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Devil in red Episode 58

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Devil in red Episode 58 by : 6:29 pm On May 7, 2020
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Devil In Red – Episode 58
© Goddy Francis
” You’re dead…”
” Gold , I’m…”
” No , I mean you died . I saw your grave.” He sighs and touch my cheek slowly.
” I missed you.” He says softly.
” The **** , I think I’m drunk.” I take his hands off me and turn to leave but his grip held me still.
” Gold , listen to me.”
” No. I don’t wanna listen to you. You’re dead and I’m getting the hell out of here.” I snatch my hand from his grip and walk out.
” Gold..” I ignore him and start my car.
I mean I don’t want to look like a fool. I don’t wanna believe this is a prank. What do they see me as ? I drive home that night and halt outside.
I open my bag to be sure I still have a gun and it’s there. I alight the car and shut the door. I rang the doorbell and Miranda open it. She smile at me but frown to the sight of the gun.
I entered the house and lock the door. My mom wasn’t in the living room when I entered , just Miranda and her mom.
” Gold , what are you holding ?” Aunt Elna stammers.
Mom walks in but stop at the sight of what I’m holding.
” Gold what are you doing ?” My mom stammers.
I drop my bag on the chair and look at the gun and them.
” I want answers .”
” What are you talking about ?” Mom asks with a really rude tone.
” You should put the gun down .” Aunt Elna says.
” No. This time I’m not killing myself but I’m gonna kill everyone of you if you don’t tell me truth .” Aunt Elna look at mom and then avert her gaze at me.
” Mimi , go to your room.” I order. She nods in fright and run out.
” When will you stop lying aunt ? I mean when are you planning to tell Miranda the truth ? That her father is not coming back and you both are divorced. When will you tell her that ? And now you planned with mom to lie to me. Where is Mitchel ?”
” Mitchel is dead…” I smirk and cock the gun.
” You think I can’t shoot you because you’re my mom. I’m gonna shoot you and I won’t regret it. Start talking , both of you.” Elna frowns and sighs.
” It was all her idea.” Aunt says.
” I don’t care whose ideas it was. Is he alive or not ?” I yell.
” Fine , he’s alive.” Aunt Elna says with tears in her voice . Mom frown and dart her eyes to Elna.
” Where’s he ?”
” He traveled out of the country, because your mom wanted him to. Look I’m tired of this crazy relationship trauma you guys are trying to give me. It’s not my fault , but your mother’s. Look I’m tired , this s*** is annoying.” She stands up and storm out.
I felt weak , betrayed and used. Who on Earth did I offend ? Did I have to suffer because of one person’s mistake . All this while they said Mitchel is dead , it was all a prank. How am I supposed to forgive them and forgive Mitchel too ?
The **** I hate this place.
” Gold , it’s for your own benefit.” Mom says.
” You don’t care about me . Pushing him away didn’t change anything. Does it ? Did you even observe me this past few months ? I almost take my life because of your lie. How can you hurt me this far ? ” I cry.
” You won’t judge me. He wasn’t the best for you.”
” If he isn’t the best for me then who’s the best for me ? You can’t ruin my life because of Emily’s past. You’ve already succeeded , I’m letting him go since that’s what you want.” I walk pass her and arrange few clothes on my box.
I need to get the hell out of this house.
” Gold .” Miranda call behind me.
I stop packing and turn to look at her. I can’t believe she had to manipulate Miranda too.
” Are you leaving ?”
” For now, I’ll be back soon.”
” I’m sorry I lied too. I had to , aunt wanted me to.” I smirk and nod.
” Thanks.” I hug her firmly and klzz her forehead.
I let her go and close my box.
” Where are you going ?” She ask.
” Somewhere better. Somewhere I can think properly okay.” She nod.
” Did you see Mitchel ?”
” I think i did. I’m running late , I’ll be back soon.” I gave her some money and carried my bag outside.
I just wanna be away for a while , this house and it’s activities is making me loose my mind .
” Gold , where are you going ?” Mom ask on seeing me.
I ignored her and walk to the door.
” Gold , I’m talking to you.”
” I’m going Faraway from you. To a place you won’t get to control my life. You should move on and forget all this s***ty things that happened.” I open the door and walk outside.
I shut the door and open the backseat door. I toss my bag inside and close the door. I don’t even know where to go.
I start the wheel and drove to THE SPOT. I alight the car and run upstairs to the apartment. I ring the doorbell and Perkins open up.
” Hey , Gold..” she smile at me.
