Devil in red episode 59

Devil In Red – Episode 59
© Goddy Francis
I feel really unfortunate and sad. Will she even understand ?
If I where in her shoes maybe I might do worse.
I left her not for a month but almost three months . Maybe I am a coward. I should have protest and fought for her instead i allowed her mom to take control.
I stand outside and watch her drive away. If she leave me for real then I’m loosing my mind.
” You should visit her later and explain.” Jake says from behind me.
” Thanks , man.” I sigh and walk into the house.
After her mother changed her hospital , I visited after two weeks and that came to pass because of her aunt. Her mom showed up and went wild. We quarried and I had to plead again but she didn’t listen.
She didn’t listen. I pleaded with her including Perkins and Carol and she agreed. Later on she came up with an idea , infact she cried a lot. That i should stay away from her because she don’t want nothing to happen to Gold.
I refused and she brought out a Benzodiazepines and that can eventually wipe her memory and I didn’t want that. I agreed and told her I’m gonna leave. I talked to Jake who talked to Perkins and Carol to act like I’m dead just to make her take her mind away from me. They had to talk to Cameron too and the guy that sells at THE SPOT which name was max I guess .
Allison came up with the grave idea , in case Gold needs proof. The past two months was terrible for me. I barely sleep and I always think about her. I regret all of it , in one way I think she’s right. I shouldn’t have oblige easily and left her.
I slump on my couch and rest my head. Allison walks in and sit close to me.
” Is she aware you’re back ?”
” Yeah and she’s mad.”
” She ought to. Get yourself someone else and leave her alone. I mean you’ve hurt her mother too much . You know if mom was alive she won’t allow your relationship with Gold , you can’t hurt two sisters , it’s not right.”
” Alli just shut up. I know you don’t like Gold but you won’t tell me what to do.”
” Yeah right. I hope she doesn’t forgive you . You’re just a crazy Monster in disguise.” I bite my lips and stand up before I get angry at her.
I climb upstairs and walk to my balcony. She’s my worst distraction. I never knew I would ever find myself in such a mess , relationship mess. I’m screwed.
I walk pass many workers and ignored their greetings. Kim was standing next to Anderson and it seems they were flirting.
” You’re late , Gold.” Anderson said.
” Are you okay ?” Kim asks.
” Thanks , I’m fine. Where’s Cam ?”
” Right here.” I sigh as he give me my coffee. He has turned it to one of his duties.
” I would have dated you if you weren’t gay.” I say to him on my way to my office.
He laughs and I did too. I really like him , he’s super nice and really good looking.
” Why where you late ?” He ask.
I sigh and open my office. We walk in and I get rid of my shoes first before throwing my bag on the desk.
” Fought with Mitchel.” His eyes widen at once. I chuckle and sit down.
” I don’t understand , Mitchel is..”
” Alive and you were part of the plan too. To frame his death and make me look like I’m going insane.” He sighs defeatedly and made his way to where I’m sitting.
” I’m sorry , we thought it’s best for you since your mother threatened to wipe your memories. Mitchel was scared. Scared for you , for loosing all the good memories you both shared together. So he thought he should just go away if that will stop your mom from carrying out such plans.” I bite my thumb and close my eyes.
” You should leave , I’m fine.”
” I’m sorry , Gold.”
” It’s okay , Cam. I can’t blame you but my mom. Just chill , I’m good.” He smiles and proceed to walk out.
” How did you find out ?” He ask
” First the internet gave me clues and i met him outside a pub.”
” Wow. Heard Jake had to fight with him just for him to come back . I think Jake told him about your previous condition.”
” You all were smart. I believe every s*** of this lies. It’s so weird i didn’t notice people around the city is not aware their legendary Mitchel is dead.” I sigh and Chuckle.
” Sorry.”
” Thanks , Cam. I’ve got work to do .” He nods and walk out.
I rest my head on the desk and sit up to start working. It’s already 1:pm and I’m hungry and not in the mood to eat. All thanks to Jason.
I stand up and face my window that view the city a little. I heard a knock on the door and i ordered the person in. I didn’t bother to look cause I was sure it was Anderson. I really don’t like him.
” Ander , what do you want ?” I ask but he didn’t answer .
I felt someone behind me as his hands curl around my waist. That sent my entire body shiver. Only one person can make me feel this way. Mitchel. I turn around and he’s smiling at me.
” I can’t stay away from you.” He says still holding my waist.
” What are you doing here ?” I ask him.
He lean me against the wall and breathe into my neck. My heart beat is fast again. Why do I have to fall in love with him this much ?
” Gold I love you , I can’t afford to loose you not anymore.”
