peek my head in before letting my body inside the room. I shut the door gently and play with my thumbs absently.
” What are you doing here ? You should be with your redhead sweetheart.” Mom said and look at me.
” Mom , I’m sorry. For being a rebel and for going against your word. I shouldn’t have chosen him over you , I just thought it was the best thing to do. I…” I sigh and look up to my mom.
” Did he dump you ?” She ask and cross her arm.
Is she serious ? God. I kept mute for a minute before I finally reply her.
” Mom he didn’t. I just want you to forgive me and please give him a chance. Mitchel is a bad person , yes but he’s better now. If he hurts me at the end of the ride then I’m just gonna assume it’s my destiny . Please let it go , I’m begging you.”
” I just want to know why I should overlook everything.”
” Because your daughter is in love with him. And he’s inlove with your daughter too. Please just forgive him , he’s totally sorry.” Mom sighs and stand up.
She pull me to a hug and cuddle me. I didn’t expect that though.
” Where’s he ?” She ask .
” Out.” I shrug and pout my face.
She takes my hand and pull me out of her room. We walk to the living room and aunt was talking with Mitchel including Miranda. We stop and mom cross her arm. That evil look hasn’t departed her face.
” Oh uh ..” I gulp and look at Mitchel who’s dumbfounded.
” She’s my daughter and I care a lot about her…” Mom begins.
” If you hurt her , you’ll regret it. She likes you a lot and I hope what you feel for her is deep.” Mom hug me again. I turn to look at Mitchel who just winked.
” Thank you Mrs Lange.” Mitchel said to mom.
” It’s okay. I should go get ready , I’m traveling today.” Mom smile at me and entered her room.
I squeal and hug Mitchel as he caress my back. He pull me closer to himself and clasp his lips on mine.
” Mimi , close your eyes…” My aunt said to Miranda as she giggle closing her eyes.
” Okay , I’m sorry. We’re done.” Mitchel says and we laugh.
” They look good together.” Miranda says batting her lashes.
Later I drove mom to the airport as we hug again. I’ve always wanted her to leave but I’m missing her already. I was a bad kid , I didn’t even notice my mom’s love.
I weep on her shoulders and she cuddle me.
” Be a good girl , and be careful. It’s nice you both are In love , I’ve always wanted a good man for you , it seems despite his crazy flaws , he was perfect for you.” She kiss me on the cheek and I just smile.
” Thanks , mom. Be careful too.” She Chuckle and roll her box away.
I take a deep breath and rush to my car.
Allison and I settled our beef , she apologized though and we finally get along. At first it was terrible but it was great she’s really nice.

: What Love did to him
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