I stayed outside and scowl at her. She noticed my look and sigh.
” Is Mitchel alive or not ?”
” Gold , what are you talking about ? you know he’s gone.” I chuckle and walk inside .
” My life is filled with lying hypocrites.” I mutter.
” What ?” Perkins asks and close the door.
” Perkins, is Mitchel alive or not ?”
” Gold , what are you talking about ?”
” You shouldn’t lie to me. Perkins , you’re my closest friend , how dare you lie to me ? The **** , I saw Mitchel , we talked. So what does that explain ? That I’ve been lied to for this past three months . Perkins why ?” She sigh and look away.
” It’s not my fault. I don’t have a choice here.”
” You don’t have a choice you say ? You can choose to tell your friend the truth , maybe she can come up with another idea. But no, you’re saying you don’t have a choice here.”
” It was your mom’s idea. She want you to move on because she thinks Jason isn’t perfect for you. I mean she threatened to inject you with Benzodiazepines . I think you know what that means , it causes memory lost. We don’t want that to happen so we had to oblige.” She states.
” And you believe her ? Fine , it already happened and I’m getting the hell out of here .”
” Gold , I’m sorry. It wasn’t intentional. I cared about you.”
” No you don’t. Have you ever imagine yourself in my shoes ? Of course not , cause it’s gonna burn. You don’t know what I went through because of the prank you planned with my mom. I’m done , I’m tired.” I sniff back the tears and walk out.
I entered my car and smack the wheel several times like it was the cause of my predicament. I drive to a hotel and book a room there . I shut the door of the hotel room and plump down on the couch.
I’ve never spend a night in a hotel room. Now here i am because of Mitchel Cooper. I wanted to move to to my house he bought for me but hell no , Mitchel is smart he’ll find me there.
My phone rang and it’s Mitchel. Even after his death rumor I didn’t delete his number , hoping he was gonna come back soon. True , he’s back.
I take my bath that night and get under the sheets. He has occupied my brain cause I thought about him till I fall asleep. I open my eyes and it’s morning. I look at my phone and it’s 9:am , I’m late again.
My phone was filled with missed calls and several text messages. From Perkins , Carol , Jake and Mitchel. I toss my phone aside and hurriedly shower. I get dressed and put on my shoes.
I brush my hair and carried my bag and keys. I rush out of the hotel and decide to drop by at Mitchel’s before getting to Kiki’s. I alight from the car and walk into his house. First person I saw was Tom , he greeted me and I just nod. I’m angry and not in the mood for greetings.
I barge in to the living room and Jason is arguing with Jake. They stop and avert their gaze at me. Guilt was all over Mitchel’s face. Lying idiot.
” You’re screwed.” Jake mutter and walk out.
He shove his hands down his pockets and stare at me. I walk to where he’s standing and stop in front of him. He raise his hands to touch me but I smack it.
” Don’t touch me.” He sighs and look into my eyes.
” Why ?” I ask.
” I have to .”
“… Fake your death ? Do you enjoy seeing me hurt ?” He shake his head sideways.
” Gold I love you and I missed you. Your mom want me to stay away from you…”
” And you run away just like the coward you are. I thought you’re bigger than this , you can’t even stand up to protest , you just obeyed and run away. Mitchel I tried to take my life because of you , I almost went insane because of your stupid lie. Why on Earth are you always hurting me ?” I cry
” Look , I’m sorry okay. These past months wasn’t easy for me either. Do you know how I survive ?”
” I don’t ****in care. You’re dead to me , and I hope you remain dead..” I scoff and turn to leave.
I felt his grip on my arm and I almost slap him. I stop and look at his face , of course he’s sad.
” I moved on , okay. I moved on with someone better than you. He’s not a liar like you. He doesn’t run away because of stupid threats. I don’t want you anymore..”
” No, you’re lying. You still want me , infact you love me more than anything in this world. You can’t just easily move on.”
” And that’s one of the reasons you decide to come up with such a stupid prank. Framing your death , you even made a grave just to make me forget you. Congratulations , you’ve ****in succeeded. Just get your hands off me.” I yell and snatch my hand from his grip.
” We’re done okay. Just go back to the land of the dead . You’re dead to me. The Mitchel I fell in love with died two months ago and I don’t know who you are..” I turn my back on him and run out of his house.
” Gold I’m sorry…” He plea. So annoying he had to follow me outside.
I ignored him and entered my car. I start the wheel and drive out. The **** ! I feel empty without him and I don’t even care anymore….
To be continued

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