Devil in red episode 60

Devil In Red – Episode 60
© Goddy Francis
” Mitchel this isn’t your house.” I giggle.
” Then let’s go home.” I sigh and smile.
” I missed you.” He pull me to himself and hug me tightly.
” I missed you more..” I tell him and blush to my own statement. He chuckles and disengage from the hug.
He peck on my cheek and plant kisses around my neck. His right hand caress on my hips and down to my butt.
” What happened to your butt ?” He ask.
” Shut up. Stop acting like you didn’t notice anything.”
” Yeah , I did. You’re slim. Seems you’ve been crying , like always.” I chuckle and nod.
” It’s obvious. Look at your tits.” I swat him lightly and he laughs.
” When are you leaving ?” I ask him.
” I’m here to work with you.”
” You’re not serious.”
” I am. Chill , I’m really fast in typing you should sit while I work for you.” He smiles and carry me as he sit me on my desk.
He arranged my computer properly and unlock the door. He returns and sit on my chair.
” So , what do want to eat ?” He ask and I shrug.
” This is not a restaurant , Mitchel.” He laughs and switch on my computer.
” Who was that guy ? The crazy guy that came to knock.”
” An editor of Kiki. He’s really annoying most times.”
” And the girl. Seems she has knocking issues.”
” Yeah , I’mma whoop her ass soon. She’s ****in annoying sometimes.” Mitchel laughs.
” I’ve never seen you fight and I don’t want you to.” I nod and breathe in.
” Where did you go after your death rumor ?”
” I traveled to London .”
” London ?”
” Yeah. I have a house there and I’m always indoors. It was terrible without you.” I roll my eyes and try to imagine Mitchel in a lonely situation.
” I’m serious. I hate boredom. I missed you and I miss my bad business.” I bulge my eyes at him and he laughs.
” I thought you were really gone , same time I also feel you’re around , maybe Faraway.” He sighs and place his hands on my laps.
” Jake said you committed suicide.”
” Yeah , but was rescued my aunt I guess. I can’t imagine living without you.” He sighs and look at me.
There was intense silence as we stare at each other.
” You shouldn’t have. What’s gonna happen to your mom if you died ? She will place a curse on me because I caused it. And she might die of depression.” He sighs and look away.
” Yeah , right.”
” My mom was my everything before she died. I was her favorite and she was my favorite too . I always have a thing for mothers , because I know what mine went through. Your mom should be your number one priority Gold , even if she’s annoying. Mine was also annoying sometimes , then I grew up to a stage I understand that she really want the best for me and she wants me to be happy. Do you know I had to fight with my mom because I was hanging out with ben ? Later on I regretted everything , after she said I’m like my father and we don’t care about her feelings.” He sighs and sniff. He’s sad and look like someone who’s holding back the tears.
” No matter what happened between us you shouldn’t turn your back against your mom , she cares about you. Not every normal mom will accept me after Emily’s drama. I caused her death. She sees me as a bad person , of course I was a bad person before you showed up , and then you got shot because of me. If you were in her shoes you won’t be happy too.” I pout and sigh.
” I’m back for you and I’m not leaving anymore..” I smile and nod childishly.
” It’s so crazy how you guys planned everything. I believe every single bit of the information.” He Chuckles and smiles.
” The grave part was Allison’s idea. I talked to Jake about it and he wasn’t in support of everything , like he knew you were gonna take your life. But later on , he obliged and talked to Perkins and the others. I’m really sorry for the pains that I caused you , I’m sorry.”
” It’s fine. You’re back and that’s what matters.”
” So what are you writing about today ?”
” A lot of crazy things. There..” I point a file as he stretch to get it.
He flip the pages and look up at me.
” Dream job.” He mocks and type on my computer.
” How long do you type an article ?”
” Maximum, at least three hours.”
” Jeez , you’re slow at typing.” I roll my eyes and watch him type.
Someone knock on my door .
” Come in.” The door opens as Anderson walks in. He is surprised because of his looks. He furrow his brows at me and then Mitchel.
Mitchel didn’t bother to look at him.
” Hi , Ander.”
” Hi , want to be sure if you’re through.” He says looking at Mitchel.
” No , I’m still typing. I’ll forward it to your inbox if I’m through.” I tell him.
” Hi , Mitchel.” Mitchel raise his head and nod his head.
” This is weird. Nobody brings their boyfriend in to their office.” I chew on my lip and glare at Anderson. His he serious ?
” And how’s that your business ? Are you the manager ? Even if you’re the manager , you should get your ass out of here .”
” I’m sorry..” he plea and drop a bag on my desk.
” A guy name Troy brought it.” He says.
” You should take it.”
” Don’t worry leave.” Mitchel says and he walk out.
” Why ?”
” Who’s Troy ?” He ask me.