His eyes lock with mine and I’m staring at his lips. I missed them , it’s been long I felt them on mine.
” I need to think .” I said pushing him off me but he was way stronger. He hold me against the wall again and lean his forehead on mine.
I could feel his breath and his hands caressing my thighs slowly. My breath skip as I look into his eyes. They were covered with love and desperation.
” Just say you don’t love me.”
” I don’t . You’ve hurt me too much.”
” I don’t mind going on my knees to apologise to you. I was scared to loose you , to loose us . I’m in love with you and i can’t fight it. The more i try to push myself away from you the more I see myself coming closer to you. Gold I went through s*** when I had to leave you. I want us back and i promise I won’t leave ,not for anything.” My eyes swell and I’m about to cry again.
He went on his knees and hold my hand.
” Gold please…” I stare at him dumbstruck and I can’t say a word.
My doorknob creak open and Kim walks in. She stops and stare at the drama . Mitchel didn’t bother to stand up. He stay on his knees and avert his looks from Kim to me.
” Please..” he says again.
” I’m sorry , I’ll just leave .” She turn back and shut the door.
I’m definitely gonna smack her soon if she doesn’t knock again.
” You need to stand up.” He nods and stands up.
” Thanks.”
” How did you find me ?” I ask him.
” I know you’ll be here , the way you were dressed this morning.” I nod and cross my arm.
We were quiet for minutes and I wasn’t staring. His hands lift my chin up to look at him.
” I missed you.” He says taking a step closer.
Of course i missed him more but my ego won’t allow me to say it. He smirks like he read my mind.
” You should leave , this is my office. We’re gonna talk later.” I say to him.
He Chuckles and nods. He turn his back at me and walk towards my door. Is he really leaving. I angrily look away cause I really don’t want him to leave. I heard the noise of my key as I dart my eyes back to my door.
He’s locking it. He locked my door and walk back to me with a seductive smirk. My heart is beating fast again.
” What are you doing ?”
” Shh.. watch..” he whispers and look down on my lips.
His thumb brush on my lips and I couldn’t say a word . He lifts me on my desk and get in between my legs.
” You’re horny.”
” I’m not..” I scowl at him.
” Yeah ? I feel like bending you on this desk and having sex with you.” My skin heat up to that.
” You’re s***ting me right ?”
” That’s how I’m crazy for you.” I take a deep breath and sigh.
I feel his hands on my bare laps as he part my legs more. He kiss my neck and pull the skirt up. He kiss my neck and grab my thighs and that made me moan silently. I missed him and it’s obvious.
He stop kissing my neck and look at me. He kissed my lips and let our tongues brush together. His hands successfully pull my skirt to my waist and I’m sitting on only my pants. We kissed as my hands find it’s way to his neck and I moan on his mouth.
He bites my lips gently and loose one of my buttons. He smirks and loosen another till my bra is visible. I totally forget I’m in my office and i really didn’t care. I don’t even mind making out with him right here right now.
He kiss my neck and plant kisses on my collarbone and down to my cleavages. His hands fondle on my breast and I moan a little.
” I feel like getting rid of this ..” he said referring to my shirt.
” Don’t even think about it. I’m almost naked.” I retort.
” Let’s go home.”
” No. Come on , I’m working.”
” I’ll talk to Kiki.” I shake my sideways and he Chuckles.
” Okay..” he let loose of the last button on my shirt.
I gasp as he pull it down my back.
” Jason.” I mutter as he scoff.
” Lay on your back.” He says softly helping me. He push my computer aside and I did as told.
He kiss my stomach and his warm tongue brush on my skin. He hold on the waistline of my pants and proceed to take it off. I hold his hand and Imagine someone knocking.
” No one’s gonna come in.”
” This is too early..” I lament.
” For you not me.” I sigh and roll my eyes.
Just as I imagined someone knocked on my door.
” Who the **** is that ?” Mitchel mutter sitting me up.
I scoff and button my shirt.
” Gold ..” God, what does Anderson want?
” Who’s that ?” He asks me.
I stand up and walk to the edge of the office arranging myself. I’m such a mess. Mitchel open the door and i think he stop Anderson from coming in.
” What do you want ?” Mitchel ask him.
” I need to see Gold.”
” She’s busy. Get out.” Mitchel order and I’m  getting infuriated.
What’s up Jason’s bossy attitude. He thinks everyone is Will and Tom. Mitchel scoffs and shuts the door on his face. And locked it too.
” Bloody b******, really had to disturb now..” he growls and made his way to where I am standing.
” Where were we ?” He smirks as I tried to escape but he caught me pulling my skirt up again.
Good, he’s back with such crazy attitude again.
To be continued

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