I roll my eyes and proceed to take the bag but Mitchel smack my hand. I growl and frowns.
” Who’s Troy ? Your boyfriend ? Or one of your chasers ?” He winks.
I sigh and watch him take the bag.
” Is he rich ?” He ask and open the snack bag.
” Mitchel..”
” Come on , you can’t tell me ?” I sigh and smirk.
” I don’t care if he’s rich.”
” Wow..” he said taking out a burger as he take a bite.
” I don’t like burgers but this taste good.” He raise his eye brows and nod to an unknown music.
” You care for a bite ?” He ask pointing it to my mouth.
I shake my head sideways and he take another bite. Why would he eat that ?
” Okay, this nigga is so ****ed. Why will he buy you burgers ? You’re Mitchel’s girlfriend for crying out loud , what makes him think burgers can take you you away from me.” He Chuckles and chew on his burger.
” This is good. You should try it.” He smiles and continued typing.
” You shouldn’t eat that , it’s …”
” Delicious. You don’t expect me to throw this away , do you ? You don’t waste people’s fortune.” He take another bite and nod again.
He’s crazy. I watch him eat the entire burger and type non-stop . I sigh and look at the bag.
” Great ! I need water. Why would he buy snacks without water ? **** me..” he sighs while i stand up to get him water.
I brought a bottle water and sit on my desk. He takes it and stare at me before drinking it.
” What ? You wanna say something.” He smiles and keep the water aside.
” Nothing. My mom brought him to our house that day , says she wants us to go out on a date because she wants me to forget about you.”
” Burger boy..” he laughs and shake his head.
” He’s crazy..” he Chuckles and look down on my computer.
” Next time , tell him to get you a car not burger.” I swat his hands and he laughs.
” Come check this out.” I stand up and get down from the desk. He pull me on his laps and showed me the article he’s been typing.
” You’re fast.” I compliment him.
” Told ya. You should learn from the boss.” He winks while I smile.
I sent the article to Anderson while Jason play with his fingers on my laps.
” That tickles..” I chuckle but he didn’t stop.
” Let’s travel.” He says kissing my neck.
” No , I work.”
” I’ll talk to Kiki and you ain’t saying no.” I sigh and sit well on his laps. I turn to look at him and rest my head on his shoulders. His hands curl around my waist while he try to gaze directly at my eyes.
” I want us to go far away where we’ll be alone. Just you and I. Don’t worry about Kiki , she’ll understand I just wanna spend a week with you.”
” I don’t wanna take advantage of my work because i brought spotlight back to Kiki’s.” He smiles and chuckles.
” I understand , she will understand.” I sit up and look at his cute face. He pouts and furrow his brows.
He pull me closer and Kiss me at once. I caress his hair slowly as we kissed. He grab my hips and tease my tongue with his.
He stops and lock eyes with me.
” I love you…”
” I love you more..” he smiles like a girl and look at my hand.
He interwine my hands with his and look up at me. He stroke my chin slightly and kiss me again. He caress my hips and grab my hips again kissing me desperately.
” Have you seen the house I bought ? And your car ?” I chuckle and shake my head sideways.
” Why ? You don’t like it ?”
” Not really , I missed you and I was hurt about your disappearance. I just thought I don’t need it now , because you’ve left.” He smiles and bite his lips.
” I’ll take you there after work hours. I hope you’ll like it.”
” Why do you have to buy me a house ? And a car ? I’m sure it’s a Lamborghini .” He laughs and bite his lips.
” It’s a gift , you need it. Maybe we just need to get you your own publishing company or maybe your own magazine.” He click his tongue and smile.
” Thanks , Mitchel. You’re making me blush and it’s not fair.” My phone rang and I sigh.
I pick it up and stare at this weird number.
” Hello..”
” Hi , Gold. It’s Troy.” I scoff and frown.
” What the **** Troy. Who gave you my number ?” I yell on the phone.
” Gold , please give me a chance.”
” Are you crazy ? Nigga, I can’t date you.” Mitchel sighs and snatch my phone and put it on loud speaker.
” What’s up with you burger boy ? Are you aware she’s Mitchel Cooper’s girlfriend ? Why will you buy her a burger thinking she’s gonna date you. **** , you’re so broke b****. Also get yourself a job and stay away from my girl. She’s not cheap and won’t date a broke ass nigga like you. You come after her or call her number again , swear to God I’mma **** your ass up.”
” I’m sorry…” He stutters.
” Shut up. Jesus , your burger sucks.” He scoffs and hang up.
Seriously ?
Mitchel sighs and toss my phone aside. He look up at me and frowns.
He looks cuter when he’s jealous. I roll my eyes and proceed to stand up from his legs but his grip hold me back to my previous position.
” Get ready, we’re traveling.”
And it’s by force huh ?
To be continued

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